490371-001 Part

Compaq 490371001 6ft 3-Pin AC Power Cord (Black)

Part #: 490371-001

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
This Compaq 490371001 AC Power Cord works with select Compaq portable computers. Get an extra Power Cord to be kept at home, in the office or in your traveling case. You will never get caught without power again.

  • Length: 6ft.
    Refurbished What's This? Refurbished
    This refurbished part has been tested to meet the performance standards of a newly manufactured part, and is covered under our warranty policy.
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    This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
    This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
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    These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

    Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

    This part is compatible with the following 1000 models:

    Compaq 110C-1040D
    Compaq 314615-001
    Compaq 315601001
    Compaq 315603-001
    Compaq 470007-263
    Compaq 470007-318
    Compaq 470007-319
    Compaq 470007-320
    Compaq 470007-321
    Compaq 470007-322
    Compaq 470007-324
    Compaq 470007-325
    Compaq 470007-326
    Compaq 470007-327
    Compaq 470007-328
    Compaq 470007-334
    Compaq 470007-772
    Compaq 470007-773
    Compaq 470007-774
    Compaq 470007-775
    Compaq 470007-776
    Compaq 470007-777
    Compaq 470008-402
    Compaq 470008-403
    Compaq 470063-449
    Compaq A7A54UA
    Compaq A7A56UA
    Compaq A7A60UA
    Compaq AQ159US
    Compaq AQ534US
    Compaq AW862US
    Compaq AW882US
    Compaq C2M29UA
    Compaq CC910AV
    Compaq CQ50-115NR
    Compaq CQ50204CA
    Compaq CQ50215CA
    Compaq CQ50-215NR
    Compaq CQ56124CA
    Compaq CQ56134CA
    Compaq CQ56148CA
    Compaq CQ56154CA
    Compaq CQ56240CA
    Compaq CQ60208CA
    Compaq CQ60-211DX
    Compaq CQ60-215DX
    Compaq CQ60404CA
    Compaq CQ60417DX
    Compaq CQ60418CA
    Compaq CQ60-418DX
    Compaq CQ60-422DX
    Compaq CQ60-423DX
    Compaq CQ61324CA
    Compaq CQ62-215DX
    Compaq DC584A
    Compaq DC584AR
    Compaq DC924AR
    Compaq DC925AR
    Compaq DE185AVR
    Compaq DE186AVR
    Compaq DE707AVR
    Compaq DG956A
    Compaq DG956AR
    Compaq DG958A
    Compaq DG958AR
    Compaq DG959AR
    Compaq DK454AV
    Compaq DK454AVR
    Compaq DK571A
    Compaq DK571AR
    Compaq DK572AR
    Compaq DK574A
    Compaq DK574AR
    Compaq DK575AR
    Compaq DL681A
    Compaq DL681AR
    Compaq DL963A
    Compaq DL963AR
    Compaq DL964A
    Compaq DL964AR
    Compaq DL965A
    Compaq DM415A
    Compaq DM415AR
    Compaq DM416A
    Compaq DM416AR
    Compaq DM771A
    Compaq DM771AR
    Compaq DM773A
    Compaq DM773AR
    Compaq DM774AR
    Compaq DM777A
    Compaq DM933A
    Compaq DP MP1400
    Compaq DP MP1800
    Compaq DP MP2800
    Compaq DP485UR
    Compaq DP487U
    Compaq DP487UR
    Compaq DP613AVR
    Compaq DP614AVR
    Compaq DP894A
    Compaq DR311AVR
    Compaq DS463U
    Compaq DS463UR
    Compaq DS464UR
    Compaq DS466U
    Compaq DS466UR
    Compaq DS467UR
    Compaq DS468UR
    Compaq DS829AV
    Compaq DS829AVR
    Compaq DT683AVR
    Compaq DT684AVR
    Compaq DT685AVR
    Compaq DX609AV
    Compaq DY202P
    Compaq DY204P
    Compaq DY209P
    Compaq DY212P
    Compaq DY222P
    Compaq DY223P
    Compaq DY225P
    Compaq DY226P
    Compaq DY227P
    Compaq DY228P
    Compaq DY229P
    Compaq DZ297U
    Compaq DZ297UR
    Compaq DZ298U
    Compaq DZ298UR
    Compaq DZ299U
    Compaq DZ302UR
    Compaq DZ543AA
    Compaq DZ544AA
    Compaq DZ624AVR
    Compaq DZ667AVR
    Compaq DZ753AS
    Compaq DZ847PA
    Compaq DZ847PAR
    Compaq DZ853PA
    Compaq DZ859PA
    Compaq DZ863PA
    Compaq DZ864PA
    Compaq DZ866PA
    Compaq DZ867PA
    Compaq DZ868PA
    Compaq DZ869PA
    Compaq DZ870PA
    Compaq DZ871PA
    Compaq DZ872PA
    Compaq DZ873PA
    Compaq DZ874PA
    Compaq DZ875PA
    Compaq EA295AV
    Compaq EA296AV
    Compaq EA444AV
    Compaq EA890AV
    Compaq EA890AVR
    Compaq EA936AS
    Compaq EB961US
    Compaq EC155UA
    Compaq EC155UAR
    Compaq EC156UAR
    Compaq EC158UAR
    Compaq EC160UAR
    Compaq EC161UA
    Compaq EC176UAR
    Compaq EC177UA
    Compaq EC180UA
    Compaq EC180UAR
    Compaq EC181UA
    Compaq EC181UAR
    Compaq EC186UA
    Compaq EC186UAR
    Compaq EC188UA
    Compaq EC190UA
    Compaq EC190UAR
    Compaq EC199UA
    Compaq EC214UA
    Compaq EC214UAR
    Compaq EC215UA
    Compaq EC215UAR
    Compaq EC216UA
    Compaq EC217UA
    Compaq EC219UAR
    Compaq EC220UA
    Compaq EC220UAR
    Compaq EC234UA
    Compaq EC253UAR
    Compaq EC325UA
    Compaq EC329UA
    Compaq EC335UA
    Compaq EC336UA
    Compaq EC336UAR
    Compaq EC339UAR
    Compaq EC699AV
    Compaq EC699AVR
    Compaq ED046AV
    Compaq ED046AVR
    Compaq ED047AV
    Compaq ED050AV
    Compaq ED063AV
    Compaq ED108PA
    Compaq ED110PA
    Compaq ED120PA
    Compaq ED120PAR
    Compaq ED121PA
    Compaq ED122PA
    Compaq ED127PA
    Compaq ED140PA
    Compaq ED141PA
    Compaq ED151PA
    Compaq ED155PA
    Compaq ED332AS
    Compaq ED333AS
    Compaq ED338AV
    Compaq ED384AV
    Compaq ED384AVR
    Compaq EE019PC
    Compaq EE020PC
    Compaq EE236AS
    Compaq EE311AV
    Compaq EE311AVR
    Compaq EE312AV
    Compaq EE312AVR
    Compaq EE394AV
    Compaq EE394AVR
    Compaq EE455PA
    Compaq EE461PA
    Compaq EE462PA
    Compaq EE463PA
    Compaq EE464PA
    Compaq EE485PA
    Compaq EE485PAR
    Compaq EE496PA
    Compaq EE497PA
    Compaq EE498PA
    Compaq EE498PAR
    Compaq EE513PA
    Compaq EE812AV
    Compaq EE812AVR
    Compaq EE869AV
    Compaq EE869AVR
    Compaq EF402AV
    Compaq EF402AVR
    Compaq EG378UC
    Compaq EG419LA
    Compaq EG419LAR
    Compaq EG450UC
    Compaq EH072PA
    Compaq EH458UA
    Compaq EH458UAR
    Compaq EH459UAR
    Compaq EH462UA
    Compaq EH462UAR
    Compaq EH463UA
    Compaq EH466UA
    Compaq EH466UAR
    Compaq EH467UA
    Compaq EH467UAR
    Compaq EH487UA
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    Compaq EH488UA
    Compaq EH489UA
    Compaq EH490UA
    Compaq EH490UAR
    Compaq EH522AV
    Compaq EH593AVR
    Compaq EH738UA
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    Compaq EH739UA
    Compaq EH739UAR
    Compaq EH742UA
    Compaq EH743UAR
    Compaq EJ518AS
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    Compaq EJ523AS
    Compaq EJ985AS
    Compaq EK298AV
    Compaq EK571LA
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    Compaq EK572LAR
    Compaq EK824EA
    Compaq EK968EA
    Compaq EL066PA
    Compaq EL082PA
    Compaq EL087PA
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    Compaq EL088PA
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    Compaq EL105PA
    Compaq EL604AS
    Compaq EM484AV
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    Compaq EM485AVR
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    Compaq EM519AVR
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    Compaq ER224LA
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    Compaq ER364AV
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    Compaq ER437AV
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    Compaq ES188AV
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    Compaq ES308UA
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    Compaq ES827AV
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    Compaq ES892AV
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    Compaq ET058AV
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    Compaq EZ112AA
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    Compaq EZ429UAR
    Compaq EZ430UAR
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    Compaq EZ855AVR
    Compaq EZ885AV
    Compaq EZ885AVR
    Compaq FE036PA
    Compaq FE072PA
    Compaq FE072PAR
    Compaq FE073PA
    Compaq FE073PAR
    Compaq FE074PA
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    Compaq FF444PA
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    Compaq FF957AV
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    Compaq FG806EA
    Compaq FG807EA
    Compaq FG809EA
    Compaq FG810EA
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    Compaq FG853LA
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    Compaq FH998AV
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    Compaq FQ386PA
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    Compaq FR704PA
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    Compaq FR933UA
    Compaq FR956UA
    Compaq FR969UA
    Compaq FR969UAR
    Compaq FR970UA
    Compaq FR970UAR
    Compaq FR972UAR
    Compaq FR975UA
    Compaq FR977UA
    Compaq FR981UA
    Compaq FR983UA
    Compaq FR984UA
    Compaq FR987UA
    Compaq FR990UA
    Compaq FR994UA
    Compaq FS011UA
    Compaq FS021UA
    Compaq FS026UA
    Compaq FS028UA
    Compaq FS032UA
    Compaq FS037UA
    Compaq FS038UA
    Compaq FS045UA
    Compaq FS046UA
    Compaq FS050UA
    Compaq FS050UAR
    Compaq FS051UAR
    Compaq FS053UA
    Compaq FS053UAR
    Compaq FS057UA
    Compaq FS057UAR
    Compaq FS059UA
    Compaq FS059UAR
    Compaq FS060UA
    Compaq FS060UAR
    Compaq FS061UA
    Compaq FS061UAR
    Compaq FS086UA
    Compaq FS090UA
    Compaq FS110UA
    Compaq FS110UAR
    Compaq FS114UA
    Compaq FS114UAR
    Compaq FS118UA
    Compaq FS121UA
    Compaq FS122UA
    Compaq FS124UA
    Compaq FS126UA
    Compaq FS129UA
    Compaq FS131UA
    Compaq FS132UA
    Compaq FS135UA
    Compaq FS137UA
    Compaq FS139UA
    Compaq FS151UA
    Compaq FS153UA
    Compaq FS155UA
    Compaq FS184UA
    Compaq FS185UA
    Compaq FS316AA
    Compaq FS328AA
    Compaq FS336AA
    Compaq FS351AA
    Compaq FS536AV
    Compaq FS553AS
    Compaq FS554AS
    Compaq FS555AS
    Compaq FS684AV
    Compaq FT222EA
    Compaq FT251LA
    Compaq FT313UA
    Compaq FT468UA
    Compaq FT473UA
    Compaq FT474UA
    Compaq FU311EA
    Compaq FU410EA
    Compaq FU659PA
    Compaq FU677PA
    Compaq FU677PAR
    Compaq FU678PA
    Compaq FU679PA
    Compaq FU682PA
    Compaq FU683PA
    Compaq FU718PA
    Compaq FU719PA
    Compaq FU727PA
    Compaq FV155AV
    Compaq FV161AV
    Compaq FV272AV
    Compaq FV278AV
    Compaq FV382PA
    Compaq FV496AV
    Compaq FW376UA
    Compaq FW684AS
    Compaq FW860LA
    Compaq FW861LA
    Compaq FW862LA
    Compaq FW927LA
    Compaq FW928LA
    Compaq FW931LA
    Compaq FW932LA
    Compaq FW962LA
    Compaq FW963LA
    Compaq FW964LA
    Compaq FW965LA
    Compaq FW968LA
    Compaq FW969LA
    Compaq FX392LA
    Compaq FX392LAR
    Compaq FZ039PA
    Compaq FZ039PAR
    Compaq FZ040PA
    Compaq FZ040PAR
    Compaq FZ041PA
    Compaq FZ047PA
    Compaq FZ048PA
    Compaq FZ048PAR
    Compaq FZ049PA
    Compaq FZ050PA
    Compaq FZ473UA
    Compaq FZ473UAR
    Compaq FZ474UA
    Compaq FZ474UAR
    Compaq FZ475UA
    Compaq FZ475UAR
    Compaq FZ476UAR
    Compaq FZ531AV
    Compaq FZ532AV
    Compaq FZ534AV
    Compaq FZ618PA
    Compaq FZ702PA
    Compaq FZ709PA
    Compaq FZ710PA
    Compaq FZ718PA
    Compaq FZ823UA
    Compaq FZ823UAR
    Compaq FZ824UA
    Compaq FZ824UAR
    Compaq FZ825UA
    Compaq FZ825UAR
    Compaq FZ826UAR
    Compaq FZ867PA
    Compaq FZ877PA
    Compaq FZ878PA
    Compaq FZ881PA
    Compaq FZ882PA
    Compaq FZ883PA
    Compaq FZ978UA
    Compaq GA231UA
    Compaq GA231UAR
    Compaq GA235UA
    Compaq GA235UAR
    Compaq GA340UA
    Compaq GA341UA
    Compaq GA382UA
    Compaq GA383UA
    Compaq GA395UA
    Compaq GA395UAR
    Compaq GA411UA
    Compaq GA451UA
    Compaq GA462UA
    Compaq GA462UAR
    Compaq GA533UA
    Compaq GA646UA
    Compaq GB113AV
    Compaq GB115AV
    Compaq GB122LA
    Compaq GB123LA
    Compaq GB124LA
    Compaq GC188PA
    Compaq GC188PAR
    Compaq GC189PA
    Compaq GC190PA
    Compaq GC265PA
    Compaq GC266PA
    Compaq GC740UP
    Compaq GD574AA
    Hewlett Packard 1101025DX
    Hewlett Packard 110-1036NR
    Hewlett Packard 110-1037NR
    Hewlett Packard 1153NR
    Hewlett Packard A1T53UA
    Hewlett Packard A6X02UA
    Hewlett Packard A6Y53UA
    Hewlett Packard A7A73UA
    Hewlett Packard A7K36UT
    Hewlett Packard B2A32UT
    Hewlett Packard B5R67UA
    Hewlett Packard B5S06UA
    Hewlett Packard B5S13UAR
    Hewlett Packard C6N88UA
    Hewlett Packard DV4-1428DX
    Hewlett Packard dv4-1435dx
    Hewlett Packard DV41444DX
    Hewlett Packard DV4-1465DX
    Hewlett Packard DV4-2045DX
    Hewlett Packard DV4-2145DX
    Hewlett Packard DV4-2165DX
    Hewlett Packard DV5-2135DX
    Hewlett Packard DV6-1245DX
    Hewlett Packard dv6-1355dx
    Hewlett Packard DV6-2155DX
    Hewlett Packard DV6-6C35DX
    Hewlett Packard dv6915nr
    Hewlett Packard DV71245DX
    Hewlett Packard DV7-1448DX
    Hewlett Packard dv7-3065dx
    Hewlett Packard DV7-3165DX
    Hewlett Packard DV7-4165DX
    Hewlett Packard DV7-4285DX
    Hewlett Packard DV7-6C95DX
    Hewlett Packard FE654UA
    Hewlett Packard FE667UA
    Hewlett Packard FE701UA
    Hewlett Packard FE760UA
    Hewlett Packard FE779UA
    Hewlett Packard FE993UA
    Hewlett Packard FM992UT
    Hewlett Packard FR922UA
    Hewlett Packard FR987UA
    Hewlett Packard FS129UA
    Hewlett Packard FS135UA
    Hewlett Packard FS136UA
    Hewlett Packard FT471UA
    Hewlett Packard FW376UA
    Hewlett Packard G60235DX
    Hewlett Packard G60-445DX
    Hewlett Packard GA340UA
    Hewlett Packard GA458UA
    Hewlett Packard GA647UA