316102207 Part


Part #: 316102207

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
Foil,1.5"" x 29"" ,aluminum ,clear
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This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
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These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 544 models:

Crosley CRG3140GBBB
Crosley CRG3140GBBC
Crosley CRG3140GBBD
Crosley CRG3140GQQB
Crosley CRG3140GQQC
Crosley CRG3140GQQD
Crosley CRG3140GWBB
Crosley CRG3140GWBC
Crosley CRG3140GWBD
Crosley CRG3140GWWB
Crosley CRG3140GWWC
Crosley CRG3140GWWD
Frigidaire 13-2589-00-01
Frigidaire 31-2649-00-10
Frigidaire 31-2649-23-10
Frigidaire 56-1029-10-01
Frigidaire 56-1039-10-01
Frigidaire ATC130WKB1
Frigidaire ATC130WKH1
Frigidaire ATC130WKW1
Frigidaire CFGF316DSC
Frigidaire CFGF316DSD
Frigidaire CFGF316DSE
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBC
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBD
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBE
Frigidaire CRG3140GQQC
Frigidaire CRG3140GQQD
Frigidaire CRG3140GQQE
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBC
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBD
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBE
Frigidaire CRG3140GWWC
Frigidaire CRG3140GWWD
Frigidaire CRG3140GWWE
Frigidaire FEF351CSA
Frigidaire FEF351CSB
Frigidaire FEF351CSC
Frigidaire FEF352ASA
Frigidaire FEF352ASB
Frigidaire FEF352ASC
Frigidaire FEF352ASD
Frigidaire FEF352ASE
Frigidaire FEF352ASF
Frigidaire FEF352ASG
Frigidaire FEF352ASH
Frigidaire FEF355AQA
Frigidaire FEF355AQB
Frigidaire FEF355AQC
Frigidaire FEF355AQD
Frigidaire FEF355AQE
Frigidaire FEF355AQF
Frigidaire FEF355AQG
Frigidaire FEF355AQH
Frigidaire FEF355AQJ
Frigidaire FEF355AQK
Frigidaire FEF355ASA
Frigidaire FEF355ASB
Frigidaire FEF355ASC
Frigidaire FEF355ASD
Frigidaire FEF355ASE
Frigidaire FEF355ASF
Frigidaire FEF355ASG
Frigidaire FEF355ASH
Frigidaire FEF355ASJ
Frigidaire FEF355ASK
Frigidaire FEF357AQA
Frigidaire FEF357AQB
Frigidaire FEF357ASA
Frigidaire FEF357ASB
Frigidaire FEF357BSA
Frigidaire FEF357BSB
Frigidaire FEF357BSC
Frigidaire FEF357BSD
Frigidaire FEF357BSE
Frigidaire FEF357BSF
Frigidaire FEF365AQA
Frigidaire FEF365AQB
Frigidaire FEF365AQC
Frigidaire FEF365AQD
Frigidaire FEF365AQE
Frigidaire FEF365AQF
Frigidaire FEF365ASA
Frigidaire FEF365ASB
Frigidaire FEF365ASC
Frigidaire FEF365ASD
Frigidaire FEF365ASE
Frigidaire FEF365ASF
Frigidaire FEF365ASG
Frigidaire FEF365ASH
Frigidaire FEF365ASJ
Frigidaire FEF365ASK
Frigidaire FEF365ASL
Frigidaire FEF365XESA
Frigidaire FEF365XESB
Frigidaire FEF366AQA
Frigidaire FEF366AS
Frigidaire FEF366ASA
Frigidaire FEF366ASB
Frigidaire FEF366ASC
Frigidaire FEF366ASD
Frigidaire FEF366ASE
Frigidaire FEF366ASF
Frigidaire FEF366ASG
Frigidaire FEF366ASH
Frigidaire FEF366ASJ
Frigidaire FEF366ASK
Frigidaire FEF366CQA
Frigidaire FEF366CQB
Frigidaire FEF366CQC
Frigidaire FEF366CQD
Frigidaire FEF366CQE
Frigidaire FEF366CQF
Frigidaire FEF366CQG
Frigidaire FEF366CSA
Frigidaire FEF366CSB
Frigidaire FEF366CSC
Frigidaire FEF366CSD
Frigidaire FEF366CSE
Frigidaire FEF366CSF
Frigidaire FEF366CSG
Frigidaire FEF366XESA
Frigidaire FEF366XESB
Frigidaire FEF376AQA
Frigidaire FEF376AQB
Frigidaire FEF376AQC
Frigidaire FEF376AQE
Frigidaire FEF376AQF
Frigidaire FEF376AQG
Frigidaire FEF376AQH
Frigidaire FEF376AQJ
Frigidaire FEF376AQK
Frigidaire FEF376AQL
Frigidaire FEF376ASA
Frigidaire FEF376ASB
Frigidaire FEF376ASC
Frigidaire FEF376ASE
Frigidaire FEF376ASF
Frigidaire FEF376ASG
Frigidaire FEF376ASH
Frigidaire FEF376ASJ
Frigidaire FEF376ASK
Frigidaire FEF376ASL
Frigidaire FEF377XEQA
Frigidaire FEFB65ASA
Frigidaire FEFB65ASB
Frigidaire FEFB65ASC
Frigidaire FEFB65ASD
Frigidaire FEFB68CQ
Frigidaire FEFB68CQA
Frigidaire FEFB68CQB
Frigidaire FEFB68CQC
Frigidaire FEFB68CQD
Frigidaire FEFB68CSA
Frigidaire FEFB68CSB
Frigidaire FEFB68CSC
Frigidaire FEFB68CSD
Frigidaire FEFL74ASA
Frigidaire FEFL74ASB
Frigidaire FEFL74ASC
Frigidaire FEFL74ASD
Frigidaire FEFL74ASE
Frigidaire FEFL74ASF
Frigidaire FEFL74ASG
Frigidaire FEFL74ASH
Frigidaire FEFL75ASA
Frigidaire FEFL75ASB
Frigidaire FEFL77AQA
Frigidaire FEFL77AQB
Frigidaire FEFL77AQC
Frigidaire FEFL77AQD
Frigidaire FEFL77AQE
Frigidaire FEFL77AQF
Frigidaire FEFL77AQG
Frigidaire FEFL77AQH
Frigidaire FEFL77ASA
Frigidaire FEFL77ASB
Frigidaire FEFL77ASC
Frigidaire FEFL77ASD
Frigidaire FEFL77ASE
Frigidaire FEFL77ASF
Frigidaire FEFL77ASG
Frigidaire FEFL77ASH
Frigidaire FEFL78CQA
Frigidaire FEFL78CQB
Frigidaire FEFL78CQC
Frigidaire FEFL78CQD
Frigidaire FEFL78CSA
Frigidaire FEFL78CSB
Frigidaire FEFL78CSC
Frigidaire FEFL78CSD
Frigidaire FEFL88ASA
Frigidaire FEFL88ASB
Frigidaire FEFL88ASC
Frigidaire FGF316DQE
Frigidaire FGF316DSE
Frigidaire FGF328FBA
Frigidaire FGF328FSA
Frigidaire FGF328GB
Frigidaire FGF328GBB
Frigidaire FGF328GBD
Frigidaire FGF328GBX
Frigidaire FGF328GM/FM
Frigidaire FGF328GS
Frigidaire FGF328GSB
Frigidaire FGF328GSD
Frigidaire FGF328GSX
Frigidaire FGF355ASA
Frigidaire FGF355ASB
Frigidaire FGF355ASC
Frigidaire FGF355ASD
Frigidaire FGF355ASE
Frigidaire FGF355ASG
Frigidaire FGF355ASH
Frigidaire FGF363MXASA
Frigidaire FGF363MXASB
Frigidaire FGF363MXASE
Frigidaire FGF365AQA
Frigidaire FGF365ASA
Frigidaire FGF366ASA
Frigidaire FGF366ASB
Frigidaire FGF366ASD
Frigidaire FGF366ASE
Frigidaire FGF366CBC
Frigidaire FGF366CQB
Frigidaire FGF366CQC
Frigidaire FGF366CQD
Frigidaire FGF366CQE
Frigidaire FGF366CQF
Frigidaire FGF366CSB
Frigidaire FGF366CSC
Frigidaire FGF366CSD
Frigidaire FGF366CSE
Frigidaire FGF366CSF
Frigidaire FGF368MXASA
Frigidaire FGFB55ASA
Frigidaire FGFB55ASB
Frigidaire FGFB55ASC
Frigidaire FGFB55ASD
Frigidaire fgfb66asa
Frigidaire FGFB66ASB
Frigidaire FGFB66ASC
Frigidaire FGFB66ASD
Frigidaire FGFB68CQA
Frigidaire FGFB68CQB
Frigidaire FGFB68CQD
Frigidaire FGFB68CQE
Frigidaire FGFB68CSA
Frigidaire FGFB68CSB
Frigidaire FGFB68CSD
Frigidaire FGFB68CSE
Frigidaire FGFL66ASA
Frigidaire FGFL66ASB
Frigidaire FGFL66ASC
Frigidaire FGFL66ASD
Frigidaire FGFL77AQB
Frigidaire FGFL77AQC
Frigidaire FGFL77AQD
Frigidaire FGFL77AQE
Frigidaire FGFL77AQF
Frigidaire FGFL77AQH
Frigidaire FGFL77AQJ
Frigidaire FGFL77ASB
Frigidaire FGFL77ASC
Frigidaire FGFL77ASD
Frigidaire FGFL77ASE
Frigidaire FGFL77ASF
Frigidaire FGFL77ASH
Frigidaire FGFL77ASJ
Frigidaire FGFL88ASA
Frigidaire FGFL88ASB
Frigidaire FLF316DQD
Frigidaire FLF316DSD
Frigidaire GAC066Y7A5A
Frigidaire GLEF376AQA
Frigidaire GLEF376AQB
Frigidaire GLEF376AQD
Frigidaire GLEF376AQE
Frigidaire GLEF376ASA
Frigidaire GLEF376ASB
Frigidaire GLEF376ASC
Frigidaire GLEF376ASD
Frigidaire GLEF376ASE
Frigidaire GLEF378AQA
Frigidaire GLEF378AQB
Frigidaire GLEF378AQC
Frigidaire GLEF378AQD
Frigidaire GLEF378AQE
Frigidaire GLEF378AQF
Frigidaire GLEF378AQG
Frigidaire GLEF378ASA
Frigidaire GLEF378ASB
Frigidaire GLEF378ASC
Frigidaire GLEF378ASD
Frigidaire GLEF378ASE
Frigidaire GLEF378ASF
Frigidaire GLEF378ASG
Frigidaire GLEF378CQA
Frigidaire GLEF378CQB
Frigidaire GLEF378CQC
Frigidaire GLEF378CQD
Frigidaire GLEF378CQE
Frigidaire GLEF378CQF
Frigidaire GLEF378CSA
Frigidaire GLEF378CSB
Frigidaire GLEF378CSC
Frigidaire GLEF378CSD
Frigidaire GLEF378CSE
Frigidaire GLEF378CSF
Frigidaire GLEF396AQA
Frigidaire GLEF396AQB
Frigidaire GLEF396AQC
Frigidaire GLEF396AQD
Frigidaire GLEF396ASA
Frigidaire GLEF396ASB
Frigidaire GLEF396ASC
Frigidaire GLEF396ASD
Frigidaire GLEF396CQA
Frigidaire GLEF396CQB
Frigidaire GLEF396CQC
Frigidaire GLEF396CQD
Frigidaire GLEF396CSA
Frigidaire GLEF396CSB
Frigidaire GLEF396CSC
Frigidaire GLEF396CSD
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQA
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQB
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQC
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQD
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQE
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQF
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQG
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQH
Frigidaire GLEFS76AQJ
Frigidaire GLEFS76ASA
Frigidaire GLEFS76ASB
Frigidaire GLEFS76ASC
Frigidaire GLEFS76ASD
Frigidaire GLEFS76ASE
Frigidaire GLEFS76ASG
Frigidaire GLEFS76ASH
Frigidaire GLEFS76ASJ
Frigidaire GLEFS77CQA
Frigidaire GLEFS77CQB
Frigidaire GLEFS77CQC
Frigidaire GLEFS77CQD
Frigidaire GLEFS77CSA
Frigidaire GLEFS77CSB
Frigidaire GLEFS77CSC
Frigidaire GLEFS77CSD
Frigidaire GLGF366AQA
Frigidaire GLGF366AQB
Frigidaire GLGF366AQC
Frigidaire GLGF366AQD
Frigidaire GLGF366ASA
Frigidaire GLGF366ASB
Frigidaire GLGF366ASC
Frigidaire GLGF366ASD
Frigidaire GLGF377AQA
Frigidaire GLGF377AQC
Frigidaire GLGF377AQD
Frigidaire GLGF377AQE
Frigidaire GLGF377AQF
Frigidaire GLGF377AQG
Frigidaire GLGF377ASA
Frigidaire GLGF377ASC
Frigidaire GLGF377ASD
Frigidaire GLGF377ASE
Frigidaire GLGF377ASF
Frigidaire GLGF377ASG
Frigidaire GLGF377CQA
Frigidaire GLGF377CQB
Frigidaire GLGF377CQD
Frigidaire GLGF377CQE
Frigidaire GLGF377CSA
Frigidaire GLGF377CSB
Frigidaire GLGF377CSD
Frigidaire GLGF377CSE
Frigidaire GLGF388AQA
Frigidaire GLGF388AQB
Frigidaire GLGF388AQC
Frigidaire GLGF388AQD
Frigidaire GLGF388AQE
Frigidaire GLGF388ASA
Frigidaire GLGF388ASB
Frigidaire GLGF388ASC
Frigidaire GLGF388ASD
Frigidaire GLGF388ASE
Frigidaire GLGF388CQA
Frigidaire GLGF388CQB
Frigidaire GLGF388CQD
Frigidaire GLGF388CSA
Frigidaire GLGF388CSB
Frigidaire GLGF388CSD
Frigidaire GLGFS66AQA
Frigidaire GLGFS66AQB
Frigidaire GLGFS66AQC
Frigidaire GLGFS66AQD
Frigidaire GLGFS66AQE
Frigidaire GLGFS66ASA
Frigidaire GLGFS66ASB
Frigidaire GLGFS66ASC
Frigidaire GLGFS66ASD
Frigidaire GLGFS66ASE
Frigidaire GLGFS66CQA
Frigidaire GLGFS66CQB
Frigidaire GLGFS66CQC
Frigidaire GLGFS66CSA
Frigidaire GLGFS66CSB
Frigidaire GLGFS66CSC
Frigidaire GSE3WZBQA
Frigidaire GSE3WZBQB
Frigidaire GSE3WZBSA
Frigidaire GSE3WZBSB
Frigidaire GSE3WZCQA
Frigidaire GSE3WZCQB
Frigidaire GSE3WZCQC
Frigidaire GSE3WZCQD
Frigidaire GSE3WZCQE
Frigidaire GSE3WZCSA
Frigidaire GSE3WZCSB
Frigidaire GSE3WZCSC
Frigidaire GSE3WZCSD
Frigidaire GSE3WZCSE
Frigidaire GSG3PZBQA
Frigidaire GSG3PZBQB
Frigidaire GSG3PZBQC
Frigidaire GSG3PZBSA
Frigidaire GSG3PZBSB
Frigidaire GSG3PZBSC
Frigidaire GSG3PZCQA
Frigidaire GSG3PZCQB
Frigidaire GSG3PZCQD
Frigidaire GSG3PZCQE
Frigidaire GSG3PZCQF
Frigidaire GSG3PZCSA
Frigidaire GSG3PZCSB
Frigidaire GSG3PZCSD
Frigidaire GSG3PZCSE
Frigidaire GSG3PZCSF
Frigidaire KAS244P2K1
Frigidaire KEF355ASA
Frigidaire KEF355ASB
Frigidaire KEF355ASC
Frigidaire KEF355ASD
Frigidaire KEF355ASE
Frigidaire KEF355ASF
Frigidaire KEF355ASG
Frigidaire KEF355ASH
Frigidaire KEF355ASJ
Frigidaire KF460GDD6
Frigidaire KF460GDD7
Frigidaire KF460GDF6
Frigidaire KF460GDF7
Frigidaire KF460GDH6
Frigidaire KF460GDH7
Frigidaire KF460GDV6
Frigidaire KF460GDV7
Frigidaire KF460GDW6
Frigidaire KF460GDW7
Frigidaire NGSE3CSAQA
Frigidaire NGSE3CSAQB
Frigidaire NGSE3CSAQC
Frigidaire NGSE3CSASA
Frigidaire NGSE3CSASB
Frigidaire NGSE3CSASC
Frigidaire NGSE3WZAQA
Frigidaire NGSE3WZAQC
Frigidaire NGSE3WZAQD
Frigidaire NGSE3WZAQE
Frigidaire NGSE3WZASA
Frigidaire NGSE3WZASC
Frigidaire NGSE3WZASD
Frigidaire NGSE3WZASE
Frigidaire NGSG3PZAQA
Frigidaire NGSG3PZAQC
Frigidaire NGSG3PZAQD
Frigidaire NGSG3PZAQE
Frigidaire NGSG3PZASA
Frigidaire NGSG3PZASC
Frigidaire NGSG3PZASD
Frigidaire NGSG3PZASE
Frigidaire RD19F9WT3B
Frigidaire RD19F9WT3C
Frigidaire RT19F9WT3B
Frigidaire RT19F9WT3C
Frigidaire TEF353AQA
Frigidaire TEF353AQB
Frigidaire TEF353AQC
Frigidaire TEF353AQD
Frigidaire TEF353AQE
Frigidaire TEF353AQF
Frigidaire TEF353ASA
Frigidaire TEF353ASB
Frigidaire TEF353ASC
Frigidaire TEF353ASD
Frigidaire TEF353ASE
Frigidaire TEF353ASF
Frigidaire TEF364AQA
Frigidaire TEF364AQB
Frigidaire TEF364AQC
Frigidaire TEF364AQD
Frigidaire TEF364AQE
Frigidaire TEF364AQF
Frigidaire TEF364AQG
Frigidaire TEF364AQJ
Frigidaire TEF364ASA
Frigidaire TEF364ASB
Frigidaire TEF364ASC
Frigidaire TEF364ASD
Frigidaire TEF364ASE
Frigidaire TEF364ASF
Frigidaire TEF364ASG
Frigidaire TEF364ASJ
Frigidaire TGF316GSB
Frigidaire TGF320DWC
Frigidaire TGF364AQA
Frigidaire TGF364AQB
Frigidaire TGF364AQC
Frigidaire TGF364AQD
Frigidaire TGF364AQE
Frigidaire TGF364AQF
Frigidaire TGF364AQG
Frigidaire TGF364ASA
Frigidaire TGF364ASB
Frigidaire TGF364ASC
Frigidaire TGF364ASD
Frigidaire TGF364ASE
Frigidaire TGF364ASF
Frigidaire TGF364ASG
Frigidaire TGFS63CQA
Frigidaire TGFS63CQB
Frigidaire TGFS63CQC
Frigidaire TGFS63CSA
Frigidaire TGFS63CSB
Frigidaire TGFS63CSC
Frigidaire UF16DL3
Frigidaire UF16DL4
Frigidaire UFS16DW2
Frigidaire UFS16DW3
Frigidaire WGF317ESB
Frigidaire WGF317ESC
Tappan TGF316GSB
Tappan TGF328GSA