394279-001 Part

Compaq 394279-001 AC Power Cord

Part #: 394279-001

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
Black AC Power Cord

Length: 10Ft (3.0m)
Refurbished What's This? Refurbished
This refurbished part has been tested to meet the performance standards of a newly manufactured part, and is covered under our warranty policy.
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This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 659 models:

Compaq DS464U
Compaq DS468U
Compaq EC155UA
Compaq EC176UAR
Compaq EC177UA
Compaq EC180UA
Compaq EC180UAR
Compaq EC181UA
Compaq EC181UAR
Compaq EC186UA
Compaq EC186UAR
Compaq EC188UA
Compaq EC190UA
Compaq EC190UAR
Compaq EC214UA
Compaq EC214UAABA
Compaq EC214UAR
Compaq EC215UA
Compaq EC215UAR
Compaq EC216UA
Compaq EC217UA
Compaq EC219UAR
Compaq EC220UA
Compaq EC220UAR
Compaq ED046AV
Compaq ED046AVR
Compaq ED047AV
Compaq ED114PA
Compaq ED114PAR
Compaq ED116PA
Compaq ED117PA
Compaq ED118PA
Compaq ED119PA
Compaq ED135PA
Compaq ED135PAR
Compaq ED139PA
Compaq ED329AS
Compaq ED332AS
Compaq ED333AS
Compaq ED384AV
Compaq ED384AVR
Compaq EE504PA
Compaq EE504PAR
Compaq EE505PAR
Compaq EE507PA
Compaq EE521PA
Compaq EE527PA
Compaq EE530PA
Compaq EE629LA
Compaq EE630LA
Compaq EH458UA
Compaq EH458UA#ABA
Compaq EH458UAR
Compaq EH459UA#ABA
Compaq EH459UAR
Compaq EH462UA
Compaq EH462UAR
Compaq EH463UA
Compaq EH466UA
Compaq EH466UAR
Compaq EH467UA
Compaq EH467UAR
Compaq EH738UA
Compaq EH738UAABA
Compaq EH738UAR
Compaq EH739UAABA
Compaq EH739UAR
Compaq EH742UA
Compaq EH743UA
Compaq EH743UAR
Compaq EK571LA
Compaq EK572LA
Compaq EK572LAR
Compaq EK824EA
Compaq EL087PA
Compaq EL087PAR
Compaq EL088PA
Compaq EL088PAR
Compaq EM700AV
Compaq EM700AVR
Compaq EM702AV
Compaq EM702AVR
Compaq EM703AV
Compaq EM703AVR
Compaq EN471LA
Compaq EN784UA
Compaq EN784UAABA
Compaq EN784UAR
Compaq EP377UA
Compaq EP377UA#ABA
Compaq EP377UAR
Compaq EP378UAR
Compaq EP379UA
Compaq EP379UAABA
Compaq EP379UAR
Compaq EP381UA
Compaq EP381UAABA
Compaq EP381UAR
Compaq EP386UA
Compaq EP386UAR
Compaq EP421UA
Compaq EP422UA
Compaq EP442UA
Compaq EP442UAABA
Compaq EP442UAR
Compaq EP444UA
Compaq EP444UAABA
Compaq EP444UAR
Compaq EP448UA
Compaq EP448UAR
Compaq ES306UA
Compaq ES306UAR
Compaq ES307UA
Compaq ES307UAR
Compaq ES308UA
Compaq ES308UAR
Compaq ET058AV
Compaq ET058AVR
Compaq ET059AV
Compaq ET059AVR
Compaq ET422UA
Compaq ET432AS
Compaq ET930UA
Compaq ET930UAR
Compaq ET931UA
Compaq ET931UAR
Compaq ET933UA
Compaq ET933UA#ABA
Compaq ET933UAR
Compaq ET935UA
Compaq ET935UAR
Compaq ET938UA
Compaq ET938UAR
Compaq ET943UA
Compaq ET943UAR
Compaq ET944UA
Compaq ET944UAR
Compaq EU725AS
Compaq EW585AV
Compaq EW586AV
Compaq EW618AV
Compaq EW618AVR
Compaq EW997LA
Compaq EW997LAR
Compaq EW998LA
Compaq EW998LAR
Compaq EX241LA
Compaq EX629UA
Compaq EX629UAR
Compaq EX631UA
Compaq EX632UA
Compaq EX632UAR
Compaq EX633UA
Compaq EX652UA
Compaq EX652UAABA
Compaq EX652UAR
Compaq EX653UA
Compaq EX653UAR
Compaq EX654UA
Compaq EX654UAR
Compaq EX655UA
Compaq EX655UAR
Compaq EX656UA
Compaq EX656UAR
Compaq EX657UA
Compaq EX657UA#ABA
Compaq EX657UAR
Compaq EX658UAABA
Compaq EX658UAR
Compaq EZ502UA
Compaq EZ502UAR
Compaq EZ503UA
Compaq EZ503UA#ABA
Compaq EZ503UAR
Compaq EZ617UA#ABA
Compaq EZ617UAR
Compaq EZ621UA
Compaq EZ621UAR
Compaq EZ624UA
Compaq EZ625UA
Compaq EZ625UAR
Compaq EZ626UA
Compaq EZ627UA
Compaq EZ627UAR
Compaq EZ628UA
Compaq EZ628UAR
Compaq EZ672UA
Compaq EZ674UA
Compaq EZ676UA
Compaq EZ752UA
Compaq EZ755UA
Compaq EZ855AV
Compaq EZ855AVR
Compaq EZ885AV
Compaq EZ885AVR
Compaq F560US
Compaq F756NR
Compaq FE072PA
Compaq FE072PAR
Compaq FE073PA
Compaq FE073PAR
Compaq FE074PA
Compaq FE074PAR
Compaq FE802UA
Compaq FE807UA
Compaq FE872UA
Compaq FE875UA
Compaq FE932UA
Compaq FE934UA
Compaq FE939UA
Compaq FF516EA
Compaq FM755UA
Compaq FR969UA
Compaq FS050UA
Compaq FS050UAR
Compaq FS051UAR
Compaq FS059UA
Compaq FS110UA
Compaq FZ823UA
Compaq FZ824UA
Compaq GA231UA
Compaq GA231UAR
Compaq GA232UA
Compaq GA232UAR
Compaq GA233UA
Compaq GA233UAR
Compaq GA235UA
Compaq GA235UAR
Compaq GA238UA
Compaq GA238UAR
Compaq GA395UA
Compaq GA395UAR
Compaq GA462UA
Compaq GA462UAR
Compaq GB115AV
Compaq GB122LA
Compaq GB123LA
Compaq GB124LA
Compaq GC188PA
Compaq GC188PAR
Compaq GC189PA
Compaq GC190PA
Compaq GE493AS
Compaq GF592UA
Compaq GF593UA
Compaq GF593UAR
Compaq GF595UA
Compaq GF596UA
Compaq GF596UAR
Compaq GF598UA
Compaq GF602UA
Compaq GF602UAR
Compaq GF606UA
Compaq GF606UAR
Compaq GG187PA
Compaq GG187PAR
Compaq GG195PA
Compaq GG195PAR
Compaq GG539LA
Compaq GG540LA
Compaq GL925UA
Compaq GL925UAR
Compaq GL926UA
Compaq GL926UAR
Compaq GL935UA
Compaq GL935UAR
Compaq GM017UA
Compaq GM017UAR
Compaq GM018UA
Compaq GM018UAR
Compaq GM221PA
Compaq GM221PAR
Compaq GM243PA
Compaq GM243PAR
Compaq GM635LA
Compaq GM636LA
Compaq GM639LA
Compaq GN282LA
Compaq GN335PA
Compaq GN336PA
Compaq GN343PA
Compaq GN344PA
Compaq GN357PA
Compaq GN381PA
Compaq GN409PA
Compaq GN409PAR
Compaq GN410PA
Compaq GN410PAR
Compaq GP265PA
Compaq GP302PA
Compaq GP303PA
Compaq GP304PA
Compaq GP307PA
Compaq GP308PA
Compaq GP309PA
Compaq GP310PA
Compaq GP311PA
Compaq GP352AV
Compaq GR959UA
Compaq GR963UA#ABA
Compaq GR963UAR
Compaq GR967UA
Compaq GR967UAR
Compaq GR968UA
Compaq GR969UA
Compaq GR969UAR
Compaq GR970UA
Compaq GR970UAR
Compaq GR971UAR
Compaq GR983UAR
Compaq GR988UA
Compaq GR993UA
Compaq GS050PA
Compaq GS061PA
Compaq GS062PA
Compaq GS064PA
Compaq GS072PA
Compaq GS077PA
Compaq GS079PA
Compaq GS083PA
Compaq GS083PAR
Compaq GS084PA
Compaq GS084PAR
Compaq GS085PA
Compaq GS085PAR
Compaq GS103PA
Compaq GS103PAR
Compaq GS688UA
Compaq GS688UAR
Compaq GU232AV
Compaq GW409AS
Compaq GW457LA
Compaq GW457LA#ABM
Compaq GX876PA
Compaq GX876PAR
Compaq GX905PA
Compaq GX906PA
Compaq GZ306LA
Compaq GZ353PA
Compaq GZ354PA
Compaq GZ355PA
Compaq GZ383PA
Compaq GZ384PA
Compaq GZ384PAR
Compaq GZ393PA
Compaq GZ394PA
Compaq GZ394PAR
Compaq KB085PA
Compaq KB086PA
Compaq KB091PA
Compaq KB092PA
Compaq KB092PAR
Compaq KB164PA
Compaq KB164PAR
Compaq KB313EA
Compaq KB313EAR
Compaq KC371UA
Compaq KC488UA
Compaq KC490UAR
Compaq KC550UA
Compaq KC550UAR
Compaq KC560UA
Compaq KC560UAR
Compaq KC590UA
Compaq KC590UAR
Compaq KD402PA
Compaq KE369AS
Compaq KG537PA
Compaq KG560PA
Compaq KG749LA
Compaq KG750LA
Compaq KG751LA
Compaq KG752LA
Compaq KK862PA
Compaq KL005AS
Compaq KM806PA
Compaq KM807PA
Compaq KM812PA
Compaq KM813PA
Compaq KM813PAR
Compaq KN046EA
Compaq KN046EAR
Compaq KN916UA
Compaq KN916UAR
Compaq KN986UA
Compaq KN986UAR
Compaq KP030UA
Compaq KP097PA
Compaq KT239PA
Compaq KT239PAR
Compaq KU849PA
Compaq KU849PAR
Compaq KV702AS
Compaq KV866AS
Compaq KW092EA
Compaq KW092EAR
Compaq KW831UA
Compaq NB048UA
Compaq NB048UAR
Compaq NB049UAR
Compaq NB050UA
Compaq NB275UA
Compaq NB276UA
Compaq NB276UAR
Compaq NV248UA
Compaq NW153UA
Compaq NW155UA
Compaq NW156UA
Compaq PK290AS
Compaq PK291AS
Compaq PM063UA
Compaq Pres 553US
Compaq Pres F553CL
Compaq Pres F579WM
Compaq Pres F706LA
Compaq Pres V2310US
Compaq Pres V2410US
Compaq Pres V2615US
Compaq Pres V6107US
Compaq Pres v6171cl
Compaq Pres V6310US
Compaq Pres V6420US
Compaq Pres V6444US
Compaq Pres V6620US
Compaq Presario F555US
Compaq Presario F756NR
Compaq Presario V2565US
Compaq Presario V6000
Compaq Presario V6105NR
Compaq Presario V6200
Compaq Presario v6215ca
Compaq Presario V6305NR
Compaq PresarioV6205NR
Compaq PV341AV
Compaq PV341AVR
Compaq PV855AV
Compaq PV855AVR
Compaq PV898AV
Compaq PV898AVR
Compaq PX333UA
Compaq PX337UA
Compaq PX392UA
Compaq PY908PA
Compaq PY910PA
Compaq PY911PA
Compaq PY912PAR
Compaq PY913PA
Compaq PY915PA
Compaq RD126LA
Compaq RD126LAR
Compaq RD153AV
Compaq RD153AVR
Compaq RD181AV
Compaq RD181AVR
Compaq RD864AV
Compaq RD865AV
Compaq RE081PA
Compaq RE081PAR
Compaq RE082PA
Compaq RE106PA
Compaq RE107PA
Compaq RE108PA
Compaq RE129PA
Compaq RE133PA
Compaq RE152PA
Compaq RE154PA
Compaq RE155PA
Compaq RE156PA
Compaq RE157PA
Compaq RE167PA
Compaq RE168PA
Compaq RE606AS
Compaq RE606ASR
Compaq RE607AS
Compaq RG286UA
Compaq RG286UAR
Compaq RG287UA
Compaq RG287UAR
Compaq RG289UA
Compaq RG289UAR
Compaq RG290UA
Compaq RG290UAR
Compaq RG293UA
Compaq RG293UAR
Compaq RG294UA
Compaq RG294UAR
Compaq RG298UA
Compaq RG298UA#ABA
Compaq RG298UAR
Compaq RG299UA
Compaq RG300UA
Compaq RG302UA
Compaq RG390UA
Compaq RG390UAABA
Compaq RG390UAR
Compaq RG395UA
Compaq RG397UA
Compaq RG399UA
Compaq RG399UAR
Compaq RG401UA
Compaq RG401UAABA
Compaq RG401UAR
Compaq RG403UA
Compaq RH233LA
Compaq RH288AS
Compaq RH289AS
Compaq RK664AV
Compaq RL350PA
Compaq RL353PA
Compaq RL354PA
Compaq RL574PA
Compaq RL575PA
Compaq RL576PA
Compaq RL577PA
Compaq RL578PA
Compaq RL579PA
Compaq RL593PA
Compaq RL594PA
Compaq RM173UA
Compaq RM618PA
Compaq RM619PA
Compaq RM630PA
Compaq RN902LA
Compaq RN926UA
Compaq RN926UAR
Compaq RN927UA
Compaq RN927UAR
Compaq RP203UA
Compaq RP203UAR
Compaq RP211UA
Compaq RP211UAR
Compaq RR119EA
Compaq RR120EA
Compaq RR120EAR
Compaq RR126EA
Compaq RR126EAR
Compaq RR127EA
Compaq RR128EA
Compaq RR128EAR
Compaq RU676UA
Compaq RU676UAR
Compaq RU677UA
Compaq RU677UAR
Compaq RU678UA
Compaq RU678UAR
Compaq RU679UA
Compaq RU679UAR
Compaq RV052UA
Compaq RV052UAR
Compaq RV053UA
Compaq RV053UAR
Compaq RW115AS
Compaq RX552LA
Compaq RX553LA
Compaq RX700AV
Compaq RX940AS
Compaq RX941AS
Compaq RX943AV
Compaq RX947AV
Compaq RX948AV
Compaq RX951AV
Compaq RY245PA
Compaq RY266PA
Compaq RY267PA
Compaq RY268PA
Compaq RY269PA
Compaq RY270PA
Compaq RZ326UA
Compaq RZ326UAR
Compaq RZ327UA
Compaq RZ327UAR
Compaq RZ329UA
Compaq RZ329UAR
Compaq RZ330UA
Compaq RZ330UAABA
Compaq RZ330UAR
Compaq RZ335UA
Compaq RZ335UAR
Compaq RZ340UA
Compaq RZ340UAR
Compaq RZ836PA
Compaq RZ837PA
Compaq V2630US
Compaq V2665US
Compaq V2670US
Compaq V6310US
Compaq V6444US
Compaq VG674UA
Compaq VH169UA
Compaq VM101UA
Compaq VM147UA
Compaq VM362UA
Compaq WA588UA
Compaq WA591UA
Compaq WA974UA
Compaq WA974UAR
Compaq WA976UA
Compaq WA985UA
Compaq WA985UAR
Compaq XG636UA
Compaq XU683UA
Compaq XZ273UA
Compaq ZY222UA
Compaq ZY223UA
Compaq ZY226UA
Compaq ZY227UA
Compaq ZY528UA
Compaq ZY532UA
Compaq ZY532UAR
Hewlett Packard DV6103NR
Hewlett Packard EC182UA
Hewlett Packard EC184UA
Hewlett Packard ED338AV
Hewlett Packard ET741UA
Hewlett Packard ET742UA
Hewlett Packard EZ459UA
Hewlett Packard EZ462UA
Hewlett Packard FE667UA
Hewlett Packard FE701UA
Hewlett Packard GA127UA
Hewlett Packard GA405UA
Hewlett Packard GA449UA
Hewlett Packard GA646UA
Hewlett Packard GA651UA
Hewlett Packard GL889UA
Hewlett Packard GS675UA
Hewlett Packard GS718UA
Hewlett Packard GS766UA
Hewlett Packard GS771UA
Hewlett Packard Pavilion DV6208NR
Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv6226us
Hewlett Packard RG254UA
Hewlett Packard RG264UA
Hewlett Packard RG274UA
Hewlett Packard RG339UA
Hewlett Packard RG364UA
Hewlett Packard RG371UA
Hewlett Packard RG372UA
Hewlett Packard RG374UA
Hewlett Packard RG374UAR
Hewlett Packard RG390UA
Hewlett Packard RN907UA
Hewlett Packard RN910UA
Hewlett Packard RP154UA
Hewlett Packard RP168UA
Hewlett Packard RP243UA
Hewlett Packard RP245UA
Hewlett Packard RP250UA
Hewlett Packard RP301UA
Hewlett Packard RU312UA
Hewlett Packard RU313UA
Hewlett Packard RU700UA
Hewlett Packard RV005UA
Hewlett Packard RV012UA
Hewlett Packard RV121UA
Hewlett Packard RV213UA
Hewlett Packard RV307UA
Hewlett Packard XG809UA
Hewlett Packard XG809UAR