316448700 Part

Switch,rocker ,black ,oven light

Part #: 316448700

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SWITCH WAS 316246001 0607AR
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These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 554 models:

Crosley CCRE350GBBC
Crosley CCRE360GBBD
Crosley CRE3860GQBA
Crosley CRE3880GBBA
Crosley CRE3880GSSB
Crosley CRE3880GSSC
Crosley CRE3880HSSE
Crosley CRE3880HSSF
Crosley CRG3140GBBB
Crosley CRG3140GBBC
Crosley CRG3140GBBD
Crosley CRG3140GWBB
Crosley CRG3140GWBC
Crosley CRG3140GWBD
Crosley CRG3160GBBA
Crosley CRG3160GBBB
Crosley CRG3160GBBC
Crosley CRG3480GSSC
Crosley CRG3480GSSE
Crosley CRG3480GWBB
Crosley CRG3480GWBC
Crosley CRG3480GWBD
Crosley CRG3480ISSD
Crosley CRG3480ISSE
Crosley CRG3480ISSF
Crosley CRP3160GBBB
Frigidaire BKEF3048LSC
Frigidaire CCRE350GBBB
Frigidaire CCRE360GBBB
Frigidaire CCRE360GSSB
Frigidaire CFEF3007LBA
Frigidaire CFEF3016LBB
Frigidaire CFEF3018LBB
Frigidaire CFEF3048LSD
Frigidaire CFEF3050LSD
Frigidaire CFEF3052LSC
Frigidaire CFEF3052LSD
Frigidaire CFEF312FBA
Frigidaire CFEF312GBA
Frigidaire CFEF312GBB
Frigidaire CFEF312GBC
Frigidaire CFEF355FBA
Frigidaire CFEF355FBC
Frigidaire CFEF355FCA
Frigidaire CFEF355FCC
Frigidaire CFEF355FCF
Frigidaire CFEF355FCG
Frigidaire CFEF366EMB
Frigidaire CFEF366EME
Frigidaire CFEF366EMF
Frigidaire CFEF366EMG
Frigidaire CFEF366EMK
Frigidaire CFEF366GBA
Frigidaire CFEF366GBB
Frigidaire CFEF366GBC
Frigidaire CFEF366GCA
Frigidaire CFEF366GCB
Frigidaire CFEF366GCC
Frigidaire CFEF366GCD
Frigidaire CFEF366GCE
Frigidaire CFEF366GCG
Frigidaire CFEF366GCH
Frigidaire CFEF368JCA
Frigidaire CFEF368JCB
Frigidaire CFEF368JCD
Frigidaire CFEF376GBA
Frigidaire CFEF376GBB
Frigidaire CFEF376GBC
Frigidaire CFEF376GBD
Frigidaire CFEF376GCA
Frigidaire CFEF376GCB
Frigidaire CFEF376GCC
Frigidaire CFEF376GCD
Frigidaire CFEF376GCE
Frigidaire CFEF376GCF
Frigidaire CFEF376GCG
Frigidaire CFGF366FBA
Frigidaire CFGF366FBB
Frigidaire CFGF366FBD
Frigidaire CFGF366FBE
Frigidaire CFGF366FCA
Frigidaire CFGF366FCB
Frigidaire CFGF366FCD
Frigidaire CFGF366FCE
Frigidaire CFGF368GBA
Frigidaire CFGF368GBB
Frigidaire CFGF368GBC
Frigidaire CFGF368GBD
Frigidaire CFGF368GBE
Frigidaire CFGF368GBG
Frigidaire CFGF368GCA
Frigidaire CFGF368GCC
Frigidaire CFGF368GCD
Frigidaire CFGF368GCE
Frigidaire CFGF368GCF
Frigidaire CFGF368GCH
Frigidaire CFGF368GCJ
Frigidaire CFGF368GMA
Frigidaire CFGF368GMB
Frigidaire CFGF368GMC
Frigidaire CFGF368GME
Frigidaire CFGF368GMG
Frigidaire CFGF368GMH
Frigidaire CRE3530LBA
Frigidaire CRE3860GQBA
Frigidaire CRE3860LBA
Frigidaire CRE3860LBB
Frigidaire CRE3880HSSA
Frigidaire CRE3880HSSB
Frigidaire CRE3880LSC
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBC
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBD
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBE
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBF
Frigidaire CRG3140GBBG
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBC
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBD
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBE
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBF
Frigidaire CRG3140GWBG
Frigidaire CRG3150LBB
Frigidaire CRG3160GBBC
Frigidaire CRG3160GBBD
Frigidaire CRG3160GBBE
Frigidaire CRG3480GWBB
Frigidaire CRG3480GWBC
Frigidaire CRG3480GWBD
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSA
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSB
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSC
Frigidaire CRG3480LSD
Frigidaire CRP3160GBBB
Frigidaire CRP3160GBBC
Frigidaire FEF326FB
Frigidaire FEF326FBA
Frigidaire FEF326FBC
Frigidaire FEF326FBD
Frigidaire FEF326FBE
Frigidaire FEF326FBF
Frigidaire FEF326FWA
Frigidaire FEF326FWD
Frigidaire FEF336ECC
Frigidaire FEF336ECD
Frigidaire FEF336ECE
Frigidaire FEF336ECF
Frigidaire FEF336ECG
Frigidaire FEF336ECH
Frigidaire FEF336ECJ
Frigidaire FEF336ECK
Frigidaire FEF336ECX
Frigidaire FEF336FM
Frigidaire FEF336FMA
Frigidaire FEF336FMB
Frigidaire FEF336FMC
Frigidaire FEF336FMD
Frigidaire FEF336FME
Frigidaire FEF336FMF
Frigidaire FEF339LCB
Frigidaire FEF352FB
Frigidaire FEF352FBA
Frigidaire FEF352FBC
Frigidaire FEF352FBD
Frigidaire FEF352FUA
Frigidaire FEF352FUC
Frigidaire FEF352FUD
Frigidaire FEF352FWA
Frigidaire FEF352FWC
Frigidaire FEF352FWD
Frigidaire FEF352GMA
Frigidaire FEF352GMC
Frigidaire FEF352GMD
Frigidaire FEF352GMF
Frigidaire FEF352GMG
Frigidaire FEF352HCA
Frigidaire FEF352HCC
Frigidaire FEF352HCE
Frigidaire FEF354GB
Frigidaire FEF354GBA
Frigidaire FEF354GBC
Frigidaire FEF354GBD
Frigidaire FEF354GBE
Frigidaire FEF356GBA
Frigidaire FEF356GBB
Frigidaire FEF364DWE
Frigidaire FEF364FWA
Frigidaire FEF364FWB
Frigidaire FEF365MXFCA
Frigidaire FEF366EBC
Frigidaire FEF366EBD
Frigidaire FEF366EBF
Frigidaire FEF366EBG
Frigidaire FEF366EBH
Frigidaire FEF366ECC
Frigidaire FEF366ECD
Frigidaire FEF366ECF
Frigidaire FEF366ECG
Frigidaire FEF366ECH
Frigidaire FEF366ECN
Frigidaire FEF366ECP
Frigidaire FEF366ECR
Frigidaire FEF366EMC
Frigidaire FEF366EMD
Frigidaire FEF366EMF
Frigidaire FEF366EMH
Frigidaire FEF366EMM
Frigidaire FEF366MXHCA
Frigidaire FEF366MXHCB
Frigidaire FEF368GB
Frigidaire FEF368GBB
Frigidaire FEF368GBC
Frigidaire FEF368GBD
Frigidaire FEF368GC
Frigidaire FEF368GCA
Frigidaire FEF368GCB
Frigidaire FEF368GCC
Frigidaire FEF368GCD
Frigidaire FEF368GCE
Frigidaire FEF368GCG
Frigidaire FEF368GCH
Frigidaire FEF368GCJ
Frigidaire FEF368GMB
Frigidaire FEF368GMD
Frigidaire FEF368GMG
Frigidaire FEF369HBA
Frigidaire FEF369HC
Frigidaire FEF369HCA
Frigidaire FEF369HCC
Frigidaire FEF369HCD
Frigidaire FEF375EBC
Frigidaire FEF375FBA
Frigidaire FEF375FBB
Frigidaire FEF375FCA
Frigidaire FEF375GCB
Frigidaire FEF375GCC
Frigidaire FEFB66ECF
Frigidaire FEFB66ECG
Frigidaire FEFB66ECH
Frigidaire FEFB66ECJ
Frigidaire FEFL67DCJ
Frigidaire FEFL67DCK
Frigidaire FEFL67GCA
Frigidaire FEFL67GCB
Frigidaire FEFL67HCA
Frigidaire FEFL67HCB
Frigidaire FEFL67HCC
Frigidaire FEFL67HCD
Frigidaire FEFL67HCE
Frigidaire FEFL67HCF
Frigidaire FEFL67HCG
Frigidaire FEFL67HCH
Frigidaire FEFL68GMB
Frigidaire FEFL68GMC
Frigidaire FEFL68GMD
Frigidaire FEFL68GME
Frigidaire FEFL68GMF
Frigidaire FEFL68GMH
Frigidaire FFEF3011LBD
Frigidaire FFEF3012LSA
Frigidaire FFEF3012LSC
Frigidaire FFEF3013LM
Frigidaire FFEF3013LMA
Frigidaire FFEF3015LSA
Frigidaire FFEF3015LSC
Frigidaire FFEF3015LSD
Frigidaire FFEF3016LBA
Frigidaire FFEF3016LBB
Frigidaire FFEF3017LBA
Frigidaire FFEF3017LSA
Frigidaire FFEF3017LSC
Frigidaire FFEF3018LBB
Frigidaire FFEF3018LMB
Frigidaire FFEF3020LBA
Frigidaire FFEF3020LBB
Frigidaire FFEF3043LSD
Frigidaire FFEF3048LSD
Frigidaire FFEF3050LSA
Frigidaire FFEF3050LSC
Frigidaire FFEF3050LSD
Frigidaire FFEF3050LSE
Frigidaire FFGF3011LBA
Frigidaire FFGF3011LBB
Frigidaire FFGF3013LBB
Frigidaire FFGF3013LBC
Frigidaire FFGF3015LBA
Frigidaire FFGF3015LBB
Frigidaire FFGF3015LBC
Frigidaire FFGF3015LM
Frigidaire FFGF3015LMB
Frigidaire FFGF3015LMC
Frigidaire FFGF3017LBB
Frigidaire FFGF3017LSA
Frigidaire FFGF3021LBA
Frigidaire FFGF3021LBB
Frigidaire FFGF3021LBC
Frigidaire FFGF3023LBA
Frigidaire FFGF3023LBB
Frigidaire FFGF3023LBC
Frigidaire FFGF3023LMA
Frigidaire FFGF3023LMB
Frigidaire FFGF3023LMC
Frigidaire FFGF3047LS
Frigidaire FFGF3047LSB
Frigidaire FFGF3047LSC
Frigidaire FFGF3047LSD
Frigidaire FFGF3049LSA
Frigidaire FFGF3049LSB
Frigidaire FFGF3049LSC
Frigidaire FFGF3049LSD
Frigidaire FFGF3051LSA
Frigidaire FFGF3051LSB
Frigidaire FFGF3051LSD
Frigidaire FFGF3051LSE
Frigidaire FFGF3053LSB
Frigidaire FFGF3053LSD
Frigidaire FFGF3053LSE
Frigidaire FFGF3053LSG
Frigidaire FGF318ECC
Frigidaire FGF318GCB
Frigidaire FGF318GCC
Frigidaire FGF319KBA
Frigidaire FGF319KBB
Frigidaire FGF326FWA
Frigidaire FGF326KBA
Frigidaire FGF326KBB
Frigidaire FGF326KBC
Frigidaire FGF328FBA
Frigidaire FGF328FMA
Frigidaire FGF328GB
Frigidaire FGF328GBB
Frigidaire FGF328GBD
Frigidaire FGF328GBE
Frigidaire FGF328GBF
Frigidaire FGF328GBG
Frigidaire FGF328GBH
Frigidaire FGF328GBX
Frigidaire FGF328GM
Frigidaire FGF328GM/FM
Frigidaire FGF328GMA
Frigidaire FGF328GMB
Frigidaire FGF328GMD
Frigidaire FGF328GME
Frigidaire FGF328GMF
Frigidaire FGF328GMG
Frigidaire FGF328GMH
Frigidaire FGF328GMJ
Frigidaire FGF337EBD
Frigidaire FGF337ECD
Frigidaire FGF337EUD
Frigidaire FGF337GB
Frigidaire FGF337GBA
Frigidaire FGF337GBB
Frigidaire FGF337GBC
Frigidaire FGF337GBD
Frigidaire FGF337GBE
Frigidaire FGF337GBF
Frigidaire FGF337GC
Frigidaire FGF337GCA
Frigidaire FGF337GCB
Frigidaire FGF337GCC
Frigidaire FGF337GCD
Frigidaire FGF337GCE
Frigidaire FGF337GCF
Frigidaire FGF337GCG
Frigidaire FGF337GCK
Frigidaire FGF337GUA
Frigidaire FGF337GUB
Frigidaire FGF337GUD
Frigidaire FGF337GUE
Frigidaire FGF337GUF
Frigidaire FGF337GWA
Frigidaire FGF337GWB
Frigidaire FGF337GWD
Frigidaire FGF337GWE
Frigidaire FGF337GWF
Frigidaire FGF348KC
Frigidaire FGF348KCA
Frigidaire FGF348KCB
Frigidaire FGF348KCD
Frigidaire FGF348KCE
Frigidaire FGF348KCF
Frigidaire FGF348KCG
Frigidaire FGF348KS
Frigidaire FGF348KSA
Frigidaire FGF355FWA
Frigidaire FGF355FWB
Frigidaire FGF355FWD
Frigidaire FGF355FWE
Frigidaire FGF355GWB
Frigidaire FGF355GWC
Frigidaire FGF355GWD
Frigidaire FGF355GWE
Frigidaire FGF364KC
Frigidaire FGF364KCA
Frigidaire FGF364KCC
Frigidaire FGF364KCD
Frigidaire FGF364KCF
Frigidaire FGF364KCG
Frigidaire FGF365MXFCA
Frigidaire FGF366EBC
Frigidaire FGF366EBD
Frigidaire FGF366EBE
Frigidaire FGF366EBF
Frigidaire FGF366EBG
Frigidaire FGF366EBH
Frigidaire FGF366ECB
Frigidaire FGF366ECC
Frigidaire FGF366ECD
Frigidaire FGF366ECE
Frigidaire FGF366EMC
Frigidaire FGF366EMD
Frigidaire FGF366EME
Frigidaire FGF368GB
Frigidaire FGF368GBB
Frigidaire FGF368GBC
Frigidaire FGF368GBD
Frigidaire FGF368GBE
Frigidaire FGF368GBF
Frigidaire FGF368GBG
Frigidaire FGF368GBJ
Frigidaire FGF368GC
Frigidaire FGF368GCA
Frigidaire FGF368GCB
Frigidaire FGF368GCC
Frigidaire FGF368GCD
Frigidaire FGF368GCE
Frigidaire FGF368GCF
Frigidaire FGF368GCG
Frigidaire FGF368GCH
Frigidaire FGF368GCK
Frigidaire FGF368GCM
Frigidaire FGF368GCN
Frigidaire FGF368GM
Frigidaire FGF368GMA
Frigidaire FGF368GMB
Frigidaire FGF368GMC
Frigidaire FGF368GMD
Frigidaire FGF368GME
Frigidaire FGF368GMF
Frigidaire FGF368GMG
Frigidaire FGF368GMH
Frigidaire FGF368GMK
Frigidaire FGF368GMM
Frigidaire FGF368GMP
Frigidaire FGF368GMR
Frigidaire FGF375EBB
Frigidaire FGF375EBC
Frigidaire FGF375FBB
Frigidaire FGF375FBD
Frigidaire FGF375FCA
Frigidaire FGF375FCB
Frigidaire FGF375GCB
Frigidaire FGF375GCC
Frigidaire FGF380MXFBB
Frigidaire FGF382HBA
Frigidaire FGF382HBB
Frigidaire FGF382HBD
Frigidaire FGF382HCA
Frigidaire FGF382HCC
Frigidaire FGF382HCD
Frigidaire FGF382HCE
Frigidaire FGF382HCF
Frigidaire FGF382HCG
Frigidaire FGF382HCJ
Frigidaire FGFB337GC
Frigidaire FGFB337GCA
Frigidaire FGFB337GCB
Frigidaire FGFB337GCC
Frigidaire FGFB337GCD
Frigidaire FGFB337GCE
Frigidaire FGFB337GCF
Frigidaire FGFB66ECE
Frigidaire FGFB66ECF
Frigidaire FGFB66ECG
Frigidaire FGFB66ECH
Frigidaire FGFB66ECJ
Frigidaire FGFB66ECK
Frigidaire FGFB66ECM
Frigidaire FGFB66ECN
Frigidaire FGFB66ECP
Frigidaire FGFB66ECS
Frigidaire FGFL67DBG
Frigidaire FGFL67DBH
Frigidaire FGFL67DBJ
Frigidaire FGFL67DBK
Frigidaire FGFL67DBL
Frigidaire FGFL67DCH
Frigidaire FGFL67DCJ
Frigidaire FGFL67DCK
Frigidaire FGFL67DCL
Frigidaire FGFL67DCM
Frigidaire FGFS36FWA
Frigidaire FGFS36FWC
Frigidaire FGFS36FWD
Frigidaire FGFS36FWE
Frigidaire FGFS36FWF
Frigidaire FGFS36FWG
Frigidaire FGFS36FWH
Frigidaire FGFS36FWJ
Frigidaire FLF337EC
Frigidaire FLF337ECC
Frigidaire FLF337ECD
Frigidaire FLF337ECE
Frigidaire FLF337ECF
Frigidaire FLF337ECG
Frigidaire FLF337ECH
Frigidaire FLF337ECJ
Frigidaire FLF337ECK
Frigidaire FLF337EUD
Frigidaire FLF337EUE
Frigidaire FLF337EUF
Frigidaire FLF337EUH
Frigidaire FLF337EUJ
Frigidaire FLF337EUK
Frigidaire FLF337EWD
Frigidaire FLF337EWE
Frigidaire FLF337EWF
Frigidaire FLF337EWH
Frigidaire FLF337EWJ
Frigidaire FLF337EWK
Frigidaire GLGFS75DBG
Frigidaire GLGFS75DBH
Frigidaire GLGFS75DBK
Frigidaire GLGFS75DCF
Frigidaire GLGFS75DCG
Frigidaire GLGFS75DCH
Frigidaire GLGFS75DCJ
Frigidaire GLGFS75DCK
Frigidaire LFEF3011LBA
Frigidaire LFGF3014LBA
Frigidaire LFGF3014LBB
Frigidaire LFGF3027LSA
Frigidaire LFGF3027LSB
Frigidaire TEF317BWE
Frigidaire TEF317BWG
Frigidaire TEF326FBB
Frigidaire TEF326FBC
Frigidaire TEF351EWD
Frigidaire TEF351EWE
Frigidaire TEF351EWF
Frigidaire TGF317DWD
Frigidaire TGF317DWF
Frigidaire TGF320DWC
Frigidaire TGF336FWE
Frigidaire TGF336FWF
Frigidaire TGFS36FWA
Frigidaire WFF334GCA
Frigidaire WFF334GCB
Tappan TEF317BWG
Tappan TEF351EWD
Tappan TGF317DWE
Tappan TGF336FWA
Tappan TGF336FWB
Tappan TGF336FWC
Tappan TGF336FWD