52085-29 Part


Part #: 52085-29

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
See the list of substitute parts below.
M THERMOSTAT FC09 WAS 52085-13 10
 Part NamePart BrandPart NumberPrice 
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 52085-29
Whirlpool 52085-9 $33.45
This is an alternative to Whirlpool part 52085-29
Whirlpool WP52085-29 $13.43
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Standard Ground (5-10 business days)
Up to $35.00 $3.95
$35.01 - $75.00 Free
Over $75.00 Free
Expedited (3-5 business days)
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Non-mainland US (2-3 business days)
All orders with Non-mainland US (2-3 business days) shipping are $29.95

Please note that we ship to US destinations only.
Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

Oversize Shipping Surcharges
This item is over 30 lbs/5,820 Cu. In. $39.95
This item is over 80 lbs/15,520 Cu. In. $69.95
This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
This item is over 200 lbs/38,800 Cu. In. $299.95

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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 604 models:

Admiral AS22M8DV
Admiral AS22N8DE
Admiral AS22N8DM
Admiral RSWA278AAE
Admiral RSWA278AAM
Amana BRF20TW
Amana ES-108-2R
Amana ES-108-2S
Amana ES1093HES
Amana ES-11-2MR
Amana RC20
Amana RC20A
Amana RC-20SE
Amana RC21DQ
Amana RC21SE
Amana RC22
Amana RC22LW
Amana RC22MPS
Amana RC22S
Amana RC24085C2D
Amana RC27
Amana RC514S
Amana RC514SE
Amana RCR-8
Amana RSBG659P
Amana RSF3200L
Amana RSF3200W
Amana RSF320OUL
Amana RSF320OUW
Amana RST307
Amana RST307-9310
Amana RST307-F043
Amana RST307UWW
Amana RSW458P
Amana RSW459P
Amana RSW659P
Amana SKI22F
Frigidaire AS227J2K1
Frigidaire AS227K2K1
Frigidaire AS248H2K1
Frigidaire AS248J2K1
Frigidaire AS248K2K1
Frigidaire AS287J2K1
Frigidaire KF590HDD0
Frigidaire RD15F1EU2A
Frigidaire RD15F1FU2A
Frigidaire RD15F1WU2A
Frigidaire RT114GCD1
Frigidaire RT114GCD2
Frigidaire RT114GCD3
General Electric JSC26GP2BG
General Electric RC523*01
General Electric RC546H2
Magic Chef RC202TAV
Magic Chef RCE244TDM
Magic Chef RCE244TDV
Maytag AS20M7DA
Maytag AS20M7DV
Maytag AS22M8A
Maytag AS22M8DA/DN34D
Maytag AS22M8DV/DN33A
Maytag AS22M8DV/DN33B
Maytag AS22M8DV/DN33C
Maytag AS22M8DV/DN33D
Maytag AS22M8V
Maytag AS22N8DE
Maytag AS22N8DM
Maytag BDNS24L9/BN91A
Maytag BDNS24L9/BN91F
Maytag BDNS24L9/BN92A
Maytag BDNS24L9/BN92D
Maytag BDNS24L9/BU85A
Maytag BDNS24L9/BU86A
Maytag BDNS24L9/CN91A
Maytag BDNS24L9A/AN91
Maytag BDNS24L9A/AN92
Maytag BDNS24L9A/BN91
Maytag BDNS24L9A/BN92
Maytag BDNS24L9A/BU85
Maytag BDNS24L9A/BU86
Maytag BDNS24L9K/BN91
Maytag BDNS24L9K/BN92
Maytag BDNS24L9K/BU85
Maytag BDNS24L9K/BU86
Maytag BDNS24L9K/CN92
Maytag BDNS24M92/CP86
Maytag BDNS24M9K2/CP8
Maytag BDNT22C9/3H42A
Maytag BDNT22C9A/3H42
Maytag BDNT22E9/4B64A
Maytag BDNT22E9A/4B64
Maytag BRD924B
Maytag BS24X8D3V
Maytag BS24X9DB
Maytag BS24X9DV/DN91B
Maytag BS24Y9DB
Maytag BS24Y9DBC
Maytag BS24Y9DV
Maytag BT16JA-3Z
Maytag BT16JA-4
Maytag BT16JA-4T
Maytag BT16JA-4TZ
Maytag CDG20C7H
Maytag CDNS22T9A/8L07
Maytag CDNS22T9H/8L07
Maytag CDNS22V9/BR35G
Maytag CDNS22V9/BR36E
Maytag CDNS22V9/BR36F
Maytag CDNS22V9/CR35A
Maytag CDNS22V9/CR37A
Maytag CDNS22V9A/BR36
Maytag CDNS22V9A/CR36
Maytag CDNS22V9A/CR38
Maytag CDNS24T9/8L08B
Maytag CDNS24T9A/8L08
Maytag CDNS24V9
Maytag CDNS24V9/AR85A
Maytag CDNS24V9/BR85E
Maytag CDNS24V9/BR85F
Maytag CDNS24V9/BR86A
Maytag CDNS24V9/BR86C
Maytag CDNS24V9/CR85A
Maytag CDNS24V9A/AR85
Maytag CDNS24V9A/AR86
Maytag CDNS24V9A/BR85
Maytag CDNS24V9A/BR86
Maytag CDNS24V9A/CR86
Maytag CDNT18T9/8B29A
Maytag CDNT18T9H/8B29
Maytag CDNT18V9/AC44A
Maytag CM46D-8P-02
Maytag CM46D-9P
Maytag CNE2000ACW
Maytag CNEA100ACL
Maytag CNNS208K/CP06A
Maytag CNNS208KA/AP06
Maytag CNNS208KA/BP06
Maytag CNNS208KA/CP06
Maytag CNNT153L/CF05A
Maytag CNNT156K/AF13A
Maytag CNS22V8A/BR17B
Maytag CNS22V8A/CR17A
Maytag CNSI22M9/5M64B
Maytag CNSI22M9A/5M64
Maytag CNSIG24M9/5M65
Maytag CNSIG24M9A/5M6
Maytag CS20Y6A
Maytag CS20Y6W
Maytag CS21A2A
Maytag CS21A5DA
Maytag CS21A5DW
Maytag CS22Y7DA
Maytag CS22Y7DW
Maytag CS23A6DW
Maytag CS25A7DA
Maytag CS25A7DB
Maytag CSBS610D
Maytag ERSW22A
Maytag ERSW22A/BM35D
Maytag ERSW24A/AM81E
Maytag ERSW24A/AM81F
Maytag ERSW24A/AM85A
Maytag ERSW24A/AM85B
Maytag ERSW24A/BM81C
Maytag ERSW24A/BM85A
Maytag GC20B7C3EB
Maytag GC20B7C3EV
Maytag GC20B8C3EB
Maytag GC20C7C3EB
Maytag GC20C7C3EV
Maytag GC20C8C3EB
Maytag GC20C8C3EV
Maytag GC2227EED0
Maytag GC2227EED3
Maytag GS20A73A
Maytag GS20A73V
Maytag GS20A7D3V
Maytag GS20A83V
Maytag GS20A8D3V
Maytag GS20B4D3EV
Maytag GS20B6C3EV
Maytag GS20B6D3EA
Maytag GS20B6D3EV
Maytag GS20B6N3EA
Maytag GS20B6N3EV
Maytag GS20B6N3KA
Maytag GS20B8D3B
Maytag GS20B8D3V
Maytag GS20C6C3EV
Maytag GS20C6D3EA
Maytag GS20C6D3EV
Maytag GS20C6N3EA
Maytag GS20C6N3EV
Maytag GS20X7D3V/DP09
Maytag GS20X83V
Maytag GS20X83V/DP05A
Maytag GS20X83V/DP07A
Maytag GS20X8D3V
Maytag GS20X8D3V/DP10
Maytag GS20Y8A
Maytag GS20Y8DA
Maytag GS20Y8DV
Maytag GS20Y8V
Maytag GS20Y9DA
Maytag GS20Y9DV
Maytag GS2114PXDA
Maytag GS2114PXDW
Maytag GS2121IEDW
Maytag GS2121NEDA
Maytag GS22A8D3V
Maytag GS22B6C3EV
Maytag GS22B7C3EV
Maytag GS22C6C3EV
Maytag GS22X8A/DR17A
Maytag GS22X8D3KA
Maytag GS22X8D3KV
Maytag GS22X8D3V/DP36
Maytag GS22X8DA
Maytag GS22X8DA/DR34A
Maytag GS22X8DV
Maytag GS22X8DV/DR33A
Maytag GS22X8DV/DR33B
Maytag GS22X8W/DR16A
Maytag GS22X9DA/DR36A
Maytag GS22X9DV/DR35A
Maytag GS22Y8A
Maytag GS22Y8DA
Maytag GS22Y8DV
Maytag GS22Y8V
Maytag GS22Y9DA
Maytag GS22Y9DV
Maytag GS2314CXDA
Maytag GS2314CXDW
Maytag GS2314PXDA
Maytag GS2327EEDW
Maytag GS24A8D3V
Maytag GS24B8C3EV
Maytag GS24C8C3EV
Maytag GS24X8DA/DR83A
Maytag GS24X8DA/DR83B
Maytag GS24X8DA/DR84A
Maytag GS24X8DA/DR84B
Maytag GS24X8DV
Maytag GS24X8DV/DR83A
Maytag GS24X8DV/DR83B
Maytag GS24X9DA/DR86A
Maytag GS24X9DV/DR85A
Maytag GS24Y8DA
Maytag GS24Y8DB
Maytag GS24Y8DV
Maytag GS24Y9DA
Maytag GS24Y9DV
Maytag GS2514CXDA
Maytag GS2514CXDW
Maytag GS2526CEDW
Maytag JRS203/BQ01C
Maytag JRS205L/DQ01A
Maytag JRS206A
Maytag JRS206W
Maytag JRS221/9Q10B
Maytag JRS223/7N06A
Maytag JRS223/7N08A
Maytag JRS226/AQ21A
Maytag JRS226/BQ21A
Maytag JRS226/CQ21A
Maytag JRS228B
Maytag JRS228W
Maytag JRS229A
Maytag JRS229B
Maytag JRS229W
Maytag JRSD209A
Maytag JRSD209B
Maytag JRSD209TB
Maytag JRSD209TW
Maytag JRSD209W
Maytag JRSD224/7N07A
Maytag JRSD224/8N61A
Maytag JRSD225/9Q20A
Maytag JRSD2250A
Maytag JRSD2250W
Maytag JRSD226/BQ32B
Maytag JRSD226/CQ32A
Maytag JRSD227B/DQ34A
Maytag JRSD227W/DQ35A
Maytag JRSD229A
Maytag JRSD229B
Maytag JRSD229W
Maytag JRSD245/9Q25A
Maytag JRSD2450A
Maytag JRSD2450W
Maytag JRSD246/AQ81A
Maytag JRSD246/AQ81B
Maytag JRSD246/BQ81A
Maytag JRSD246/BQ81C
Maytag JRSD246/BQ82A
Maytag JRSD246/BQ82B
Maytag JRSD246/CQ82A
Maytag JRSD2460A
Maytag JRSD2460W
Maytag JRSD247/DQ85A
Maytag JRSD247B/DQ83A
Maytag JRSD247L/DQ85A
Maytag JRSD2490A
Maytag JRSD2490B
Maytag JRSD2490TW
Maytag JRSD2490W
Maytag JRSD249KA
Maytag JRSD249KW
Maytag JRSD278A
Maytag JRSD278B
Maytag JRSD278W
Maytag JRSD2790A
Maytag JRSD2790B
Maytag JRSD2790W
Maytag JRSD279A
Maytag JRSD279B
Maytag JRSD279KA
Maytag JRSD279KW
Maytag JRSD279W
Maytag JRSDE227B
Maytag JRSDE227W/DQ37
Maytag JRSDE228A
Maytag JRSDE228B
Maytag JRSDE228W
Maytag JRSDE229A
Maytag JRSDE229B
Maytag JRSDE229W
Maytag JRSDE247B/DQ84
Maytag JRSDE247W/DQ82
Maytag JRSDE248TA
Maytag JRSDE248TB
Maytag JRSDE248TW
Maytag JRSDE249A
Maytag JRSDE249B
Maytag JRSDE249TB
Maytag JRSDE249TW
Maytag JRSDE249W
Maytag JRSDX244/7N15A
Maytag JRSDX244/8N05A
Maytag JRSI202/8N01A
Maytag JRSI202/8N01B
Maytag JS20Y8DW
Maytag K3962X0
Maytag KF57U50
Maytag KFU5750
Maytag KG66U50
Maytag KGU5700BS
Maytag KGU6700BS
Maytag MX410
Maytag MX411
Maytag N1100PRA-L
Maytag N1100PRW
Maytag NS207NA
Maytag NS207NW
Maytag NS207PA
Maytag NS207PW
Maytag NS208MA/DR07A
Maytag NS208MW/DR06A
Maytag NS208MW/DR07A
Maytag NS208NA
Maytag NS208NW
Maytag NS20F7/5L41A
Maytag NS20F7/5L41B
Maytag NS20F7A/5L41A
Maytag NS20F7H/5L41B
Maytag NS20L7/BN01C
Maytag NS20L7/BN01D
Maytag NS20L7A/BN01C
Maytag NS20L7H/BN01B
Maytag NS20L7H/BN01C
Maytag NS20L7H/BN01D
Maytag NS229NW
Maytag NS22F8/5L44A
Maytag NS22F8/5L44B
Maytag NS22F8A/5L44A
Maytag NS22F8H/5L44B
Maytag NS24F8/5L48B
Maytag NS24F8A/5L48A
Maytag NS24H8A/7L07A
Maytag NT153MW/DC01A
Maytag RC200TV
Maytag RC202TAV
Maytag RC202TM
Maytag RC202TV
Maytag RC203PDA
Maytag RC203PDA/DS05A
Maytag RC203PDA/DS06A
Maytag RC203PDV
Maytag RC203PDV/DS05A
Maytag RC203TDM
Maytag RC203TDV
Maytag RC20CA-2A/4M50
Maytag RC20CN-2A/4M50
Maytag RC20CY-2A/4M50
Maytag RC20FA-2A/5N56
Maytag RC20KA-3AW/AS1
Maytag RC20KN-00/AS03
Maytag RC20KN-2A/AS01
Maytag RC20KN-3AW/AS0
Maytag RC20KN-3AW/AS1
Maytag RC20LA-2AD/BU0
Maytag RC20LA-3AW/BS0
Maytag RC20LA-3BW/BS0
Maytag RC20LN-2A/BS01
Maytag RC20LN-2AD/BU0
Maytag RC20LN-3AW/BS0
Maytag RC20LN-3AW/BS1
Maytag RC20LN-3BW/BS0
Maytag RC20LY-2A/BS01
Maytag RC223AFM
Maytag RC223AFV
Maytag RC223AM
Maytag RC223AV
Maytag RC223PA/DS12A
Maytag RC223PW/DS11A
Maytag RC223TM
Maytag RC223TV
Maytag RC224ADM
Maytag RC224ADV
Maytag RC224PDA/DS32A
Maytag RC224PDA/DS33A
Maytag RC224PDA/DS34A
Maytag RC224PDK/DS32A
Maytag RC224PDV/DS32A
Maytag RC224RDA/DS35A
Maytag RC224RDA/DS37A
Maytag RC224RDV/DS36A
Maytag RC224RDV/DS36B
Maytag RC22CA-3AI/3N7
Maytag RC22CA-3AI/4L5
Maytag RC22CN-3AI/3N7
Maytag RC22HA-3BW/8N7
Maytag RC22HN-3AW/8N7
Maytag RC22HY-3A/9S01
Maytag RC22KN-3BW/BS3
Maytag RC22KN-3BW/CS3
Maytag RC22LA-3A/BS11
Maytag RC22LA-3AW
Maytag RC22LA-3AW/CS3
Maytag RC22LN-3A/BS11
Maytag RC22LN-3AW/BS3
Maytag RC22LN-3AW/CS3
Maytag RC244ADM
Maytag RC244ADV
Maytag RC244PDA/DS82A
Maytag RC244RDA/DS83A
Maytag RC244RDA/DS83B
Maytag RC244RDA/DS84A
Maytag RC244RDA/DS84B
Maytag RC244RDV/DS83B
Maytag RC24LA-3AW/CS8
Maytag RC24LN-3AW/CS8
Maytag RC274TDM
Maytag RC274TDV
Maytag RCE224RDV
Maytag RCE224RDV/DS38
Maytag RCE224TDM
Maytag RCE224TDV
Maytag RCE244RDA/DS86
Maytag RCE244RDV/DS85
Maytag RCE244TDM
Maytag RCE244TDV
Maytag RCM47J-14T
Maytag RCM47JW-14T
Maytag RCM48J-14T
Maytag RCM48JW-14T
Maytag RCW2000DAB
Maytag RCW2000DAE
Maytag RCW2010DAB
Maytag RCW2010DAE
Maytag RISBS560B
Maytag RISBS560N
Maytag RSB2000DAE
Maytag RSBS20010
Maytag RSBS22D010
Maytag RSC20A/AM01A
Maytag RSC20A/AM01C
Maytag RSC20A/BM01B
Maytag RSCA207AAE
Maytag RSCA207AAM
Maytag RSD2000AAL/CM0
Maytag RSD2000AAW/CM0
Maytag RSD2000CAE/DM0
Maytag RSD2000CAL/DM0
Maytag RSD2000DAE
Maytag RSD2000DAM
Maytag RSD2050AGE
Maytag RSD20A
Maytag RSD20A/BM05A
Maytag RSD20A/BM05B
Maytag RSD2200CAE
Maytag RSD2200CAE/DM1
Maytag RSD2200CAL
Maytag RSD2200CAL/DM1
Maytag RSD2200DAE
Maytag RSD2200DAM
Maytag RSD2200EAE
Maytag RSD2200EAM
Maytag RSD2200EKE
Maytag RSD2200EKM
Maytag RSD22A/9M05A
Maytag RSD22A/AM11A
Maytag RSD2400AAW/CM4
Maytag RSD2400CAE/DM4
Maytag RSD2400CAL/DM4
Maytag RSD2400DAE
Maytag RSD2400DAM
Maytag RSD2400EAE
Maytag RSD2400EAM
Maytag RSD2400EKM
Maytag RSD24A/9M07A
Maytag RSD24A/AM41A
Maytag RSD24A/AM41C
Maytag RSD24A/AM41D
Maytag RSD24A/BM41B
Maytag RSD24A/BM41C
Maytag RSDA228AAE
Maytag RSDA228AAM
Maytag RST2200EAE
Maytag RST2200EAM
Maytag RST2200FAE
Maytag RST2200FAM
Maytag RST2400EAE
Maytag RST2400EAM
Maytag RST2400FAE
Maytag RST2400FAM
Maytag RSW2200AAW
Maytag RSW2200CAL/DM3
Maytag RSW2200CAW/DM3
Maytag RSW2200EAE
Maytag RSW2200EAM
Maytag RSW2250AGE
Maytag RSW22A/9M21A
Maytag RSW22A/AM31A
Maytag RSW22A/AM31B
Maytag RSW22A/AM31C
Maytag RSW22E0CAE
Maytag RSW22E0CAE/DM3
Maytag RSW22E0CAL
Maytag RSW22E0CAL/DM3
Maytag RSW22E0DAE
Maytag RSW22E0DAM
Maytag RSW2400AAL/CM8
Maytag RSW2400AAW
Maytag RSW2400AAW/CM8
Maytag RSW2400AGE
Maytag RSW2400BAE
Maytag RSW2400BAE/CM8
Maytag RSW2400CAB/DM8
Maytag RSW2400CAE/DM8
Maytag RSW2400CAW
Maytag RSW2400CAW/DM8
Maytag RSW2400CKE
Maytag RSW2400CKL
Maytag RSW2400EAB
Maytag RSW2400EAE
Maytag RSW2400EAM
Maytag RSW2400EKM
Maytag RSW24A
Maytag RSW24A/9M23A
Maytag RSW24A/AM81A
Maytag RSW24A/AM81D
Maytag RSW24A/AM81E
Maytag RSW24A/AM81F
Maytag RSW24A/BM81A
Maytag RSW24A/BM81B
Maytag RSW24A/BM81C
Maytag RSW24E0CAB
Maytag RSW24E0CAE
Maytag RSW24E0CAE/DM8
Maytag RSW24E0CAL
Maytag RSW24E0CAL/DM8
Maytag RSW24E0DAB
Maytag RSW24E0DAE
Maytag RSW24E0DAM
Maytag RSW24E0ZAE
Maytag RSW24E0ZAL
Maytag RSW2700DAB
Maytag RSW2700DAE
Maytag RSW2700DAM
Maytag RSW2700EAB
Maytag RSW2700EAE
Maytag RSW2700EAM
Maytag RSW2700EKE
Maytag RSWA228AAE
Maytag RSWA228AAM
Maytag RSWA248AAE
Maytag RSWA248AAM
Maytag RSWA278AAE
Maytag RSWA278AAM
Maytag RT11
Maytag TRIS225BAW
Maytag TRIS225FAW
Whirlpool AS22BRXAW00
Whirlpool GDP6000XRP1
Whirlpool GDP6880XLP0
Whirlpool KAWE460WWH1
Whirlpool KBDS250S0
Whirlpool KBDS250T1
Whirlpool KGYE650VWH0
Whirlpool KRFF15KSWHY0
Whirlpool KRFF15MSWH10
Whirlpool KRFF15MSWHY0
Whirlpool KRFF15MTWH00