330031 Part

Whirlpool 330031 Universal Burner Receptacle Kit

Part #: 330031

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This Whirlpool 330031 Universal Burner Receptacle Kit works with many Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Roper, KitchenAid and other brand electric ranges.

Details: This newer style Molex terminal block kit includes two metal brackets, two pre-crimped wires with terminals, two ceramic wire nuts, a heat shrinking tube, and a mounting screw.
 Part NamePart BrandPart NumberPrice 
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 330031
General Electric WB17X5091 $29.87
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 330031
Whirlpool 814399 $16.49
Frigidaire 5303935058 Terminal Block Kit
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 330031
Frigidaire 5303935058 $4.20
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 330031
General Electric WB17X210 $47.00
Whirlpool 12001676 Surface Burner Element Rewire Kit
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 330031
Whirlpool 12001676 $5.38
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 330031
Electrolux 5303935058 $3.66
Supco RR117 Universal Receptacle
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 330031
Supco RR117 $7.91
Supco RR110 Receptacle Kit
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 330031
Supco RR110 $4.41
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This part is compatible with the following 591 models:

Amana RCC-1010
Frigidaire FEC3X2XAC1
Frigidaire FEC3X2XAD1
Frigidaire FES300BEBB
Frigidaire FES300BEBC
Frigidaire FES300WAB3
Frigidaire FES353CCDB
Frigidaire FES353CCDC
Whirlpool 4LSC9255DZ1
Whirlpool 4RF302BXDW0
Whirlpool 4RF310PXDQ0
Whirlpool 4RF315PXDQ0
Whirlpool 4RF315PXDW0
Whirlpool 4RF315PXEQ0
Whirlpool 4XACM12DD0
Whirlpool ET20NKXAN01
Whirlpool FEC330BL0
Whirlpool FEC330BW0
Whirlpool FEP310BL0
Whirlpool FEP310BL1
Whirlpool FEP310BW0
Whirlpool FEP310BW1
Whirlpool FEP310EW0
Whirlpool FEP310VW0
Whirlpool FEP310YL0
Whirlpool FEP310YL1
Whirlpool FEP310YL2
Whirlpool FEP310YW0
Whirlpool FEP310YW1
Whirlpool FEP310YW2
Whirlpool FEP314BW0
Whirlpool FEP320BL0
Whirlpool FEP320BL1
Whirlpool FEP320BW0
Whirlpool FEP320BW1
Whirlpool FEP320EN0
Whirlpool FEP320EN1
Whirlpool FEP320EW1
Whirlpool FEP320GN0
Whirlpool FEP320YL0
Whirlpool FEP320YL1
Whirlpool FEP320YL2
Whirlpool FEP320YW0
Whirlpool FEP320YW1
Whirlpool FEP320YW2
Whirlpool FEP330BL0
Whirlpool FEP330BL1
Whirlpool FEP330BQ0
Whirlpool FEP330BQ1
Whirlpool FEP330BW0
Whirlpool FEP330BW1
Whirlpool FEP330EN0
Whirlpool FEP330EN1
Whirlpool FEP330EQ0
Whirlpool FEP330EW0
Whirlpool FEP330YL0
Whirlpool FEP330YL1
Whirlpool FEP330YL2
Whirlpool FEP330YW0
Whirlpool FEP330YW1
Whirlpool FEP330YW2
Whirlpool FEP340VW0
Whirlpool FEP340YL0
Whirlpool FEP340YL1
Whirlpool FEP340YW0
Whirlpool FEP340YW1
Whirlpool FEP350BL0
Whirlpool FEP350BW0
Whirlpool FEP350BW1
Whirlpool FEP350VW0
Whirlpool FEP350YL0
Whirlpool FEP350YL1
Whirlpool FEP350YL2
Whirlpool FEP350YW0
Whirlpool FEP350YW1
Whirlpool FEP350YW2
Whirlpool FES310BL0
Whirlpool FES310BL1
Whirlpool FES310BQ0
Whirlpool FES310BQ1
Whirlpool FES310BW0
Whirlpool FES310BW1
Whirlpool FES310YL0
Whirlpool FES310YL1
Whirlpool FES310YL2
Whirlpool FES310YW0
Whirlpool FES310YW1
Whirlpool FES310YW2
Whirlpool FES330EN0
Whirlpool FES330EQ0
Whirlpool FES330EW0
Whirlpool FES330GW0
Whirlpool FES340VL0
Whirlpool FES340YL0
Whirlpool FES340YL1
Whirlpool FES340YL2
Whirlpool FES340YW0
Whirlpool FES340YW1
Whirlpool FES340YW2
Whirlpool FES350BL0
Whirlpool FES350BL1
Whirlpool FES350BW0
Whirlpool FES350BW1
Whirlpool FES355YL0
Whirlpool FES355YL1
Whirlpool FES355YL2
Whirlpool FES355YW0
Whirlpool FES355YW1
Whirlpool FES355YW2
Whirlpool FES364BW0
Whirlpool FES364EN0
Whirlpool FES364EW0
Whirlpool KDI16
Whirlpool KECT365SBL1
Whirlpool KEES702SWB0
Whirlpool KEES702SWB1
Whirlpool KEES705SWB0
Whirlpool KEES705SWB1
Whirlpool KERI500YWH1
Whirlpool KERI500YWH2
Whirlpool KERS500SWB0
Whirlpool KERS500SWB1
Whirlpool KERS502SWB0
Whirlpool KERS502SWB1
Whirlpool KERS505SWB0
Whirlpool KERS507EAL2
Whirlpool KTRS22KWAL01
Whirlpool LST7233AG0
Whirlpool LST7233AN0
Whirlpool LWE8740W0
Whirlpool RC8200XBH2
Whirlpool RC8200XBN1
Whirlpool RC8200XBW2
Whirlpool RC8200XBZ2
Whirlpool RC8200XVF0
Whirlpool RC8200XVG0
Whirlpool RC8200XVH0
Whirlpool RC8200XVM0
Whirlpool RC8200XVN0
Whirlpool RC8200XVW0
Whirlpool RC8200XVW1
Whirlpool RC8200XYW0
Whirlpool RC8200XYW1
Whirlpool RC8400XAQ1
Whirlpool RC8400XBB2
Whirlpool RC8400XBH2
Whirlpool RC8400XBQ2
Whirlpool RC8400XBZ2
Whirlpool RE953PXPT0
Whirlpool RE953PXPT1
Whirlpool RE953PXPT2
Whirlpool RE960PXPW0
Whirlpool RE960PXPW1
Whirlpool RE960PXPW2
Whirlpool RE960PXVN0
Whirlpool RE960PXVN1
Whirlpool RE960PXVN3
Whirlpool RE960PXVN4
Whirlpool RE960PXVN5
Whirlpool RE960PXVW0
Whirlpool RE960PXVW1
Whirlpool RE960PXVW3
Whirlpool RE960PXVW4
Whirlpool RE960PXVW5
Whirlpool RE963PXPT0
Whirlpool RE963PXPT1
Whirlpool RE963PXPT2
Whirlpool RF263LXPQ3
Whirlpool RF263LXTS3
Whirlpool RF3000XPW0
Whirlpool RF3000XVN0
Whirlpool RF3000XVW0
Whirlpool RF3020XDN0
Whirlpool RF3020XDW0
Whirlpool RF3020XPW0
Whirlpool RF3020XVF0
Whirlpool RF3020XVG0
Whirlpool RF3020XVM0
Whirlpool RF3020XVN0
Whirlpool RF3020XVN1
Whirlpool RF3020XVN2
Whirlpool RF3020XVN3
Whirlpool RF3020XVW0
Whirlpool RF3020XVW1
Whirlpool RF3020XVW2
Whirlpool RF3020XVW3
Whirlpool RF3020XXN0
Whirlpool RF3020XXN1
Whirlpool RF3020XXN2
Whirlpool RF3020XXW0
Whirlpool RF3020XXW1
Whirlpool RF3020XXW2
Whirlpool RF3020XYN0
Whirlpool RF3020XYN1
Whirlpool RF3020XYN2
Whirlpool RF3020XYW0
Whirlpool RF3020XYW1
Whirlpool RF3020XYW2
Whirlpool RF302BXDN0
Whirlpool RF302BXDQ0
Whirlpool RF302BXDW0
Whirlpool RF302BXPW0
Whirlpool RF302BXXG2
Whirlpool RF302BXXN2
Whirlpool RF302BXXQ2
Whirlpool RF302BXXW2
Whirlpool RF302BXYG0
Whirlpool RF302BXYG1
Whirlpool RF302BXYG2
Whirlpool RF302BXYN0
Whirlpool RF302BXYN1
Whirlpool RF302BXYN2
Whirlpool RF302BXYQ0
Whirlpool RF302BXYQ1
Whirlpool RF302BXYQ2
Whirlpool RF302BXYW0
Whirlpool RF302BXYW1
Whirlpool RF302BXYW2
Whirlpool RF302PXXQ1
Whirlpool RF303BXPW0
Whirlpool RF305PXDN0
Whirlpool RF305PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF305PXDW0
Whirlpool RF305PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF306BXPW0
Whirlpool RF3100XPW0
Whirlpool RF3100XVN0
Whirlpool RF3100XVN1
Whirlpool RF3100XVN2
Whirlpool RF3100XVN3
Whirlpool RF3100XVW0
Whirlpool RF3100XVW1
Whirlpool RF3100XVW2
Whirlpool RF3100XVW3
Whirlpool RF3105XXN0
Whirlpool RF3105XXN1
Whirlpool RF3105XXN2
Whirlpool RF3105XXW0
Whirlpool RF3105XXW1
Whirlpool RF3105XXW2
Whirlpool RF310BXYN0
Whirlpool RF310BXYN2
Whirlpool RF310BXYW0
Whirlpool RF310BXYW1
Whirlpool RF310BXYW2
Whirlpool RF310PXAN0
Whirlpool RF310PXAQ0
Whirlpool RF310PXAW0
Whirlpool RF310PXDN0
Whirlpool RF310PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF310PXDW0
Whirlpool RF310PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF310PXPW0
Whirlpool RF310PXVF0
Whirlpool RF310PXVG0
Whirlpool RF310PXVG2
Whirlpool RF310PXVG3
Whirlpool RF310PXVM0
Whirlpool RF310PXVN0
Whirlpool RF310PXVN1
Whirlpool RF310PXVN2
Whirlpool RF310PXVN3
Whirlpool RF310PXVW0
Whirlpool RF310PXVW1
Whirlpool RF310PXVW2
Whirlpool RF310PXVW3
Whirlpool RF310PXXN0
Whirlpool RF310PXXN1
Whirlpool RF310PXXN2
Whirlpool RF310PXXW0
Whirlpool RF310PXXW1
Whirlpool RF310PXXW2
Whirlpool RF310PXYN0
Whirlpool RF310PXYQ0
Whirlpool RF310PXYW0
Whirlpool RF310PXYW1
Whirlpool RF3120XPW0
Whirlpool RF313PXPT0
Whirlpool RF3140XPN0
Whirlpool RF315PCYN0
Whirlpool RF315PCYN1
Whirlpool RF315PCYN2
Whirlpool RF315PCYW0
Whirlpool RF315PCYW1
Whirlpool RF315PCYW2
Whirlpool RF315PXDN0
Whirlpool RF315PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF315PXDW0
Whirlpool RF315PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF315PXXG2
Whirlpool RF315PXXN2
Whirlpool RF315PXXW2
Whirlpool RF315PXYG0
Whirlpool RF315PXYG1
Whirlpool RF315PXYG2
Whirlpool RF315PXYN0
Whirlpool RF315PXYN1
Whirlpool RF315PXYN2
Whirlpool RF315PXYW0
Whirlpool RF315PXYW1
Whirlpool RF315PXYW2
Whirlpool RF3165XPW0
Whirlpool RF3300XPW0
Whirlpool RF3300XVN0
Whirlpool RF3300XVN1
Whirlpool RF3300XVN2
Whirlpool RF3300XVN3
Whirlpool RF3300XVW0
Whirlpool RF3300XVW1
Whirlpool RF3300XVW2
Whirlpool RF3300XVW3
Whirlpool RF3305XXN0
Whirlpool RF3305XXN1
Whirlpool RF3305XXW0
Whirlpool RF3305XXW1
Whirlpool RF3305XXW2
Whirlpool RF330PXAN0
Whirlpool RF330PXAW0
Whirlpool RF330PXDN0
Whirlpool RF330PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF330PXDW0
Whirlpool RF330PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF330PXPW0
Whirlpool RF330PXVN0
Whirlpool RF330PXVN1
Whirlpool RF330PXVN2
Whirlpool RF330PXVN3
Whirlpool RF330PXVW0
Whirlpool RF330PXVW1
Whirlpool RF330PXVW2
Whirlpool RF330PXVW3
Whirlpool RF330PXXN0
Whirlpool RF330PXXN1
Whirlpool RF330PXXN2
Whirlpool RF330PXXW0
Whirlpool RF330PXXW1
Whirlpool RF330PXXW2
Whirlpool RF330PXYN0
Whirlpool RF330PXYN1
Whirlpool RF330PXYW0
Whirlpool RF330PXYW1
Whirlpool RF332BXPW0
Whirlpool RF333PXPT0
Whirlpool RF3365XPW0
Whirlpool RF3365XVN0
Whirlpool RF3365XVW0
Whirlpool RF3365XWN0
Whirlpool RF3365XWN1
Whirlpool RF3365XWN2
Whirlpool RF3365XWW0
Whirlpool RF3365XWW1
Whirlpool RF3365XWW2
Whirlpool RF336PXPW0
Whirlpool RF345PXPW0
Whirlpool RF350BXBW0
Whirlpool RF350BXDW0
Whirlpool RF350PXPW0
Whirlpool RF3600XPW0
Whirlpool RF3600XPW1
Whirlpool RF3600XXN2
Whirlpool RF3600XXW2
Whirlpool RF3600XYN0
Whirlpool RF3600XYN2
Whirlpool RF3600XYW0
Whirlpool RF3600XYW1
Whirlpool RF3600XYW2
Whirlpool RF360BXDN0
Whirlpool RF360BXDW0
Whirlpool RF360BXPW0
Whirlpool RF360BXXN3
Whirlpool RF360BXXW3
Whirlpool RF360BXYN0
Whirlpool RF360BXYN1
Whirlpool RF360BXYN2
Whirlpool RF360BXYW0
Whirlpool RF360BXYW1
Whirlpool RF360BXYW2
Whirlpool RF360EXPW0
Whirlpool RF361BXDN0
Whirlpool RF361BXDW0
Whirlpool RF361PXXW2
Whirlpool RF3620XPW0
Whirlpool RF3620XPW1
Whirlpool RF3620XVN0
Whirlpool RF3620XVN1
Whirlpool RF3620XVN2
Whirlpool RF3620XVN3
Whirlpool RF3620XVW0
Whirlpool RF3620XVW1
Whirlpool RF3620XVW2
Whirlpool RF3620XVW3
Whirlpool RF362BBDN0
Whirlpool RF362BBDQ0
Whirlpool RF362BBDW0
Whirlpool RF362BBDZ0
Whirlpool RF362BXBN1
Whirlpool RF362BXBQ1
Whirlpool RF362BXBW0
Whirlpool RF362BXBW1
Whirlpool RF363PXDN0
Whirlpool RF363PXDW0
Whirlpool RF363PXPT0
Whirlpool RF363PXPT1
Whirlpool RF363PXVT0
Whirlpool RF363PXVT1
Whirlpool RF363PXVT2
Whirlpool RF363PXVT3
Whirlpool RF365BXPN0
Whirlpool RF365BXPN1
Whirlpool RF365BXPW0
Whirlpool RF365BXPW1
Whirlpool RF365BXVN0
Whirlpool RF365BXVW0
Whirlpool RF365BXWM1
Whirlpool RF365BXWM2
Whirlpool RF365BXWN1
Whirlpool RF365BXWN2
Whirlpool RF365BXWW1
Whirlpool RF365BXWW2
Whirlpool RF365BXYN0
Whirlpool RF365BXYN1
Whirlpool RF365BXYW0
Whirlpool RF365BXYW1
Whirlpool RF365EXPW1
Whirlpool RF365PXDN0
Whirlpool RF365PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF365PXDW0
Whirlpool RF365PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF365PXXN2
Whirlpool RF365PXXW2
Whirlpool RF365PXYN0
Whirlpool RF365PXYN1
Whirlpool RF365PXYN2
Whirlpool RF365PXYQ0
Whirlpool RF365PXYQ1
Whirlpool RF365PXYQ2
Whirlpool RF365PXYW0
Whirlpool RF365PXYW1
Whirlpool RF365PXYW2
Whirlpool RF365PXYZ2
Whirlpool RF367PXDN0
Whirlpool RF367PXDW0
Whirlpool RF370PXDN0
Whirlpool RF370PXDW0
Whirlpool RF370PXYN0
Whirlpool RF370PXYN1
Whirlpool RF370PXYN2
Whirlpool RF370PXYW0
Whirlpool RF370PXYW1
Whirlpool rf370pxyw2
Whirlpool RF375PCYN0
Whirlpool RF375PCYN1
Whirlpool RF375PCYN2
Whirlpool RF375PCYN3
Whirlpool RF375PCYW0
Whirlpool RF375PCYW1
Whirlpool RF375PCYW2
Whirlpool RF375PCYW3
Whirlpool RF375PXDN0
Whirlpool RF375PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF375PXDW0
Whirlpool RF375PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF375PXPW0
Whirlpool RF375PXPW1
Whirlpool RF375PXVN0
Whirlpool RF375PXVW0
Whirlpool RF375PXWN2
Whirlpool RF375PXWW2
Whirlpool RF375PXXN2
Whirlpool RF375PXXW2
Whirlpool RF375PXYB1
Whirlpool RF375PXYB2
Whirlpool RF375PXYB3
Whirlpool RF375PXYN0
Whirlpool RF375PXYN1
Whirlpool RF375PXYN2
Whirlpool RF375PXYN3
Whirlpool RF375PXYQ0
Whirlpool RF375PXYQ1
Whirlpool RF375PXYQ2
Whirlpool RF375PXYQ3
Whirlpool RF375PXYW0
Whirlpool RF375PXYW1
Whirlpool RF375PXYW2
Whirlpool RF375PXYW3
Whirlpool RF3850XVN0
Whirlpool RF3850XVW0
Whirlpool RF385PCVN0
Whirlpool RF385PCVW0
Whirlpool RF385PCWN0
Whirlpool RF385PCWN1
Whirlpool RF385PCWN2
Whirlpool RF385PCWW0
Whirlpool RF385PCWW1
Whirlpool RF385PCWW2
Whirlpool RF385PXDB0
Whirlpool RF385PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF385PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF385PXPW0
Whirlpool RF385PXPW1
Whirlpool RF385PXWN0
Whirlpool RF385PXWN1
Whirlpool RF385PXWN2
Whirlpool RF385PXWW0
Whirlpool RF385PXWW1
Whirlpool RF385PXWW2
Whirlpool RF385PXYN0
Whirlpool RF385PXYN1
Whirlpool RF385PXYN2
Whirlpool RF385PXYN3
Whirlpool RF385PXYN4
Whirlpool RF385PXYQ0
Whirlpool RF385PXYQ1
Whirlpool RF385PXYQ2
Whirlpool RF385PXYQ3
Whirlpool RF385PXYQ4
Whirlpool RF385PXYW0
Whirlpool RF385PXYW1
Whirlpool RF385PXYW2
Whirlpool RF385PXYW3
Whirlpool RF385PXYW4
Whirlpool RF390PXPW0
Whirlpool RF390PXVN0
Whirlpool RF390PXVW0
Whirlpool RF390PXWN0
Whirlpool RF390PXWN1
Whirlpool RF390PXWN2
Whirlpool RF390PXWW0
Whirlpool RF390PXWW1
Whirlpool RF390PXWW2
Whirlpool RF391PXWW0
Whirlpool RF391PXWW1
Whirlpool RF391PXXW2
Whirlpool RF395PCXN2
Whirlpool RF395PCXW2
Whirlpool RF395PXPW0
Whirlpool RF395PXPW1
Whirlpool RF395PXXN2
Whirlpool RF395PXXW2
Whirlpool RF398PXPW0
Whirlpool RF398PXPW1
Whirlpool RHM7700
Whirlpool RM955PXPW0
Whirlpool RM955PXPW1
Whirlpool RM973BXPT0
Whirlpool RM973BXPT1
Whirlpool RM973BXST0
Whirlpool RM978BXPW0
Whirlpool RM978BXPW1
Whirlpool RM978BXSW0
Whirlpool RM978BXVF1
Whirlpool RM978BXVM1
Whirlpool RM978BXVN0
Whirlpool RM978BXVN1
Whirlpool RM978BXVW0
Whirlpool RM978BXVW1
Whirlpool RM988PXPW0
Whirlpool RM988PXPW1
Whirlpool RM988PXSW0
Whirlpool RM988PXVN0
Whirlpool RM988PXVW0
Whirlpool RS675PXGB12
Whirlpool SF315PEGN0
Whirlpool SF315PEGQ0
Whirlpool SF315PEGW0
Whirlpool SF365BEPW3
Whirlpool SF387PEYB2
Whirlpool SF387PEYN2
Whirlpool SF387PEYW2
Whirlpool TAWS700DQ0
Whirlpool TER20W0DW0
Whirlpool TER20W0YN0
Whirlpool TER20W0YN1
Whirlpool TER20W0YN2
Whirlpool TER20W0YW0
Whirlpool TER20W0YW1
Whirlpool TER20W0YW2
Whirlpool TER20W0YW3
Whirlpool TER46W0WN2
Whirlpool TER46W0WW2
Whirlpool TER46W0YN0
Whirlpool TER46W0YN1
Whirlpool TER46W0YN2
Whirlpool TER46W0YW0
Whirlpool TER46W0YW1
Whirlpool TER46W0YW2
Whirlpool TER50W0DW0
Whirlpool TER50W0DW1
Whirlpool TER56W2BN0
Whirlpool TER56W2BW0
Whirlpool WDE150LVS01