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UKF7003 - PuriClean Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

Part #: UKF7003

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This UKF7003 PuriClean Whirlpool Water Filter fits Maytag & Jenn-Air refrigerators with a round, screw-in filter located inside the refrigerator compartment above the top shelf.

This replaces Maytag and Jenn-Air part numbers UKF7003AXXP, UKF7002AXX, UKF7002, 7002, UKF7001AXX, UKF7001, 7001, UKF6001AXX, UKF6001, 6001 UKF5001AXX, UKF5001, 5001

Tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI / NSF Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of: lead, more than 99.95% of cysts, more than 75% of chlorine, turbidity, more than 85% of particulates (class I)

The PuriClean Filter should be replaced every 6 months or when the change filter light comes on.

  • Size: 5 1/4 inches (length) x 3 1/4 inches (diameter)
  • This is a GENUINE Whirlpool water filter. This is a DIRECT replacement for your Maytag water filter or Whirlpool filter.
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    This is an alternative to Whirlpool part UKF7003
    AE-Select WF288 $34.29
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    This part is compatible with the following 425 models:

    Jade RJRS4270A
    Jade RJRS4270B
    Jade RJRS4270C
    Jade RJRS4270D
    Jade RJRS4271A
    Jade RJRS4271B
    Jade RJRS4272A
    Jade RJRS4272B
    Jade RJRS4280A
    Jade RJRS4280B
    Jade RJRS4280C
    Jade RJRS4280D
    Jade RJRS4281A
    Jade RJRS4281B
    Jade RJRS4282A
    Jade RJRS4282B
    Jade RJRS4870A
    Jade RJRS4870B
    Jade RJRS4870C
    Jade RJRS4870D
    Jade RJRS4871A
    Jade RJRS4871B
    Jade RJRS4872A
    Jade RJRS4872B
    Jade RJRS4880A
    Jade RJRS4880B
    Jade RJRS4880C
    Jade RJRS4880D
    Jade RJRS4881A
    Jade RJRS4881B
    Jade RJRS4882A
    Jade RJRS4882B
    JennAir JCD2289ATB
    JennAir JS42SEFXDA
    JennAir JS42SEFXFA
    JennAir JS48PPDBDA
    JennAir JS48PPFXDA
    Maytag AZ2727GIHW
    Maytag GC2227EAD3
    Maytag GC2227EAD5
    Maytag GC2227EED0
    Maytag GC2227EED1
    Maytag GC2227EED3
    Maytag GC2227EED5
    Maytag GC2228EED3
    Maytag GC2228EED5
    Maytag GC2228EED9
    Maytag GC2228EEDB
    Maytag GC2228GEH3
    Maytag GC2228GEH5
    Maytag GC2228GEH9
    Maytag GC2228GEHB
    Maytag GC2228GEHW
    Maytag GC2229GEHB
    Maytag GC2229GEHW
    Maytag GZ2727GEHB
    Maytag GZ2727GEHW
    Maytag JCD2289AEA
    Maytag JCD2289AEB
    Maytag JCD2289AEQ
    Maytag JCD2289AES
    Maytag JCD2289AEW
    Maytag JCD2289ATB
    Maytag JCD2289ATW
    Maytag JCD2389DEB
    Maytag JCD2389DEQ
    Maytag JCD2389DES
    Maytag JCD2389DEW
    Maytag JCD2389DTB
    Maytag JCD2389DTW
    Maytag JCD2389GEB
    Maytag JCD2389GEQ
    Maytag JCD2389GES
    Maytag JCD2389GEW
    Maytag JCD2389GTB
    Maytag JCD2389GTW
    Maytag JS42CSDBDA
    Maytag JS42CSDBFA
    Maytag JS42CSDWDA
    Maytag JS42CSDWFA
    Maytag JS42CSFXDA
    Maytag JS42CSFXFA
    Maytag JS42FBDBDA
    Maytag JS42FBDBFA
    Maytag JS42FBFXDA
    Maytag JS42FBFXFA
    Maytag JS42FSDBDA
    Maytag JS42FSDBFA
    Maytag JS42FSFXDA
    Maytag JS42FSFXFA
    Maytag JS42FWDWDA
    Maytag JS42FWDWFA
    Maytag JS42FWFXDA
    Maytag JS42FWFXFA
    Maytag JS42SEDBDA
    Maytag JS42SEDBFA
    Maytag JS42SEFXDA
    Maytag JS42SEFXFA
    Maytag JS48CSDBDA
    Maytag JS48CSDBFA
    Maytag JS48CSDWDA
    Maytag JS48CSDWFA
    Maytag JS48CSFXDA
    Maytag JS48CSFXFA
    Maytag JS48FBDBDA
    Maytag JS48FBDBFA
    Maytag JS48FBFXDA
    Maytag JS48FBFXFA
    Maytag JS48FSDBDA
    Maytag JS48FSDBFA
    Maytag JS48FSFXDA
    Maytag JS48FSFXFA
    Maytag JS48FWDWDA
    Maytag JS48FWDWFA
    Maytag JS48FWFXDA
    Maytag JS48FWFXFA
    Maytag JS48SEDBDA
    Maytag JS48SEDBFA
    Maytag JS48SEFXDA
    Maytag JS48SEFXFA
    Maytag JSD2388AEA
    Maytag JSD2388AEB
    Maytag JSD2388AEW
    Maytag JSD2488DEB
    Maytag JSD2488DEQ
    Maytag JSD2488DEW
    Maytag JSD2488GEB
    Maytag JSD2488GEQ
    Maytag JSD2488GEW
    Maytag JSD2588AEA
    Maytag JSD2588AEB
    Maytag JSD2588AEW
    Maytag JSD2789AEA
    Maytag JSD2789AEB
    Maytag JSD2789AES
    Maytag JSD2789AEW
    Maytag JSD2789ATB
    Maytag JSD2789ATW
    Maytag JSD2789DEB
    Maytag JSD2789DEQ
    Maytag JSD2789DES
    Maytag JSD2789DEW
    Maytag JSD2789GEB
    Maytag JSD2789GEQ
    Maytag JSD2789GES
    Maytag JSD2789GEW
    Maytag JSD2789HES
    Maytag JSD2989AEA
    Maytag JSD2989AEB
    Maytag JSD2989AEW
    Maytag MBB1952HEW
    Maytag MFI2568AES
    Maytag msd2356ae
    Maytag MSD2356AEA
    Maytag MSD2356AEB
    Maytag MSD2356AEW
    Maytag MSD2422GRQ
    Maytag MSD2422GRW
    Maytag MSD2432GRQ
    Maytag MSD2432GRW
    Maytag MSD2433HEW
    Maytag MSD2434GEQ
    Maytag MSD2434GEW
    Maytag MSD2436GRW
    Maytag MSD2454FRQ
    Maytag MSD2454FRW
    Maytag MSD2454GRQ
    Maytag MSD2454GRW
    Maytag MSD2454RGRW
    Maytag MSD2456DEB
    Maytag MSD2456DEQ
    Maytag MSD2456DEW
    Maytag MSD2456GEB
    Maytag MSD2456GEQ
    Maytag MSD2456GEW
    Maytag MSD2458GEB
    Maytag MSD2458GEQ
    Maytag MSD2458GEW
    Maytag MSD2555DRA
    Maytag MSD2555DRW
    Maytag MSD2556AEA
    Maytag MSD2556AEB
    Maytag msd2556aew
    Maytag MSD2654FRQ
    Maytag MSD2654FRW
    Maytag MSD2654GRQ
    Maytag MSD2654GRW
    Maytag MSD2656DEB
    Maytag MSD2656DEQ
    Maytag MSD2656DEW
    Maytag MSD2656GEB
    Maytag MSD2656GEQ
    Maytag MSD2656GEW
    Maytag MSD2656KES
    Maytag MSD2722GRQ
    Maytag msd2722grw
    Maytag MSD2732GRQ
    Maytag MSD2732GRS
    Maytag MSD2732GRW
    Maytag MSD2734GEW
    Maytag MSD2736GRW
    Maytag MSD2748DRA
    Maytag MSD2748DRB
    Maytag MSD2748DRQ
    Maytag msd2748drw
    Maytag MSD2754ARA
    Maytag MSD2754ARW
    Maytag MSD2754DRA
    Maytag MSD2754DRW
    Maytag MSD2754FRA
    Maytag MSD2754FRQ
    Maytag MSD2754FRW
    Maytag MSD2754GRQ
    Maytag MSD2754GRW
    Maytag MSD27556GEW
    Maytag MSD2756AEA
    Maytag MSD2756AEB
    Maytag MSD2756AEW
    Maytag MSD2756DE
    Maytag MSD2756DEB
    Maytag MSD2756DEQ
    Maytag MSD2756DEW
    Maytag MSD2756GEB
    Maytag MSD2756GES
    Maytag msd2756gew
    Maytag MSD2757AEA
    Maytag MSD2757AEB
    Maytag MSD2757AEW
    Maytag MSD2757DEB
    Maytag MSD2757DEQ
    Maytag MSD2757DEW
    Maytag MSD2758DRB
    Maytag MSD2758DRQ
    Maytag MSD2758DRW
    Maytag MSD2758GEB
    Maytag MSD2758GEQ
    Maytag MSD2758GEW
    Maytag MSD2957AEA
    Maytag MSD2957AEB
    Maytag MSD2957AEW
    Maytag MSD2957DEB
    Maytag MSD2957DEQ
    Maytag MSD2957DEW
    Maytag MSD2957GEB
    Maytag MSD2957GEQ
    Maytag MSD2957GEW
    Maytag MZD2752GRB
    Maytag MZD2752GRQ
    Maytag MZD2752GRS
    Maytag MZD2752GRW
    Maytag mzd2766ge
    Maytag MZD2766GEB
    Maytag MZD2766GEQ
    Maytag MZD2766GES
    Maytag MZD2766GEW
    Maytag MZD2768GEB
    Maytag MZD2768GEQ
    Maytag MZD2768GEW
    Whirlpool ED5JHAXTQ
    Whirlpool ED5RHEXTS
    Whirlpool ER8AHMXRQ02
    Whirlpool GC2227EAD3
    Whirlpool GC2227EAD5
    Whirlpool GC2227EED0
    Whirlpool GC2227EED1
    Whirlpool GC2227EED3
    Whirlpool GC2227EED5
    Whirlpool GC2227GEH1
    Whirlpool GC2228EED3
    Whirlpool GC2228EED5
    Whirlpool GC2228EED9
    Whirlpool GC2228EEDB
    Whirlpool GC2228GEH3
    Whirlpool GC2228GEH5
    Whirlpool GC2228GEH9
    Whirlpool GC2228GEHB
    Whirlpool GC2228GEHW
    Whirlpool GC2229GEHB
    Whirlpool GC2229GEHW
    Whirlpool GS2327EADW
    Whirlpool GS2327EEDW
    Whirlpool GS2327GEHW
    Whirlpool GS2727EAD1
    Whirlpool GS2727EADW
    Whirlpool GS2727EE1
    Whirlpool GS2727EE3
    Whirlpool GS2727EE5
    Whirlpool GS2727EEB
    Whirlpool GS2727EEW
    Whirlpool GS2727GAH1
    Whirlpool GS2727GEH3
    Whirlpool GS2727GEHB
    Whirlpool GS2727GEHW
    Whirlpool GS2728EEDB
    Whirlpool GS2728EEDW
    Whirlpool GS2728GEHB
    Whirlpool GS2728GEHQ
    Whirlpool GS2728GEHW
    Whirlpool GS2787EKDA
    Whirlpool GS2788EKDA
    Whirlpool GS2788EKDQ
    Whirlpool GS2788GKHQ
    Whirlpool GS2928EEDB
    Whirlpool GS2928EEDW
    Whirlpool GS2987EKDA
    Whirlpool GZ2727GEHB
    Whirlpool GZ2727GEHQ
    Whirlpool GZ2727GEHW
    Whirlpool MBB1952HEW
    Whirlpool MFI2568AES
    Whirlpool MSD2354FRA
    Whirlpool MSD2354FRW
    Whirlpool MSD2356AEA
    Whirlpool MSD2356AEB
    Whirlpool MSD2356AEW
    Whirlpool MSD2422GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2422GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2432GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2432GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2433HEW
    Whirlpool MSD2434GEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2434GEW
    Whirlpool MSD2436GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2436GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2448DRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2448DRW
    Whirlpool MSD2454FRA
    Whirlpool MSD2454FRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2454FRW
    Whirlpool MSD2454GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2454GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2456DEB
    Whirlpool MSD2456DEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2456DEW
    Whirlpool MSD2456GEB
    Whirlpool MSD2456GEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2456GEW
    Whirlpool MSD2458GEB
    Whirlpool MSD2458GEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2458GEW
    Whirlpool MSD2554FRA
    Whirlpool MSD2554FRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2554FRW
    Whirlpool MSD2556AEA
    Whirlpool MSD2556AEB
    Whirlpool MSD2556AEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2556AEW
    Whirlpool MSD2654FRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2654FRW
    Whirlpool MSD2654GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2654GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2656DEB
    Whirlpool MSD2656DEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2656DEW
    Whirlpool MSD2656GEB
    Whirlpool MSD2656GEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2656GEW
    Whirlpool MSD2722GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2732GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2732GRS
    Whirlpool MSD2732GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2734GEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2734GEW
    Whirlpool MSD2735GRB
    Whirlpool MSD2735GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2735GRS
    Whirlpool MSD2735GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2736GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2736GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2737GRB
    Whirlpool MSD2737GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2737GRS
    Whirlpool MSD2737GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2748DRA
    Whirlpool MSD2748DRB
    Whirlpool MSD2748DRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2748DRW
    Whirlpool MSD2754FRA
    Whirlpool MSD2754FRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2754FRW
    Whirlpool MSD2754GRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2754GRW
    Whirlpool MSD2756AEA
    Whirlpool MSD2756AEB
    Whirlpool MSD2756AEW
    Whirlpool MSD2756DEB
    Whirlpool MSD2756DEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2756DEW
    Whirlpool MSD2756GEB
    Whirlpool MSD2756GEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2756GES
    Whirlpool MSD2756GEW
    Whirlpool MSD2757AEA
    Whirlpool MSD2757AEB
    Whirlpool MSD2757AEW
    Whirlpool MSD2757DEB
    Whirlpool MSD2757DEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2757DEW
    Whirlpool MSD2758DRB
    Whirlpool MSD2758DRQ
    Whirlpool MSD2758DRW
    Whirlpool MSD2758GEB
    Whirlpool MSD2758GEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2758GEW
    Whirlpool MSD2957AEA
    Whirlpool MSD2957AEB
    Whirlpool MSD2957AEW
    Whirlpool MSD2957DEB
    Whirlpool MSD2957DEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2957DEW
    Whirlpool MSD2957GEB
    Whirlpool MSD2957GEQ
    Whirlpool MSD2957GEW
    Whirlpool MZ2727EEGW
    Whirlpool MZD2752GRB
    Whirlpool MZD2752GRQ
    Whirlpool MZD2752GRS
    Whirlpool MZD2752GRW
    Whirlpool MZD2766GEB
    Whirlpool MZD2766GEQ
    Whirlpool MZD2766GES
    Whirlpool MZD2766GEW
    Whirlpool MZD2768GEB
    Whirlpool MZD2768GEQ
    Whirlpool MZD2768GEW