483512247004 Part


Part #: 483512247004

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This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 969 models:

Magnavox 20MS3442/17
Magnavox 27MDTR20/17
Magnavox 27MS343S
Philips 002508281029
Philips 002508311029
Philips 002592581029
Philips 0025992581029
Philips 0025X0051025
Philips 0025X0051029
Philips 0025X0211029
Philips 0025X631029
Philips 004H12210257
Philips 0890087R
Philips 0CK1020K945
Philips 0CN1020K518
Philips 0CQ1022K409
Philips 114696
Philips 114697
Philips 115297
Philips 1152980001
Philips 12B3102
Philips 12B3102S
Philips 12F3102S
Philips 1333TG
Philips 13MDTD2017
Philips 13P220
Philips 13PR12
Philips 13PR12C1
Philips 13PR15C1
Philips 13PR18C1
Philips 13PR97
Philips 13R200
Philips 13S221
Philips 13S250C1
Philips 14171044008
Philips 1417-318-1022
Philips 14LJ16
Philips 14LL16
Philips 14LL16 (LA)
Philips 14LL17
Philips 14LW17
Philips 14LX17
Philips 1952TG
Philips 19MDTR2017
Philips 19PR09C101
Philips 19PR09C199
Philips 19PR13
Philips 19PR14
Philips 19PR15C1
Philips 19PR17
Philips 19PS52
Philips 19PS52C2
Philips 19PS53
Philips 19PS55C1C
Philips 19XS63
Philips 19XS63 (CAN)
Philips 202055090499
Philips 202055190945
Philips 202055290807
Philips 202055291156
Philips 2027000247
Philips 2027200125
Philips 20LJ26
Philips 20LL26
Philips 20LL26 (CAN)
Philips 20LL27
Philips 20LW27
Philips 20LX27
Philips 20MC4204/17
Philips 20MC4304/17B
Philips 20MC430417
Philips 20S152
Philips 20S240C1
Philips 21LL37
Philips 21LW37
Philips 2508281029
Philips 25PS73C1
Philips 25T200C1
Philips 25TR12
Philips 25TR15C1
Philips 25TS52
Philips 25TS52C3
Philips 25TS52C4
Philips 25TS54C1
Philips 25TSC601
Philips 26-ABC102-KBX
Philips 26-EBP102-KBX
Philips 26LL57
Philips 26LW57
Philips 27A750
Philips 27DVCR55S/17
Philips 27MC4304 (17)
Philips 27MDTR10
Philips 27MDTR1099
Philips 27MDTR2017
Philips 27PS52
Philips 27PS83
Philips 27PS95
Philips 27S222
Philips 27T500
Philips 27T501PN01
Philips 27T503CH01
Philips 27T510
Philips 27T511AK01
Philips 27T600
Philips 27T602
Philips 27TP83
Philips 27TS52
Philips 27TS52C2
Philips 27TS54C1
Philips 27TSC6
Philips 27TSC621
Philips 29LL67
Philips 29LP67
Philips 32A750BK
Philips 32B3102
Philips 32B3102S
Philips 32F400
Philips 32PS63
Philips 32PS73
Philips 32PS93
Philips 32PS96
Philips 32T530
Philips 32T600
Philips 32T600C1
Philips 32T607
Philips 32XS50
Philips 33LP87
Philips 35PS53
Philips 35PS96
Philips 37LP97
Philips 3B12102
Philips 3B42102
Philips 3B42102S
Philips 3B42102T
Philips 421C0213
Philips 46CP10W
Philips 46UP40
Philips 47TP60
Philips 47UP70
Philips 47UP72
Philips 482212210257
Philips 482212233302
Philips 482212233639
Philips 482212611592
Philips 482212612533
Philips 482212613203
Philips 483512247103
Philips 48PP70A
Philips 48PP70A (LAT
Philips 48PP72A
Philips 48VP41
Philips 48WP43C
Philips 48XP43C
Philips 48XP44
Philips 52RP54
Philips 52TP52
Philips 52TP54
Philips 52UP40
Philips 52UP52
Philips 52UP53
Philips 52UP54
Philips 52UP56
Philips 52VP52
Philips 52VP56
Philips 5361-102F918
Philips 5361-102KB
Philips 53TP60
Philips 53UP70
Philips 53UP72
Philips 54CP40W
Philips 54PP70A
Philips 54PP70A (LAT
Philips 54PP72
Philips 54VP32
Philips 54VP41
Philips 54VP51
Philips 54WP43C
Philips 54WP52C
Philips 54XP43
Philips 54XP44
Philips 54XV71C
Philips 554538
Philips 5T4610
Philips 60VP51
Philips 60XP43
Philips 62654528790
Philips 62654528791
Philips 6P4615
Philips 6P4615W1
Philips 6P4830W
Philips 6P4840W
Philips 6P4841C
Philips 6P4850W
Philips 6P4851C
Philips 6P5252B
Philips 6P5430W
Philips 6P5435C
Philips 6P5440W
Philips 6P5441C
Philips 6P5450W
Philips 6P5451C
Philips 6P5452B
Philips 6P6030W
Philips 6P6040W
Philips 6P6041C
Philips 6P6050W
Philips 6P6051C
Philips 6S4600W
Philips 6S4620W
Philips 7301510215
Philips 7306510215
Philips 7306510225
Philips 79020008
Philips 7p4830w
Philips 7P4834C
Philips 7P4840C
Philips 7P4840W
Philips 7P4841C
Philips 7P5430W
Philips 7P5431C
Philips 7P5433W
Philips 7P5435C
Philips 7P5435W
Philips 7P5441C
Philips 7P5451C
Philips 7P6030W
Philips 7P6031C
Philips 7P6033W
Philips 7P6035C
Philips 7P6035W
Philips 7P6041C
Philips 7P6051C
Philips 7S4600W
Philips 823504250130
Philips 823504256390
Philips 8P4831C
Philips 8P4834C
Philips 8P4841C
Philips 8P4844C
Philips 8P5431C
Philips 8P5434C
Philips 8P5441C
Philips 8P5444C
Philips 8P6031C
Philips 8P6034C
Philips 8P6041C
Philips 8P6044C
Philips 8P6051C
Philips 8P6054
Philips 929R031
Philips 996500011266
Philips 996500012612
Philips 996500013745
Philips 996500014923
Philips 996500022811
Philips 9MDPF2017
Philips A12327
Philips A12342
Philips A12350
Philips AD2779
Philips AD3253
Philips AV1977A
Philips AV2767A2
Philips AV2777A2
Philips AV2778A
Philips AV2778B1
Philips AV2780A1
Philips AV2784B1
Philips AV3277A
Philips AV3278A
Philips C1HYDK102W--
Philips CA1J102TU008
Philips CC13B1MG01
Philips CC19B1MG01
Philips CC19C1MG31
Philips CC19C1MG99
Philips CC2533
Philips CC2534
Philips CC2535
Philips CC2541
Philips CC2546
Philips CC2547
Philips CC2557
Philips CC2558
Philips CC2731
Philips CC2741
Philips CC2742
Philips CC2750
Philips CC2760
Philips CC2762
Philips CC2772A2
Philips CC2774B2
Philips CC3272
Philips CCA1JKT0B102
Philips CCB130AT01
Philips CCB130CN01
Philips CCB132AT01
Philips CCB134AT01
Philips CCB190AT01
Philips CCB192AT01
Philips CCB193AT01
Philips CCB194AT01
Philips CCC090AT01
Philips CCC090AT99
Philips CCC092AT01
Philips CCC092AT99
Philips CCC130AT01
Philips CCC130AT99
Philips CCC132AT01
Philips CCC132AT99
Philips CCC133AT01
Philips CCC133AT99
Philips CCC134AT01
Philips CCC134AT99
Philips CCC190AT01
Philips CCC190AT23
Philips CCC190AT31
Philips CCC190AT32
Philips CCC190AT99
Philips CCC192AT31
Philips CCC192AT99
Philips CCC193AT31
Philips CCC194AT31
Philips CCD1JKS0B102
Philips CH1719C1
Philips CMK172
Philips CML192
Philips CMX162
Philips CP4570
Philips CP4571
Philips CP4572
Philips CP4580
Philips CP4610
Philips CP4620
Philips CP4760
Philips CP4761
Philips CP4770
Philips CP4771
Philips CP4778
Philips CP4830
Philips CP5210
Philips CP5220
Philips CP5440
Philips CR4510
Philips CR4520
Philips CR4521
Philips CS4535
Philips CS4536
Philips CS4740
Philips CS4750
Philips CS4751
Philips CS5160
Philips CT1301
Philips CT1312
Philips CT1321
Philips CT1322
Philips CT1901
Philips CT1906
Philips CT1911W101
Philips CT1921
Philips CT1922
Philips CT1924
Philips CT1926
Philips CT1934
Philips CT2031W101
Philips CT2031W121
Philips CT2031W122
Philips CT2034
Philips CT2051C101
Philips CT2051C121
Philips CT2501
Philips CT2511
Philips CT2515
Philips CT2516
Philips CT2521
Philips CT2525
Philips CT2719
Philips CT2720
Philips CT2721
Philips CT2741
Philips CT2743
Philips CT2746
Philips CT3210
Philips CT3222
Philips CT3247
Philips CT3254
Philips CX9512
Philips CX9514
Philips CX9516
Philips CX9522
Philips CX9526
Philips D-5-106K(AP)
Philips DA16102110
Philips DA16102111
Philips ECDC-140
Philips ECKW1H102KB5
Philips ECKWH102KB5
Philips ECKZ1H102KB
Philips ECKZ1H102KB6
Philips ECKZH102KB6
Philips ECQB1H102JH
Philips EM2019
Philips EM6019
Philips EM6019 (COM)
Philips EM6020
Philips EM6020 (COM)
Philips EM6025C
Philips EMG131
Philips EMK172
Philips EML192
Philips EMX162
Philips EW18X235
Philips FP2784
Philips FP2786
Philips FP2787
Philips FP2790
Philips FP3284
Philips FP3285
Philips FP3286
Philips FP3291
Philips FP4610
Philips FP4611
Philips FP4620
Philips FP4622
Philips FP4625
Philips FP4630
Philips FP4640
Philips FP4650
Philips FP4651
Philips FP4770
Philips FP5210
Philips FP5220
Philips FP5222
Philips FP5230
Philips FP5240
Philips FP5250
Philips FP5251
Philips FP5360
Philips FP5370G
Philips FS2550
Philips FS2551
Philips FS2750
Philips FS4620
Philips GB102F240
Philips GM2019
Philips GN102A463
Philips GNB12700
Philips GNB12802
Philips GNB12902
Philips GT1331
Philips GT1332
Philips GT1951
Philips HC9619C
Philips HC9620C
Philips HC9713
Philips HC9719
Philips HD1305
Philips HD1306
Philips HD1320
Philips HD1905
Philips HD1906
Philips HD1906C2
Philips HD1917C1
Philips HD1918C1
Philips HD1920C102
Philips HD1920C121
Philips HD1920C122
Philips HD1925C101
Philips HD1925C121
Philips HD2025
Philips HD2038
Philips HD2501
Philips HD2515
Philips HD2516
Philips HD2516C2
Philips HD2517C1
Philips HD2518C1
Philips HD2528
Philips HD2650
Philips HD2715
Philips HD2716
Philips HD2716C2
Philips HD2716C3
Philips HD2717C1
Philips HD2762C1
Philips KC9619C
Philips KC9619C (COM
Philips KT3254
Philips MC092DMG01
Philips MC092DMG02
Philips MC092DMG99
Philips MC09D1MG01
Philips MC09D1MG99
Philips MC09D5MG01
Philips MC09D5MG99
Philips MC192DMG01
Philips MC192DMG99
Philips MC194EMG17
Philips MC19D1MG01
Philips MC19D1MG99
Philips MD1420
Philips MD2020C1
Philips ML2120
Philips ML2121
Philips ML2126
Philips MOS152
Philips MP2980
Philips MP2988C1
Philips MP2989C1
Philips MP3380
Philips MR1330
Philips MR1340
Philips MR1345
Philips MR1430
Philips MR1445
Philips MR1460
Philips MR1930
Philips MR1940
Philips MR2003
Philips MR2025
Philips MR2125
Philips MRD500VR/17
Philips MS1360
Philips MS1460
Philips MS1461
Philips MS1970
Philips MS2007
Philips MS2008
Philips MS2670
Philips MS2678C1
Philips MS2679C1
Philips MS2701
Philips MS2765
Philips MS2953C1
Philips MS2954C1
Philips MS2955C1
Philips MS2956C1
Philips ms2965
Philips mt1331b101
Philips MT1331B199
Philips MT1331B301
Philips MT1331B399
Philips MT1340B101
Philips MT1340B199
Philips MT1340B301
Philips MT1340B399
Philips MT1905B101
Philips MT1905B199
Philips MT1931B101
Philips MT1931B199
Philips MT2701
Philips MX2583
Philips MX2593
Philips MX2700
Philips MX2778
Philips MX2784
Philips MX2790B1
Philips MX2796
Philips MX2797B1
Philips MX3274
Philips MX3290B1
Philips MX3296
Philips MX3297B1
Philips MX3574
Philips MX3596
Philips MX3675
Philips MX3690B1
Philips MX3697B1
Philips MX5100VR/37B
Philips MX5100VR37
Philips MX5470
Philips MX5471C
Philips MX5472C
Philips MX6071C
Philips MX6072C
Philips MX6472C
Philips OCV619
Philips OCV620C
Philips OCV620C (COM
Philips OCV625C1
Philips OCV720C1
Philips OCV725C1
Philips P1311R
Philips P1320RC1
Philips P1920RC1
Philips P1921R
Philips P2010R
Philips P2505RP1
Philips P2505RP2
Philips P2510RW1
Philips P2702R
Philips PA3520C
Philips PA3531
Philips PA3627
Philips PA5020C2
Philips PA5020C2 (CO
Philips PA5027C2
Philips PA5027C2 (CO
Philips PA5032C2
Philips PA5032C2 (CO
Philips PA7020
Philips PA7020C
Philips PA7020C1
Philips PA7027
Philips PA7027C
Philips PA7027C1
Philips PA7032
Philips PA7032C
Philips PA7032C1
Philips PA7036C
Philips PAV190
Philips PB4025
Philips PB4025 (COM)
Philips PB6013C
Philips PB6013C (COM
Philips PB7013C
Philips PB7019C
Philips PC6219
Philips PC6219C
Philips PC6219C (COM
Philips PC6220C
Philips PC6220C (COM
Philips PC6225C
Philips PC6225C (COM
Philips PC6227C
Philips PC6227C (COM
Philips PC7220
Philips PC7220C
Philips PC7220C1
Philips PC7225
Philips PC7225C
Philips PC7225C1
Philips PC7227
Philips PC7227C
Philips PC7227C1
Philips PG2120C1
Philips PG2125C1
Philips PG4125
Philips PL2119C1
Philips PL2120C1
Philips PL2125C1
Philips PL4119
Philips PL4120
Philips PL4125
Philips PL5119
Philips PL5120
Philips PL5120 (COM
Philips PL5120C2
Philips PL5125
Philips PL6119C
Philips PL6120C
Philips PL6125
Philips PL6125 (COM
Philips PL7119
Philips PL7120C1
Philips PL7125C1
Philips PL7127C1
Philips PMK172
Philips PML192
Philips PMX162
Philips PPC732C1
Philips PPC736C1
Philips PR0920X1
Philips PR0930X401
Philips PR0930X499
Philips PR0935B401
Philips PR0935B499
Philips PR1301
Philips PR1302C1
Philips PR1303C1
Philips PR1304
Philips PR1310
Philips PR1312
Philips PR1316
Philips PR1317C1
Philips PR1350
Philips PR1356
Philips PR1357
Philips PR1388
Philips PR1388C1
Philips PR1389X1
Philips PR1395
Philips PR1396
Philips PR1397
Philips PR1901
Philips PR1902C1
Philips PR1904B
Philips PR1914
Philips PR1915
Philips PR1916
Philips PR1917C1
Philips PR1928C1
Philips PRO920X
Philips PS1943
Philips PS1944C1
Philips PS1952
Philips PS1953
Philips PS1955
Philips PS1960
Philips PS1962
Philips PS1963
Philips PS1964C1
Philips PS1980
Philips PS2086
Philips PV5470
Philips PV5470C
Philips PV6070
Philips PV6070C
Philips PX2119C1
Philips PX2120
Philips PX2125C1
Philips PX4119
Philips PX4125
Philips PX6120
Philips QCF31HP-102
Philips RC9319
Philips RC9519
Philips RC9519 (COM)
Philips RC9519G2
Philips REN250
Philips RK5520
Philips RP1945
Philips RP2090
Philips RP2545
Philips RP2575
Philips RP2576C1
Philips RP2577C1
Philips RP2590
Philips RP2780
Philips RR1330
Philips RR1331
Philips RR1337
Philips RR1338C1
Philips RR1345
Philips RR1930
Philips RR1936
Philips RR1937W101
Philips RR1937W121
Philips RR1938W101
Philips RR1938W121
Philips RR1940
Philips RR1944W1
Philips RR2040C102
Philips RR2040C121
Philips RR2530
Philips RR2540
Philips RR2544A1
Philips RR2740
Philips RS1355
Philips RS1360
Philips RS1960
Philips RS1965B101
Philips RS1965B121
Philips RS1970C101
Philips RS1970C121
Philips RS2002
Philips RS2045W101
Philips RS2045W121
Philips RS2050
Philips RS2080
Philips RS2085
Philips RS2555A2
Philips RS2560
Philips RS2563
Philips RS2566
Philips RS2570
Philips RS2745
Philips RS2755
Philips RS2760
Philips RS3160
Philips SCN725C
Philips SCN725C1
Philips SCN727C
Philips SCN732C
Philips SCN825C1
Philips SCN827C
Philips SCN832C
Philips SCN836C1
Philips SPA258
Philips SPA275
Philips SPA456
Philips SPA476
Philips SPA477
Philips SPC25811
Philips SPN456
Philips SPP456
Philips SPP476
Philips SRA45301
Philips SRC135
Philips SRC194
Philips SRP45311
Philips SRW135
Philips SRW195
Philips SRW202
Philips SRW252
Philips SRW273
Philips SSA45451
Philips SSA47551
Philips SSB1955101
Philips SSB1955121
Philips SSB20601
Philips SSC20621
Philips SSC26361
Philips SSC275
Philips SSP45461
Philips SSP475
Philips SSW256
Philips TC7220C
Philips TC7225C1
Philips TC7227C1
Philips TL6119C
Philips TL6120
Philips TL6125C
Philips TL6127C
Philips TL6132C
Philips TL7119C2
Philips TL7120
Philips TL7125C1
Philips TL7127C1
Philips TP2525
Philips TP2528C1
Philips TP2575
Philips TP2576C1
Philips TP2590
Philips TP2770
Philips TP2779
Philips TP2780C1
Philips TP2783
Philips TP2790
Philips TP2792
Philips TP2794
Philips TP2795
Philips TP2798
Philips TP3267C1
Philips TP3273
Philips TP3273CST
Philips TP3290
Philips TP3293
Philips TP3296
Philips TP3298
Philips TP3573
Philips TP3669
Philips TP3669C1
Philips TP3669C10
Philips TP3675C1
Philips TR2501
Philips TR2502C1
Philips TR2510
Philips TR2512
Philips TR2516
Philips TR2517C1
Philips TR2710
Philips TR2712
Philips TS2543C1
Philips TS2544C1
Philips TS2553
Philips TS2553C1
Philips TS2554C1
Philips TS2560
Philips TS2570
Philips TS2573C1
Philips TS2574C1
Philips TS2712
Philips TS2743C1
Philips TS2744C1
Philips TS2745C1
Philips TS2752C3
Philips TS2752C4
Philips TS2753
Philips TS2753C1
Philips TS2754C1
Philips TS2760C1
Philips TS2768C1
Philips TS2775C
Philips TS2777C1
Philips TS3144
Philips TS3253C1
Philips TS3254C1
Philips TS3257C1
Philips TS3263C1
Philips TS3270
Philips TS3544
Philips TS3553C1
Philips TS3654C1
Philips TS6013C
Philips TS6013C (COM
Philips V5369-S05BK102
Philips VCKYCY1HB102K*
Philips VCKYPA1HB102K+
Philips VCR100
Philips XD1320
Philips XD1925C101
Philips XD1925C121
Philips XD2025
Philips XD2038
Philips XD2632
Philips XD2762
Philips XM2019
Philips XMK172
Philips XML192
Philips XMX162
Philips XN1315
Philips XN1915
Philips XN2515
Philips XP2590
Philips XP2780
Philips XR1301
Philips XR1301 (CAN)
Philips XR1302C1
Philips XR1310
Philips XR1312
Philips XR1312 (CAN)
Philips XR1320
Philips XR1330
Philips XR1332
Philips XR1338
Philips XR1345
Philips XR1388
Philips XR1388B1
Philips XR1388C1
Philips XR1901
Philips XR1901 (CAN)
Philips XR1902C1
Philips XR1905
Philips XR1914
Philips XR1914 (CAN)
Philips XR1930
Philips XR1938
Philips XR1940
Philips XR1941C1
Philips XR1948
Philips XR2500
Philips XR2510
Philips XR2512
Philips XR2512 (CAN)
Philips XR2541
Philips XR2542
Philips XS1360
Philips XS1952
Philips XS1953
Philips XS1953 (CAN)
Philips XS1955C1
Philips XS1961
Philips XS1962
Philips XS1970
Philips XS2050
Philips XS2080
Philips XS2550
Philips XS2552
Philips XS2552 (CAN)
Philips XS2554C1
Philips XS2555
Philips XS2560
Philips XS2752
Philips XS2752 (CAN)
Philips XS2754C1
Philips XS2760
Philips XS2761
Philips XS2765
Philips XS3160
Philips XS3253
Philips XS3254C1
Philips XS3270B1
Philips XS3654
Philips XS3675
Philips XV5262B
Philips XV5270
Philips XV5270B