496829001 Part

Speaker kit - Two Altec Lansing-branded speakers - With cable

Part #: 496829001

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
HP G60-441US Speaker Kit (2 speakers w/cbl)
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This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 695 models:

Compaq CQ60417DX
Compaq CQ60-418DX
Compaq FQ076AAR
Compaq FQ076AV
Compaq FQ078AAR
Compaq FQ078AV
Compaq FS553AS
Compaq FS554AS
Compaq FS555AS
Compaq FT232EA
Compaq FT232EAR
Compaq FT233EA
Compaq FT233EAR
Compaq FT234EA
Compaq FT234EAR
Compaq FT235EAR
Compaq FT236EA
Compaq FT236EAR
Compaq FT237EA
Compaq FT237EAR
Compaq FT238EA
Compaq FT238EAR
Compaq FT239EA
Compaq FT239EAR
Compaq FT240EA
Compaq FT240EAR
Compaq FT247EA
Compaq FT247EAR
Compaq FT280EA
Compaq FT281EA
Compaq FT283EA
Compaq FT284EA
Compaq FT284EAR
Compaq FT285EA
Compaq FT287EA
Compaq FT287EAR
Compaq FT288EA
Compaq FV590EA
Compaq FV590EAR
Compaq FV591EA
Compaq FV594EA
Compaq FV594EAR
Compaq FV597EA
Compaq FV598EAR
Compaq FV599EA
Compaq FV599EAR
Compaq FV600EA
Compaq FV600EAR
Compaq FV604EA
Compaq FV604EAR
Compaq FV606EA
Compaq FV606EAR
Compaq FV608EAR
Compaq FV609EA
Compaq FV609EAR
Compaq FV610EA
Compaq FV611EA
Compaq FV611EAR
Compaq FV613EA
Compaq FV613EAR
Compaq FV615EA
Compaq FV615EAR
Compaq FV617EA
Compaq FV617EAR
Compaq FV828EA
Compaq FV828EAR
Compaq FV830EA
Compaq FV830EAR
Compaq FV832EA
Compaq FV834EA
Compaq FV835EA
Compaq FV836EA
Compaq FV837EA
Compaq FV837EAR
Compaq FV838EA
Compaq FV838EAR
Compaq FV840EA
Compaq FV840EAR
Compaq FV841EA
Compaq FV841EAR
Compaq FV842EA
Compaq FV842EAR
Compaq FV843EA
Compaq FV843EAR
Compaq FV844EAR
Compaq FV845EAR
Compaq FV846EA
Compaq FV846EAR
Compaq FV847EA
Compaq FV847EAR
Compaq FV849EA
Compaq FV849EAR
Compaq FW628PA
Compaq FW629PA
Compaq FW630PA
Compaq FW639PA
Compaq FW640PA
Compaq FW641PA
Compaq FW758EA
Compaq FW758EAR
Compaq FW761EA
Compaq FW761EAR
Compaq FW762EA
Compaq FW762EAR
Compaq FW764EA
Compaq FW766EA
Compaq FW766EAR
Compaq FW767EA
Compaq FW768EA
Compaq FW768EAR
Compaq FW769EA
Compaq FW771EA
Compaq FW772EA
Compaq FW772EAR
Compaq FW773EA
Compaq FW773EAR
Compaq FW774EA
Compaq FW776EA
Compaq FW778EAR
Compaq FW781EA
Compaq FW781EAR
Compaq FW783EA
Compaq FW783EAR
Compaq FW786EA
Compaq FW787EA
Compaq FW796EA
Compaq FW797EA
Compaq FW797EAR
Compaq FW798EA
Compaq FW800EA
Compaq FW800EAR
Compaq FW801EA
Compaq FW801EAR
Compaq FW802EA
Compaq FW802EAR
Compaq FW804EA
Compaq FW804EAR
Compaq FW808EA
Compaq FW808EAR
Compaq FW814EA
Compaq FW814EAR
Compaq FW815EA
Compaq FW815EAR
Compaq FW968LA
Compaq FW969LA
Compaq FY397EA
Compaq FY397EAR
Compaq FY399EA
Compaq FY400EA
Compaq FY400EAR
Compaq FY402EA
Compaq FY403EA
Compaq FY404EA
Compaq FY406EA
Compaq FY407EA
Compaq FY410EA
Compaq FY412EA
Compaq FY412EAR
Compaq FY413EA
Compaq FY414EA
Compaq FY415EA
Compaq FY416EA
Compaq FY417EA
Compaq FY417EAR
Compaq FY419EA
Compaq FY419EAR
Compaq FY420EA
Compaq FY421EA
Compaq FY423EA
Compaq FY424EA
Compaq FY425EA
Compaq FY426EA
Compaq FY426EAR
Compaq FY427EA
Compaq FY427EAR
Compaq FY428EA
Compaq FZ531AV
Compaq FZ532AV
Compaq FZ534AV
Compaq FZ745PA
Compaq FZ755PA
Compaq FZ784PA
Compaq FZ885PA
Compaq FZ885PAR
Compaq FZ886PA
Compaq FZ886PAR
Compaq FZ887PA
Compaq FZ887PAR
Compaq FZ888PAR
Compaq FZ889PA
Compaq FZ889PAR
Compaq FZ890PA
Compaq FZ890PAR
Compaq FZ891PA
Compaq FZ891PAR
Compaq FZ892PA
Compaq FZ892PAR
Compaq FZ893PA
Compaq FZ893PAR
Compaq FZ894PA
Compaq FZ894PAR
Compaq FZ895PA
Compaq FZ925PA
Compaq FZ925PAR
Compaq FZ931PA
Compaq FZ932PA
Compaq FZ932PAR
Compaq FZ933PA
Compaq FZ993EA
Compaq FZ993EAR
Compaq FZ994EA
Compaq KY558AV
Compaq KY560AV
Compaq KY562AV
Compaq KY564AV
Compaq KY566AV
Compaq NA002EA
Compaq NA002EAR
Compaq NA003EA
Compaq NA005EA
Compaq NA005EAR
Compaq NA006EA
Compaq NA008EA
Compaq NA010EA
Compaq NA010EAR
Compaq NA011EA
Compaq NA013EA
Compaq NA013EAR
Compaq NA014EA
Compaq NA018EA
Compaq NA018EAR
Compaq NA019EA
Compaq NA020EA
Compaq NA020EAR
Compaq NA021EA
Compaq NA023EA
Compaq NA024EAR
Compaq NB048UAR
Compaq NB049UAR
Compaq NB050UA
Compaq NB050UAR
Compaq NB275UA
Compaq NB275UAR
Compaq NB276UA
Compaq NB276UAR
Compaq NF196EA
Compaq NF196EAR
Compaq NF200EA
Compaq NF200EAR
Compaq NF201EA
Compaq NF201EAR
Compaq NF202EA
Compaq NF202EAR
Compaq NF203EAR
Compaq NF206EA
Compaq NF206EAR
Compaq NF207EA
Compaq NF262EA
Compaq NF271EA
Compaq NF272EA
Compaq NF272EAR
Compaq NF273EA
Compaq NF273EAR
Compaq NF303EA
Compaq NF303EAR
Compaq NF304EA
Compaq NF305EA
Compaq NF305EAR
Compaq NF306EA
Compaq NF306EAR
Compaq NF307EA
Compaq NF308EA
Compaq NF308EAR
Compaq NF309EA
Compaq NF309EAR
Compaq NF878AS
Compaq NF879AS
Compaq NG076EA
Compaq NG076EAR
Compaq NG077EA
Compaq NG078EA
Compaq NG078EAR
Compaq NG079EA
Compaq NG081EA
Compaq NG081EAR
Compaq NG082EA
Compaq NG082EAR
Compaq NG083EA
Compaq NG083EAR
Compaq NG085EA
Compaq NG085EAR
Compaq NG087EA
Compaq NG089EA
Compaq NG089EAR
Compaq NG091EA
Compaq NG091EAR
Compaq NG092EA
Compaq NG093EA
Compaq NG095EAR
Compaq NG096EA
Compaq NG096EAR
Compaq NG097EA
Compaq NG099EA
Compaq NG100EA
Compaq NG101EA
Compaq NG102EA
Compaq NG104EA
Compaq NG105EA
Compaq NG106EA
Compaq NG107EA
Compaq NG107EAR
Compaq NG108EA
Compaq NG108EAR
Compaq NG109EA
Compaq NG109EAR
Compaq NG111EA
Compaq NG111EAR
Compaq NG112EA
Compaq NG112EAR
Compaq NG114EA
Compaq NG115EA
Compaq NG116EA
Compaq NG116EAR
Compaq NG118EA
Compaq NG120EA
Compaq NG121EA
Compaq NG121EAR
Compaq NG408EA
Compaq NG408EAR
Compaq NG409EA
Compaq NG409EAR
Compaq NG410EA
Compaq NG410EAR
Compaq NG413EAR
Compaq NG416EA
Compaq NG416EAR
Compaq NG417EA
Compaq NG419EA
Compaq NG419EAR
Compaq NG420EA
Compaq NG420EAR
Compaq NG423EA
Compaq NG423EAR
Compaq NG424EA
Compaq NG424EAR
Compaq NG425EA
Compaq NG425EAR
Compaq NG426EAR
Compaq NG427EAR
Compaq NG432EA
Compaq NG434EA
Compaq NG434EAR
Compaq NG435EA
Compaq NG435EAR
Compaq NG436EA
Compaq NG457EA
Compaq NG457EAR
Compaq NG459EA
Compaq NG464EA
Compaq NG465EA
Compaq NG465EAR
Compaq NG467EAR
Compaq NG468EA
Compaq NG468EAR
Compaq NG469EA
Compaq NG836LA
Compaq NH094EA
Compaq NH095EA
Compaq NH097EA
Compaq NH097EAR
Compaq NH507EA
Compaq NH507EAR
Compaq NH508EA
Compaq NH508EAR
Compaq NH510EA
Compaq NH510EAR
Compaq NH512EA
Compaq NH513EA
Compaq NH517EA
Compaq NH517EAR
Compaq NH519EA
Compaq NH520EA
Compaq NH522EA
Compaq NJ124PA
Compaq NJ124PAR
Compaq NJ125PA
Compaq NJ126PA
Compaq NJ127PA
Compaq NJ131PA
Compaq NJ185PA
Compaq NJ186PA
Compaq NJ187PA
Compaq NJ188PA
Compaq NJ189PA
Compaq NJ190PA
Compaq NJ191PA
Compaq NJ192PA
Compaq NJ193PA
Compaq NJ194PA
Compaq NJ832EA
Compaq NJ832EAR
Compaq NJ839EA
Compaq NJ839EAR
Compaq NJ840EA
Compaq NJ840EAR
Compaq NK534EA
Compaq NK535EA
Compaq NK535EAR
Compaq NK539EA
Compaq NK539EAR
Compaq NK540EA
Compaq NK542EA
Compaq NK868PA
Compaq NK868PAR
Compaq NK869PA
Compaq NK976EA
Compaq NK977EA
Compaq NK978EA
Compaq NK979EA
Compaq NK979EAR
Compaq NK980EA
Compaq NK985EA
Compaq NK986EA
Compaq NL057PA
Compaq NL058PA
Compaq NL059PA
Compaq NL060PA
Compaq NL061PA
Compaq NL062PA
Compaq NL086PAR
Compaq NL087PA
Compaq NL087PAR
Compaq NL099PA
Compaq NL102PA
Compaq NL102PAR
Compaq NL109PA
Compaq NL109PAR
Compaq NL110PA
Compaq NL110PAR
Compaq NL111PAR
Compaq NL112PA
Compaq NL112PAR
Compaq NL113PA
Compaq NL113PAR
Compaq NL114PA
Compaq NL115PA
Compaq NL116PA
Compaq NL116PAR
Compaq NL117PA
Compaq NL117PAR
Compaq NL118PA
Compaq NL118PAR
Compaq NL119PA
Compaq NL282LA
Compaq NM186UA
Compaq NM186UAR
Compaq NM187UA
Compaq NM188UA
Compaq NM188UAR
Compaq NM353UA
Compaq NM353UAR
Compaq NM467EA
Compaq NM467EAR
Compaq NM469EA
Compaq NM469EAR
Compaq NM560PA
Compaq NM560PAR
Compaq NM582PA
Compaq NM583PA
Compaq NM584PA
Compaq NM584PAR
Compaq NM586PA
Compaq NM586PAR
Compaq NM587PA
Compaq NM587PAR
Compaq NN144LA
Compaq NN145LA
Compaq NP620EA
Compaq NP621EA
Compaq NP621EAR
Compaq NP624EA
Compaq NP624EAR
Compaq NP627EA
Compaq NP789EA
Compaq NP789EAR
Compaq NP793EA
Compaq NP794EA
Compaq NP794EAR
Compaq NP795EA
Compaq NP795EAR
Compaq NT715PA
Compaq NT716PA
Compaq NT723PA
Compaq NT723PAR
Compaq NT738PA
Compaq NU243PA
Compaq NV243UA
Compaq NV243UAR
Compaq NV248UA
Compaq NV248UAR
Compaq NW152UA
Compaq NW152UAR
Compaq NW153UA
Compaq NW153UAR
Compaq NW154UA
Compaq NW154UAR
Compaq NW155UAR
Compaq NW156UA
Compaq NW156UAR
Compaq NW158UA
Compaq NW158UAR
Compaq NW159UA
Compaq NW159UAR
Compaq NW160UA
Compaq NW160UAR
Compaq NZ090PA
Compaq NZ091PA
Compaq NZ091PAR
Compaq NZ092PA
Compaq NZ092PAR
Compaq NZ093PA
Compaq NZ094PA
Compaq NZ096PA
Compaq NZ097PA
Compaq NZ098PA
Compaq NZ103PA
Compaq NZ103PAR
Compaq NZ104PA
Compaq VA622PA
Compaq VA623PA
Compaq VB675PA
Compaq VF027PA
Compaq VF028PA
Compaq VF029PA
Compaq VF063PA
Compaq VF064PA
Compaq VG673UA
Compaq VG673UAR
Compaq VG674UA
Compaq VH165UA
Compaq VH165UAR
Compaq VH167UA
Compaq VH169UA
Compaq VH851PA
Compaq VH904PA
Compaq VM713PA
Compaq VM714PA
Compaq VM718PA
Compaq VM791PA
Compaq VQ950PA
Compaq VQ996PA
Compaq VQ997PA
Compaq WA588UA
Compaq ZY221UA
Compaq ZY221UAR
Compaq ZY222UA
Compaq ZY222UAR
Compaq ZY223UA
Compaq ZY223UAR
Compaq ZY224UAR
Compaq ZY225UA
Compaq ZY225UAR
Compaq ZY226UA
Compaq ZY226UAR
Compaq ZY227UA
Compaq ZY227UAR
Compaq ZY528UA
Compaq ZY528UAR
Compaq ZY529UA
Compaq ZY529UAR
Compaq ZY531UA
Compaq ZY531UAR
Compaq ZY532UAR
Hewlett Packard A8092
Hewlett Packard A8093
Hewlett Packard A8102
Hewlett Packard A8106
Hewlett Packard FQ076AV
Hewlett Packard FQ078AV
Hewlett Packard FS186UA
Hewlett Packard FS682AV
Hewlett Packard FS683AV
Hewlett Packard FS684AV
Hewlett Packard FT468UA
Hewlett Packard FT468UAR
Hewlett Packard FT468UAR#ABA
Hewlett Packard FT469UA
Hewlett Packard FT471UA
Hewlett Packard FT473UA
Hewlett Packard FT474UA
Hewlett Packard FT475UA
Hewlett Packard FW969LA
Hewlett Packard FY999PA
Hewlett Packard G60-104CA
Hewlett Packard G60-228CA
Hewlett Packard G60-418CA
Hewlett Packard G60-441US
Hewlett Packard G60-468CA
Hewlett Packard G60-530CA
Hewlett Packard G60-531CA
Hewlett Packard G60-554CA
Hewlett Packard G60-635DX
Hewlett Packard GO126CA
Hewlett Packard NA008EA
Hewlett Packard NA024EA
Hewlett Packard NB042UAR
Hewlett Packard NB042UAR#ABA
Hewlett Packard NB048UA
Hewlett Packard NB049UA
Hewlett Packard NB050UA
Hewlett Packard NB264UA
Hewlett Packard NB265UA
Hewlett Packard NB265UAR#ABA
Hewlett Packard NB270UA
Hewlett Packard NB270UAR#ABA
Hewlett Packard NB273UA
Hewlett Packard NB273UAR#ABA
Hewlett Packard NB276UA
Hewlett Packard NC986UA
Hewlett Packard NC989UA
Hewlett Packard NJ537UA
Hewlett Packard NJ538UA
Hewlett Packard NL990UA
Hewlett Packard NM186UA
Hewlett Packard NM342UA
Hewlett Packard NM345UA
Hewlett Packard NV225UA
Hewlett Packard NV225UAR
Hewlett Packard NV225UARABA
Hewlett Packard NW142UA
Hewlett Packard NW144UA
Hewlett Packard NW147UA
Hewlett Packard NW148UA
Hewlett Packard NW148UAR
Hewlett Packard NW149UA
Hewlett Packard NW150UA
Hewlett Packard NW152UA
Hewlett Packard NW153UA
Hewlett Packard NW160UA
Hewlett Packard VD895AV
Hewlett Packard VD896AV
Hewlett Packard VG333UA
Hewlett Packard VG334UA
Hewlett Packard VG334UAABA
Hewlett Packard VG336UA
Hewlett Packard VG674UA
Hewlett Packard VH165UA
Hewlett Packard VH171UA
Hewlett Packard VH171UA#ABA
Hewlett Packard VM083UA
Hewlett Packard VM083UAR
Hewlett Packard VM084UA
Hewlett Packard VM085UA
Hewlett Packard VM086UA
Hewlett Packard VM089UA
Hewlett Packard VM091UA
Hewlett Packard VM092UA
Hewlett Packard VM093UA
Hewlett Packard VM095UA
Hewlett Packard VM096UA
Hewlett Packard VM692AV
Hewlett Packard VU742AV
Hewlett Packard VU743AV
Hewlett Packard VU744AV
Hewlett Packard VU748AV
Hewlett Packard VV586UA
Hewlett Packard VV588UA
Hewlett Packard VW886UA
Hewlett Packard VW886UAR
Hewlett Packard VW888UA
Hewlett Packard VW889UA
Hewlett Packard VY794UA
Hewlett Packard WA573UA
Hewlett Packard WA574UA
Hewlett Packard WA578UAR
Hewlett Packard WA580UA
Hewlett Packard WA581UA
Hewlett Packard WA582UA
Hewlett Packard WA584UA
Hewlett Packard WA584UAR
Hewlett Packard WA588UA
Hewlett Packard WA591UA
Hewlett Packard WE814UA
Hewlett Packard WT777UA
Hewlett Packard WU979UA
Hewlett Packard ZY223UA
Hewlett Packard ZY224UA
Hewlett Packard ZY225UA
Hewlett Packard ZY227UA
Hewlett Packard ZY528UA
Hewlett Packard ZY529UA
Hewlett Packard ZY531UA
Hewlett Packard ZY532UA
Hewlett Packard ZY538UA
Hewlett Packard ZY540UA