RR692GR Part

Anderic RR692GR Remote Control

Part #: RR692GR

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The Anderic RR692GR remote control allows easy operation for your compatible Anderic model. The Anderic RR692GR is perfect if you lose the one that was included with your unit or if you're in need of an additional remote. The RR692GR controls all basic functions of the unit. Batteries Sold Separately.
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Up to $35.00 $3.95
$35.01 - $75.00 Free
Over $75.00 Free
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All orders with Non-mainland US (2-3 business days) shipping are $29.95

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Oversize Shipping Surcharges
This item is over 30 lbs/5,820 Cu. In. $39.95
This item is over 80 lbs/15,520 Cu. In. $69.95
This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
This item is over 200 lbs/38,800 Cu. In. $299.95

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These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 759 models:

Hitachi 120SA5B
Hitachi 13GA1
Hitachi 13GA1B
Hitachi 13GA1BA
Hitachi 160SX11K
Hitachi 187
Hitachi 19CH94
Hitachi 19PF6744
Hitachi 205A2B
Hitachi 205A35
Hitachi 205A3B
Hitachi 20AB2B
Hitachi 20AS2B
Hitachi 20MA1
Hitachi 20MA1B
Hitachi 20MA3B
Hitachi 20SA2B
Hitachi 20SA2BVM
Hitachi 20SA38
Hitachi 20SA3B
Hitachi 20SA3D
Hitachi 20SA3V
Hitachi 20SA4B
Hitachi 20SA4BC
Hitachi 20SA58
Hitachi 20SA5B
Hitachi 20SAB3B
Hitachi 20SASB
Hitachi 20SU3B
Hitachi 20VR2B
Hitachi 20VR4B
Hitachi 2573411
Hitachi 2573414
Hitachi 2573417
Hitachi 2573418
Hitachi 2573441
Hitachi 2573442
Hitachi 2573755
Hitachi 2573756
Hitachi 2573757
Hitachi 2573785
Hitachi 2573786
Hitachi 2573787
Hitachi 2573922
Hitachi 2573971
Hitachi 2573972
Hitachi 25CX5B
Hitachi 270X6B
Hitachi 273X3B
Hitachi 2765413
Hitachi 276X5B
Hitachi 27A3XB
Hitachi 27AC3B
Hitachi 27AX0B
Hitachi 27AX0B/3B/4B
Hitachi 27AX0BC
Hitachi 27AX1B
Hitachi 27AX2
Hitachi 27AX2B
Hitachi 27AX3
Hitachi 27AX30BC
Hitachi 27AX38
Hitachi 27AX3B
Hitachi 27AX3B31D
Hitachi 27AX40
Hitachi 27AX4B
Hitachi 27AX4B31D
Hitachi 27AX5B
Hitachi 27AX5BX
Hitachi 27AZX3B
Hitachi 27CT21B
Hitachi 27CX0
Hitachi 27CX0B
Hitachi 27CX13
Hitachi 27CX15B
Hitachi 27CX1B
Hitachi 27CX21B
Hitachi 27CX22B
Hitachi 27CX22B501
Hitachi 27CX25B
Hitachi 27CX31B
Hitachi 27CX33
Hitachi 27CX38
Hitachi 27CX3B
Hitachi 27CX3BC
Hitachi 27CX4B
Hitachi 27CX51B
Hitachi 27CX58
Hitachi 27CX5B
Hitachi 27CX68
Hitachi 27CX6B
Hitachi 27CX75B
Hitachi 27CX78
Hitachi 27CX7B
Hitachi 27CXB
Hitachi 27CXCB
Hitachi 27CXOB
Hitachi 27CXSB
Hitachi 27CXVB
Hitachi 27DX5B
Hitachi 27FX48B501
Hitachi 27FX90
Hitachi 27NX10BC
Hitachi 27NX3BC
Hitachi 27UX5
Hitachi 27UX58
Hitachi 27UX5B
Hitachi 27X0B
Hitachi 27ZX6B
Hitachi 28553
Hitachi 2970302
Hitachi 2970611
Hitachi 2970901
Hitachi 2USA3B
Hitachi 30CX5B
Hitachi 30CX6B
Hitachi 310X21B
Hitachi 312X60
Hitachi 316141K
Hitachi 3194TB
Hitachi 31CCCCCCX6B
Hitachi 31CX3BC
Hitachi 31CX45
Hitachi 31CX48
Hitachi 31CX4B
Hitachi 31CX513
Hitachi 31CX58
Hitachi 31CX58B
Hitachi 31CX5B
Hitachi 31CX5BV5K01314
Hitachi 31CX63
Hitachi 31CX68
Hitachi 31CX6B
Hitachi 31CX6BV
Hitachi 31CX6P
Hitachi 31CXB
Hitachi 31CXIB
Hitachi 31DX10B
Hitachi 31DX11
Hitachi 31DX11B
Hitachi 31DX12B
Hitachi 31DX20
Hitachi 31DX20B
Hitachi 31DX21
Hitachi 31DX21B
Hitachi 31DX22
Hitachi 31DX225
Hitachi 31DX22B
Hitachi 31DX31B
Hitachi 31GX31
Hitachi 31GX31B
Hitachi 31GY31B
Hitachi 31K41K
Hitachi 31KV41K
Hitachi 31KX11KC
Hitachi 31KX1B
Hitachi 31KX2B
Hitachi 31KX39K
Hitachi 31KX3K
Hitachi 31KX41K
Hitachi 31KX41KVTFUX
Hitachi 31KX41X
Hitachi 31KX7B
Hitachi 31KX9K
Hitachi 31UX5
Hitachi 31UX58
Hitachi 31UX5B
Hitachi 31VX5B
Hitachi 31VX6B
Hitachi 31X11B
Hitachi 31X6B
Hitachi 320X8B
Hitachi 32CX10B
Hitachi 32CX11B
Hitachi 32CX32B
Hitachi 32CX33B
Hitachi 32CX38B
Hitachi 32CX7B
Hitachi 32CXX11B
Hitachi 32TX78
Hitachi 32TX78B
Hitachi 32TX79K
Hitachi 32TXTX79
Hitachi 32UX813
Hitachi 32UX88
Hitachi 32UX8B
Hitachi 32UX8R
Hitachi 32VX8B
Hitachi 3503TB
Hitachi 350X70B
Hitachi 354X70B
Hitachi 35CX3015
Hitachi 35CX30B
Hitachi 35CX45B
Hitachi 35KX50KC
Hitachi 35OUX708
Hitachi 35TX10B
Hitachi 35TX208
Hitachi 35TX20B
Hitachi 35TX20R
Hitachi 35TX30B
Hitachi 35TX50B
Hitachi 35TX50BC
Hitachi 35TX59K
Hitachi 35TX69K
Hitachi 35TX79K
Hitachi 35TX88
Hitachi 35TX88B
Hitachi 35TX89
Hitachi 35TX89K
Hitachi 35UX60B
Hitachi 35UX7
Hitachi 35UX7013
Hitachi 35UX708
Hitachi 35UX70B
Hitachi 35UX70BA
Hitachi 35UX70EA
Hitachi 35UX7OB
Hitachi 35UX8013
Hitachi 35UX80B
Hitachi 35UX80BA
Hitachi 35UX8B
Hitachi 35UXX70B
Hitachi 35VX60B
Hitachi 35VX70B
Hitachi 35X30B
Hitachi 37CX0B
Hitachi 3M3700A
Hitachi 40UX20B
Hitachi 44
Hitachi 4592071
Hitachi 45EX2B
Hitachi 460X16B
Hitachi 460X17K
Hitachi 460X208
Hitachi 460X20B
Hitachi 460X21K
Hitachi 464X2013
Hitachi 464X20B
Hitachi 464X21K
Hitachi 464X25X
Hitachi 46-50SX2K
Hitachi 46-50UX10B
Hitachi 46-50UX11K
Hitachi 46-50UX7B
Hitachi 46-50UX8B
Hitachi 46-60SX1K
Hitachi 46AX21K
Hitachi 46EUX20B
Hitachi 46EX1B
Hitachi 46EX1E
Hitachi 46EX21B
Hitachi 46EX250E
Hitachi 46EX2B
Hitachi 46EX2BK
Hitachi 46EX2K
Hitachi 46EX3
Hitachi 46EX38S
Hitachi 46EX3B
Hitachi 46EX3BC
Hitachi 46EX3BS
Hitachi 46EX3V
Hitachi 46EX4B
Hitachi 46EX4K
Hitachi 46IX21K
Hitachi 46OX20B
Hitachi 46U20B
Hitachi 46U21K
Hitachi 46U421K
Hitachi 46UK17K
Hitachi 46UK21K
Hitachi 46UV20B
Hitachi 46UV24B
Hitachi 46UX10
Hitachi 46UX1011
Hitachi 46UX10B
Hitachi 46UX10BA
Hitachi 46UX10BF
Hitachi 46UX11K
Hitachi 46UX11KA
Hitachi 46UX11KF
Hitachi 46UX12B
Hitachi 46UX12K
Hitachi 46UX13K
Hitachi 46UX1673
Hitachi 46UX16B
Hitachi 46UX17K
Hitachi 46UX1K
Hitachi 46UX2013
Hitachi 46UX20B
Hitachi 46UX20BA
Hitachi 46UX20BH
Hitachi 46UX21
Hitachi 46UX211K
Hitachi 46UX21K
Hitachi 46UX21KA
Hitachi 46UX21KAV5
Hitachi 46UX21R
Hitachi 46UX21X
Hitachi 46UX24B
Hitachi 46UX2OB
Hitachi 46UX2UB
Hitachi 46UX321K
Hitachi 46UX50B
Hitachi 46UX71
Hitachi 46UX78B
Hitachi 46UX78K
Hitachi 46UX7B
Hitachi 46UX7B/K
Hitachi 46UX7K
Hitachi 46UXB13K
Hitachi 46UXBK
Hitachi 46UXR13K
Hitachi 46UXTOB
Hitachi 46UXZ1KA
Hitachi 46UZ20Z21K
Hitachi 46VX12B
Hitachi 46VX12Z
Hitachi 46VX20B
Hitachi 46VX21K
Hitachi 46X21K
Hitachi 483521917704
Hitachi 4GEX3B
Hitachi 4UX20B
Hitachi 5000PMK
Hitachi 500UX22B
Hitachi 500UX26B
Hitachi 500X22B
Hitachi 500X22V
Hitachi 500X2613
Hitachi 502X12BA
Hitachi 504X22B
Hitachi 506X22B
Hitachi 50DX01B
Hitachi 50ES1
Hitachi 50ES14IB
Hitachi 50ES1B
Hitachi 50ES1BK
Hitachi 50ES1K
Hitachi 50EV10B
Hitachi 50EX10
Hitachi 50EX10B
Hitachi 50EX11
Hitachi 50EX11B
Hitachi 50EX11BV
Hitachi 50EX12
Hitachi 50EX1212BX
Hitachi 50EX1213
Hitachi 50EX1213X
Hitachi 50EX121B
Hitachi 50EX128
Hitachi 50EX128A
Hitachi 50EX12A
Hitachi 50EX12AB
Hitachi 50EX12B
Hitachi 50EX12BA
Hitachi 50EX12BB
Hitachi 50EX12BX
Hitachi 50EX12DX
Hitachi 50EX12K
Hitachi 50EX13B
Hitachi 50EX13K
Hitachi 50EX13KA
Hitachi 50EX13KX
Hitachi 50EX144BV
Hitachi 50EX14B
Hitachi 50EX14BV
Hitachi 50EX16B
Hitachi 50EX19K
Hitachi 50EX2
Hitachi 50EX2013
Hitachi 50EX208
Hitachi 50EX20B
Hitachi 50EX20BV
Hitachi 50EX21B
Hitachi 50EX2B
Hitachi 50EX2K
Hitachi 50EX38B
Hitachi 50EX412B
Hitachi 50EX4131UI
Hitachi 50EX6
Hitachi 50EX6K
Hitachi 50EX6R
Hitachi 50EX8
Hitachi 50EX8K
Hitachi 50EXBV11
Hitachi 50EXX12B
Hitachi 50FX12BX
Hitachi 50FX15B
Hitachi 50FX1888
Hitachi 50FX19K
Hitachi 50FX48B
Hitachi 50OUX14B
Hitachi 50OUX22B
Hitachi 50OX22B
Hitachi 50OX23K
Hitachi 50OX27BA
Hitachi 50SX5P
Hitachi 50SX5PB
Hitachi 50SX6P
Hitachi 50SX7P
Hitachi 50U14B
Hitachi 50U22B
Hitachi 50UE22B
Hitachi 50UIX18B
Hitachi 50UK23K
Hitachi 50UK23KA
Hitachi 50US23K
Hitachi 50UV22BA
Hitachi 50UV23K
Hitachi 50UWX58B
Hitachi 50UX10B
Hitachi 50UX1113
Hitachi 50UX11K
Hitachi 50UX14B
Hitachi 50UX14B/35
Hitachi 50UX15
Hitachi 50UX15K
Hitachi 50UX1813
Hitachi 50UX186
Hitachi 50UX18B
Hitachi 50UX18K
Hitachi 50UX19B
Hitachi 50UX19K
Hitachi 50UX2
Hitachi 50UX21K
Hitachi 50UX220
Hitachi 50UX2213
Hitachi 50UX225
Hitachi 50UX228
Hitachi 50UX228A
Hitachi 50UX22B
Hitachi 50UX22BA
Hitachi 50UX22BA23KA
Hitachi 50UX22V
Hitachi 50UX22VA
Hitachi 50UX231C
Hitachi 50UX236
Hitachi 50UX23K
Hitachi 50UX23KA
Hitachi 50UX23X
Hitachi 50UX24B
Hitachi 50UX24K
Hitachi 50UX26B
Hitachi 50UX27K
Hitachi 50UX2B
Hitachi 50UX2XB
Hitachi 50UX32K
Hitachi 50UX58B
Hitachi 50UX7B
Hitachi 50UX7K
Hitachi 50UX8
Hitachi 50UX8D
Hitachi 50UX8W
Hitachi 50UXZZB
Hitachi 50VX15K
Hitachi 50VX18B
Hitachi 50VX2213
Hitachi 50VX22B
Hitachi 50VX22BA
Hitachi 50VX23K
Hitachi 50X12BA
Hitachi 50X22B
Hitachi 50XE12B
Hitachi 50YX22B
Hitachi 53SBX59B
Hitachi 53SDX89B
Hitachi 55E15K
Hitachi 55EK9K
Hitachi 55EX15K
Hitachi 55EX1K
Hitachi 55EX7
Hitachi 55EX7K
Hitachi 55EX9K
Hitachi 5614881
Hitachi 5614893
Hitachi 5616202
Hitachi 5616203
Hitachi 5616352
Hitachi 5616491
Hitachi 5616581
Hitachi 5EX12BA
Hitachi 5OEX10B
Hitachi 5OEX12BA
Hitachi 5OU22B
Hitachi 5OUX14B
Hitachi 5OUX15K
Hitachi 5OUX18B
Hitachi 5OUX18D
Hitachi 5OUX19K
Hitachi 5OUX225
Hitachi 5OUX22B
Hitachi 5OUX22BA
Hitachi 5OUX22BA23KA
Hitachi 5OUX23K
Hitachi 5OUX26B
Hitachi 5QUX18B
Hitachi 601SX8B
Hitachi 603X10BA
Hitachi 605X10B
Hitachi 605X11K
Hitachi 605X11KA
Hitachi 60DC10B
Hitachi 60EEX38B
Hitachi 60EX01B
Hitachi 60EX01BA
Hitachi 60EX11B
Hitachi 60EX12BA
Hitachi 60EX28B
Hitachi 60EX380
Hitachi 60EX3813
Hitachi 60EX385
Hitachi 60EX388
Hitachi 60EX388B
Hitachi 60EX38B
Hitachi 60EX38B0
Hitachi 60EX38BA
Hitachi 60EX38P
Hitachi 60EX38R
Hitachi 60EX3EB
Hitachi 60EX48B
Hitachi 60FX12B
Hitachi 60FX328
Hitachi 60FX38B
Hitachi 60FZ10BA
Hitachi 60OUX58B
Hitachi 60SC10B
Hitachi 60SK10B
Hitachi 60SK11KA
Hitachi 60SK4K
Hitachi 60SK8B
Hitachi 60SX102B
Hitachi 60SX108
Hitachi 60SX10B
Hitachi 60SX10B11K
Hitachi 60SX10BA
Hitachi 60SX11K
Hitachi 60SX11KA
Hitachi 60SX12B
Hitachi 60SX1K
Hitachi 60SX20B
Hitachi 60SX2B
Hitachi 60SX2K
Hitachi 60SX3B
Hitachi 60SX3K
Hitachi 60SX4B
Hitachi 60SX4K
Hitachi 60SX8B
Hitachi 60SX8K
Hitachi 60SX9K
Hitachi 60UX2K
Hitachi 60UX54B
Hitachi 60UX57B
Hitachi 60UX58B
Hitachi 60UX58K
Hitachi 60X10BA
Hitachi 60X38B
Hitachi 60XS10B
Hitachi 61SBX59B
Hitachi 80UX22B
Hitachi 881315
Hitachi 91C910
Hitachi CCU9000
Hitachi CLU241B
Hitachi CLU254
Hitachi CLU264
Hitachi CLU361U
Hitachi CLU411U
Hitachi CLU412U
Hitachi CLU413U
Hitachi CLU414UI
Hitachi CLU415UI
Hitachi CLU415VI
Hitachi CLU417UI
Hitachi CLU418U
Hitachi CLU418U2
Hitachi CLU419UI
Hitachi CLU41SUI
Hitachi CLU4311UG
Hitachi CLU-431UG
Hitachi CLU612MP
Hitachi CLU615MP
Hitachi CLU617MP
Hitachi CLU620PR
Hitachi CLU660GR
Hitachi CLU660GT
Hitachi CLU670GJ
Hitachi CLU681GR
Hitachi CLU692GR
Hitachi CLU850GR
Hitachi CLU851GR
Hitachi CLU910GR
Hitachi CLU950GR
Hitachi CLU950GRII
Hitachi CLU951GR
Hitachi CLU951MP
Hitachi CLU952
Hitachi CPL950
Hitachi CT1394W
Hitachi CT1397B
Hitachi CT2033B
Hitachi CT2079
Hitachi CT2079B
Hitachi CT2085
Hitachi CT2086
Hitachi CT2095
Hitachi CT2736ST
Hitachi CT2995B
Hitachi CT3170
Hitachi CT3483521837153
Hitachi CT4520
Hitachi CT4521
Hitachi CT4533K
Hitachi CT4580
Hitachi CT5081
Hitachi CT5522
Hitachi CT5533K
Hitachi CT5582
Hitachi CT7826
Hitachi CT7870
Hitachi CT7870B
Hitachi CT7870K
Hitachi CT7872B
Hitachi CT7880
Hitachi CT7886
Hitachi CT7890
Hitachi CT7893B
Hitachi CU4600
Hitachi CU4600B
Hitachi CU4600K
Hitachi CU4601
Hitachi CU4601B
Hitachi CU4601BK
Hitachi CU4601K
Hitachi CU5000
Hitachi CU5000K
Hitachi CU5001
Hitachi CU50018
Hitachi CU5001B
Hitachi CU5001B51
Hitachi CU5002
Hitachi CU5002K
Hitachi CU5003
Hitachi CU5003D
Hitachi EX6038B
Hitachi GOEX38B
Hitachi HC00234
Hitachi HIT27CX0B
Hitachi HL00211
Hitachi HL00213
Hitachi HL00221
Hitachi HL00223
Hitachi HL00224
Hitachi HL00227
Hitachi HL00229
Hitachi HL00231
Hitachi HL00234
Hitachi HL00551
Hitachi HL00712
Hitachi HL00715
Hitachi HL00717
Hitachi HL01421
Hitachi HL01651
Hitachi HL10421
Hitachi HL10771
Hitachi HL10991
Hitachi HLOO211
Hitachi J0UX22B
Hitachi KRV6030
Hitachi MDL27CX7B
Hitachi MT2796
Hitachi N60SX10BA
Hitachi RBF480PV
Hitachi RC129A
Hitachi RC146
Hitachi RCA9635
Hitachi RCA9645
Hitachi RCU01A
Hitachi RCU800
Hitachi RCU8700MSL
Hitachi S0UX23KA
Hitachi S0VX22B
Hitachi S5EX9K
Hitachi SC440
Hitachi SOUX22B
Hitachi SOUX23KA
Hitachi SP351B
Hitachi TE8706
Hitachi TS2768C
Hitachi TT8050
Hitachi TZ61V61
Hitachi UX21K
Hitachi V27CX5B
Hitachi V3B21315
Hitachi v4g001047
Hitachi V50UX22B
Hitachi V5F001367
Hitachi V5F001940
Hitachi V5G000363
Hitachi V5J001694
Hitachi V5J016068
Hitachi V5K00121
Hitachi V5K0021235
Hitachi V5K006186
Hitachi V5K007553
Hitachi V6I008073
Hitachi V6J007384
Hitachi V8G005848
Hitachi VA026688
Hitachi VFT462A
Hitachi VM-E310A
Hitachi VM-E53A
Hitachi VME53OA
Hitachi VME55
Hitachi VM-E55A
Hitachi VME6351A
Hitachi VM-E635LA
Hitachi VME63LA
Hitachi VMEE110A
Hitachi VMF635LA
Hitachi VM-H57A
Hitachi VMRM50A
Hitachi VMRME311A
Hitachi VM-RME55A
Hitachi VS50
Hitachi VTF352
Hitachi VTF361
Hitachi VTF361A
Hitachi VTF362
Hitachi VTF362A
Hitachi VTF370A
Hitachi VTF441
Hitachi VTF441A
Hitachi VTF445A
Hitachi VTF462
Hitachi VTF462A
Hitachi VTF482A
Hitachi VTF482AS
Hitachi VTF494
Hitachi VTFM281A
Hitachi VTM181A
Hitachi VTM262
Hitachi VTM262A
Hitachi VTM2658
Hitachi VTM281A
Hitachi VTM28IA
Hitachi VTM348E
Hitachi VTM361A
Hitachi VTMF372A
Hitachi VT-RM241A
Hitachi VTRM361A
Hitachi VTRM370A
Hitachi VT-RM441A
Hitachi VTRM462A
Hitachi VTRM462AA
Hitachi VWE535LA
Hitachi VWM338
Hitachi VWM665
Hitachi Y147KAAA01