27.TAVV5.001 Part


Part #: 27.TAVV5.001

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
See the list of substitute parts below.

Refurbished What's This? Refurbished
This refurbished part has been tested to meet the performance standards of a newly manufactured part, and is covered under our warranty policy.
 Part NamePart BrandPart NumberPrice 
This is an alternative to Acer part 27.TAVV5.001
PowerMe PMAC-CORD-3P $8.44
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This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
This item is over 200 lbs/38,800 Cu. In. $299.95

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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 621 models:

Acer AOD2500BR
Acer AOD2501016
Acer AOD250-1025
Acer AOD250-1026
Acer AOD250-1116
Acer AOD250-1151
Acer AOD250-1165
Acer AOD2501196
Acer AOD250-1197
Acer AOD250-1325
Acer AOD250-1326
Acer AOD2501341
Acer AOD250-1371
Acer AOD250-1389
Acer AOD2501417
Acer AOD250-1515
Acer AOD250-1580
Acer AOD2501585
Acer AOD250-1604
Acer AOD250-1613
Acer AOD2501622
Acer AOD250-1624
Acer AOD2501729
Acer AOD250-1738
Acer AOD2501821
Acer AOD2501827
Acer AOD2501842
Acer AOD250-1924
Acer AOD2501958
Acer AOD250-1962
Acer AOD2551134
Acer AOD2551268
Acer AOD2551549
Acer AOD2551625
Acer AOD2552109
Acer AOD2552136
Acer AOD2552168
Acer AOD2552177
Acer AOD2552256
Acer AOD2552301
Acer AOD2552331
Acer AOD2552333
Acer AOD2552435
Acer AOD2552509
Acer AOD2552520
Acer AOD2552522
Acer AOD2552532
Acer AOD2552640
Acer AOD2552862
Acer AOD2602028
Acer AOD2602455
Acer AOD2602680
Acer AOD2602714
Acer AOD2602786
Acer AOHAPPY1515
Acer AS29306850
Acer AS3100-1405
Acer AS31001718
Acer AS3102WLMi
Acer AS3690-2710
Acer AS36902900
Acer AS3830T6689
Acer AS3830T6849
Acer AS3830T6870
Acer AS43302403
Acer AS45355890
Acer AS45401047
Acer AS47304516
Acer AS4730-4857
Acer AS47304901
Acer AS4730-4947
Acer AS47304972
Acer AS4736Z4692
Acer AS4830T-6402
Acer AS4830T6443
Acer AS4830T6605
Acer AS4830T6642
Acer AS4830T-6678
Acer AS4830T6841
Acer AS4830TG-6808
Acer AS5100
Acer AS5100301
Acer AS51003019
Acer AS51003357
Acer AS51003372
Acer AS51003583
Acer AS51004720
Acer AS51005840
Acer AS5102WLMi
Acer AS5104WLMI
Acer AS5105AWLMI
Acer AS5250
Acer AS52500327
Acer AS52500437
Acer AS52500441
Acer AS5250-0450
Acer AS5250-0468
Acer AS5250-0639
Acer AS52500650
Acer AS52500678
Acer AS52500691
Acer AS52500810
Acer AS52500895
Acer AS5250-BZ455
Acer AS5250BZ467
Acer AS5250BZ475
Acer AS5250BZ479
Acer AS5250BZ600
Acer AS5250BZ643
Acer AS5250BZ808
Acer AS5250-BZ853
Acer AS52511005
Acer AS52511007
Acer AS5251-1245
Acer AS52511513
Acer AS52511805
Acer AS52511940
Acer AS5252BZ611
Acer AS5252V305
Acer AS5252V333
Acer AS5252V419
Acer AS5252V602
Acer AS5252V917
Acer AS5252V955
Acer AS5253BZ415
Acer AS5253BZ475
Acer AS5253BZ480
Acer AS5253BZ481
Acer AS5253BZ489
Acer AS5253BZ493
Acer AS5253BZ496
Acer AS5253BZ602
Acer AS5253BZ611
Acer AS5253BZ628
Acer AS5253BZ631
Acer AS5253BZ656
Acer AS5253BZ658
Acer AS5253BZ661
Acer AS5253BZ682
Acer AS5253BZ684
Acer AS5253BZ692
Acer AS5253BZ815
Acer AS5253BZ819
Acer AS5253BZ846
Acer AS5253-BZ849
Acer AS53152077
Acer AS53152122
Acer AS53152142
Acer AS53152153
Acer AS53152290
Acer AS53152698
Acer AS53152713
Acer AS53152826
Acer AS53342153
Acer AS5334-2581
Acer AS53342598
Acer AS53342737
Acer AS53362281
Acer AS53362283
Acer AS53362460
Acer AS53362524
Acer AS53362615
Acer AS53362634
Acer AS53362754
Acer AS5515-5187
Acer AS5515-5831
Acer AS5515-5879
Acer AS5516-5063
Acer AS5516-5128
Acer AS5516-5474
Acer AS5517-1127
Acer AS5517-1208
Acer AS5517-1216
Acer AS5517-1643
Acer AS5517-5086
Acer AS55175136
Acer AS551752178
Acer AS5517-5358
Acer AS55175427
Acer AS55175535
Acer AS5517-5661
Acer AS5517-5671
Acer AS55175689
Acer AS55175700
Acer AS5517-5997
Acer AS5520502G16MI
Acer AS55205147
Acer AS55205281
Acer AS55205290
Acer AS55205334
Acer AS55205537
Acer AS55205908
Acer AS55205912
Acer AS55325194
Acer AS55325509
Acer AS5532-553
Acer AS5532-5535
Acer AS55341096
Acer AS5534-1121
Acer AS55341146
Acer AS55345410
Acer AS55345950
Acer AS5538-1096
Acer AS55381395
Acer AS5551-2036
Acer AS55512380
Acer AS5551-2450
Acer AS55512805
Acer AS55512863
Acer AS55514200
Acer AS55514937
Acer AS5551G4591
Acer AS55523036
Acer AS55523104
Acer AS55523465
Acer AS55523557
Acer AS55523640
Acer AS55523691
Acer AS55523698
Acer AS55523942
Acer AS55525495
Acer AS55525619
Acer AS55525686
Acer AS55525898
Acer AS55526838
Acer AS55527803
Acer AS55527819
Acer AS5552G5828
Acer AS5552G7632
Acer AS5552G7641
Acer AS5610227
Acer AS56102273
Acer AS56104179
Acer AS56104182
Acer AS56104491
Acer AS5610-4537
Acer AS56104610
Acer AS5610Z2089
Acer AS5610Z2328
Acer AS5613ZWLMI
Acer AS5633WLMI
Acer AS57204171
Acer AS5720Z4126
Acer AS5720Z4171
Acer AS5720Z4662
Acer AS5732Z4234
Acer AS5732Z4280
Acer AS5732Z4510
Acer AS5732Z4598
Acer AS5732Z-4855
Acer AS5732Z-4867
Acer AS57336424
Acer AS57336463
Acer AS57336607
Acer AS57336629
Acer AS57336696
Acer AS57336834
Acer AS57336850
Acer AS5733Z4406
Acer AS5733Z4445
Acer AS5733Z4469
Acer AS5733Z4477
Acer AS5733Z4633
Acer AS5733Z-4816
Acer AS5733Z4851
Acer AS5734Z4512
Acer AS5734Z-4725
Acer AS5734Z4836
Acer AS5734Z4958
Acer AS5736Z4016
Acer AS5736Z4076
Acer AS5736Z4148
Acer AS5736Z4336
Acer AS5736Z4339
Acer AS5736Z4402
Acer AS5736Z4427
Acer AS5736Z4435
Acer AS5736Z4460
Acer AS5736Z4790
Acer AS5736Z4826
Acer AS57413541
Acer AS57415119
Acer AS57415193
Acer AS57415698
Acer AS5741-5763
Acer AS57415979
Acer AS57416073
Acer AS57416823
Acer AS5741G3652
Acer AS5741G6983
Acer AS5741Z5433
Acer AS57425979
Acer AS57426406
Acer AS57426413
Acer AS57426458
Acer AS57426475
Acer AS57426488
Acer AS57426605
Acer AS57426638
Acer AS57426643
Acer AS57426674
Acer AS5742-6682
Acer AS57426811
Acer AS57426814
Acer AS57426846
Acer AS57426858
Acer AS57426863
Acer AS57426874
Acer AS57426977
Acer AS57427047
Acer AS57427082
Acer AS57427120
Acer AS57427151
Acer AS57427342
Acer AS57427620
Acer AS57427645
Acer AS57427653
Acer AS57427698
Acer AS57427784
Acer AS57427789
Acer AS5742G6480
Acer AS5742G6846
Acer AS5742G7200
Acer AS5742G7308
Acer AS5742Z4097
Acer AS5742Z4200
Acer AS5742Z4371
Acer AS5742Z4403
Acer AS5742Z4404
Acer AS5742Z4459
Acer AS5742Z4470
Acer AS5742Z4492
Acer AS5742Z4512
Acer AS5742Z4586
Acer AS5742Z4601
Acer AS5742Z4621
Acer AS5742Z4630
Acer AS5742Z4646
Acer AS5742Z4685
Acer AS5742Z4824
Acer AS5742Z4986
Acer AS57506084
Acer AS5750-6414
Acer AS57506418
Acer AS57506421
Acer AS57506438
Acer AS57506456
Acer AS57506489
Acer AS5750-6493
Acer AS57506498
Acer AS57506589
Acer AS57506602
Acer AS57506604
Acer AS57506627
Acer AS57506634
Acer AS57506636
Acer AS57506661
Acer AS57506664
Acer AS57506667
Acer AS57506677
Acer AS57506683
Acer AS57506690
Acer AS57506834
Acer AS5750-6842
Acer AS57506845
Acer AS5750-6866
Acer AS57506872
Acer AS57506887
Acer AS57506896
Acer AS57509292
Acer AS57509460
Acer AS57509851
Acer AS5750G6480
Acer AS5750G-6653
Acer AS5750G9639
Acer AS5750G9656
Acer AS5750Z4477
Acer AS5750Z-4566
Acer AS5750Z4830
Acer AS5750Z-4835
Acer AS5750Z4877
Acer AS5750Z4882
Acer AS57556482
Acer AS5755-6699
Acer AS57559674
Acer AS5755G6620
Acer AS5755G6823
Acer AS5755G9417
Acer AS5830TG6402
Acer AS5830TG6614
Acer AS5830TG6642
Acer AS5830TG6782
Acer AS75205071
Acer AS75205185
Acer AS75205757
Acer AS7520G5115
Acer AS7520G5823
Acer AS75607183
Acer AS75607657
Acer AS7560GSB482
Acer AS7560SB416
Acer AS7560SB600
Acer AS7715Z4905
Acer AS77204634
Acer AS77206155
Acer AS77206395
Acer AS77206569
Acer AS7720G6395
Acer AS7720Z4428
Acer AS77506423
Acer AS77506479
Acer AS7750G6634
Acer AS7750G6662
Acer AS7750G6823
Acer AS7750G-6854
Acer AS7750G-6857
Acer AS7750G9411
Acer AS7750G-96
Acer AS7750G9621
Acer AS7750G9657
Acer AS7750G9807
Acer AS7750Z4457
Acer AS7750Z4623
Acer Aspire 5532-5535
Acer Aspire 5742-7120
Acer EME6275974
Acer EX46304658
Acer EX46304682
Acer EX46304791
Acer EX4630Z323G25MN
Acer ICONIA6120
Acer ICONIA6487
Acer LT2504H
Acer LT2702H
Acer LT3114H
Acer LU.S680B.065
Acer LU.S680B.066
Acer LU.S680B.492
Acer LU.S700B.028
Acer LU.S970B.030
Acer LU.SAE0D.004
Acer LU.SCH0D.027
Acer LU.SDE0B.005
Acer LU.SDQ0D.074
Acer LU.WCR0B.044
Acer LX.A9305.027
Acer LX.ABH0J.002
Acer LX.ABH0J.003
Acer LX.ABH0J.006
Acer LX.ABH0J.009
Acer LX.ABH0J.021
Acer LX.ABH0J.022
Acer LX.ABH0J.091
Acer LX.ABH0J.094
Acer LX.AEA0J.003
Acer LX.AFL0J.042
Acer LX.AJA0X.011
Acer LX.AJA0X.018
Acer LX.AJA0X.059
Acer LX.AJA0X.223
Acer LX.AK40X.196
Acer LX.ALB0X.033
Acer LX.ALF0X.131
Acer LX.ALN0X.254
Acer LX.ALN0X.859
Acer LX.AML0X.210
Acer LX.AN30X.090
Acer LX.ART0X.183
Acer LX.ATU0X.003
Acer LX.ATU0X.006
Acer LX.AU10Y.013
Acer LX.AU30J.073
Acer LX.AX906.013
Acer LX.AX90X.071
Acer LX.AX90X.075
Acer LX.AX90X.095
Acer LX.AX90X.107
Acer LX.AX90X.138
Acer LX.AX90X.322
Acer LX.AX90X.357
Acer LX.AX90Y.004
Acer LX.AX90Y.033
Acer LX.AXK0X.001
Acer LX.AXL0X.032
Acer LX.AXY0X.034
Acer LX.AXY0X.101
Acer LX.AXZ0X.185
Acer LX.AXZ0X.196
Acer LX.AY10X.004
Acer LX.AY10X.008
Acer LX.AY10X.060
Acer LX.AZP0Y.001
Acer LX.EBR0X.001
Acer LX.EBS0X.007
Acer LX.PEF0Y.002
Acer LX.PGU02.064
Acer LX.PGY02.056
Acer LX.PGZ02.005
Acer LX.PGZ02.008
Acer LX.PGZ02.011
Acer LX.PGZ0X.001
Acer LX.PH102.010
Acer LX.PH102.033
Acer LX.PJU02.006
Acer LX.PJV02.002
Acer LX.PSV02.117
Acer LX.PVS02.064
Acer LX.PVT02.005
Acer LX.PXN02.112
Acer LX.R4402.149
Acer LX.R4402.173
Acer LX.R4B02.013
Acer LX.R4P02.002
Acer LX.RCY02.008
Acer LX.RD502.010
Acer LX.RD502.117
Acer LX.RF702.052
Acer LX.RHJ02.220
Acer LX.RPV02.049
Acer LX.TAV05.059
Acer LX.TES06.005
Acer LX.TH806.016
Acer LX.WE802.005
Acer LX.WHH02.010
Acer LXAML0X086
Acer LXAXZ0X097
Acer LXAZP0Y005
Acer LXPEE0Y002
Acer M5-581T-6405
Acer M5581T6446
Acer M5581T6471CA
Acer M5581T6479
Acer M5581T6490
Acer M5-581T-6807
Acer M5581TG6666
Acer NV53A03H
Acer NV57H19H
Acer NV57H44U
Acer NV7808H
Acer NV7905H
Acer NV7908H
Acer TM4202WLMI
Acer TM42306704
Acer TM55423590
Acer TM57405896
Acer TM64936495
Acer TM7750G6494
Acer TM84816860
Acer V35517655
Acer V3-551-7844
Acer V3-551-8458
Acer V3-551-8613
Acer V3-551-8809
Acer V3-551-8887
Acer V3-551-X489
Acer V3-571-6428
Acer V3-571-6443
Acer V3-571-6447
Acer V3-571-6769
Acer V35716821CA
Acer V3-571-6850
Acer V35716884
Acer V3-571G-6602
E-Machines EME442V133
E-Machines EME525-2200
E-Machines LU.N970B.003
E-Machines LX.N260Y.170
E-Machines LX.N3202.007
E-Machines LX.N5402.017
E-Machines LX.N6402.008
E-Machines LX.NBF02.003
Gateway ID49C07U
Gateway LT2005U
Gateway LT2024U
Gateway LT2030U
Gateway LT2032U
Gateway LT2712U
Gateway LU.WCR0B.002
Gateway LU.WCR0D.005
Gateway LU.WDR0D.002
Gateway LU.WDR0D.004
Gateway LU.WWP0D.007
Gateway LX.WHH02.009
Gateway LX.WHH02.010
Gateway LX.WHR02.001
Gateway LX.WM802.002
Gateway LX.WM802.019
Gateway LX.WM902.006
Gateway LX.WRE02.001
Gateway LX.WRJ02.005
Gateway LX.WSG02.004
Gateway LX.WSG02.034
Gateway LX.WSG02.050
Gateway LX.WSG02.057
Gateway LX.WSX02.008
Gateway LX.WVZ02.005
Gateway LX.WVZ02.007
Gateway LX.WYY02.011
Gateway LX.WYY02.032
Gateway NV51B08U
Gateway NV51B15U
Gateway NV53A24U
Gateway NV53A52U
Gateway NV53A74U
Gateway NV53A75u
Gateway NV55C03U
Gateway NV55C17U
Gateway NV55C35U
Gateway NV55C49U
Gateway NV55C54U
Gateway NV55C57U
Gateway NV57H26U
Gateway NV57H50U
Gateway NV57H58U
Gateway NV59C63U
Gateway NV59C66U
Gateway NV7316U
Gateway NV7801U
Gateway NV7802U
Gateway NV7915U
Gateway TC7804U