497841 Part


Part #: 497841

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
See the list of substitute parts below.
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This is an alternative to Bosch part 497841
Bosch 00497841 $76.13
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This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
This item is over 200 lbs/38,800 Cu. In. $299.95

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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 499 models:

Bosch 3FA6780A/01
Bosch 3FA6786A/01
Bosch 3FA6786A/02
Bosch 3FA6786A/03
Bosch 3FA6786A/04
Bosch 3FA6786A/05
Bosch 3FA6786A/06
Bosch 3FA7786A/01
Bosch 3FA7786A/02
Bosch 3FA7786A/03
Bosch 3FA7786A/04
Bosch 3FA7786A/05
Bosch 3FA7786A/06
Bosch 3FA7786A/07
Bosch B20CS50SNB/01
Bosch B20CS50SNB/02
Bosch B20CS50SNI/01
Bosch B20CS50SNI/02
Bosch B20CS50SNS/01
Bosch B20CS50SNS/02
Bosch B20CS50SNW/01
Bosch B20CS50SNW/02
Bosch B20CS51SNB/01
Bosch B20CS51SNB/02
Bosch B20CS51SNI/01
Bosch B20CS51SNI/02
Bosch B20CS51SNS/01
Bosch B20CS51SNS/02
Bosch B20CS51SNW/01
Bosch B20CS51SNW/02
Bosch B20CS80SNB/01
Bosch B20CS80SNB/02
Bosch B20CS80SNS/01
Bosch B20CS80SNS/02
Bosch B20CS80SNW/01
Bosch B20CS80SNW/02
Bosch B20CS81SNB/01
Bosch B20CS81SNB/02
Bosch B20CS81SNS/01
Bosch B20CS81SNS/02
Bosch B20CS81SNW/01
Bosch B20CS81SNW/02
Bosch BD6040VNF/01
Bosch BD6040VNF/02
Bosch K3940X6/01
Bosch K3940X6/02
Bosch K3940X6/03
Bosch K3940X6/04
Bosch K3940X6GB/01
Bosch K3940X6GB/02
Bosch K3940X6GB/03
Bosch K3940X6GB/04
Bosch K3940X6GB/05
Bosch K3940X6GB/06
Bosch K3940X6GB/07
Bosch K3950X6GB/01
Bosch K3950X6GB/05
Bosch K3950X6GB/06
Bosch K3950X6GB/07
Bosch K3970X6/01
Bosch K3970X6/02
Bosch K3970X6/03
Bosch K3970X6/04
Bosch K3970X6/05
Bosch K3970X6/06
Bosch K3970X6/07
Bosch K3970X6/08
Bosch K3970X6NE/01
Bosch K3970X7/01
Bosch K3990X6/01
Bosch K3990X6/02
Bosch K3990X6/03
Bosch K3990X6/04
Bosch K3990X6/05
Bosch K3990X6/06
Bosch K3990X6/07
Bosch K3990X6GB/01
Bosch K3990X6GB/02
Bosch K3990X6GB/03
Bosch K3990X6GB/04
Bosch K3990X6GB/05
Bosch K3990X6GB/06
Bosch K3990X7/01
Bosch K3990X7/02
Bosch K3990X7/03
Bosch K3990X7/04
Bosch K3990X7GB/01
Bosch K3990X7GB/02
Bosch K3990X7GB/03
Bosch KA56NV10NE/02
Bosch KA56NV10NE/03
Bosch KA56NV10NE/04
Bosch KA56NV10NE/05
Bosch KA56NV10TI/01
Bosch KA56NV10TI/02
Bosch KA56NV10TI/03
Bosch KA56NV10TI/04
Bosch KA56NV10TI/05
Bosch KA56NV10TI/06
Bosch KA56NV10TI/07
Bosch KA56NV10TI/08
Bosch KA56NV10TI/09
Bosch KA56NV10TI/10
Bosch KA56NV10TI/11
Bosch KA56NV40NE/02
Bosch KA56NV40NE/03
Bosch KA56NV40NE/04
Bosch KA56NV40NE/05
Bosch KA56NV40TI/01
Bosch KA56NV40TI/02
Bosch KA56NV40TI/03
Bosch KA56NV40TI/04
Bosch KA56NV40TI/05
Bosch KA56NV40TI/06
Bosch KA56NV40TI/07
Bosch KA56NV40TI/08
Bosch KA56NV40TI/09
Bosch KA56NV40TI/10
Bosch KA56NV40TI/11
Bosch KA57NV10TI/01
Bosch KA57NV10TI/02
Bosch KA57NV10TI/03
Bosch KA57NV10TI/04
Bosch KA57NV10TI/05
Bosch KA57NV10TI/06
Bosch KA57NV10TI/07
Bosch KA57NV10TI/08
Bosch KA57NV10TI/09
Bosch KA57NV40TI/01
Bosch KA57NV40TI/02
Bosch KA57NV40TI/03
Bosch KA57NV40TI/04
Bosch KA57NV40TI/05
Bosch KA57NV40TI/06
Bosch KA57NV40TI/07
Bosch KA57NV40TI/08
Bosch KA57NV40TI/09
Bosch KA58NA10/01
Bosch KA58NA10/02
Bosch KA58NA10/03
Bosch KA58NA10/04
Bosch KA58NA10/05
Bosch KA58NA10/06
Bosch KA58NA10/07
Bosch KA58NA10/08
Bosch KA58NA10/09
Bosch KA58NA10/10
Bosch KA58NA40/01
Bosch KA58NA40/02
Bosch KA58NA40/03
Bosch KA58NA40/04
Bosch KA58NA40/05
Bosch KA58NA40/06
Bosch KA58NA40/07
Bosch KA58NA40/08
Bosch KA58NA40/09
Bosch KA58NA40/10
Bosch KA58NA40GB/01
Bosch KA58NA40GB/02
Bosch KA58NA40GB/03
Bosch KA58NA40GB/04
Bosch KA58NA40GB/05
Bosch KA58NA40GB/06
Bosch KA58NA40GB/07
Bosch KA58NA40GB/08
Bosch KA58NA40GB/09
Bosch KA58NA40GB/10
Bosch KA58NA45/01
Bosch KA58NA50GB/01
Bosch KA58NA50GB/07
Bosch KA58NA50GB/08
Bosch KA58NA50GB/09
Bosch KA58NA50GB/10
Bosch KA58NA70/01
Bosch KA58NA70/02
Bosch KA58NA70/03
Bosch KA58NA70/04
Bosch KA58NA70/05
Bosch KA58NA70/06
Bosch KA58NA70/07
Bosch KA58NA70/08
Bosch KA58NA70/09
Bosch KA58NA70/10
Bosch KA58NA70/11
Bosch KA58NA70AU/01
Bosch KA58NA70AU/02
Bosch KA58NA70AU/03
Bosch KA58NA70AU/04
Bosch KA58NA70AU/05
Bosch KA58NA70AU/06
Bosch KA58NA70NE/01
Bosch KA58NA70NE/02
Bosch KA58NA70NE/03
Bosch KA58NA70NE/04
Bosch KA58NA70NE/05
Bosch KA58NA70NE/06
Bosch KA58NA70NE/07
Bosch KA58NA75/01
Bosch KA58NP70/01
Bosch KA58NP70/02
Bosch KA58NP70AU/01
Bosch KA58NP70AU/02
Bosch KA58NP70AU/03
Bosch KA58NP70AU/04
Bosch KA58NP70AU/05
Bosch KA58NP70AU/06
Bosch KA58NP70AU/07
Bosch KA58NP70AU/08
Bosch KA58NP90/01
Bosch KA58NP90/02
Bosch KA58NP90/03
Bosch KA58NP90/04
Bosch KA58NP90/05
Bosch KA58NP90/06
Bosch KA58NP90/07
Bosch KA58NP90/08
Bosch KA58NP90/09
Bosch KA58NP90/10
Bosch KA58NP90GB/01
Bosch KA58NP90GB/02
Bosch KA58NP90GB/03
Bosch KA58NP90GB/04
Bosch KA58NP90GB/05
Bosch KA58NP90GB/06
Bosch KA58NP90GB/07
Bosch KA58NP90GB/08
Bosch KA58NP90GB/09
Bosch KA58NP95/01
Bosch KA58NP95/02
Bosch KA58NP95/03
Bosch KA58NP95/04
Bosch KA58NV10TI/01
Bosch KA58NV10TI/02
Bosch KA58NV10TI/03
Bosch KA58NV10TI/04
Bosch KA58NV10TI/05
Bosch KA58NV10TI/06
Bosch KA58NV10TI/07
Bosch KA58NV10TI/08
Bosch KA58NV10TI/09
Bosch KA58NV10TI/10
Bosch KA58NV10TI/11
Bosch KA58NV40TI/01
Bosch KA58NV40TI/02
Bosch KA58NV40TI/03
Bosch KA58NV40TI/04
Bosch KA58NV40TI/05
Bosch KA58NV40TI/06
Bosch KA58NV40TI/07
Bosch KA58NV40TI/08
Bosch KA58NV40TI/09
Bosch KA58NV40TI/10
Bosch KA58NV40TI/11
Bosch KA60NA15NE/01
Bosch KA60NA15NE/02
Bosch KA60NA15NE/03
Bosch KA60NA15NE/04
Bosch KA60NA40/01
Bosch KA60NA40/02
Bosch KA60NA40/03
Bosch KA60NA40/04
Bosch KA60NA40/05
Bosch KA60NA40/06
Bosch KA60NA40/07
Bosch KA60NA40/08
Bosch KA60NA40/09
Bosch KA60NA40/10
Bosch KA60NA40NE/01
Bosch KA60NA40NE/02
Bosch KA60NA40NE/03
Bosch KA60NA40NE/04
Bosch KA60NA40NE/05
Bosch KA60NA40NE/06
Bosch KA60NA40TI/01
Bosch KA60NA40TI/02
Bosch KA60NA40TI/03
Bosch KA60NA40TI/04
Bosch KA60NA40TI/05
Bosch KA60NA40TI/06
Bosch KA60NA40TI/07
Bosch KA60NA40TI/08
Bosch KA60NA40TI/44
Bosch KA61NA40TI/01
Bosch KA61NA40TI/05
Bosch KA61NA40TI/06
Bosch KA61NA40TI/07
Bosch KA61NA40TI/08
Bosch KA61NA40TI/09
Bosch KA61NA40TI/10
Bosch KA61NA40TI/11
Bosch KAN56V10/01
Bosch KAN56V10/02
Bosch KAN56V10/03
Bosch KAN56V10/04
Bosch KAN56V10/05
Bosch KAN56V10/06
Bosch KAN56V10/07
Bosch KAN56V10/08
Bosch KAN56V10AU/01
Bosch KAN56V10AU/02
Bosch KAN56V10AU/03
Bosch KAN56V10AU/04
Bosch KAN56V10AU/05
Bosch KAN56V10NE/01
Bosch KAN56V10NE/02
Bosch KAN56V10NE/03
Bosch KAN56V10NE/04
Bosch KAN56V10NE/05
Bosch KAN56V10SA/01
Bosch KAN56V10SA/02
Bosch KAN56V10TI/01
Bosch KAN56V10TI/02
Bosch KAN56V10TI/03
Bosch KAN56V10TI/04
Bosch KAN56V10TI/05
Bosch KAN56V10TI/06
Bosch KAN56V10TI/07
Bosch KAN56V10TI/08
Bosch KAN56V10TI/09
Bosch KAN56V10TI/10
Bosch KAN56V10TI/11
Bosch KAN56V40/01
Bosch KAN56V40/02
Bosch KAN56V40/03
Bosch KAN56V40/04
Bosch KAN56V40/05
Bosch KAN56V40/06
Bosch KAN56V40/07
Bosch KAN56V40/08
Bosch KAN56V40AU/01
Bosch KAN56V40AU/02
Bosch KAN56V40AU/03
Bosch KAN56V40AU/04
Bosch KAN56V40AU/05
Bosch KAN56V40NE/01
Bosch KAN56V40SA/01
Bosch KAN56V40SA/02
Bosch KAN56V45/01
Bosch KAN56V50/01
Bosch KAN56V50/02
Bosch KAN56V50/03
Bosch KAN56V50/04
Bosch KAN56V50/05
Bosch KAN56V50/06
Bosch KAN56V50/07
Bosch KAN56V50/08
Bosch KAN57V40TI/01
Bosch KAN57V40TI/02
Bosch KAN57V40TI/03
Bosch KAN57V40TI/04
Bosch KAN57V40TI/05
Bosch KAN57V40TI/06
Bosch KAN57V40TI/07
Bosch KAN57V40TI/08
Bosch KAN57V40TI/09
Bosch KAN57V40TI/10
Bosch KAN57V40TI/11
Bosch KAN58A10/01
Bosch KAN58A10/02
Bosch KAN58A10/03
Bosch KAN58A10/04
Bosch KAN58A10/05
Bosch KAN58A10/06
Bosch KAN58A10/07
Bosch KAN58A10/08
Bosch KAN58A10/09
Bosch KAN58A10/10
Bosch KAN58A10GB/01
Bosch KAN58A40/01
Bosch KAN58A40/02
Bosch KAN58A40/03
Bosch KAN58A40/04
Bosch KAN58A40/05
Bosch KAN58A40/06
Bosch KAN58A40/07
Bosch KAN58A40/08
Bosch KAN58A40/09
Bosch KAN58A40/10
Bosch KAN58A40AU/01
Bosch KAN58A40AU/02
Bosch KAN58A40AU/03
Bosch KAN58A40AU/04
Bosch KAN58A40AU/05
Bosch KAN58A40AU/06
Bosch KAN58A40AU/07
Bosch KAN58A40AU/08
Bosch KAN58A40GB/01
Bosch KAN58A40GB/02
Bosch KAN58A40GB/03
Bosch KAN58A40GB/04
Bosch KAN58A40GB/05
Bosch KAN58A40GB/06
Bosch KAN58A40GB/07
Bosch KAN58A40GB/08
Bosch KAN58A40GB/09
Bosch KAN58A40GB/10
Bosch KAN58A40J/01
Bosch KAN58A40J/02
Bosch KAN58A40J/03
Bosch KAN58A45/01
Bosch KAN58A50/01
Bosch KAN58A50/02
Bosch KAN58A50/03
Bosch KAN58A50/04
Bosch KAN58A50/05
Bosch KAN58A50/06
Bosch KAN58A50/07
Bosch KAN58A50/08
Bosch KAN58A50/09
Bosch KAN58A50/10
Bosch KAN58A50AU/01
Bosch KAN58A50GB/01
Bosch KAN58A50GB/02
Bosch KAN58A50GB/06
Bosch KAN58A50GB/07
Bosch KAN58A50GB/08
Bosch KAN58A50GB/09
Bosch KAN58A50GB/10
Bosch KAN58A50NE/01
Bosch KAN58A50NE/02
Bosch KAN58A50NE/03
Bosch KAN58A50NE/04
Bosch KAN58A50NE/05
Bosch KAN58A50NE/06
Bosch KAN58A50TI/01
Bosch KAN58A50TI/02
Bosch KAN58A55/01
Bosch KAN58A70/01
Bosch KAN58A70/02
Bosch KAN58A70/03
Bosch KAN58A70/04
Bosch KAN58A70/05
Bosch KAN58A70/06
Bosch KAN58A70/07
Bosch KAN58A70/08
Bosch KAN58A70/09
Bosch KAN58A70/10
Bosch KAN58A70/11
Bosch KAN58A70AU/01
Bosch KAN58A70AU/02
Bosch KAN58A70AU/03
Bosch KAN58A70AU/04
Bosch KAN58A70AU/05
Bosch KAN58A70AU/06
Bosch KAN58A70AU/07
Bosch KAN58A70AU/08
Bosch KAN58A70NE/01
Bosch KAN58A70NE/02
Bosch KAN58A70NE/03
Bosch KAN58A70NE/04
Bosch KAN58A70NE/05
Bosch KAN58A70NE/06
Bosch KAN58A70NE/07
Bosch KAN58A75/01
Bosch KAN58P90/01
Bosch KAN58P90/02
Bosch KAN58P90/03
Bosch KAN58P90/04
Bosch KAN58P90/05
Bosch KAN58P90/06
Bosch KAN58P90/07
Bosch KAN58P90/08
Bosch KAN58P90/09
Bosch KAN58P90/10
Bosch KAN58P95/01
Bosch KAN58P95/02
Bosch KAN58P95/03
Bosch KAN58P95/04
Bosch KAN60A15NE/01
Bosch KAN60A15NE/02
Bosch KAN60A15NE/03
Bosch KAN60A15NE/04
Bosch KAN60A40/01
Bosch KAN60A40/02
Bosch KAN60A40/03
Bosch KAN60A40/04
Bosch KAN60A40/05
Bosch KAN60A40/06
Bosch KAN60A40/07
Bosch KAN60A40/08
Bosch KAN60A40/09
Bosch KAN60A40/10
Bosch KAN60A40AU/01
Bosch KAN60A40AU/02
Bosch KAN60A40J/01
Bosch KAN60A40J/02
Bosch KAN60A40J/03
Bosch KAN60A40NE/01
Bosch KAN60A40NE/02
Bosch KAN60A40NE/03
Bosch KAN60A40NE/04
Bosch KAN60A40NE/05
Bosch KAN60A40TI/01
Bosch KAN60A40TI/02
Bosch KAN60A40TI/03
Bosch KAN60A40TI/04
Bosch KAN60A40TI/05
Bosch KAN60A40TI/06
Bosch KAN60A40TI/07