99001008 Part


Part #: 99001008

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Standard Ground (5-10 business days)
Up to $35.00 $3.95
$35.01 - $75.00 Free
Over $75.00 Free
Expedited (3-5 business days)
All orders with Expedited (3-5 business days) shipping are $12.95
Non-mainland US (2-3 business days)
All orders with Non-mainland US (2-3 business days) shipping are $29.95

Please note that we ship to US destinations only.
Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

Oversize Shipping Surcharges
This item is over 30 lbs/5,820 Cu. In. $39.95
This item is over 80 lbs/15,520 Cu. In. $69.95
This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
This item is over 200 lbs/38,800 Cu. In. $299.95

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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 669 models:

Admiral DWB1000AWE
Admiral DWB1000AWX
Amana ADB3500AWB
Amana ADB3500AWQ
Amana ADB3500AWS
Amana ADB3500AWW
Amana DDW361RAB
Amana DDW361RAC
Amana DDW361RAW
Crosley CDU510B
Crosley CDU510V
Jade RJDW2480B
Jade RJDW2481B
JennAir DW860UQA
JennAir DW860UQB
JennAir DW860UQP
JennAir DW860UQW
JennAir JDB1060AWB
JennAir JDB1060AWQ
JennAir JDB1060AWS
JennAir JDB1060AWW
JennAir JDB1080AWB
JennAir JDB1080AWQ
JennAir JDB1080AWS
JennAir JDB1080AWW
JennAir JDB1100AWB
JennAir JDB1100AWS
JennAir JDB1100AWW
JennAir JDB1250AWB
JennAir JDB1250AWP
JennAir JDB1250AWQ
JennAir JDB1250AWS
JennAir JDB1250AWW
JennAir JDB1270AWF
JennAir JDB1270AWY
JennAir JDB2100AWB
JennAir JDB2100AWS
JennAir JDB2100AWW
JennAir JDB2150AWP
JennAir JDB3610AWE
JennAir JDB3610AWN
JennAir JDB3610AWX
JennAir JDB3610BWE
JennAir JDB3610BWX
JennAir JDB6510AWP
JennAir JDB7910AWB
JennAir JDB7910AWW
JennAir JDB8910AWB
JennAir JDB8910AWQ
JennAir JDB8910AWS
JennAir JDB8910AWW
JennAir JDB9910AWB
JennAir JDB9910AWQ
JennAir JDB9910AWS
JennAir JDB9910AWW
Magic Chef CDB3100AWE
Magic Chef CDB3100AWT
Magic Chef CDB3100AWX
Magic Chef DU40J
Magic Chef DU40JV
Maytag ADW662EAB
Maytag ADW662EAC
Maytag ADW662EAW
Maytag ADW862EAB
Maytag ADW862EAC
Maytag ADW862EAS
Maytag ADW862EAW
Maytag CDB3100AWE
Maytag CDB3100AWT
Maytag CDB3100AWX
Maytag CDB6100AWE
Maytag CDB6100AWN
Maytag CDB6100AWX
Maytag CDC400B
Maytag CDC450B
Maytag CDC5J
Maytag CDC610B
Maytag CDU20J
Maytag CDU250B
Maytag CDU250V
Maytag CDU2J
Maytag CDU2J3
Maytag CDU400B
Maytag CDU450B
Maytag CDU450V
Maytag CDU510B
Maytag CDU510V
Maytag CDU5J
Maytag CDU5JV
Maytag CDU600B
Maytag CDU600V
Maytag CDU610B
Maytag CDU610N
Maytag CDU610V
Maytag CDU8000B
Maytag CDU8000V
Maytag CDU810B
Maytag CDU810V
Maytag CDU8J
Maytag DC4000B
Maytag DC4500B
Maytag DC5J
Maytag DDW261RAB
Maytag DDW261RAW
Maytag DDW361RAB
Maytag DDW361RAC
Maytag DDW361RAW
Maytag DU2000B
Maytag DU2000B-C
Maytag DU2000V
Maytag DU2000V-C
Maytag DU2000W
Maytag DU20J
Maytag DU20J-CAN
Maytag DU20JV
Maytag DU2100B
Maytag DU2500B
Maytag DU2500V
Maytag DU2J
Maytag DU2J3
Maytag DU2J3B
Maytag DU2J3V
Maytag DU2JB
Maytag DU2J-C
Maytag DU2J-CAN
Maytag DU2JV
Maytag DU4000B
Maytag DU4000B-C
Maytag DU4000V
Maytag DU4000V-C
Maytag DU40J
Maytag DU40JV
Maytag DU4500B
Maytag DU4500B-C
Maytag DU4500V
Maytag DU4500V-C
Maytag DU4K
Maytag DU4K-C
Maytag DU4KV
Maytag DU4KV-C
Maytag DU4KV-CAN
Maytag DU5J
Maytag DU5J-CAN
Maytag DU5JV
Maytag DU6500A
Maytag DU6500B
Maytag DU6500N
Maytag DU6500V
Maytag DU6550P
Maytag DU8000B
Maytag DU8000V
Maytag DU8J
Maytag DW1000B
Maytag DW1000W
Maytag DW700B
Maytag DW700W
Maytag DW701B
Maytag DW701W
Maytag DW710B
Maytag DW710W
Maytag DW711B
Maytag DW711W
Maytag DW730A
Maytag DW730B
Maytag DW730B-CAN
Maytag DW730W
Maytag DW730W-CAN
Maytag DW731A
Maytag DW731B
Maytag DW731W
Maytag DW760B
Maytag DW760B-CAN
Maytag DW760S
Maytag DW760W
Maytag DW760W-CAN
Maytag DW761B
Maytag DW761UQB
Maytag DW761UQW
Maytag DW761W
Maytag DW860A
Maytag DW860B
Maytag DW860UQA
Maytag DW860UQB
Maytag DW860UQP
Maytag DW860UQW
Maytag DW860W
Maytag DW861UQF
Maytag DW861UQG
Maytag DW861UQK
Maytag DW861UQP
Maytag DW861UQR
Maytag DW861UQU
Maytag DW871UQA
Maytag DW871UQB
Maytag DW871UQW
Maytag DW960B
Maytag DW960B-CAN
Maytag DW960UQB
Maytag DW960UQW
Maytag DW960W
Maytag DW960W-CAN
Maytag DW961UQB
Maytag DW961UQW
Maytag DW980B
Maytag DW980B-CAN
Maytag DW980W
Maytag DW980W-CAN
Maytag DWB1000AWX
Maytag DWC4910AAW
Maytag DWC6402AAE
Maytag DWC6402ABE
Maytag DWC7400AAW
Maytag DWC7400ABW
Maytag DWC7602AAB
Maytag DWC7602AAE
Maytag DWC7602ABB
Maytag DWC7602ABE
Maytag DWC8240AAW
Maytag DWC8240ABW
Maytag DWC8330AAW
Maytag DWCA500AAW
Maytag DWU3000AAE
Maytag DWU3000AAX
Maytag DWU4910AAX
Maytag DWU4910BAX
Maytag DWU4912AAB
Maytag DWU4912AAE
Maytag DWU4915AAX
Maytag DWU4915BAX
Maytag DWU5902AAB
Maytag DWU5902AAE
Maytag DWU5902AAM
Maytag DWU5912AAB
Maytag DWU5912AAE
Maytag DWU5915AAX
Maytag DWU5915BAX
Maytag DWU6202AAB
Maytag DWU6202AAE
Maytag DWU6402AAB
Maytag DWU6402AAE
Maytag DWU6402AAM
Maytag DWU6502AAB
Maytag DWU6502AAE
Maytag DWU6602AAB
Maytag DWU6602AAE
Maytag DWU6702AAB
Maytag DWU6702AAE
Maytag DWU6702AAM
Maytag DWU6750AAB
Maytag DWU6750AAE
Maytag DWU6750AAM
Maytag DWU6802AAB
Maytag DWU6802AAE
Maytag DWU6802AAM
Maytag DWU6812AAB
Maytag DWU6812AAE
Maytag DWU6902AAB
Maytag DWU6902AAE
Maytag DWU7202AAB
Maytag DWU7202AAE
Maytag DWU7300BAX
Maytag DWU7300BBX
Maytag DWU7400AAE
Maytag DWU7400AAX
Maytag DWU7400ABE
Maytag DWU7400ABX
Maytag DWU7400BAE
Maytag DWU7400BAX
Maytag DWU7400BBE
Maytag DWU7400BBX
Maytag DWU7402AAB
Maytag DWU7402AAE
Maytag DWU7402AAM
Maytag DWU7450AAX
Maytag DWU7450ABX
Maytag DWU7500AAX
Maytag DWU7500ABX
Maytag DWU7500BAX
Maytag DWU7500BBX
Maytag DWU7502AAM
Maytag DWU7550AAX
Maytag DWU7550ABX
Maytag DWU7560AAB
Maytag DWU7560AAE
Maytag DWU7560AAM
Maytag DWU7600AAX
Maytag DWU7600ABX
Maytag DWU7602AAB
Maytag DWU7602AAE
Maytag DWU7702AAB
Maytag DWU7702AAE
Maytag DWU7702AAM
Maytag DWU7802AAM
Maytag DWU7910AAE
Maytag DWU7910AAX
Maytag DWU7910BAB
Maytag DWU7910BAE
Maytag DWU7910BAM
Maytag DWU8240AAX
Maytag DWU8240BAX
Maytag DWU8250AAX
Maytag DWU8250ABX
Maytag DWU8250BAX
Maytag DWU8250BBX
Maytag DWU8260AAX
Maytag DWU8260ABX
Maytag DWU8260BAX
Maytag DWU8260BBX
Maytag DWU8270AAE
Maytag DWU8270ABE
Maytag DWU8270BAE
Maytag DWU8270BBE
Maytag DWU8330AAX
Maytag DWU8330BAX
Maytag DWU8402AAB
Maytag DWU8402AAE
Maytag DWU8402AAM
Maytag DWU8450AAX
Maytag DWU8450BAX
Maytag DWU8460AAX
Maytag DWU8460ABX
Maytag DWU8460BAX
Maytag DWU8460BBX
Maytag DWU8530AAX
Maytag DWU8530BAX
Maytag DWU8602AAB
Maytag DWU8602AAE
Maytag DWU8602AAM
Maytag DWU8702AAB
Maytag DWU8702AAE
Maytag DWU8702AAM
Maytag DWU8750AAE
Maytag DWU8750AAX
Maytag DWU8750BAB
Maytag DWU8750BAE
Maytag DWU8750BAM
Maytag DWU8860AAE
Maytag DWU8860AAX
Maytag DWU8860ABE
Maytag DWU8860ABX
Maytag DWU8860BAB
Maytag DWU8860BAE
Maytag DWU8860BAM
Maytag DWU8860BBB
Maytag DWU8860BBE
Maytag DWU8891AAX
Maytag DWU8891ABX
Maytag DWU8891BAB
Maytag DWU8891BAE
Maytag DWU8891BBB
Maytag DWU8891BBE
Maytag DWU8912AAB
Maytag DWU8912AAE
Maytag DWU8912AAM
Maytag DWU9200AAE
Maytag DWU9200AAX
Maytag DWU9200ABE
Maytag DWU9200ABX
Maytag DWU9200BAB
Maytag DWU9200BAE
Maytag DWU9200BAM
Maytag DWU9200BBB
Maytag DWU9200BBE
Maytag DWU9200BBM
Maytag DWU9202AAB
Maytag DWU9202AAE
Maytag DWU9202AAM
Maytag DWU9302AAB
Maytag DWU9302AAE
Maytag DWU9502AAM
Maytag DWU9902AAB
Maytag DWU9902AAE
Maytag DWU9906AAX
Maytag DWU9906ABX
Maytag DWU9906BAB
Maytag DWU9906BAE
Maytag DWU9906BBB
Maytag DWU9906BBE
Maytag DWU9921AAE
Maytag DWU9921AAX
Maytag DWU9921ABE
Maytag DWU9921ABX
Maytag DWU9921BAB
Maytag DWU9921BAE
Maytag DWU9921BAM
Maytag DWU9921BBB
Maytag DWU9921BBE
Maytag DWU9922AAB
Maytag DWU9922AAE
Maytag DWU9922AAM
Maytag DWU9961AAE
Maytag DWU9961AAX
Maytag DWU9961ABE
Maytag DWU9961ABX
Maytag DWUA200AAX
Maytag DWUA201AAB
Maytag DWUA201AAE
Maytag DWUA300AAX
Maytag DWUA401AAB
Maytag DWUA401AAE
Maytag DWUA451AAB
Maytag DWUA451AAE
Maytag DWUA500AAE
Maytag DWUA500AAX
Maytag DWUA601AAB
Maytag DWUA601AAE
Maytag DWUA601AAM
Maytag DWUA651AAB
Maytag DWUA651AAE
Maytag DWUA800AAX
Maytag DWUA940AAX
Maytag GDU20J-CN
Maytag GDU20JV-CN
Maytag GDU400B
Maytag GDU400V
Maytag GDU450B
Maytag GDU450V
Maytag GDU4K-CN
Maytag GDU4KV-CN
Maytag JDB1060AWS
Maytag JDB1095AWB41
Maytag JDB1095AWB42
Maytag JDB1095AWB44
Maytag JDB1095AWB45
Maytag JDB1095AWS41
Maytag JDB1095AWS42
Maytag JDB1095AWS44
Maytag JDB1095AWS45
Maytag JDB1095AWW41
Maytag JDB1095AWW42
Maytag JDB1095AWW44
Maytag JDB1095AWW45
Maytag JDB1100AWS
Maytag JDB1275AWF41
Maytag JDB1275AWF44
Maytag JDB1275AWF45
Maytag JDB1275AWF46
Maytag JDB1275AWY41
Maytag JDB1275AWY44
Maytag JDB1275AWY45
Maytag JDB1275AWY46
Maytag JDB3610AWE
Maytag JDB3610AWN
Maytag JDB3610AWX
Maytag JDB4950AWF
Maytag JDB4950AWG
Maytag JDB4950AWK
Maytag JDB4950AWP
Maytag JDB4950AWR
Maytag JDB4950AWU
Maytag JDB5900AWA
Maytag JDB5900AWB
Maytag JDB5900AWW
Maytag JDB6510AWP
Maytag JDB6900AWA
Maytag JDB6900AWB
Maytag JDB6900AWW
Maytag JDB7900AWA
Maytag JDB7900AWB
Maytag JDB7900AWW
Maytag JDB7910AWB
Maytag JDB7910AWW
Maytag JDB8910AWB
Maytag JDB8910AWQ
Maytag JDB8910AWS
Maytag JDB8910AWW
Maytag JDB9910AWB
Maytag JDB9910AWQ
Maytag JDB9910AWS
Maytag JDB9910AWW
Maytag MDB2200AWE
Maytag MDB2200AWZ
Maytag MDB2400AWE
Maytag MDB2400AWN
Maytag MDB2400AWT
Maytag MDB2400AWZ
Maytag MDB3000AWX
Maytag MDB3700AWE
Maytag MDB3700AWN
Maytag MDB3700AWX
Maytag MDB4000AWA
Maytag MDB4000AWB
Maytag MDB4000AWW
Maytag MDB4000AWX
Maytag MDB4010AWA
Maytag MDB4010AWB
Maytag MDB4010AWW
Maytag MDB4030AWA
Maytag MDB4030AWB
Maytag MDB4030AWW
Maytag MDB4040AWA
Maytag MDB4040AWB
Maytag MDB4040AWW
Maytag MDB4040AWX
Maytag MDB4050AWA
Maytag MDB4050AWB
Maytag MDB4050AWW
Maytag MDB4100AWB
Maytag MDB4100AWQ
Maytag MDB4100AWW
Maytag MDB4100AWX
Maytag MDB4160AWB
Maytag MDB4160AWQ
Maytag MDB4160AWW
Maytag MDB4600AWE
Maytag MDB4650AWW
Maytag MDB4800AWA
Maytag MDB4800AWB
Maytag MDB4800AWW
Maytag MDB5000AWA
Maytag MDB5000AWB
Maytag MDB5000AWW
Maytag MDB5010AWA
Maytag MDB5010AWB
Maytag MDB5010AWW
Maytag MDB5100AWB
Maytag MDB5100AWQ
Maytag mdb5100aww
Maytag MDB5130AWB
Maytag MDB5130AWQ
Maytag MDB5130AWW
Maytag MDB6100AWB
Maytag MDB6100AWQ
Maytag MDB6100AWW
Maytag mdb6160awb
Maytag MDB6160AWQ
Maytag MDB6160AWW
Maytag MDB6650AWB
Maytag MDB6650AWQ
Maytag MDB6650AWS
Maytag MDB6650AWW
Maytag MDB6657AWB
Maytag MDB6657AWQ
Maytag MDB6657AWW
Maytag MDB6658AWB
Maytag MDB6658AWQ
Maytag MDB6658AWS
Maytag MDB6658AWW
Maytag MDB6800AWA
Maytag MDB6800AWB
Maytag MDB6800AWW
Maytag MDB7000AWA
Maytag MDB7000AWB
Maytag MDB7000AWW
Maytag MDB7100AWB
Maytag MDB7100AWQ
Maytag MDB7100AWS
Maytag MDB7100AWW
Maytag MDB7130AWB
Maytag MDB7130AWQ
Maytag MDB7130AWS
Maytag MDB7130AWW
Maytag MDB7160AWB
Maytag MDB7160AWQ
Maytag MDB7160AWS
Maytag MDB7160AWW
Maytag MDB7601AWW
Maytag MDB7750AWB
Maytag MDB7750AWS
Maytag MDB7750AWW
Maytag MDB7755AWB
Maytag MDB7851AWB
Maytag MDB7851AWB1
Maytag MDB7851AWB10
Maytag MDB7851AWB41
Maytag MDB7851AWB44
Maytag MDB7851AWQ
Maytag MDB7851AWQ1
Maytag MDB7851AWQ10
Maytag MDB7851AWQ41
Maytag MDB7851AWQ44
Maytag MDB7851AWS
Maytag MDB7851AWS1
Maytag MDB7851AWS10
Maytag MDB7851AWS41
Maytag MDB7851AWS44
Maytag MDB7851AWW
Maytag MDB7851AWW1
Maytag MDB7851AWW10
Maytag MDB7851AWW41
Maytag MDB7851AWW44
Maytag MDB8000AWA
Maytag MDB8000AWB
Maytag MDB8000AWW
Maytag MDB8750AWB
Maytag MDB8750AWQ
Maytag MDB8750AWS
Maytag MDB8750AWW
Maytag MDB8851AWB10
Maytag MDB8851AWS10
Maytag MDB9100AWB
Maytag MDB9100AWQ
Maytag MDB9100AWS
Maytag MDB9100AWW
Maytag MDB9150AWB
Maytag MDB9150AWQ
Maytag MDB9150AWS
Maytag MDB9150AWW
Maytag MDB9750AWB
Maytag MDB9750AWQ
Maytag MDB9750AWS
Maytag MDB9750AWW
Maytag MDBD820AWB
Maytag MDBD820AWW
Maytag MDBD850AWB
Maytag MDBD850AWQ
Maytag MDBD850AWW
Maytag MDBD880AWB
Maytag MDBD880AWQ
Maytag MDBD880AWW
Maytag MDBE790AWB
Maytag MDBE790AWQ
Maytag MDBE790AWS
Maytag MDBE790AWW
Maytag MDBH750AWB
Maytag MDBH750AWS
Maytag MDBH750AWW
Maytag MDBH975AWB
Maytag MDBH975AWS
Maytag MDBH975AWW
Maytag MDBH985AWS10
Maytag MDC4000AWE
Maytag MDC4000AWX
Maytag MDC4100AWE
Maytag MDC4100AWX
Maytag MDC5100AWB
Maytag MDC5100AWW
Maytag NDU2J-CAN
Maytag NDU450B
Maytag NDU450V
Maytag NDU4K
Maytag NDU5J
Maytag NDU5J-CAN
Maytag NDU655P
Maytag PDB1100AWE
Maytag PDB1100AWN
Maytag PDB1100AWT
Maytag PDB1100AWZ
Maytag PDB1100MWE
Maytag PDB1100MWX
Maytag PDB1420AWX
Maytag PDB1600AWE
Maytag PDB1600AWN
Maytag PDB1600AWT
Maytag PDB2420AWE
Maytag PDB2420AWX
Maytag PDB2420BWE
Maytag PDB2420BWX
Maytag pdb2430awe
Maytag PDB2430AWN
Maytag pdb2430awx
Maytag PDB2600AWE
Maytag PDB2600AWN
Maytag PDB2600AWX
Maytag PDB3430AWE
Maytag PDB3430AWN
Maytag PDB3430AWX
Maytag PDB3600AWE
Maytag PDB3600AWN
Maytag PDB3600AWX
Maytag PDB4600AWE
Maytag PDB4600AWN
Maytag PDB4600AWX
Maytag PDBL290AWE
Maytag PDC3600AWE
Maytag PDC3600AWX
Maytag PDC3600BWE
Maytag PDC3600BWX
Samsung DB5710DT