483513047055 Part


Part #: 483513047055

We're sorry, but this part is no longer available.
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Over $75.00 Free
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Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

Oversize Shipping Surcharges
This item is over 30 lbs/5,820 Cu. In. $39.95
This item is over 80 lbs/15,520 Cu. In. $69.95
This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
This item is over 200 lbs/38,800 Cu. In. $299.95

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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 924 models:

Magnavox 20MS2331/17
Magnavox 20MS233S
Magnavox 27MS4504/17
Magnavox 27MT330517
Magnavox 32MT3305/17
Magnavox DNU 14MS2331/17
Magnavox DNU 20MT1336/37
Magnavox DNU 20MT4405/17
Magnavox MRV66017
Philips 0006001052
Philips 0006001053
Philips 0006015060
Philips 0006015063
Philips 0006016002
Philips 0014085125
Philips 0014402000
Philips 0014506002
Philips 0023309003
Philips 0023309005
Philips 0023323004
Philips 0023323005
Philips 0023707005
Philips 002SC1328-ST
Philips 003446017006
Philips 004H13040216
Philips 004H13040361
Philips 004H13040901
Philips 004H13041918
Philips 004H13044196
Philips 004H13044198
Philips 004H13044246
Philips 004H13044257
Philips 004H13044503
Philips 005H13040216
Philips 005H13040361
Philips 005H13040368
Philips 005H13044196
Philips 005H13044246
Philips 006102700001
Philips 006103700001
Philips 006103700002
Philips 006103700003
Philips 006103700004
Philips 006103700005
Philips 006103702002
Philips 006103702004
Philips 006103702005
Philips 006103709002
Philips 006103709004
Philips 006103709005
Philips 006103710001
Philips 006103710002
Philips 006104350001
Philips 006104350002
Philips 006104350003
Philips 006104352001
Philips 006104352003
Philips 006104359001
Philips 006104359002
Philips 006104359003
Philips 006104390002
Philips 006105000001
Philips 006105000003
Philips 006105000004
Philips 006105002003
Philips 006105002004
Philips 006105009001
Philips 006105009003
Philips 006105009004
Philips 10-97
Philips 114696
Philips 114697
Philips 115297
Philips 1152980001
Philips 13-0014402-000
Philips 13-0023309-005
Philips 13-0023323-005
Philips 13-0023368-003
Philips 13-0023707-005
Philips 13-14402
Philips 13-23309-5
Philips 13-23368-3
Philips 13-23707-5
Philips 13PR15C1
Philips 13PR18C1
Philips 13PR19C121
Philips 13PR20C121
Philips 13PT30L121
Philips 1402E
Philips 14402000
Philips 14LL17
Philips 14LL190121
Philips 14LL191121
Philips 14LW17
Philips 14LW192221
Philips 14LW193221
Philips 14LX17
Philips 14LX190321
Philips 19PR15C1
Philips 19PR19C121
Philips 19PR19C122
Philips 19PR19C125
Philips 19PR21C121
Philips 19PR21C122
Philips 19PR21C125
Philips 19PR21C222
Philips 19PS55C1C
Philips 19PS56C121
Philips 19PS56C122
Philips 19PS56C125
Philips 19PS57C121
Philips 19PS57C125
Philips 19PT10C125
Philips 20LL27
Philips 20LL290122
Philips 20LL290125
Philips 20LL291125
Philips 20LW27
Philips 20LW292222
Philips 20LW292225
Philips 20LW293225
Philips 20LX27
Philips 20LX290322
Philips 20LX290325
Philips 20PT30B1
Philips 20PT643R
Philips 20S152
Philips 21LL37
Philips 21LW37
Philips 21LW392221
Philips 21LW393221
Philips 23309005
Philips 25PS73C1
Philips 25PT10C121
Philips 25PT15C121
Philips 25T200C1
Philips 25TR15C1
Philips 25TR19C121
Philips 25TR19C125
Philips 25TS52C4
Philips 25TS54C1
Philips 25TS56C121
Philips 25TSC601
Philips 26LL57
Philips 26LL590121
Philips 26LW57
Philips 26LW592221
Philips 26PW6341
Philips 26PW634137
Philips 27A750
Philips 27FP74B1
Philips 27PS60S321
Philips 27PS75
Philips 27PS83
Philips 27PS95
Philips 27PT6441
Philips 27PT644137
Philips 27PT9015D
Philips 27PT9015D37
Philips 27S222
Philips 27T500
Philips 27T501PN01
Philips 27T502
Philips 27T503CH01
Philips 27T510
Philips 27T511AK01
Philips 27T600
Philips 27T602
Philips 27TP82
Philips 27TP83
Philips 27TS52C2
Philips 27TS54C1
Philips 27TS57C101
Philips 27TS57C121
Philips 27TS73
Philips 27TSC6
Philips 27TSC621
Philips 29LL67
Philips 29LL690121
Philips 29LP67
Philips 29LP682
Philips 29LP683
Philips 2SC1737C
Philips 30PW633R
Philips 314001341050
Philips 319007101050
Philips 319007101051
Philips 319802040030
Philips 319802040080
Philips 32A750BK
Philips 32F400
Philips 32FP74
Philips 32PS55S321
Philips 32PS63
Philips 32PS73
Philips 32PS93
Philips 32PS96
Philips 32PT5441
Philips 32PT5441/37
Philips 32PT6441
Philips 32PT70B101
Philips 32PT9005D37
Philips 32T530
Philips 32T600
Philips 32T600C1
Philips 32T607
Philips 32TP72
Philips 32XS50
Philips 33LL891101
Philips 33LP87
Philips 33LP883
Philips 33LP893201
Philips 33LP893202
Philips 34-0006001-053
Philips 34-0006017-006
Philips 3446017006
Philips 34-6017-6
Philips 35PS53
Philips 35PS96
Philips 37LP97
Philips 37LP982
Philips 37LP992201
Philips 37LP992202
Philips 43P8341
Philips 46CP10W
Philips 46UP40
Philips 47TP60
Philips 47UP70
Philips 47UP72
Philips 482213040084
Philips 482213040144
Philips 482213040216
Philips 482213040239
Philips 482213040361
Philips 482213040368
Philips 482213040391
Philips 482213040515
Philips 482213040806
Philips 482213040876
Philips 482213040884
Philips 482213040901
Philips 482213040935
Philips 482213040938
Philips 482213040939
Philips 482213041148
Philips 482213041918
Philips 482213044196
Philips 482213044198
Philips 482213044246
Philips 482213044257
Philips 482213044503
Philips 483513047057
Philips 483513047064
Philips 483513047191
Philips 483513047192
Philips 48PP70A
Philips 48PP70A (LAT
Philips 48PP72A
Philips 48VP41
Philips 48WP43C
Philips 48XP43C
Philips 48XP44
Philips 52RP54
Philips 52TP52
Philips 52TP54
Philips 52UP40
Philips 52UP52
Philips 52UP53
Philips 52UP54
Philips 52UP56
Philips 52VP52
Philips 52VP56
Philips 532213040144
Philips 532213040216
Philips 532213040361
Philips 532213040368
Philips 532213040515
Philips 532213044155
Philips 532213044196
Philips 532213044198
Philips 532213044246
Philips 532213044299
Philips 532213044503
Philips 53TP60
Philips 53UP70
Philips 53UP72
Philips 54CP40W
Philips 54PP70A
Philips 54PP70A (LAT
Philips 54PP72
Philips 54VP32
Philips 54VP41
Philips 54VP51
Philips 54WP43C
Philips 54WP52C
Philips 54XP43
Philips 54XP44
Philips 54XV71C
Philips 554538
Philips 55PP9701
Philips 55PP970101
Philips 55PP970102
Philips 5T4610
Philips 60PP9601
Philips 60PP960101
Philips 60PP960102
Philips 60PP960103
Philips 60PP9701
Philips 60PP970101
Philips 60PP970102
Philips 60PP970103
Philips 60VP51
Philips 60XP43
Philips 6103700003
Philips 6103700004
Philips 6103702004
Philips 6103709004
Philips 6103710002
Philips 6104350002
Philips 6104359002
Philips 6104390002
Philips 6105000001
Philips 6105000004
Philips 6105002004
Philips 6105009001
Philips 6105009004
Philips 62654528790
Philips 62654528791
Philips 64PH990501
Philips 64PH990502
Philips 64PP9751
Philips 64PP975101
Philips 6P4615
Philips 6P4615W1
Philips 6P4830W
Philips 6P4840W
Philips 6P4841C
Philips 6P4850W
Philips 6P4851C
Philips 6P5252B
Philips 6P5430W
Philips 6P5435C
Philips 6P5440W
Philips 6P5441C
Philips 6P5450W
Philips 6P5451C
Philips 6P5452B
Philips 6P6030W
Philips 6P6040W
Philips 6P6041C
Philips 6P6050W
Philips 6P6051C
Philips 6S4600W
Philips 6S4620W
Philips 7p4830w
Philips 7P4834C
Philips 7P4840C
Philips 7P4840W
Philips 7P4841C
Philips 7P5430W
Philips 7P5431C
Philips 7P5433W
Philips 7P5435C
Philips 7P5435W
Philips 7P5441C
Philips 7P5451C
Philips 7P6030W
Philips 7P6031C
Philips 7P6033W
Philips 7P6035C
Philips 7P6035W
Philips 7P6041C
Philips 7P6051C
Philips 7S4600W
Philips 8P4831C
Philips 8P4834C
Philips 8P4841C
Philips 8P4844C
Philips 8P5431C
Philips 8P5434C
Philips 8P5441C
Philips 8P5444C
Philips 8P6031C
Philips 8P6034C
Philips 8P6034C101
Philips 8P6041C
Philips 8P6044C
Philips 8P6051C
Philips 8P6054
Philips 933035040112
Philips 933037980112
Philips 933040120112
Philips 933048860112
Philips 933050830112
Philips 933069930112
Philips 933069980112
Philips 933070000112
Philips 933103570116
Philips 933108630112
Philips 933137790112
Philips 933137790116
Philips 933150980112
Philips 933197610112
Philips 933197610126
Philips 933197670112
Philips 933197670113
Philips 933197670116
Philips 933197670126
Philips 933197670142
Philips 933197700112
Philips 933197700116
Philips 933197700126
Philips 933197700682
Philips 933207570112
Philips 933237790112
Philips 933237790116
Philips 933237790126
Philips 933262090112
Philips 933262090682
Philips 933263510747
Philips 933352670112
Philips 933352670682
Philips 933553530112
Philips 933553530682
Philips 933553530686
Philips 933553550112
Philips 933553550682
Philips 933666220112
Philips 933666220682
Philips 933689680126
Philips 933703550112
Philips 933703550412
Philips 933746340412
Philips 933790240412
Philips 945Q
Philips 9P6040C104
Philips AD2779
Philips AD3253
Philips AV2767A
Philips AV2767A2
Philips AV2777A2
Philips AV2778A
Philips AV2778B1
Philips AV2780A1
Philips AV2784B1
Philips AV3277A
Philips AV3278A
Philips BC108C
Philips BC109/04
Philips BC109C
Philips BC148C
Philips BC149C
Philips BC183C
Philips BC238C
Philips BC239C
Philips BC408C
Philips BC547
Philips BC547C
Philips BC548C
Philips BC549C
Philips BCW48C
Philips C548C
Philips CC2731
Philips CC2741
Philips CC2742
Philips CC2752
Philips CC2772
Philips CC3272
Philips CCR095AT01
Philips CH1719C1
Philips CH1919C125
Philips CH1927C101
Philips CH1927C121
Philips CJ156
Philips CP4570
Philips CP4571
Philips CP4610
Philips CP4620
Philips CP4760
Philips CP4761
Philips CP4770
Philips CP4771
Philips CP4778
Philips CP4830
Philips CP5210
Philips CP5220
Philips CP5440
Philips CQ041E
Philips CQ063
Philips CQ063J
Philips CQ111C
Philips CQ117E
Philips CQ11C
Philips CS4740
Philips CS4750
Philips CS4751
Philips CS5160
Philips CS9126BC
Philips CT2526
Philips CT2719
Philips CT2720
Philips CT2721
Philips CT2741
Philips CT2746
Philips CT2747
Philips CT3210
Philips CT3212
Philips CT3222
Philips CT3247
Philips CT3254
Philips DH109
Philips DN109
Philips ED1401C
Philips ED1402
Philips ED1402C
Philips ED1402E
Philips EW15X411
Philips FP2784
Philips FP2786
Philips FP2787
Philips FP3274
Philips FP3284
Philips FP3285
Philips FP3286
Philips FP3291
Philips FP4610
Philips FP4611
Philips FP4620
Philips FP4622
Philips FP4625
Philips FP4625W103
Philips FP4630
Philips FP4640
Philips FP4650
Philips FP4651
Philips FP4770
Philips FP5210
Philips FP5220
Philips FP5222
Philips FP5230
Philips FP5240
Philips FP5250
Philips FP5251
Philips FP5360
Philips FP5370G
Philips FS2764
Philips FS2770
Philips FS3270
Philips FS4620
Philips FWC85C
Philips FWC85C37
Philips GNB12700
Philips GNB12802
Philips GNB12902
Philips HC9713
Philips HC9719
Philips HC9913C121
Philips HC9919C1
Philips HD1918C1
Philips HD2518C1
Philips HD2528
Philips HD2530C121
Philips HD2716C3
Philips HD2717C1
Philips HD2720C101
Philips HD64000501
Philips KT3254
Philips LL9125C121
Philips LL9125C221
Philips LM596
Philips MOS152
Philips MP2980
Philips MP2988C1
Philips MP2989C1
Philips MP3380
Philips MPS963-0
Philips MS2670
Philips MS2678C1
Philips MS2679C1
Philips MS2701
Philips MS2765
Philips MS2953C1
Philips MS2954C1
Philips MS2955C1
Philips MS2956C1
Philips ms2965
Philips MS3250C321
Philips MS3652S327
Philips MT2701
Philips MX2583
Philips MX2593
Philips MX2700
Philips MX2778
Philips MX2784
Philips MX2790B1
Philips MX2791B1
Philips MX2796
Philips MX2797B1
Philips MX3274
Philips MX3290B1
Philips MX3291B1
Philips MX3296
Philips MX3297B1
Philips MX3574
Philips MX3596
Philips MX3675
Philips MX3690B1
Philips MX3691B1
Philips MX3697B1
Philips MX5470
Philips MX5471C
Philips MX5472C
Philips MX6071C
Philips MX6072C
Philips MX6472C
Philips MX6472C101
Philips OCV720C1
Philips OCV725C1
Philips PA3520C
Philips PA3531
Philips PA3627
Philips PA5020C2
Philips PA5020C2 (CO
Philips PA5027C2
Philips PA5027C2 (CO
Philips PA5032C2
Philips PA5032C2 (CO
Philips PA7020
Philips PA7020C
Philips PA7020C1
Philips PA7027
Philips PA7027C
Philips PA7027C1
Philips PA7032
Philips PA7032C
Philips PA7032C1
Philips PA7036C
Philips PA9019C121
Philips PA9027C101
Philips PA9032C101
Philips PA9032C121
Philips PB7013C
Philips PB7019C
Philips PC7220
Philips PC7220C
Philips PC7220C1
Philips PC7225
Philips PC7225C
Philips PC7225C1
Philips PC7227
Philips PC7227C
Philips PC7227C1
Philips PC9219C1
Philips PC9219PKIT
Philips PC9225C121
Philips PC9225C221
Philips PC9227C101
Philips PK4559CH03
Philips PL7119
Philips PL7120C1
Philips PL7125C1
Philips PL7127C1
Philips PL9119C125
Philips PL9125C121
Philips PL9125C221
Philips PL9127C101
Philips PPC732C1
Philips PPC736C1
Philips PPC927C201
Philips PPC932C101
Philips PPC932C121
Philips PPC932C221
Philips PR0910X101
Philips PR1302C1
Philips PR1303C1
Philips PR1305C121
Philips PR1306C121
Philips PR1317C1
Philips PR1319C121
Philips PR1320C121
Philips PR1388
Philips PR1388C1
Philips PR1389X1
Philips PR1390C121
Philips PR1391X121
Philips PR1392X121
Philips PR1902C1
Philips PR1903C121
Philips PR1903C122
Philips PR1903C125
Philips PR1906C121
Philips PR1906C122
Philips PR1906C125
Philips PR1917C1
Philips PR1917C127
Philips PR1920C121
Philips PR1920C122
Philips PR1920C125
Philips PR1920C601
Philips PR1920C699
Philips PR1921C121
Philips PR1921C125
Philips PR1928C1
Philips PS1944C1
Philips PS1946C121
Philips PS1946C122
Philips PS1946C125
Philips PS1947C121
Philips PS1947C125
Philips PS1955
Philips PS1956C121
Philips PS1956C122
Philips PS1956C125
Philips PS1964C1
Philips PS1966C121
Philips PS1966C122
Philips PS1966C125
Philips PV5470
Philips PV5470C
Philips PV558001
Philips PV55800101
Philips PV55800102
Philips PV55800103
Philips PV6070
Philips PV6070C
Philips PV608001
Philips PV60800101
Philips PV60800102
Philips PV60800103
Philips PV648001
Philips PV64800101
Philips RH8530AK09
Philips RK4966PE01
Philips RK5541
Philips RL8560
Philips RP2090
Philips RP2590
Philips RP2591
Philips RP2780
Philips RP2783C402
Philips RS2085
Philips RS2570
Philips RS2760
Philips RS3160
Philips RX4325WA01
Philips RXJ169WA01
Philips SC2927C121
Philips SC2932C121
Philips SC2932C221
Philips SC3925C121
Philips SC3925N121
Philips SC3932C121
Philips SCN725C
Philips SCN725C1
Philips SCN727C
Philips SCN732C
Philips SCN825C1
Philips SCN827C
Philips SCN832C
Philips SCN836C1
Philips SEC919C125
Philips SPA258
Philips SPA275
Philips SPA456
Philips SPA476
Philips SPA477
Philips SPN456
Philips SPP456
Philips SPP476
Philips SSA47551
Philips SSC20621
Philips SSC275
Philips SSP475
Philips TC7220C
Philips TC7225C1
Philips TC7227C1
Philips TC9225C121
Philips TC9225C221
Philips TL6132C
Philips TL7119C2
Philips TL7120
Philips TL7125C1
Philips TL7127C1
Philips TL9119C125
Philips TL9125C121
Philips TL9125C221
Philips TL9127C101
Philips TL9127C121
Philips TL9127C221
Philips TP2528C1
Philips TP2575
Philips TP2576C1
Philips TP2590
Philips TP2592
Philips TP2770
Philips TP2777
Philips TP2779
Philips TP2780C1
Philips TP2781C1
Philips TP2782
Philips TP2783
Philips TP2790
Philips TP2792
Philips TP2794
Philips TP2795
Philips TP2798
Philips TP3170
Philips TP3267C1
Philips TP3272
Philips TP3273
Philips TP3273CST
Philips TP3281C1
Philips TP3284C101
Philips TP3284C102
Philips TP3287
Philips TP3290
Philips TP3293
Philips TP3296
Philips TP3297B101
Philips TP3297B102
Philips TP3298
Philips TP3573
Philips TP3587
Philips TP3596
Philips TP3669
Philips TP3669C1
Philips TP3669C10
Philips TP3680C1
Philips TP3681C1
Philips TP3684C101
Philips TP3684C102
Philips TP3697B101
Philips TP3697B102
Philips TR2502C1
Philips TR2503C101
Philips TR2503C121
Philips TR2503C125
Philips TR2517C1
Philips TR2519C121
Philips TS2544C1
Philips TS2546C121
Philips TS2554C1
Philips TS2556C121
Philips TS2556C221
Philips TS2570
Philips TS2573C1
Philips TS2574C1
Philips TS2575C121
Philips TS2575C221
Philips TS2582
Philips TS2744C1
Philips TS2745C1
Philips TS2746C101
Philips TS2746C121
Philips TS2752C2
Philips TS2752C4
Philips TS2754C1
Philips TS2757C101
Philips TS2760C1
Philips TS2768C1
Philips TS2773
Philips TS2774C101
Philips TS2774C121
Philips TS2775C
Philips TS2777C1
Philips TS3144
Philips TS3253C1
Philips TS3254C1
Philips TS3256C101
Philips TS3256C121
Philips TS3257C1
Philips TS3258C1
Philips TS3259C101
Philips TS3259C102
Philips TS3262
Philips TS3263C1
Philips TS3268
Philips TS3270
Philips TS3544
Philips TS3553C1
Philips TS3654C1
Philips TS3658C1
Philips TS3659C101
Philips TS3659C102
Philips XD2632
Philips XP2590
Philips XP2780
Philips XR1302C1
Philips XR1305C121
Philips XR1388
Philips XR1388B1
Philips XR1388C1
Philips XR1391C121
Philips XR1902C1
Philips XR1903C121
Philips XR1903C122
Philips XR1903C125
Philips XR2503C121
Philips XS1955C1
Philips XS1956C121
Philips XS1956C122
Philips XS1956C125
Philips XS2550
Philips XS2554C1
Philips XS2556C121
Philips XS2754C1
Philips XS2757C101
Philips XS2760
Philips XS2761
Philips XS2765
Philips XS2773
Philips XS3160
Philips XS3253
Philips XS3254C1
Philips XS3259C101
Philips XS3270B1
Philips XS3272
Philips XS3654
Philips XS3659C101
Philips XS3659C102
Philips XS3675
Philips XV5262B
Philips XV5270
Philips XV5270B