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ANDERIC Simple Magnavox Remote Control -RRMAG TV Remote Control
The Anderic RRMAG remote control replaces many original equipment Magnavox TV remotes. The RRMAG will work right out of the package for compatible Magnavox TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RRMAG is a pre-programmed Magnavox TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like SLEEP, INPUT and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a manufacturers 1-Year Replacement Warranty. Additional information: • This remote only works OLDER STYLE (CRT) Magnavox & Philips TVs • This remote only has the most basic features, great for uses in hotels, schools and business or simply as a simple spare remote. • This remote will NOT program to any other devices (DVD players, Cable boxes, etc.) • Includes MENU operations • NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED • 1-YEAR replacement warranty included WARNING:  Before ordering this remote, please compare the buttons on this remote with the buttons on your original remote to make sure this remote will operate all the buttons you need.  
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Remote Control
This is an alternative to Anderic part RRMAG
Anderic RR2573 $21.23
This is an alternative to Anderic part RRMAG
LG Electronics/Zenith AKB73736002 $140.86
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This part is compatible with the following 785 models:

Magnavox 00T206NGGA01
Magnavox 00T206NGMA01
Magnavox 00T216EGMA01
Magnavox 00T216KGMA01
Magnavox 114696
Magnavox 1146960001
Magnavox 114696001
Magnavox 114697
Magnavox 115297
Magnavox 1152970
Magnavox 1152970098
Magnavox 115297W
Magnavox 115298
Magnavox 1152980001
Magnavox 125297C
Magnavox 13MT1431
Magnavox 13MT1431/17
Magnavox 13MT1431/37R
Magnavox 13MT143137
Magnavox 13mt143s
Magnavox 13MT1532
Magnavox 13MT1532/17
Magnavox 13MT1533
Magnavox 13MT1533/17
Magnavox 13MT1582
Magnavox 13MT158217
Magnavox 13PR12C
Magnavox 13PR12C121
Magnavox 13PR12C221
Magnavox 13PRC1
Magnavox 13PRC10
Magnavox 13PRC101
Magnavox 13PRC10121
Magnavox 13PRC10122
Magnavox 13PRC10123
Magnavox 13PRC10124
Magnavox 13PRC10125
Magnavox 13PRC12
Magnavox 13PSC6
Magnavox 13PSC60
Magnavox 13PSC601
Magnavox 13PSC60121
Magnavox 13PSC60123
Magnavox 14LL17
Magnavox 14LL171
Magnavox 14LL19
Magnavox 14LL1901
Magnavox 14LL190121
Magnavox 14LL191
Magnavox 14LL191121
Magnavox 14LW193
Magnavox 14LW1932
Magnavox 14LW193221
Magnavox 14LX19
Magnavox 14LX190
Magnavox 14LX1903
Magnavox 14LX190321
Magnavox 14MS2331
Magnavox 14MS2331/17
Magnavox 19PR14
Magnavox 19PR14C
Magnavox 19PR14C221
Magnavox 19PR14C222
Magnavox 19PR17
Magnavox 19PR17C
Magnavox 19PR17C1
Magnavox 19PR17C125
Magnavox 19PR17C625
Magnavox 19prc1
Magnavox 19PRC10
Magnavox 19PRC10121
Magnavox 19PRC10124
Magnavox 19PRC10125
Magnavox 19PRC10126
Magnavox 19PRC10199
Magnavox 19PRC102
Magnavox 19PRC10222
Magnavox 19PRC10223
Magnavox 19PRC10224
Magnavox 19PRC10225
Magnavox 19PRC1099
Magnavox 19PRC121
Magnavox 19PRC12121
Magnavox 19PRC12122
Magnavox 19PRC2
Magnavox 19PRC231
Magnavox 19PRC23121
Magnavox 19PRC23124
Magnavox 19PS52
Magnavox 19PS52C2
Magnavox 19PS52C221
Magnavox 19PS52C222
Magnavox 19PS52C3
Magnavox 19PS52C325
Magnavox 19PSC4
Magnavox 19PSC401
Magnavox 19PSC40121
Magnavox 19TRC10121
Magnavox 19TRC10199
Magnavox 19X60800AA
Magnavox 19X61900A
Magnavox 19X62200AA
Magnavox 19X62U
Magnavox 20LL27
Magnavox 20LL29
Magnavox 20LL290
Magnavox 20LL2901
Magnavox 20LL290122
Magnavox 20LL290125
Magnavox 20LL291
Magnavox 20LL291125
Magnavox 20LX27
Magnavox 20LX29
Magnavox 20LX290
Magnavox 20LX2903
Magnavox 20LX290322
Magnavox 20LX290325
Magnavox 20MS2331
Magnavox 20MS2331/17
Magnavox 20MS2331/37R
Magnavox 20MS233S
Magnavox 20MS334R71
Magnavox 20MT1331
Magnavox 20MT1331/17
Magnavox 20MT133137
Magnavox 20MT133137R
Magnavox 20MT1336
Magnavox 20MT1336/37
Magnavox 20MT133S
Magnavox 20MT4405
Magnavox 20MT4405/17
Magnavox 25TR12C2
Magnavox 25TR12C221
Magnavox 25TR15
Magnavox 25TR15C1
Magnavox 25TRC1
Magnavox 25TRC10
Magnavox 25TRC101
Magnavox 25TRC1010
Magnavox 25TRC10101
Magnavox 25TRC1019
Magnavox 25TRC10199
Magnavox 25TS52
Magnavox 25TS52C3
Magnavox 25TS52C303
Magnavox 25TS52C321
Magnavox 25TS52C4
Magnavox 25TS52C408
Magnavox 25TS54
Magnavox 25TS54C1
Magnavox 27MS3404
Magnavox 27MS3404/17
Magnavox 27MS3404/17B
Magnavox 27MS45
Magnavox 27MS4504
Magnavox 27MS4504/17
Magnavox 27MS4504R
Magnavox 27MT3305/17B
Magnavox 27MT330517
Magnavox 27MT5405 (17)
Magnavox 27PS52
Magnavox 27PS52C1
Magnavox 27PS52C2
Magnavox 27TS52
Magnavox 27TS52C
Magnavox 27TS52C1
Magnavox 27TS52C101
Magnavox 27TS52C103
Magnavox 27TS52C121
Magnavox 27TS52C2
Magnavox 27TS52C202
Magnavox 27TS52C204
Magnavox 27TS73
Magnavox 27TS73C2
Magnavox 27TS73C206
Magnavox 27TS73C207
Magnavox 27Y10000AA
Magnavox 30MW5405
Magnavox 30MW5405/17
Magnavox 32MT3305/17
Magnavox 32PS63C1
Magnavox 46CP10W
Magnavox 46CP10W101
Magnavox 46CP10W102
Magnavox 46CP10W103
Magnavox 46CP10W104
Magnavox 46JP45
Magnavox 554528
Magnavox 554538
Magnavox 62654528690
Magnavox 62654528790
Magnavox 62654528791
Magnavox 6P5452
Magnavox 6P5452B
Magnavox 6P6030
Magnavox 6S4600
Magnavox 6S4600W
Magnavox 6S4620
Magnavox 6S4620W
Magnavox 6S4620W1
Magnavox 6S4620W101
Magnavox 6S4620W103
Magnavox 6S4620W198
Magnavox 7P4830W
Magnavox 7P4834C
Magnavox 7P5430W
Magnavox 7P5431C
Magnavox 7P5433W
Magnavox 7P5435C
Magnavox 7P5435W
Magnavox 7P6030W
Magnavox 7P6031C
Magnavox 7P6033W
Magnavox 7P6035C
Magnavox 7P6035W
Magnavox 7S4600W
Magnavox 9P5511
Magnavox 9P5511C101
Magnavox 9P5514
Magnavox 9P5514C101
Magnavox A12327
Magnavox A12342
Magnavox AV1977A2
Magnavox AV1977A201
Magnavox AV1977A299
Magnavox AV2767
Magnavox AV2767A
Magnavox AV2767A1
Magnavox AV2767A199
Magnavox AV2767A298
Magnavox AV2767A299
Magnavox CC2541
Magnavox CR4523
Magnavox CR4523A
Magnavox CR4523A401
Magnavox CR4524
Magnavox CR4524P4
Magnavox CT1301
Magnavox CT1322
Magnavox CT1901
Magnavox CT1901C
Magnavox CT1901C121
Magnavox CT1921C
Magnavox CT1934
Magnavox CT2501
Magnavox CT2501C121
Magnavox CT2516
Magnavox CT2516C10
Magnavox CT2743
Magnavox EM6019
Magnavox EM6019C121
Magnavox EMK172
Magnavox EMK172C102
Magnavox EMK872
Magnavox EMK882
Magnavox EMK972
Magnavox EMK973
Magnavox EMK974
Magnavox EMN692
Magnavox EMN792
Magnavox EMN792PS
Magnavox EMX162C101
Magnavox FS2762A2
Magnavox FS3262A2
Magnavox FS4620
Magnavox FS4620A101
Magnavox HC9919C
Magnavox HD1305
Magnavox HD1305C1
Magnavox HD1305C121
Magnavox HD1320C
Magnavox HD1320C101
Magnavox HD1321
Magnavox HD1321C
Magnavox HD1321C4
Magnavox HD1321C401
Magnavox HD1321C404
Magnavox HD1321C8
Magnavox HD1321C805
Magnavox HD1905
Magnavox HD1905C
Magnavox HD1905C1
Magnavox HD1905C101
Magnavox HD1905C121
Magnavox HD1905C123
Magnavox HD1906C
Magnavox HD1906C2
Magnavox HD1906C221
Magnavox HD1906C222
Magnavox HD1917
Magnavox HD1917C
Magnavox HD1917C1
Magnavox HD1917C121
Magnavox HD1918
Magnavox HD1920
Magnavox HD1920C122
Magnavox HD1924
Magnavox HD1924C
Magnavox HD1924C4
Magnavox HD1924C401
Magnavox HD1924C421
Magnavox HD1924C8
Magnavox HD1924C822
Magnavox HD1926
Magnavox HD1926C802
Magnavox HD1926C822
Magnavox HD2501A101
Magnavox HD2502A101
Magnavox HD2504C101
Magnavox HD2506
Magnavox HD2506C401
Magnavox HD2506C802
Magnavox HD2515
Magnavox HD2515C
Magnavox HD2515C1
Magnavox HD2515C101
Magnavox HD2516
Magnavox HD2516C1
Magnavox HD2516C101
Magnavox HD2516C102
Magnavox HD2516C123
Magnavox HD2516C2
Magnavox HD2516C221
Magnavox HD2517
Magnavox HD2517C
Magnavox HD2517C1
Magnavox HD2517C121
Magnavox HD2518
Magnavox HD2528
Magnavox HD2716C2
Magnavox HD2716C221
Magnavox HD2716C3
Magnavox HD2716C305
Magnavox HD2717
Magnavox HD2717C1
Magnavox HD2763
Magnavox HD2763C802
Magnavox KHTC88
Magnavox KJ9320
Magnavox KJ9320A4
Magnavox KJ9320A402
Magnavox KJ9419
Magnavox KJ9419C1
Magnavox KJ9419C101
Magnavox KJ9519C221
Magnavox M226JAAA01
Magnavox M227JAAA01
Magnavox MD1420
Magnavox MD1421
Magnavox MD1421C1
Magnavox MD1421C121
Magnavox MD1421C123
Magnavox MD1422
Magnavox MD1422C3
Magnavox MD2022
Magnavox MD2022C
Magnavox MD2022C301
Magnavox MD2022C321
Magnavox MD2024
Magnavox MD2024C1
Magnavox MD2024C121
Magnavox MD2024C122
Magnavox MD2024C124
Magnavox MD2024C125
Magnavox MD2603
Magnavox MD2607
Magnavox MD2607C1
Magnavox MD2607C101
Magnavox MJ4140CH
Magnavox MK4055
Magnavox MK4160
Magnavox MK4160W
Magnavox MK4270
Magnavox MK4353
Magnavox MK4476
Magnavox MK4485
Magnavox MX3290B102
Magnavox P2505R1807
Magnavox P2510RW101
Magnavox PA5020
Magnavox PA5020C
Magnavox PA5020C2
Magnavox PA5020C204
Magnavox PA5020N2
Magnavox PA5020N205
Magnavox PA5027C
Magnavox PA5027C2
Magnavox PA5027C203
Magnavox PA5032
Magnavox PA5032C1
Magnavox PA5032C102
Magnavox PA5032C2
Magnavox PA5032C203
Magnavox PA7020C
Magnavox PA7020C101
Magnavox PA7027
Magnavox PA7027C1
Magnavox PA7027C101
Magnavox PA7032
Magnavox PA7032C1
Magnavox PA7032C101
Magnavox PA7036C1
Magnavox PA7037
Magnavox PA9027
Magnavox PA9027C101
Magnavox PA9032
Magnavox PB5013
Magnavox PB5025
Magnavox PB5025C121
Magnavox PC0127
Magnavox PC0127C
Magnavox PC0127C1
Magnavox PC0127C121
Magnavox PC0127C199
Magnavox PC0127C3
Magnavox PC0127C321
Magnavox PC0127C399
Magnavox PC0127N
Magnavox PC0127N121
Magnavox PC6227C
Magnavox PC6227C123
Magnavox PC7225C101
Magnavox PC7225C107
Magnavox PC7227
Magnavox PC7227C
Magnavox PC7227C1
Magnavox PCW027
Magnavox PL4120
Magnavox PL4120C
Magnavox PL4120C101
Magnavox PL6119C121
Magnavox PL7119C225
Magnavox PL7120C
Magnavox PL7125
Magnavox PL7125C
Magnavox PL7125C1
Magnavox PL7125C107
Magnavox PPC732C1
Magnavox PPC732C101
Magnavox PPC736C1
Magnavox PPC736C101
Magnavox PPC927C2
Magnavox PPC927C201
Magnavox PPC932C101
Magnavox PR1301
Magnavox PR1301C
Magnavox PR1301C121
Magnavox PR1302
Magnavox PR1303
Magnavox PR1310
Magnavox PR1310C
Magnavox PR1310C1
Magnavox PR1310C101
Magnavox PR1310C122
Magnavox PR1310C123
Magnavox PR1316
Magnavox PR1316C
Magnavox PR1316C1
Magnavox PR1316C121
Magnavox PR1350
Magnavox PR1350B
Magnavox PR1350B121
Magnavox PR1350B122
Magnavox PR1350B123
Magnavox PR1357
Magnavox PR1357B
Magnavox PR1357B121
Magnavox PR1357C
Magnavox PR1388
Magnavox PR1391X
Magnavox PR1397
Magnavox PR1397X
Magnavox PR1397X1
Magnavox PR1397X121
Magnavox PR1397X122
Magnavox PR1901
Magnavox PR1901C
Magnavox PR1901C1
Magnavox PR1901C121
Magnavox PR1901C127
Magnavox PR1902
Magnavox PR1910B102
Magnavox PR1910C
Magnavox PR1910C1
Magnavox PR1910C121
Magnavox PR1910C123
Magnavox PR1910C125
Magnavox PR1910C126
Magnavox PR1910C2
Magnavox PR1910C222
Magnavox PR1910C224
Magnavox PR1914C
Magnavox PR1915
Magnavox PR1915C221
Magnavox PR1915C222
Magnavox PR1916
Magnavox PR1916C
Magnavox PR1916C1
Magnavox PR1916C121
Magnavox PR1916C122
Magnavox PR1916C125
Magnavox PR1916C127
Magnavox PR2041P101
Magnavox PR2046
Magnavox PR2046P101
Magnavox PR2052
Magnavox PR2052P101
Magnavox PRC1910C
Magnavox PS1360
Magnavox PS1360C1
Magnavox PS1360C121
Magnavox PS1943
Magnavox PS1943C
Magnavox PS1943C121
Magnavox PS1943C122
Magnavox PS1943C125
Magnavox PS1953
Magnavox PS1953C
Magnavox PS1953C1
Magnavox PS1953C121
Magnavox PS1953C122
Magnavox PS1963
Magnavox PS19630B
Magnavox PS1963C
Magnavox PS1963C1
Magnavox PS1963C121
Magnavox PS1963C122
Magnavox PS1963C125
Magnavox PS1964
Magnavox PS2086
Magnavox R12541
Magnavox R12541A401
Magnavox REN250
Magnavox REN250P101
Magnavox REN250P102
Magnavox RG4951
Magnavox RG4951AK01
Magnavox RG4951AK02
Magnavox RH4251
Magnavox RH4251AK01
Magnavox RH4251WA01
Magnavox RH4251WA07
Magnavox RH4321
Magnavox RH9816
Magnavox RH9816PE01
Magnavox RJ4044
Magnavox RJ4049
Magnavox RJ4049WA01
Magnavox RJ4049WJ22
Magnavox RJ4250
Magnavox RJ4250WA01
Magnavox RJ4250WA02
Magnavox RJ4250WA21
Magnavox RJ4251
Magnavox RJ4310
Magnavox RLE351
Magnavox RLE351AK02
Magnavox RLS368TE04
Magnavox RR1333
Magnavox RR1333C
Magnavox RR1333C403
Magnavox RR1333C805
Magnavox RR1337W101
Magnavox RR1338
Magnavox RR1340
Magnavox RR1340W403
Magnavox RR1342
Magnavox RR1342C805
Magnavox RR1352
Magnavox RR1352C805
Magnavox RR1390
Magnavox RR1933
Magnavox RR1933W102
Magnavox RR1933W422
Magnavox RR1933W822
Magnavox RR1936
Magnavox RR1937
Magnavox RR1937W101
Magnavox RR1939
Magnavox RR1939C421
Magnavox RR1943
Magnavox RR1948
Magnavox RR1948C421
Magnavox RR1948W401
Magnavox RR2530
Magnavox RR2530T4
Magnavox RR2530T401
Magnavox RR2535
Magnavox RR2535W802
Magnavox RR2541
Magnavox RR2541A104
Magnavox RR2541A40
Magnavox RR2541A401
Magnavox RR2541A802
Magnavox RR2741
Magnavox RR2741A402
Magnavox RR2741A802
Magnavox RS1355W101
Magnavox RS1356
Magnavox RS1356BC
Magnavox RS1356C4
Magnavox RS1356C404
Magnavox RS1365
Magnavox RS1365C805
Magnavox RS1962
Magnavox RS1962B
Magnavox RS1962B401
Magnavox RS1962B421
Magnavox RS1962B802
Magnavox RS1962B822
Magnavox RS1966
Magnavox RS2051
Magnavox RS2051C401
Magnavox RS2051C802
Magnavox RS2065
Magnavox RS2065C802
Magnavox RS2555
Magnavox RS2555A807
Magnavox RS2556
Magnavox RS2556A401
Magnavox RS2556A602
Magnavox RS2556A802
Magnavox RS2564
Magnavox RS2564C401
Magnavox RS2564C602
Magnavox RS2564C802
Magnavox RS2565
Magnavox RS2565B
Magnavox RS2565B802
Magnavox RS2744
Magnavox RS2744A402
Magnavox RS2744A802
Magnavox RS2749C403
Magnavox RS2756
Magnavox RS2756C402
Magnavox RS2756C802
Magnavox RS2761
Magnavox RS2761B802
Magnavox RX9019
Magnavox RX9019GY
Magnavox RX9019GY02
Magnavox RX9119
Magnavox RX9119GY21
Magnavox SCN725
Magnavox SCN725C
Magnavox SCN725C101
Magnavox SCN725C107
Magnavox SCN727
Magnavox SCN727C
Magnavox SCN727C101
Magnavox SCN727C107
Magnavox SCN732C
Magnavox SCN825C
Magnavox SCR1960421
Magnavox SV2000
Magnavox T187
Magnavox T203AGMA02
Magnavox T216JGMA01
Magnavox TL6125C
Magnavox TL6125C12
Magnavox TP2525
Magnavox TP2575
Magnavox TR2501
Magnavox TR2501C
Magnavox TR2501C1
Magnavox TR2501C121
Magnavox TR2502
Magnavox TR2510
Magnavox TR2510C
Magnavox TR2510C101
Magnavox TR2510C121
Magnavox TR2512C
Magnavox TR2512C102
Magnavox TR2516
Magnavox TR2516C
Magnavox TR2516C1
Magnavox TR2516C121
Magnavox TR2517
Magnavox TR2710
Magnavox TR2710C1
Magnavox TR2710C101
Magnavox TR2710C102
Magnavox TR2710C103
Magnavox TR2712
Magnavox TR2712C221
Magnavox TS2543
Magnavox TS2543C
Magnavox TS2543C121
Magnavox TS2544
Magnavox TS2552C4
Magnavox TS2552C408
Magnavox TS2553
Magnavox TS2553C
Magnavox TS2553C1
Magnavox TS2553C101
Magnavox TS2553C103
Magnavox TS2553C121
Magnavox TS2553C2
Magnavox TS2553C204
Magnavox TS2554
Magnavox TS2554C1
Magnavox TS2573C1
Magnavox TS2743
Magnavox TS2743C
Magnavox TS2743C121
Magnavox TS2744
Magnavox TS2744C103
Magnavox TS2745
Magnavox TS2752C3
Magnavox TS2752C321
Magnavox TS2752C4
Magnavox TS2752C408
Magnavox TS2753
Magnavox TS2753C
Magnavox TS2753C1
Magnavox TS2753C103
Magnavox TS2753C121
Magnavox TS2753C2
Magnavox TS2753C202
Magnavox TS2768
Magnavox TS2774C
Magnavox TS2775
Magnavox TS27756
Magnavox TS2775C
Magnavox TS2775C1
Magnavox TS2775C101
Magnavox TS2775C102
Magnavox TS3253
Magnavox TS3253C
Magnavox TS3253C1
Magnavox TS3253C101
Magnavox TS3254
Magnavox TS3258C
Magnavox TS3263
Magnavox TS3263C
Magnavox TS3263C1
Magnavox TS3263C101
Magnavox TS3544
Magnavox TS3553
Magnavox TS3553C1
Magnavox TS3553C101
Magnavox TS3658C
Magnavox TS775C
Magnavox TX27753101
Magnavox U46622
Magnavox XD1320
Magnavox XD2781
Magnavox XML992
Magnavox XN1915
Magnavox XN2514C101
Magnavox XR1301
Magnavox XR1310
Magnavox XR1320
Magnavox XR1332
Magnavox XR1333
Magnavox XR1342
Magnavox XR1901
Magnavox XR1905
Magnavox XR1914
Magnavox XR1914C222
Magnavox XR1933
Magnavox XR1939
Magnavox XR1948
Magnavox XR2500
Magnavox XR2500C
Magnavox XR2500C1
Magnavox XR2500C101
Magnavox XR2501
Magnavox XR2502
Magnavox XR2510
Magnavox XR2541
Magnavox XS2552
Magnavox XS2552C3
Magnavox XS2552C321
Magnavox XS2552C4
Magnavox XS2552C406
Magnavox XS2554
Magnavox XS2565
Magnavox XS2744
Magnavox XS2773
Magnavox XS2773C4
Magnavox XS2773C407
Magnavox XS3253
Magnavox XS3253C1
Magnavox XS3253C101