934038640115 Part

Philips 934038640115 Diode Znr

Part #: 934038640115

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These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 451 models:

LG Electronics/Zenith A50M91W1
Philips 13PR19C121
Philips 13PT30L121
Philips 13PT30L601
Philips 13PT30L699
Philips 14LL190121
Philips 14LL191121
Philips 14LW192221
Philips 14LW193221
Philips 14LX190321
Philips 19PR11C122
Philips 19PR16C122
Philips 19PR19C121
Philips 19PR19C122
Philips 19PR19C125
Philips 19PS50S122
Philips 19PS56C121
Philips 19PS56C122
Philips 19PS56C125
Philips 19PT10C125
Philips 20LL290122
Philips 20LL290125
Philips 20LL291125
Philips 20LW292222
Philips 20LW292225
Philips 20LW293225
Philips 20LX290322
Philips 20LX290325
Philips 20PT30B1
Philips 21LW392221
Philips 21LW393221
Philips 25PT15C121
Philips 25TS56C121
Philips 25TS56C221
Philips 25TS56C225
Philips 25TS56C299
Philips 26LL590121
Philips 26LL590221
Philips 26LW592221
Philips 27PT40B101
Philips 27ST230P35
Philips 27TS57C101
Philips 27TS57C121
Philips 29LL690121
Philips 29LL690221
Philips 29LP692201
Philips 29LP693201
Philips 32PT70B101
Philips 32ST230P35
Philips 33LL891101
Philips 33LL891102
Philips 33LP893201
Philips 33LP893202
Philips 37LP992201
Philips 37LP992202
Philips 43P8341
Philips 43P834199
Philips 43P8341A37
Philips 43P8341A99
Philips 43PP920201
Philips 43PP920217
Philips 43PP920217F
Philips 43PP920284
Philips 43PP920284F
Philips 43PP920299
Philips 44PL952217
Philips 44PL952317
Philips 44PL952399
Philips 46PP930201
Philips 46PP930217
Philips 46PP930217F
Philips 46PP930284
Philips 46PP930284F
Philips 46PP930299
Philips 46PP9302H17
Philips 482213010852
Philips 50P8341
Philips 50P834199
Philips 50P8341A37
Philips 50P8341A99
Philips 50P8342
Philips 50P834299
Philips 50P8342A37
Philips 50P8342A99
Philips 50PP241
Philips 50PP24199
Philips 50PP9202/99
Philips 50PP920201
Philips 50PP920217
Philips 50PP920217F
Philips 50PP920284
Philips 50PP920284F
Philips 50YP43C101
Philips 50YP43C102
Philips 50YP44C101
Philips 50YP44C102
Philips 50YP44C103
Philips 50YP44C104
Philips 51MP392H17
Philips 51MP3964H/17
Philips 51PP9303H17
Philips 51PP9363H17
Philips 51PP9910/17
Philips 51PW930317F
Philips 51PW930399
Philips 51PW936317F
Philips 51PW936399
Philips 55P8241
Philips 55P824199
Philips 55P8241A37
Philips 55P8241A99
Philips 55P8288
Philips 55P828899
Philips 55P8288A37
Philips 55P8288A99
Philips 55P8341
Philips 55P834199
Philips 55P8341A37
Philips 55P8341A99
Philips 55P8342
Philips 55P834299
Philips 55P8342A37
Philips 55P8342A99
Philips 55P9161001
Philips 55P9161002
Philips 55P9161003
Philips 55P9161004
Philips 55P9271001
Philips 55P9271002
Philips 55P9271003
Philips 55P9271004
Philips 55P9271005
Philips 55PL922317
Philips 55PL9224/37
Philips 55PL952437
Philips 55PL9773/17
Philips 55PL9773/99
Philips 55PL977437
Philips 55PL987437
Philips 55PP241
Philips 55PP24199
Philips 55PP935201
Philips 55PP935217
Philips 55PP935299
Philips 55PP950201
Philips 55PP950217
Philips 55PP950284
Philips 55PP950299
Philips 55PP9701
Philips 55PP970101
Philips 55PP970102
Philips 55PP9753/17
Philips 55PP9753/84
Philips 55PP9753/99
Philips 55PP9910/17
Philips 55PP9920/17
Philips 55PW936399
Philips 55PW938317F
Philips 55PW938399
Philips 55RW9515/35
Philips 55YP43C101
Philips 55YP43C102
Philips 55YP43C103
Philips 55YP43C104
Philips 55YP44C101
Philips 55YP44C102
Philips 55YP44C103
Philips 55YP44C104
Philips 55YP45C
Philips 60P8241
Philips 60P824199
Philips 60P8241A37
Philips 60P8241A99
Philips 60P8288
Philips 60P828899
Philips 60P8288A37
Philips 60P8288A99
Philips 60P8341
Philips 60P834199
Philips 60P8341A37
Philips 60P8341A99
Philips 60P8342
Philips 60P834299
Philips 60P8342A37
Philips 60P8342A99
Philips 60P9161001
Philips 60P9161002
Philips 60P9161003
Philips 60P9161004
Philips 60P9271001
Philips 60P9271002
Philips 60P9271003
Philips 60P9271004
Philips 60P9271005
Philips 60PP241
Philips 60PP24199
Philips 60PP920201
Philips 60PP920217
Philips 60PP920217F
Philips 60PP920299
Philips 60PP935201
Philips 60pp935217
Philips 60PP935299
Philips 60PP9363H17
Philips 60PP938317F
Philips 60PP950201
Philips 60PP950217
Philips 60PP950299
Philips 60PP9601
Philips 60PP960101
Philips 60PP960102
Philips 60PP960103
Philips 60PP9701
Philips 60PP970101
Philips 60PP970102
Philips 60PP970103
Philips 60PP9753/17
Philips 60PP9753/99
Philips 60PP991017
Philips 60PW936317F
Philips 60PW936399
Philips 60PW938317F
Philips 60PW938399
Philips 60YP43C101
Philips 60YP43C102
Philips 60YP43C103
Philips 60YP43C104
Philips 62PL952437
Philips 62PL977437
Philips 64P8341
Philips 64P834199
Philips 64P8341A37
Philips 64P8341A99
Philips 64P8342
Philips 64P834299
Philips 64P8342A37
Philips 64P8342A99
Philips 64P9161001
Philips 64P9161002
Philips 64P9161003
Philips 64P9161004
Philips 64P9161005
Philips 64P9161006
Philips 64P9271001
Philips 64P9271002
Philips 64P9271003
Philips 64P9271004
Philips 64P9271005
Philips 64P9271006
Philips 64P9271007
Philips 64PP9751
Philips 64PP975101
Philips 9P5031C101
Philips 9P5031C102
Philips 9P5031C103
Philips 9P5034C101
Philips 9P5034C102
Philips 9P5034C103
Philips 9P5040C101
Philips 9P5040C102
Philips 9P5040C103
Philips 9P5040C104
Philips 9P5044C101
Philips 9P5044C102
Philips 9P5044C103
Philips 9P5044C104
Philips 9P5511C101
Philips 9P5511C102
Philips 9P5514C101
Philips 9P5514C102
Philips 9P5531C101
Philips 9P5531C102
Philips 9P5531C103
Philips 9P5534C101
Philips 9P5534C102
Philips 9P5534C103
Philips 9P5540C101
Philips 9P5540C102
Philips 9P5540C103
Philips 9P5540C104
Philips 9P5544C101
Philips 9P5544C102
Philips 9P5544C103
Philips 9P5544C104
Philips 9P6031
Philips 9P6031C101
Philips 9P6031C102
Philips 9P6031C103
Philips 9P60349101
Philips 9P60349102
Philips 9P60349103
Philips 9P6034C101
Philips 9P6034C102
Philips 9P6034C103
Philips 9P6040C101
Philips 9P6040C102
Philips 9P6040C103
Philips 9P6040C104
Philips 9P6044C101
Philips 9P6044C102
Philips 9P6044C103
Philips 9P6044C104
Philips 9P6440C101
Philips 9P6440C102
Philips 9P6440C103
Philips 9P6440C104
Philips 9P6440C105
Philips 9P6444C101
Philips 9P6444C102
Philips 9P6444C104
Philips 9P6444C105
Philips BZX284-C6V8
Philips CH1919C125
Philips CH1927C101
Philips CH1927C121
Philips CH1927C221
Philips HC9913C121
Philips HC9919C1
Philips HD2530C121
Philips HD2530C221
Philips HD2720C101
Philips MS2730C221
Philips MS2730C299
Philips PA0113C121
Philips PA0113C199
Philips PA9019C121
Philips PA9027C101
Philips PA9027C121
Philips PA9032C101
Philips PA9032C121
Philips PA9036C121
Philips PC9219C1
Philips PC9219PKIT
Philips PC9225C121
Philips PC9225C221
Philips PC9227C101
Philips PC9227C121
Philips PC9227C201
Philips PCW027C121
Philips PCW027C221
Philips PL9119C125
Philips PL9127C101
Philips PL9127C121
Philips PL9127C221
Philips PPC927C101
Philips PPC927C121
Philips PPC927C201
Philips PPC932C101
Philips PPC932C121
Philips PPC932C221
Philips PR1305C121
Philips PR1319C121
Philips PR1390C121
Philips PR1391X121
Philips PR1903C121
Philips PR1903C122
Philips PR1903C125
Philips PR1920C121
Philips PR1920C122
Philips PR1920C125
Philips PR1920C601
Philips PR1920C699
Philips PS1946C121
Philips PS1946C122
Philips PS1946C125
Philips PS1956C121
Philips PS1956C122
Philips PS1956C125
Philips PS1966C121
Philips PS1966C122
Philips PS1966C125
Philips PV5571C101
Philips PV5571C102
Philips PV5571C103
Philips PV5571C104
Philips PV558001
Philips PV55800101
Philips PV55800102
Philips PV55800103
Philips PV6071C101
Philips PV6071C102
Philips PV6071C103
Philips PV6071C104
Philips PV608001
Philips PV60800101
Philips PV60800102
Philips PV60800103
Philips PV648001
Philips PV64800101
Philips SC2927C121
Philips SC2932C121
Philips SC2932C221
Philips SC3127N121
Philips SC3127N199
Philips SC3127N321
Philips SC3127N399
Philips SC3132N121
Philips SC3132N199
Philips SC3132N321
Philips SC3132N399
Philips SC3925C121
Philips SC3925N121
Philips SC3927C121
Philips SC3932C121
Philips SEC919C125
Philips TC9225C121
Philips TC9225C221
Philips TL9119C125
Philips TL9127C101
Philips TL9127C121
Philips TL9127C221
Philips TP2784C101
Philips TP2797B101
Philips TP3284C101
Philips TP3284C102
Philips TP3297B101
Philips TP3297B102
Philips TP3684C101
Philips TP3684C102
Philips TP3697B101
Philips TP3697B102
Philips TS2546C121
Philips TS2556C121
Philips TS2575C121
Philips TS2575C221
Philips TS2746C101
Philips TS2746C121
Philips TS2746C221
Philips TS2757C101
Philips TS2774C101
Philips TS2774C121
Philips TS3256C101
Philips TS3256C121
Philips TS3259C101
Philips TS3259C102
Philips TS3659C101
Philips TS3659C102
Philips XP2784C101
Philips XR1305C121
Philips XR1391C121
Philips XR1903C121
Philips XR1903C122
Philips XR1903C125
Philips XS1956C121
Philips XS1956C122
Philips XS1956C125
Philips XS2556C121
Philips XS2757C101
Philips XS3259C101
Philips XS3659C101
Philips XS3659C102