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TV Lamps

In some televisions, the TV lamp or TV bulb is the source of light. One type of TV lamp is the mercury arc lamp invented by Philips in 1995. This TV lamp is also referred to as a UHP or Ultra High Performance TV lamp. The TV lamps are predicted to last 10,000 hours after which they need to be replaced. A rear-projection TV from Samsung or RCA most likely uses a mercury arc TV lamp. Panasonic and Matsushita are other manufactures of UHP type TV lamps.

DLP related to TV lamps & bulbs stands for Digital Light Processing. LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. LCDs replaced cathode ray tubes (CRT) in a lot of TVs. By 2008, more LCD Televisions were sold then CRT TVs.

Ironically, a TV lamp meant something entirely different in the 1950’s. A TV lamp was a back-lit lamp that was placed near a TV and turned on when you were watching television. The purpose of a TV lamp was to save your eyesight. When TV was brand new, a lot of people were worried that watching TV in the dark would damage your eyes, which lead to the invention of the TV lamp. TV lamps are still bought and sold as collector items on sites like eBay.

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