RR612MP Part

Anderic RR612MP Remote Control

Part #: RR612MP

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This Anderic RR612MP remote control allows easy operation for your compatible Anderic model. The RR612MP is perfect if you lose the one that was included with your unit or if you're in need of an additional remote. The RR612MP controls all basic functions of the unit.
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    This part is compatible with the following 553 models:

    Hitachi 101SBX59B
    Hitachi 13GA1
    Hitachi 13GA1B
    Hitachi 13GA1BA
    Hitachi 205A35
    Hitachi 205A3B
    Hitachi 20MA1
    Hitachi 20MA1B
    Hitachi 20SA2B
    Hitachi 20SA38
    Hitachi 20SA3B
    Hitachi 20SA3D
    Hitachi 20SA3V
    Hitachi 20SA5B
    Hitachi 20SAB3B
    Hitachi 20SASB
    Hitachi 20SU3B
    Hitachi 216
    Hitachi 2573442
    Hitachi 2573922
    Hitachi 2573972
    Hitachi 270X6B
    Hitachi 27AX2
    Hitachi 27AX2B
    Hitachi 27CX15B
    Hitachi 27CX1B
    Hitachi 27CX21B
    Hitachi 27CX25B
    Hitachi 27CX28B511
    Hitachi 27CX5B
    Hitachi 27CX68
    Hitachi 27CX6B
    Hitachi 27CX75B
    Hitachi 27CX78
    Hitachi 27CX7B
    Hitachi 27FX48
    Hitachi 27FX48B
    Hitachi 27FX48B501
    Hitachi 27FX48B511
    Hitachi 27FX48B521
    Hitachi 27FX49
    Hitachi 27FX49B
    Hitachi 27FX49B501
    Hitachi 27FX49B511
    Hitachi 27MX1B
    Hitachi 27ZX6B
    Hitachi 2USA3B
    Hitachi 30CX6B
    Hitachi 31CX5B
    Hitachi 31CX6B
    Hitachi 31DX20
    Hitachi 31DX20B
    Hitachi 31KX2B
    Hitachi 31KX6B
    Hitachi 31KX7B
    Hitachi 31KX7BC
    Hitachi 31KX9K
    Hitachi 320X12B
    Hitachi 32C11B
    Hitachi 32CX11B
    Hitachi 32CX128
    Hitachi 32CX12B
    Hitachi 32CX39B
    Hitachi 32CX7B
    Hitachi 32FX41B
    Hitachi 32FX48B
    Hitachi 32FX49B
    Hitachi 32TX78
    Hitachi 32TX78B
    Hitachi 32TX78N
    Hitachi 32TX79K
    Hitachi 32TXTX79
    Hitachi 32UDX105
    Hitachi 32UDX10B
    Hitachi 32UDX10BA
    Hitachi 32UX5113
    Hitachi 32UX513
    Hitachi 32UX51B
    Hitachi 32UX54B
    Hitachi 32UX58B
    Hitachi 32UX58BA
    Hitachi 32UX59B
    Hitachi 32VDX10S
    Hitachi 32X11B
    Hitachi 350X70B
    Hitachi 354X70B
    Hitachi 35CV45B
    Hitachi 35CX30B
    Hitachi 35CX4513
    Hitachi 35CX45B
    Hitachi 35CX48B
    Hitachi 35OUX708
    Hitachi 35TX208
    Hitachi 35TX20B
    Hitachi 35TX20B.35TX20R
    Hitachi 35TX88
    Hitachi 35TX88B
    Hitachi 35TX89
    Hitachi 35TX89K
    Hitachi 35UX7
    Hitachi 35UX7013
    Hitachi 35UX708
    Hitachi 35UX70B
    Hitachi 35UX70BA
    Hitachi 35UX70EA
    Hitachi 35UX7OB
    Hitachi 35UX85B
    Hitachi 35UXX70B
    Hitachi 35VX70B
    Hitachi 35X45B
    Hitachi 36CX35B
    Hitachi 36CX39B
    Hitachi 36CX45B
    Hitachi 36FX42B
    Hitachi 36FX48B
    Hitachi 36FX49B
    Hitachi 36SDX015
    Hitachi 36SDX015R
    Hitachi 36SDX01S
    Hitachi 36SDX01SR
    Hitachi 36SDX88
    Hitachi 36SDX88B
    Hitachi 36SDX88D
    Hitachi 36UX52B
    Hitachi 36UX58B
    Hitachi 36UX59B
    Hitachi 3SUX8513
    Hitachi 43FX48B
    Hitachi 43GX01B
    Hitachi 43GX10B
    Hitachi 43UW10B
    Hitachi 45UX25K
    Hitachi 464X25K
    Hitachi 46FX01B
    Hitachi 46GX01B
    Hitachi 46UK25K
    Hitachi 46UV24B
    Hitachi 46UX10B
    Hitachi 46UX243
    Hitachi 46UX248
    Hitachi 46UX24B
    Hitachi 46UX2519
    Hitachi 46UX25K
    Hitachi 46UX25X
    Hitachi 46UX5013
    Hitachi 46UX508
    Hitachi 46UX50B
    Hitachi 46UX51K
    Hitachi 46UX7K
    Hitachi 46VX25K
    Hitachi 500X2613
    Hitachi 500X26B
    Hitachi 500X27K
    Hitachi 500X58B
    Hitachi 501UX58B
    Hitachi 504X58B
    Hitachi 5058X78B
    Hitachi 506X58B
    Hitachi 50BX78B
    Hitachi 50CX29B
    Hitachi 50DX01
    Hitachi 50DX015B
    Hitachi 50DX01B
    Hitachi 50DX01BA
    Hitachi 50DX01DA
    Hitachi 50EX01
    Hitachi 50EX01B
    Hitachi 50EX01BA
    Hitachi 50EX01EA
    Hitachi 50EX1212BX
    Hitachi 50EX12B
    Hitachi 50EX12BA
    Hitachi 50EX12BX
    Hitachi 50EX14BV
    Hitachi 50EX18B
    Hitachi 50EX1B
    Hitachi 50EX39B
    Hitachi 50F48B
    Hitachi 50FX1813
    Hitachi 50FX188
    Hitachi 50FX18B
    Hitachi 50FX18BP
    Hitachi 50FX19K
    Hitachi 50FX20B
    Hitachi 50FX30
    Hitachi 50FX300
    Hitachi 50FX30B
    Hitachi 50FX30D
    Hitachi 50FX38B
    Hitachi 50FX40B
    Hitachi 50FX48
    Hitachi 50FX480
    Hitachi 50FX4813
    Hitachi 50FX483
    Hitachi 50FX488
    Hitachi 50FX48B
    Hitachi 50FX48BF
    Hitachi 50FX48D
    Hitachi 50FX49B
    Hitachi 50FX78B
    Hitachi 50FX8B
    Hitachi 50FXS48B
    Hitachi 50GX10B
    Hitachi 50GX20B
    Hitachi 50GX49B
    Hitachi 50IX57B
    Hitachi 50L1X27K
    Hitachi 50OUX26B
    Hitachi 50OUX27K
    Hitachi 50OUX58B
    Hitachi 50OV52B
    Hitachi 50PX20B
    Hitachi 50QX58B
    Hitachi 50SBS78B
    Hitachi 50SBV78B
    Hitachi 50SBX70-B
    Hitachi 50SBX78
    Hitachi 50SBX780
    Hitachi 50SBX78B
    Hitachi 50SBX78B6
    Hitachi 50SBX78BO
    Hitachi 50SBX88B
    Hitachi 50SX18B
    Hitachi 50SX30B
    Hitachi 50SX48B
    Hitachi 50SX8B
    Hitachi 50SXB78B
    Hitachi 50U26B
    Hitachi 50U58B
    Hitachi 50UIX58B
    Hitachi 50UK23K
    Hitachi 50US26B
    Hitachi 50US27K
    Hitachi 50US52B
    Hitachi 50US58B
    Hitachi 50UUX27K
    Hitachi 50UV26B
    Hitachi 50UW58B
    Hitachi 50UX14B
    Hitachi 50UX26
    Hitachi 50UX2613
    Hitachi 50UX268
    Hitachi 50UX26B
    Hitachi 50UX26B27K
    Hitachi 50UX26D
    Hitachi 50UX26K
    Hitachi 50UX26X
    Hitachi 50UX27B
    Hitachi 50UX27IC
    Hitachi 50UX27K
    Hitachi 50UX27L
    Hitachi 50UX27U
    Hitachi 50UX27X
    Hitachi 50UX28B
    Hitachi 50UX2BK
    Hitachi 50UX48B
    Hitachi 50UX526
    Hitachi 50UX528
    Hitachi 50UX52-B
    Hitachi 50UX53
    Hitachi 50UX53K
    Hitachi 50UX53X
    Hitachi 50UX578
    Hitachi 50UX57B
    Hitachi 50UX58
    Hitachi 50UX5813
    Hitachi 50UX583
    Hitachi 50UX586
    Hitachi 50UX588
    Hitachi 50UX58B
    Hitachi 50UX58D
    Hitachi 50UX58K
    Hitachi 50UX58X
    Hitachi 50UX5BB
    Hitachi 50UX5QB
    Hitachi 50UX6B
    Hitachi 50UX85K
    Hitachi 50UXA7K
    Hitachi 50UXS8B
    Hitachi 50UXZ26B
    Hitachi 50VX23K
    Hitachi 50VX27K
    Hitachi 50VX52B
    Hitachi 50VX53K
    Hitachi 50VX57B
    Hitachi 50VX58B
    Hitachi 50X01BA
    Hitachi 50X26B
    Hitachi 50X48B
    Hitachi 50X52B
    Hitachi 52LDX99B
    Hitachi 52LDX99W
    Hitachi 535BX01B
    Hitachi 535BX01BA
    Hitachi 535BX59B
    Hitachi 535BX59B9
    Hitachi 535BX89B
    Hitachi 535DX89B
    Hitachi 535DX89BA
    Hitachi 535SBX01B
    Hitachi 535SBX59B
    Hitachi 53BX01B
    Hitachi 53BX01BA
    Hitachi 53BX59B
    Hitachi 53DX89B
    Hitachi 53DX89BA
    Hitachi 53FDX0B
    Hitachi 53FX01B
    Hitachi 53S6X5913
    Hitachi 53SB59B
    Hitachi 53SBBX59B
    Hitachi 53SBC01B
    Hitachi 53SBX
    Hitachi 53SBX01B
    Hitachi 53SBX59
    Hitachi 53SBX5913
    Hitachi 53SBX598
    Hitachi 53SBX59B
    Hitachi 53SBX59BK
    Hitachi 53SBX59D
    Hitachi 53SBX89B
    Hitachi 53SBX89BA
    Hitachi 53SBX9B
    Hitachi 53SDX59
    Hitachi 53SDX59B
    Hitachi 53SDX8913
    Hitachi 53SDX893
    Hitachi 53SDX898
    Hitachi 53SDX898B
    Hitachi 53SDX89B
    Hitachi 53SDX89BA
    Hitachi 53SDXD1B
    Hitachi 53SDY89B
    Hitachi 53SPX89B
    Hitachi 53SWX01W
    Hitachi 53SXB59B
    Hitachi 53UX10BA
    Hitachi 55FX20B
    Hitachi 55FX48A
    Hitachi 55FX48B
    Hitachi 55UX58B
    Hitachi 55UX58BA
    Hitachi 55X20B
    Hitachi 57SBX59B
    Hitachi 5O0UX58B
    Hitachi 5OFX18B
    Hitachi 5OFX48B
    Hitachi 5OUX26B
    Hitachi 5OUX27K
    Hitachi 5OUX52B
    Hitachi 5OUX57B
    Hitachi 5OUX58B
    Hitachi 5QUX53K
    Hitachi 600X58B
    Hitachi 604UX58B
    Hitachi 604X58B
    Hitachi 605BX78B
    Hitachi 605X12B
    Hitachi 605X13K
    Hitachi 606X588
    Hitachi 60BX78B
    Hitachi 60CX29B
    Hitachi 60DX01B
    Hitachi 60EX013
    Hitachi 60EX01B
    Hitachi 60EX01BA
    Hitachi 60EX10B
    Hitachi 60EX38B
    Hitachi 60EX38BA
    Hitachi 60EX39B
    Hitachi 60EX601BA
    Hitachi 60EXD1B
    Hitachi 60FX12B
    Hitachi 60FX32B
    Hitachi 60SBX59B
    Hitachi 60SBX72B
    Hitachi 60SBX78
    Hitachi 60SBX788
    Hitachi 60SBX78B
    Hitachi 60SDS88BA
    Hitachi 60SDX88
    Hitachi 60SDX888
    Hitachi 60SDX88B
    Hitachi 60SDX88BA
    Hitachi 60SDX89BA
    Hitachi 60SK12B
    Hitachi 60SX12
    Hitachi 60SX126
    Hitachi 60SX128
    Hitachi 60SX12B
    Hitachi 60SX13K
    Hitachi 60SX13U
    Hitachi 60SX28B
    Hitachi 60SX32B
    Hitachi 60SXV12B
    Hitachi 60US58B
    Hitachi 60UV54B
    Hitachi 60UX48B
    Hitachi 60UX54
    Hitachi 60UX548
    Hitachi 60UX54B
    Hitachi 60UX55K
    Hitachi 60UX56B
    Hitachi 60UX57B
    Hitachi 60UX5813
    Hitachi 60UX585
    Hitachi 60UX588
    Hitachi 60UX58B
    Hitachi 60UX58K
    Hitachi 60UX58V
    Hitachi 60UXB58B
    Hitachi 60VX57B
    Hitachi 60X12B
    Hitachi 60XUX54B
    Hitachi 615BX01B
    Hitachi 615BX01BA
    Hitachi 615BX598
    Hitachi 615BX59B
    Hitachi 61BX59B
    Hitachi 61HDX01B
    Hitachi 61HDX9813
    Hitachi 61HDX98B
    Hitachi 61SBK01BA
    Hitachi 61SBX01BA
    Hitachi 61SBX593
    Hitachi 61SBX59A
    Hitachi 61SBX59B
    Hitachi 61SBX69B
    Hitachi 61SDX59B
    Hitachi 61SDX89BA
    Hitachi 61SXBX59B
    Hitachi 620UX54B
    Hitachi 6OUX54B
    Hitachi 6OUX588
    Hitachi 6OUX58B
    Hitachi 705BX74B
    Hitachi 70SBX74
    Hitachi 70SBX74B
    Hitachi 91C560
    Hitachi BOUX58B
    Hitachi CL4952MP
    Hitachi CLU361U
    Hitachi CLU4111UI
    Hitachi CLU414UI
    Hitachi CLU415UI
    Hitachi CLU417U2
    Hitachi CLU419U1
    Hitachi CLU419UI
    Hitachi CLU4311UG
    Hitachi CLU-431UG
    Hitachi CLU431UI
    Hitachi CLU433FC
    Hitachi CLU434VP
    Hitachi CLU-435U
    Hitachi CLU443FC
    Hitachi CLU5713TSI
    Hitachi CLU572TSI
    Hitachi CLU576TSI
    Hitachi CLU577TSI
    Hitachi CLU612
    Hitachi CLU612MP
    Hitachi CLU613MP
    Hitachi CLU615MP
    Hitachi CLU617MP
    Hitachi CLU618MP
    Hitachi CLU620PR
    Hitachi CLU670GJ
    Hitachi CLU692GR
    Hitachi CLU851GR
    Hitachi CLU951GR
    Hitachi CT1347
    Hitachi CT13C7
    Hitachi CT2088
    Hitachi CT2088B
    Hitachi CT2088B/W
    Hitachi CT4533
    Hitachi CT4533K
    Hitachi CT4535
    Hitachi CT4535D
    Hitachi CT5033K
    Hitachi CT5533
    Hitachi CT5533K
    Hitachi CT7826
    Hitachi CT7876
    Hitachi CT7876K
    Hitachi CT7894
    Hitachi CT7896
    Hitachi CT7896B
    Hitachi CT7970
    Hitachi CT7970B
    Hitachi CT7970K
    Hitachi CT7970KB
    Hitachi CU5002K
    Hitachi CY75
    Hitachi DS31650
    Hitachi FX30B
    Hitachi G0EX01B
    Hitachi G1BX59B
    Hitachi H0UX27K
    Hitachi HDS-120S
    Hitachi HIT46UX243
    Hitachi HIT46UX25K
    Hitachi HIT50DX01B
    Hitachi HIT50UX26B
    Hitachi HIT50UX27K
    Hitachi HIT60SX12B
    Hitachi HL00213
    Hitachi HL00223
    Hitachi HL00224
    Hitachi HL00227
    Hitachi HL00551
    Hitachi HL00712
    Hitachi HL00713
    Hitachi HL00714
    Hitachi HL00715
    Hitachi HL00717
    Hitachi HL00724
    Hitachi HL00731
    Hitachi HL01323
    Hitachi HL01325
    Hitachi HL01326
    Hitachi HL01327
    Hitachi HL01421
    Hitachi HL01643
    Hitachi HL01643=CLU572TSI
    Hitachi HL01651
    Hitachi HL10323
    Hitachi HPS120S
    Hitachi J5533K
    Hitachi MDXP1
    Hitachi S05BX78B
    Hitachi S35SBX59B
    Hitachi SO5BX78B
    Hitachi SOFX488
    Hitachi SOUX268
    Hitachi SOUX26B
    Hitachi SOUX58B
    Hitachi SOUXS8B
    Hitachi SOVX58B
    Hitachi SQUX53K
    Hitachi T5533K
    Hitachi TN79061
    Hitachi TT9808XS
    Hitachi V01006843
    Hitachi V6L011286
    Hitachi V9B034200
    Hitachi VHR5212
    Hitachi VTF392A
    Hitachi VTF92A
    Hitachi VTM181A
    Hitachi VTRM392A
    Hitachi VWM665
    Hitachi Z7G000012