RD1/4PU101J Part


Part #: RD1/4PU101J

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These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 486 models:

Pioneer AVX-MG2027ZF
Pioneer AVX-MG2027ZF/XN/UC
Pioneer AVX-MG2037ZF/XN/UC
Pioneer AVX-MG2127ZF
Pioneer AVX-MG2127ZF/XN/UC
Pioneer AVX-MG2137ZF/XN/UC
Pioneer AVX-MG2227ZF
Pioneer AVX-MG2227ZF/XN/UC
Pioneer AVX-MG2237ZF/XN/UC
Pioneer AVX-MG2327ZF
Pioneer AVX-MG2327ZF/XN/UC
Pioneer AVX-MG2337ZF/XN/UC
Pioneer BE-4140/KUW
Pioneer CD-PC1/ES
Pioneer CD-PC1/EW
Pioneer CD-PC1/UC
Pioneer CDS-9036ZT/ES
Pioneer CDX-M8086ZT/E
Pioneer CDX-M8186ZT/WL
Pioneer CT-S670D/HYXJ
Pioneer DEH-10/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-1000/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-1050/X1N/ES
Pioneer DEH-2000R/X1N/EW
Pioneer DEH-2020R/X1N/GR
Pioneer DEH-2030R/X1N/EW
Pioneer DEH-223/ES
Pioneer DEH-225/UC
Pioneer DEH-3100R/X1N/EW
Pioneer DEH-3100R-B/X1N/EW
Pioneer DEH-3110/X1N/EE
Pioneer DEH-3130R/X1N/EW
Pioneer DEH-323/ES
Pioneer DEH-42/UC
Pioneer DEH-42/X1H/UC
Pioneer DEH-424/EW
Pioneer DEH-424/X1B/EW
Pioneer DEH-424R/GR
Pioneer DEH-424R/X1B/GR
Pioneer DEH-425/IT
Pioneer DEH-425/UC
Pioneer DEH-425/X1H/UC
Pioneer DEH-49/UC
Pioneer DEH-52/UC
Pioneer DEH-523/ES
Pioneer DEH-524R/EW
Pioneer DEH-524R/X1B/EW
Pioneer DEH-525/UC
Pioneer DEH-525R/EW
Pioneer DEH-525R/X1B/EW
Pioneer DEH-525-W/UC
Pioneer DEH-59/UC
Pioneer DEH-624R/EW
Pioneer DEH-624R/X1B/EW
Pioneer DEH-625R/EW
Pioneer DEH-625R/X1B/EW
Pioneer DEH-M6006ZH/X1P/EW
Pioneer DEH-M6017ZH/EW
Pioneer DEH-M6106ZH/EW
Pioneer DEH-M6106ZH-02/EW
Pioneer DEH-M6156ZH/X1P/EW
Pioneer DEH-M6356ZH/X1P/EW
Pioneer DEH-M7317ZH/EW
Pioneer DEH-M7417ZH/EW
Pioneer DEH-MG2037
Pioneer DEH-MG2037ZF/XU/UC
Pioneer DEH-P20/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P200/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P2000/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P2050/ES
Pioneer DEH-P2050/X1N/ES
Pioneer DEH-P300/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P3000//X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P3000R/X1N/EW
Pioneer DEH-P310/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P3100/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P3150/X1N/ES
Pioneer DEH-P400/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P4000/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P4050/X1N/ES
Pioneer DEH-P41/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P410/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P4100/X1N/UC
Pioneer DEH-P4100R/X1N/EW
Pioneer DEH-P4150/X1N/ES
Pioneer DEH-P47DH/X1M/UC
Pioneer DEH-P77DH/X1M/UC
Pioneer DEH-P77MP
Pioneer DEH-P77MP/EW
Pioneer DEH-P930/UC
Pioneer DEH-P9300/UC
Pioneer DEH-P9300R/EW
Pioneer DEH-P9350/ES
Pioneer DEH-P9400MP/EW
Pioneer DEH-P9400MP/UC
Pioneer DEH-P940MP/UC
Pioneer DEH-P9450MP/ES
Pioneer DEX-MG2037
Pioneer DEX-MG2037ZF/XU/UC
Pioneer DJM-500/KUC
Pioneer DJM-500/RELM
Pioneer DRM-1004X-2/IUCYV
Pioneer DRM-1004X-4/IUC
Pioneer DRM-1004XR/IUCYV
Pioneer FH-2006ZF/X1H/UC
Pioneer FH-2177ZF/X1H/UC
Pioneer FH-2327ZF
Pioneer FH-2327ZF/X1H/UC
Pioneer FH-2716ZF/X1H/UC
Pioneer FH-2816ZF/X1H/UC
Pioneer FH-M2017ZT/X1N/ES
Pioneer GEX-P700DAB/ES
Pioneer GEX-P700DAB/EW
Pioneer GM-2077ZF/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-2177ZF/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-222/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-232/X1H/ES
Pioneer GM-232/X1H/EW
Pioneer GM-232/X1H/UC
Pioneer GM-3000T
Pioneer GM-3000T/X1H/ES
Pioneer GM-3000T/X1H/EW
Pioneer GM-3000T/X1H/UC
Pioneer GM-3100T/XU/CN
Pioneer GM-3100T/XU/ES
Pioneer GM-3100T/XU/EW
Pioneer GM-3100T/XU/UC
Pioneer GM-4000F
Pioneer GM-4000F/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-4000F/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-4000F/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-5000T
Pioneer GM-5000T/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-5000TX1R/ES
Pioneer GM-5000TX1R/EW
Pioneer GM-5100T
Pioneer GM-5100T/XU/CN
Pioneer GM-5100T/XU/ES
Pioneer GM-5100T/XU/EW
Pioneer GM-5100T/XU/UC
Pioneer GM-510T
Pioneer GM-510T/XU/UC
Pioneer GM-6000F
Pioneer GM-6000F/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-6000F/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-6000F/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM6200F
Pioneer GM-7100M
Pioneer GM-7100M/XU/CN
Pioneer GM-7100M/XU/ES
Pioneer GM-7100M/XU/EW
Pioneer GM-7100M/XU/UC
Pioneer GM7150M
Pioneer GM-7150M/XU/UC
Pioneer GM7200M
Pioneer GM-7200M/XU/CN
Pioneer GM-7200M/XU/ES
Pioneer GM-7200M/XU/EW
Pioneer GM-7200M/XU/UC
Pioneer GMD500M
Pioneer GM-D500M/XH/ES
Pioneer GM-D500M/XH/EW
Pioneer GM-D500M/XH/UC
Pioneer GM-D500M/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-D500M/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-D500M/XR/UC
Pioneer GM-D505
Pioneer GM-D505/XH/ES
Pioneer GM-D505/XH/EW
Pioneer GM-D505/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-D505/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-D510M
Pioneer GM-D510M/X1H/ES
Pioneer GM-D510M/X1H/EW
Pioneer GM-D510M/X1H/UC
Pioneer GM-D510M/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-D510M/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-D510M/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X1024/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X262/XH/UC
Pioneer GM-X332/X1H/ES
Pioneer GM-X332/X1H/EW
Pioneer GM-X332/X1H/UC
Pioneer GM-X334/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X334/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X334/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X352/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X352/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X352/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X354/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X354/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X354/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X362/XH/ES
Pioneer GM-X362/XH/EW
Pioneer GM-X362/XH/UC
Pioneer GM-X364/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-X364/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-X364/XR/UC
Pioneer GM-X372/XH/ES
Pioneer GM-X372/XH/EW
Pioneer GM-X372/XH/UC
Pioneer GM-X374/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-X374/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-X374/XR/UC
Pioneer GM-X422/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X424/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X432/X1H/UC
Pioneer GM-X434/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X524/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X542/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X542/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X544/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X544/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X552/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X552/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X552/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X554/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X554/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X554/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X562/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-X562/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-X562/XR/UC
Pioneer GM-X564/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-X564/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-X564/XR/UC
Pioneer GMX572
Pioneer GM-X572/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-X572/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-X572/XR/UC
Pioneer GMX574
Pioneer GM-X574/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-X574/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-X574/XR/UC
Pioneer GM-X622/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X624/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X624/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X624/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X642/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X644/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X644/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X722/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X722/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X722/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X742/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X742/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X742/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X822/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X862/XR/UC
Pioneer GM-X922/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X924/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X924/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X924/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X942/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X942/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X942/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X944/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X944/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X944/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X952/X1R/ES
Pioneer GM-X952/X1R/EW
Pioneer GM-X952/X1R/UC
Pioneer GM-X962/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-X962/XR/UC
Pioneer GMX972
Pioneer GM-X972/XR/ES
Pioneer GM-X972/XR/EW
Pioneer GM-X972/XR/UC
Pioneer HTV-C1/ADXJ
Pioneer HTZC7
Pioneer KEH-1906ZZ/X1H/UC
Pioneer KEH-1940/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-1960/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-3031
Pioneer KEH-3031/XM/EE
Pioneer KEH-3800R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-3820R/X1M/GR
Pioneer KEH-3830R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-3900R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-3910/X1M/EE
Pioneer KEH-3930R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-3950/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-M6036ZH/X1B/EW
Pioneer KEH-M6236ZH/X1B/EW
Pioneer KEH-M8227ZT/XN/ES
Pioneer KEH-M8276ZT/X1N/ES
Pioneer KEH-P2030
Pioneer KEH-P2030/XM/UC
Pioneer KEH-P2035
Pioneer KEH-P2035/XM/ES
Pioneer KEH-P3086ZY/X1IN/ES
Pioneer KEH-P4010/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P4010R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P4010RB/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P4013R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P4015/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-P4020/XM/UC
Pioneer KEH-P4022/XM/EE
Pioneer KEH-P4025/XM/ES
Pioneer KEH-P424/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P4700/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P4750/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-P4800/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P4800R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P4830R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P4850/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-P4850J/ES
Pioneer KEH-P490/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P4900/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P4900R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P4930R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P4950/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-P4950J/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-P5010R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P5011/X1M/EE
Pioneer KEH-P5015/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-P525/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P5700/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P5700R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P5730R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P5750/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-P580/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P5800/X1M/UC
Pioneer KEH-P5850/X1M/ES
Pioneer KEH-P5900/X1N/UC
Pioneer KEH-P5900R/X1M/EW
Pioneer KEH-P5950/X1N/ES
Pioneer KEH-P690/X1N/UC
Pioneer KEH-P6900R/X1N/EW
Pioneer KEH-P6900R-B/X1N/EW
Pioneer KEH-P6910R/X1N/EE
Pioneer KEH-P6950/X1N/ES
Pioneer MDS-P7000/UC
Pioneer M-IS21/KUCXJ
Pioneer M-IS21/MYXJ
Pioneer M-IS21/NVXJ
Pioneer MJ-D707/KU
Pioneer PDR-W739/KUXJ/CA
Pioneer PDR-W739/NVXJ
Pioneer PDR-W739/NYXJ
Pioneer PRO510HD
Pioneer PRO610HD
Pioneer PRS-X220/X1R/UC
Pioneer PRS-X320/X1R/UC
Pioneer PRS-X340/X1R/EW
Pioneer PRS-X340/X1R/UC
Pioneer PRS-X720/X1R/UC
Pioneer RS-A7
Pioneer RS-A7/EW
Pioneer RS-A9
Pioneer RS-A9/EW
Pioneer RS-D2/UC
Pioneer SA-V300/RL
Pioneer S-C3-S-LR/XMD/JP
Pioneer SCU-2456ZRN/X1B/EW
Pioneer SCU-2556ZRN/X1B/EW
Pioneer SCU-M2096ZH/X1B/EW
Pioneer SD-P4691-K/KCXC
Pioneer SD-P4691-K/KUXC
Pioneer SD-P5191-K/KCXC
Pioneer SD-P5191-K/KUXC
Pioneer SD-P5193-K/KCXC
Pioneer SD-P5193-K/KUXC
Pioneer SD-P6091-K/KUXC
Pioneer SD-P6093-K/KUXC
Pioneer SD-T43W1/SL
Pioneer SD-T50W1/SL
Pioneer SD-T50W1/WYZI
Pioneer SD-T50W1/WYZI7/2
Pioneer S-DV700/DDRXJI
Pioneer S-DV700/DFLXJI
Pioneer S-DV700/NKXJI
Pioneer S-DV700/YPWXJI
Pioneer S-DV700ST/XJI/E
Pioneer S-DV700SW/DDRXJI
Pioneer S-DV700SW/DFLXJI
Pioneer S-DV700SW/NKXJI
Pioneer S-DV700SW/YPWXJI
Pioneer S-DV830/KUCXJI
Pioneer S-DV830SW/KUCXJI
Pioneer S-DV900SW/DAXJI
Pioneer S-DV900SW/DFLXJI
Pioneer S-DV900SW/NKXJI
Pioneer S-DV99/MYXJI
Pioneer S-DV99/NVXJI
Pioneer S-DV990SW/MYXJI
Pioneer S-DV990SW/NVXJI
Pioneer S-DV99SW/MYXJI
Pioneer S-DV99SW/NVXJI
Pioneer VSA-E08/HV
Pioneer VSA-E08/HY
Pioneer VSX-50
Pioneer VSX-50/KUXU/CA
Pioneer VSX-909RDS/HV
Pioneer VSX-909RDS/HY
Pioneer VSX-909RDS-G/HY
Pioneer VSX-C302-S/KUCXU
Pioneer VSX-C402-K/MYXU
Pioneer VSX-C402-S/MYXU
Pioneer VSX-C402-S/NVXU
Pioneer VSX-C501-S
Pioneer VSX-C501-S/MYXU
Pioneer VSX-D939TX/HL
Pioneer VSX-D939TX/LB
Pioneer XC-IS21T/ZUCXJ
Pioneer XC-IS21T/ZVXJ
Pioneer XC-IS21T/ZYXJ
Pioneer XC-IS21V/ZBDXJ
Pioneer XC-IS21V/ZLXJ/NC
Pioneer XC-L5/KUXK/CA
Pioneer XC-L7/KUXJ/CA
Pioneer XC-L77/KUXJ/CA
Pioneer XC-LA21/DBDXCN
Pioneer XC-LA21/DDXCN/AR
Pioneer XR-A330EE/MLWXJ/EE
Pioneer XR-A330SW/DDXJ
Pioneer XR-A370SW/DDXJ
Pioneer XR-A380/DBDXJ
Pioneer XR-A380/DXJN/NC
Pioneer XR-A380/YPWXJ
Pioneer XR-A3800/KUCXJ
Pioneer XR-A380GR/DBDXJ
Pioneer XR-A380SW/DDXJ
Pioneer XR-A390/DFXJ
Pioneer XR-A4800/MYXJ
Pioneer XR-A4800/NVXJ
Pioneer XR-A550MD/DBDXJ
Pioneer XR-A550MD/KUCXJ
Pioneer XR-A6800/MYXJ
Pioneer XR-A770/DBDXJ
Pioneer XR-A770/DXJ/NC
Pioneer XR-A770/KUCXJ
Pioneer XR-A770/MYXJ
Pioneer XR-A770/NVXJ
Pioneer XR-A770/YPWXJ
Pioneer XR-A780/DBDXJ
Pioneer XR-A780/DXJN/NC
Pioneer XR-A780/YPWXJ
Pioneer XR-A880/DBDXJ
Pioneer XR-A880/DXJ/NC
Pioneer XR-A880/KUCXJ
Pioneer XR-A880/YPWXJ
Pioneer XR-A9700DV/KUCXJ
Pioneer XR-A9800D/KUCXJ
Pioneer XR-MR7/KU/CA
Pioneer XR-MR7/MY
Pioneer XR-VS66/DBDXJ
Pioneer XR-VS70/DLXJ/NC
Pioneer XR-VS70/DXJN/NC
Pioneer XR-VS90/DLXJ/NC
Pioneer XR-VS90/DXJN/NC
Pioneer XR-VS99/DBDXJ
Pioneer XR-VS99/DLXJ/NC
Pioneer XV-DV525/MYXJ
Pioneer XV-DV525/NVXJ
Pioneer XV-DV55/AUCXJ
Pioneer XV-DV740/KUCXJ
Pioneer XV-DV8/DDXJ/RA
Pioneer XV-DV8/DDXJ/RB
Pioneer XV-DV8/DLXJ/NC
Pioneer XV-DV8/DPWXJ
Pioneer XV-DV9/DLXJ/NC
Pioneer XV-DV9/DPWXJ
Pioneer XV-EV31
Pioneer XV-EV31/DLXJ/NC
Pioneer XV-EV61
Pioneer XV-EV61/DLXJ/NC
Pioneer XV-HTD340/KUXJ/CA
Pioneer XV-HTD520/KUCXJ
Pioneer XV-HTD530
Pioneer XV-HTD530/KUCXJ
Pioneer XV-HTD540/KUCXJ
Pioneer XV-HTD630
Pioneer XV-HTD630/KUCXJ
Pioneer XV-HTD640/KUCXJ