ST9160412AS Part

160 Gb Momentus 7200.4 SATA 7200 Rpm 16 Mb 2.5 In

Part #: ST9160412AS

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
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$35.01 - $75.00 Free
Over $75.00 Free
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All orders with Non-mainland US (2-3 business days) shipping are $29.95

Please note that we ship to US destinations only.
Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

Oversize Shipping Surcharges
This item is over 30 lbs/5,820 Cu. In. $39.95
This item is over 80 lbs/15,520 Cu. In. $69.95
This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
This item is over 200 lbs/38,800 Cu. In. $299.95

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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 797 models:

Compaq 102431-293
Compaq 102432-293
Compaq 102433-293
Compaq 106056-003
Compaq 123864-999
Compaq 138458-293
Compaq 138458-AA3
Compaq 146107-007
Compaq 146107-403
Compaq 152134-003
Compaq 152134-013
Compaq 152134-133
Compaq 152134-AA3
Compaq 152134-AB3
Compaq 155842-013
Compaq 155842-283
Compaq 155842-773
Compaq 155842-AA3
Compaq 155842-AB3
Compaq 155842-AF3
Compaq 155842-AP3
Compaq 158653-002
Compaq 158653-003
Compaq 158653-004
Compaq 158653-005
Compaq 158653-006
Compaq 158653-008
Compaq 158654-002
Compaq 158654-003
Compaq 158654-004
Compaq 158654-005
Compaq 158654-006
Compaq 158654-007
Compaq 158654-008
Compaq 158654-009
Compaq 158654-010
Compaq 158654-011
Compaq 158654-012
Compaq 158655-002
Compaq 158655-003
Compaq 158655-005
Compaq 158655-007
Compaq 158655-008
Compaq 158655-009
Compaq 158655-010
Compaq 158655-011
Compaq 158655-012
Compaq 158656-002
Compaq 158658-001
Compaq 158658-002
Compaq 158658-003
Compaq 158658-004
Compaq 158658-005
Compaq 158658-006
Compaq 158658-008
Compaq 158658-009
Compaq 158658-010
Compaq 158658-011
Compaq 158658-012
Compaq 158659-001
Compaq 158659-002
Compaq 158659-003
Compaq 158659-004
Compaq 158659-005
Compaq 158659-006
Compaq 158659-007
Compaq 158659-008
Compaq 158659-009
Compaq 158659-011
Compaq 158660-002
Compaq 158660-003
Compaq 158660-004
Compaq 158660-005
Compaq 158660-006
Compaq 158660-007
Compaq 158660-008
Compaq 159152-001
Compaq 159152-002
Compaq 159152-003
Compaq 159152-004
Compaq 159152-005
Compaq 159152-006
Compaq 159152-008
Compaq 159152-009
Compaq 159152-010
Compaq 159152-011
Compaq 159152-012
Compaq 159174-293
Compaq 159175-293
Compaq 163099-013
Compaq 163099-283
Compaq 163099-AA3
Compaq 163099-AB3
Compaq 163099-AD3
Compaq 163884-002
Compaq 163884-003
Compaq 163884-004
Compaq 163884-005
Compaq 163884-006
Compaq 163884-007
Compaq 163884-008
Compaq 165500-999
Compaq 165506-001
Compaq 165506-002
Compaq 165506-004
Compaq 165506-006
Compaq 165506-007
Compaq 165506-008
Compaq 170384-003
Compaq 174685-003
Compaq 174685-004
Compaq 174686-033
Compaq 174686-034
Compaq 174686-043
Compaq 174686-053
Compaq 174686-334
Compaq 180642-999
Compaq 194821-013
Compaq 194821-043
Compaq 194821-073
Compaq 194821-083
Compaq 194821-093
Compaq 194821-123
Compaq 194821-173
Compaq 194821-283
Compaq 194821-313
Compaq 194821-343
Compaq 194821-353
Compaq 194821-373
Compaq 194821-403
Compaq 194821-773
Compaq 194821-AA3
Compaq 194821-AB3
Compaq 194821-AD3
Compaq 194821-AF3
Compaq 199218-053
Compaq 199218-073
Compaq 199218-083
Compaq 199218-093
Compaq 199218-103
Compaq 199218-143
Compaq 199218-173
Compaq 199218-313
Compaq 199218-333
Compaq 199218-383
Compaq 2240
Compaq 2244ES
Compaq 2246
Compaq 2254
Compaq 2255
Compaq 2256
Compaq 2264
Compaq 2275
Compaq 2281
Compaq 2285V
Compaq 2286
Compaq 2294
Compaq 282732-013
Compaq 282732-033
Compaq 282732-043
Compaq 282732-053
Compaq 282732-103
Compaq 282732-123
Compaq 282732-293
Compaq 282732-333
Compaq 282732-AB3
Compaq 282732-AC3
Compaq 282732-AF3
Compaq 285802-164
Compaq 285802-204
Compaq 285802-374
Compaq 285802-AB4
Compaq 292502-294
Compaq 292700-004
Compaq 292700-005
Compaq 292700-404
Compaq 292702-284
Compaq 292702-294
Compaq 292702-374
Compaq 292702-AB4
Compaq 292702-AD4
Compaq 292752-294
Compaq 309902-AD4
Compaq 310102-014
Compaq 310102-034
Compaq 310102-044
Compaq 310102-054
Compaq 310102-064
Compaq 310102-074
Compaq 310102-094
Compaq 310102-104
Compaq 310102-134
Compaq 310102-284
Compaq 310102-294
Compaq 310102-314
Compaq 310102-334
Compaq 310102-354
Compaq 310102-374
Compaq 310102-384
Compaq 310102-AA4
Compaq 310102-AB4
Compaq 310102-AF4
Compaq 319150-005
Compaq 319152-164
Compaq 319152-204
Compaq 319152-564
Compaq 319350-002
Compaq 319352-AT4
Compaq 337300-005
Compaq 337302-014
Compaq 337302-084
Compaq 337302-104
Compaq 337302-164
Compaq 337302-204
Compaq 337302-314
Compaq 337302-354
Compaq 337302-564
Compaq 337302-694
Compaq 337302-AA4
Compaq 337302-AB4
Compaq 337302-AF4
Compaq 337302-AP4
Compaq 337450-005
Compaq 337452-014
Compaq 337452-064
Compaq 337452-134
Compaq 337452-164
Compaq 337452-204
Compaq 337452-374
Compaq 337452-564
Compaq 337452-694
Compaq 337452-AA4
Compaq 337452-AB4
Compaq 337452-AP4
Compaq 347610-001
Compaq 347610-002
Compaq 347610-003
Compaq 347610-004
Compaq 347620-001
Compaq 347620-002
Compaq 347630-002
Compaq 347640-001
Compaq 347640-002
Compaq 347700-403
Compaq 347710-403
Compaq 357100-005
Compaq 357102-044
Compaq 357102-064
Compaq 357102-074
Compaq 357102-084
Compaq 357102-094
Compaq 357102-134
Compaq 357102-164
Compaq 357102-174
Compaq 357102-204
Compaq 357102-284
Compaq 357102-314
Compaq 357102-354
Compaq 357102-374
Compaq 357102-384
Compaq 357102-564
Compaq 357102-565
Compaq 357102-AA4
Compaq 357102-AB4
Compaq 357102-AF4
Compaq 357102-AT4
Compaq 357352-044
Compaq 357352-295
Compaq 357352-AA4
Compaq 386843-167
Compaq 386843-293
Compaq 400086-999
Compaq 400858-014
Compaq 400858-294
Compaq 400858-374
Compaq 400858-AA4
Compaq 402338-293
Compaq 470004-746
Compaq 470004-748
Compaq 470005-443
Compaq 470006-895
Compaq 470007-771
Compaq 470008-947
Compaq 470011-154
Compaq 470011-224
Compaq 470011-225
Compaq 470011-226
Compaq 470013-439
Compaq 470013-516
Compaq 470013-520
Compaq 470013-521
Compaq 470013-523
Compaq 470013-525
Compaq 470013-583
Compaq 470013-585
Compaq 470013-586
Compaq 470013-587
Compaq 470013-590
Compaq 470013-592
Compaq 470013-593
Compaq 470013-595
Compaq 470013-967
Compaq 470013-976
Compaq 470014-146
Compaq 470014-476
Compaq 470016-310
Compaq 470028-743
Compaq DA728AV
Compaq DA728AVR
Compaq DB381A
Compaq DB381AR
Compaq DB382A
Compaq DB382AR
Compaq DB383A
Compaq DB383AR
Compaq DB954AR
Compaq DC583AR
Compaq DC584A
Compaq DC584AR
Compaq DC585A
Compaq DC586A
Compaq DC588A
Compaq DC589A
Compaq DC700AR
Compaq DC701AR
Compaq DC702A
Compaq DC705A
Compaq DC705AR
Compaq DC706A
Compaq DC706AR
Compaq DC707A
Compaq DC707AR
Compaq DC708A
Compaq DC741A
Compaq DC742A
Compaq DC743A
Compaq DC743AR
Compaq DC744A
Compaq DC745A
Compaq DC802A
Compaq DC803A
Compaq DC805A
Compaq DC806A
Compaq DC807A
Compaq DC808A
Compaq DC810A
Compaq DC811A
Compaq DC849A
Compaq DC954A
Compaq DC954AR
Compaq DC955AR
Compaq DC956AR
Compaq DC957AR
Compaq DC959AR
Compaq DC961AR
Compaq DC963A
Compaq DD512A
Compaq DD513A
Compaq DD514A
Compaq DD515A
Compaq DD516A
Compaq DD517A
Compaq DD664A
Compaq DD668A
Compaq DD669A
Compaq DD670A
Compaq DD671A
Compaq DE227A
Compaq DE228A
Compaq DE229A
Compaq DE230A
Compaq DE231A
Compaq DE232A
Compaq DE598AR
Compaq DE613A
Compaq DE851A
Compaq DE989A
Compaq DE989AR
Compaq DE990A
Compaq DF564A
Compaq DF565A
Compaq DF576A
Compaq DF582A
Compaq DF764A
Compaq DF764AR
Compaq DF765A
Compaq DF766A
Compaq DF840A
Compaq DF840AR
Compaq DF841AR
Compaq DF846A
Compaq DF847A
Compaq DF967A
Compaq DF968A
Compaq DF969A
Compaq DF970A
Compaq DF972A
Compaq DF973A
Compaq DF974AR
Compaq DF975A
Compaq DF975AR
Compaq DF977A
Compaq DF977AR
Compaq DF978A
Compaq DF979AR
Compaq DF980A
Compaq DG029A
Compaq DG031A
Compaq DG032A
Compaq DG033A
Compaq DG034A
Compaq DG035A
Compaq DG037A
Compaq DG038A
Compaq DG039A
Compaq DG040A
Compaq DG042A
Compaq DG043A
Compaq DG044A
Compaq DG044AR
Compaq DG045A
Compaq DG046A
Compaq DG046AR
Compaq DG047A
Compaq DG047AR
Compaq DG048A
Compaq DG050A
Compaq DG053A
Compaq DG191A
Compaq DG192A
Compaq DG193A
Compaq DL579A
Compaq DM372AV
Compaq DM373AV
Compaq DM373AVR
Compaq DM392AV
Compaq DM393AV
Compaq DM393AVR
Compaq DP658AV
Compaq DP659AV
Compaq DP659AVR
Compaq DP821E
Compaq DP821ER
Compaq DP822E
Compaq DP822ER
Compaq DP824E
Compaq DP825E
Compaq DP826ER
Compaq DP827EA
Compaq DP831E
Compaq DP832E
Compaq DP832ER
Compaq DP833E
Compaq DP834E
Compaq DP834ER
Compaq DP835E
Compaq DP835ER
Compaq DP836E
Compaq DP836ER
Compaq DP837E
Compaq DP837ER
Compaq DP838ER
Compaq DR200A
Compaq DR215A
Compaq DR215AR
Compaq DR216A
Compaq DR216AR
Compaq DS526UR
Compaq DS527UR
Compaq DS834A
Compaq DS835A
Compaq DU929AV
Compaq DV238E
Compaq DV238ER
Compaq DV239E
Compaq DV239ER
Compaq DV240E
Compaq DV241E
Compaq DV241ER
Compaq DV243E
Compaq DV243ER
Compaq DV244E
Compaq DV245E
Compaq DV245ER
Compaq DV247E
Compaq DV247ER
Compaq DV760L
Compaq DX700E
Compaq DX701E
Compaq DX701ER
Compaq DX702E
Compaq DY753PA
Compaq DY754PA
Compaq DY755PA
Compaq DY756PA
Compaq DY757PA
Compaq DY758PA
Compaq DY759PA
Compaq DY759PAR
Compaq DY760PA
Compaq DY760PAR
Compaq DY761PA
Compaq DY761PAR
Compaq DY762PA
Compaq DY763PA
Compaq DZ400UR
Compaq DZ414UR
Compaq FJ871AV
Compaq GA714EA
Compaq GA715EA
Compaq GA716EA
Compaq GG564EA
Compaq GG565EA
Compaq GG566EA
Compaq GG567EA
Compaq GG568EA
Compaq GH911EA
Compaq GJ124PA
Compaq GJ129PA
Compaq GJ130PA
Compaq GJ146PA
Compaq GJ147PA
Compaq GJ147PAR
Compaq GJ151PA
Compaq GJ161PA
Compaq GJ162PA
Compaq GJ163PA
Compaq GJ165PAR
Compaq GJ173PA
Compaq GJ213PA
Compaq GJ214PA
Compaq GM159PA
Compaq GM166PA
Compaq GM168PA
Compaq GM178PA
Compaq GM179PA
Compaq GM179PAR
Compaq GM180PA
Compaq GM181PA
Compaq GM183PA
Compaq GM183PAR
Compaq GM184PA
Compaq GM185PA
Compaq GM185PAR
Compaq GM186PA
Compaq GM186PAR
Compaq GM187PA
Compaq GM188PA
Compaq GM188PAR
Compaq GM189PA
Compaq GM190PA
Compaq GM190PAR
Compaq GM191PA
Compaq GM192PA
Compaq GM193PA
Compaq GM193PAR
Compaq GM194PA
Compaq GM194PAR
Compaq GM195PA
Compaq GM195PAR
Compaq GM196PA
Compaq GN337PA
Compaq GN355PA
Compaq GN356PA
Compaq GN362PA
Compaq GN364PA
Compaq GN380PA
Compaq GN382PA
Compaq GN383PA
Compaq GN404PA
Compaq GP314PA
Compaq GP315PA
Compaq GP316PA
Compaq GP319PA
Compaq GP320PA
Compaq GP325PA
Compaq GP326PA
Compaq GP327PA
Compaq GP330PA
Compaq GP331PA
Compaq GP332PA
Compaq GP336PA
Compaq GP338PA
Compaq GP342PA
Compaq GP343PA
Compaq GQ362AAR
Compaq GQ362AV
Compaq GS045PA
Compaq GS050PA
Compaq GS077PA
Compaq GS079PA
Compaq GS115PA
Compaq GS116PA
Compaq GS627EA
Compaq GS628EA
Compaq GS630EA
Compaq GS631EA
Compaq GT836EA
Compaq GT839EA
Compaq GT843EA
Compaq GT845EA
Compaq GT976PA
Compaq GU008PA
Compaq GU011PA
Compaq GX828PA
Compaq GX829PA
Compaq GX830PA
Compaq GX846PA
Compaq GX847PA
Compaq GX849PA
Compaq GX850PA
Compaq GX851PA
Compaq GX872PA
Compaq GX872PAR
Compaq GX873PA
Compaq GX909PA
Compaq GX910PA
Compaq GX915PA
Compaq GX919PA
Compaq GX925PA
Compaq GX926PA
Compaq GZ343PA
Compaq GZ344PA
Compaq GZ345PA
Compaq GZ346PA
Compaq GZ347PA
Compaq GZ348PA
Compaq GZ369PA
Compaq GZ370PA
Compaq GZ374PA
Compaq GZ378PA
Compaq GZ397PA
Compaq GZ417PA
Compaq GZ418PA
Compaq GZ433PA
Compaq KB097PA
Compaq KB099PA
Compaq KB103PA
Compaq KB118PA
Compaq KB129PA
Compaq KB174PA
Compaq KB175PA
Compaq KB176PA
Compaq KD246AS
Compaq KE951AS
Compaq KG549PA
Compaq KG550PA
Compaq KG551PA
Compaq KG552PA
Compaq KG610PA
Compaq KG668EA
Compaq KK802PA
Compaq KK803PA
Compaq KK828PA
Compaq KK829PA
Compaq KK830PA
Compaq KK831PA
Compaq KK839PA
Compaq KK840PA
Compaq KK841PA
Compaq KK852PA
Compaq KK853PA
Compaq KK854PA
Compaq KK860PA
Compaq KN109EA
Compaq KN113EA
Compaq KN116EA
Compaq KZ919PC
Compaq PA116PA
Compaq PA117PA
Compaq PA135PA
Compaq PA136PA
Compaq PA137PA
Compaq PA138PA
Compaq PA140PA
Compaq PA141PA
Compaq PA142PA
Compaq PA143PA
Compaq PA143PAR
Compaq PA144PA
Compaq PA145PA
Compaq PB801EA
Compaq PB802EA
Compaq PB803EA
Compaq PB803EAR
Compaq PB804EA
Compaq PB809EA
Compaq PB810EAR
Compaq PD102PA
Compaq PD123PA
Compaq PD140PA
Compaq PD141PA
Compaq PD141PAR
Compaq PD142PA
Compaq PD143PA
Compaq PD735LA
Compaq PD952PS
Compaq PD953PS
Compaq PF178UA
Compaq PF178UAR
Compaq PF179UAR
Compaq PF180UA
Compaq PF180UAR
Compaq PF181UAR
Compaq PF788LA
Compaq PF879UA
Compaq PF879UAR
Compaq PH045LA
Compaq PH262PA
Compaq PH263PA
Compaq PH264PA
Compaq PH265PA
Compaq PH266PA
Compaq PH267PA
Compaq PH269PAR
Compaq PH270PA
Compaq PH271PA
Compaq PH272PA
Compaq PH273PA
Compaq PH274PA
Compaq PH471PA
Compaq PH472PA
Compaq PH473PA
Compaq PH850AS
Compaq PH851AS
Compaq PM188PC
Compaq PM654PS
Compaq PN314AV
Compaq PN315AV
Compaq PN555PA
Compaq PN556PA
Compaq PN557PA
Compaq PN557PAR
Compaq PN559PA
Compaq PN560PA
Compaq PN574PA
Compaq PN892PA
Compaq PN893PA
Compaq PN895PA
Compaq PN900PA
Compaq PN903PA
Compaq PN904PA
Compaq PN906PAR
Compaq PP559PC
Compaq PP560PC
Compaq PP561PC
Compaq PP964PA
Compaq PP976PA
Compaq PP977PA
Compaq PP986PA
Compaq PP987PA
Compaq PP990PA
Compaq PP990PAR
Compaq PP991PA
Compaq PP991PAR
Compaq RW027AV
Compaq RW028AV
Compaq RX943AAR
Compaq RX951AAR
Toshiba PA1176U-M2A
Toshiba PA1176U-M6A
Toshiba PA1184U-S2A
Toshiba PA1184U-S6A
Toshiba PA1196S-S2W
Toshiba PA1196U-S6A
Toshiba PA1198U-T2A
Toshiba PA1198U-T6A
Toshiba PA1208U-S2WB
Toshiba PA1208U-S6A
Toshiba PA1273U-T2C
Toshiba PS141U-01F3WV
Toshiba PS183U-00VFSX
Toshiba PS520U-31P1RV
Toshiba PSA10U-24FQRV
Toshiba PSA72U-32X01L
Toshiba PSL4CU-003003
Toshiba PSLQ0U-01200G
Toshiba PSLU3U-00H006
Toshiba PSM30U-0QKJ18YC
Toshiba PSM43U-01400R
Toshiba PSM50U-01E1020
Toshiba PSMB0U-00U006
Toshiba PSMC3U-06C015
Toshiba PSMC4U-01G008
Toshiba PSMD1U-003003
Toshiba PSP20U-0PQDZ8
Toshiba PSP30U-T02L51
Toshiba PSPA6U-036019
Toshiba PSPBGU-01L016
Toshiba PSPBUU-02Q01U
Toshiba PSPC4U-02S016
Toshiba PSPC8U-00G005
Toshiba PSPD8U-00C002
Toshiba PSR10U-10Z00DB
Toshiba PSSBAU-00H005
Toshiba PSSBEU-00H007
Toshiba PSU44U-01QAR1