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ANDERIC 483521917656 RR7656 PHILIPS -RR7656 TV Remote Control
The Anderic RR7656 remote control replaces most original equipment Philips and Magnavox TV remotes. The RR7656 will work right out of the package for compatible Philips and Magnavox TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RR7656 is a pre-programmed Philips and Magnavox TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like MENU, SLEEP and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty. Additional information: • This remote only works Philips and Magnavox TVs • This remote will not program to any other devices (DVD players, Cable boxes, etc.) • NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED • 1-YEAR replacement warranty included Warning: Please make sure this remote has all the buttons you need before purchasing. No Tuner A+B button on this remote. 
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Remote Control
This is an alternative to Anderic part RR7656
Anderic RR2573 $21.23
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This part is compatible with the following 1000 models:

Magnavox FP2790
Magnavox FP2790A
Magnavox FP2790A1
Magnavox FP2790A101
Philips 00G08RPBAB02
Philips 00G174CCAA02
Philips 00G176BAA01
Philips 00H174CCAA01
Philips 00M176SAAA01
Philips 00T216JGPH01
Philips 00Y147KBAA01
Philips 114697
Philips 1146970001
Philips 1146970002
Philips 1146970003
Philips 1146970004
Philips 1152960001
Philips 115297
Philips 1152970001
Philips 1152970002
Philips 1152970003
Philips 1152970004
Philips 1252970001
Philips 1252970002
Philips 1252970003
Philips 1252970004
Philips 13PR12C
Philips 13PR12C221
Philips 13PR12W
Philips 13R200
Philips 13R20001
Philips 13R200C1
Philips 13R200C101
Philips 13S221
Philips 13S221C101
Philips 13S250
Philips 13S250C1
Philips 19EG07
Philips 19L402
Philips 19P200
Philips 19P200C
Philips 19P200C1
Philips 19P200C121
Philips 19PR14C121
Philips 19PR14C122
Philips 19PR14C221
Philips 19PR14C222
Philips 19PR14C225
Philips 19PR14C227
Philips 19PR17C
Philips 19PRC10121
Philips 19PRC10124
Philips 19PRC10199
Philips 19PRC231
Philips 19PRC23121
Philips 19PS52C2
Philips 19PS52C221
Philips 19PS52C222
Philips 19PS52C3
Philips 19PS52C325
Philips 19PSC5
Philips 19PSC501
Philips 19PSC50121
Philips 19PSC50124
Philips 19X60800AA
Philips 19X61900A
Philips 19X62200AA
Philips 19XS62
Philips 19XS62C
Philips 19XS62C1
Philips 19XS62C101
Philips 19XS62C121
Philips 19XS62C122
Philips 20B101
Philips 20J130RB01
Philips 20J160
Philips 20J160SB
Philips 20J160SB02
Philips 20J170
Philips 20K130
Philips 20K130RB02
Philips 20K151
Philips 20K151SB03
Philips 20K161SB02
Philips 20P60400AA
Philips 20R200
Philips 20S151B102
Philips 20S240C
Philips 20S240C101
Philips 20S242C402
Philips 20S250C101
Philips 20T101
Philips 20X242C401
Philips 2527"COLOR
Philips 25B800/7562
Philips 25C510
Philips 25E50100AA
Philips 25Feb
Philips 25P101BB
Philips 25PS72
Philips 25PS72C
Philips 25PS72C1
Philips 25PS72C101
Philips 25PS72C102
Philips 25PS82
Philips 25PS82C
Philips 25PS82C1
Philips 25PS82C101
Philips 25PS82C102
Philips 25S102
Philips 25T103
Philips 25T200
Philips 25T200C1
Philips 25T200C101
Philips 25TR12C101
Philips 25TR12C102
Philips 25TR12C121
Philips 25TR12C2
Philips 25TR12C221
Philips 25TRC10101
Philips 25TS52
Philips 25TS52C1
Philips 25TS52C202
Philips 25TS52C203
Philips 25TS52C205
Philips 25TS52C3
Philips 25TS52C303
Philips 25TS52C321
Philips 25TS52C4
Philips 25TS52C408
Philips 25TS72
Philips 25TS72C1
Philips 25TS72C101
Philips 25TS72C103
Philips 25TS72C202
Philips 25TS72C204
Philips 25TSC6
Philips 25TSC60
Philips 25TSC601
Philips 25TSC60101
Philips 25TSC62104
Philips 25TSC62110
Philips 26GT443F
Philips 27600C101
Philips 27B7007562
Philips 27FP74B102
Philips 27FP74B103
Philips 27H324SB
Philips 27H327
Philips 27J231
Philips 27J231SB02
Philips 27J245
Philips 27J251
Philips 27J451
Philips 27K221
Philips 27K221SB
Philips 27K221SB02
Philips 27K261
Philips 27K269
Philips 27K269EC01
Philips 27K291
Philips 27K471
Philips 27K472
Philips 27K491
Philips 27P350
Philips 27P350C1
Philips 27P360
Philips 27P500
Philips 27P600C101
Philips 27PS52
Philips 27PS52C1
Philips 27PS52C2
Philips 27PS75
Philips 27PS75C1
Philips 27PS75C101
Philips 27PS75C102
Philips 27PS75C103
Philips 27PS75C104
Philips 27PS75C105
Philips 27PS75C2
Philips 27PS82
Philips 27PS82C103
Philips 27PS89
Philips 27R5010088
Philips 27R510
Philips 27S222C102
Philips 27S242C
Philips 27S242C102
Philips 27S272
Philips 27S272B102
Philips 27S310
Philips 27S310C
Philips 27S310C1
Philips 27S310C101
Philips 27S310C202
Philips 27T500
Philips 27T500C
Philips 27T500C010
Philips 27T500C1
Philips 27T500C101
Philips 27T500C105
Philips 27T500C106
Philips 27T502C101
Philips 27T502C102
Philips 27T511AK01
Philips 27T600
Philips 27T600C102
Philips 27TP82
Philips 27TP82C1
Philips 27TP82C101
Philips 27TP82C102
Philips 27TP82C103
Philips 27TP82C104
Philips 27TP83
Philips 27TP83C
Philips 27TP83C1
Philips 27TP83C101
Philips 27TP83C102
Philips 27TS52
Philips 27TS52C
Philips 27TS52C1
Philips 27TS52C101
Philips 27TS52C103
Philips 27TS52C121
Philips 27TS52C2
Philips 27TS52C202
Philips 27TS52C204
Philips 27TS73
Philips 27TS73C101
Philips 27TS73C102
Philips 27TS73C103
Philips 27TS73C104
Philips 27TS73C105
Philips 27TSC6
Philips 27TSC60
Philips 27TSC601
Philips 27TSC60101
Philips 27TSC62
Philips 27TSC621
Philips 27TSC62101
Philips 27TSC62102
Philips 27TSC62107
Philips 27V504
Philips 27V51800AA
Philips 27X10500AA
Philips 312124792031
Philips 313922886464
Philips 31H332SA01
Philips 31J460
Philips 31K391
Philips 31K391SB05
Philips 31K571
Philips 31K591
Philips 31P400
Philips 31P400C101
Philips 31P400C2
Philips 31P400C202
Philips 31P405
Philips 31P405A2
Philips 31P405A202
Philips 31P450
Philips 31P450C1
Philips 31P450C202
Philips 31S372
Philips 32F400
Philips 32FP74
Philips 32FP7482
Philips 32FP74B1
Philips 32FP74B101
Philips 32FP74B102
Philips 32T522AK02
Philips 32T530CH02
Philips 32T600
Philips 32T600C1
Philips 32T600C101
Philips 32T607
Philips 32T607C1
Philips 32T607C102
Philips 32TP72
Philips 32TP72C1
Philips 32XS50
Philips 35P500
Philips 35P500C1
Philips 35P505
Philips 35P505A101
Philips 35P505A103
Philips 35P505A202
Philips 35P505A204
Philips 35P550
Philips 35P550C
Philips 35P550C1
Philips 35P550C101
Philips 35X10100AA
Philips 41KP10SA02
Philips 43928
Philips 46CP10
Philips 46CP10W
Philips 46CP10W199
Philips 46KP30
Philips 46KP65
Philips 46LP40
Philips 46LP40FR
Philips 46NP41FS02
Philips 46UP40
Philips 46UP40W
Philips 46UP40W101
Philips 46UP40W104
Philips 47TP60
Philips 47UP70
Philips 47UP70G101
Philips 47UP72
Philips 47UP72G104
Philips 47UP72G198
Philips 483521917336
Philips 483521917394
Philips 483521917481
Philips 483521917503
Philips 483521917531
Philips 483521917544
Philips 483521917559
Philips 483521917589
Philips 483521917602
Philips 483521917668
Philips 483521917669
Philips 483521917684
Philips 483521917699
Philips 483521917703
Philips 483521917706
Philips 483539517303
Philips 48VP41
Philips 48WP43
Philips 48WP43C
Philips 48WP44
Philips 48WP44C
Philips 48XP43
Philips 48XP43C
Philips 48XP43C101
Philips 4B1
Philips 50YP43
Philips 50YP43C
Philips 50YP43C101
Philips 50YP43C102
Philips 52HP61SB
Philips 52KP55SA02
Philips 52KP75
Philips 52LP50
Philips 52LP50SA01
Philips 52LP50SA02
Philips 52LP50SA03
Philips 52LP50SA04
Philips 52LP52
Philips 52LP52SB
Philips 52LP52SB01
Philips 52LP52SB02
Philips 52LP52SB03
Philips 52MP51B1
Philips 52TP52
Philips 52TP54
Philips 53TP30
Philips 53TP60
Philips 53TP60C
Philips 53TP60C103
Philips 53TP60C105
Philips 53UP70
Philips 53UP72
Philips 54CP40W
Philips 54PP70
Philips 54PP70A
Philips 54VP32
Philips 54VP32C1
Philips 54VP41
Philips 54WP43
Philips 54WP43C
Philips 54WP52C
Philips 54XP43
Philips 54XP43C101
Philips 54XV71C
Philips 55PP935217
Philips 55YP43
Philips 55YP43C
Philips 55YP43C101
Philips 55YP43C102
Philips 55YP43C103
Philips 55YP43C104
Philips 55YP43C199
Philips 60PP73
Philips 60XP43
Philips 60XP43C
Philips 60YP43
Philips 60YP43C
Philips 60YP43C101
Philips 60YP43C102
Philips 60YP43C103
Philips 60YP43C104
Philips 61LP60
Philips 61LP60SA
Philips 61LP60SA01
Philips 61LP60SA02
Philips 61LP60SA03
Philips 61LP60SA04
Philips 62654528790
Philips 62654528791
Philips 694830W102
Philips 6P4615
Philips 6P4615W1
Philips 6P4830
Philips 6P4830W
Philips 6P4830W101
Philips 6P4830W102
Philips 6P4840W
Philips 6P4840W101
Philips 6P4840W102
Philips 6P4840W103
Philips 6P4841
Philips 6P4841C
Philips 6P4841C101
Philips 6P4850W101
Philips 6P4851C101
Philips 6P5430
Philips 6P5430W
Philips 6P5430W101
Philips 6P5430W102
Philips 6P5435C101
Philips 6P5435W101
Philips 6P5440
Philips 6P5440W
Philips 6P5440W101
Philips 6P5440W103
Philips 6P5441C
Philips 6P5441C101
Philips 6P5441C103
Philips 6P5450W101
Philips 6P5450W102
Philips 6P5451C101
Philips 6P6030W
Philips 6P6030W101
Philips 6P6030W102
Philips 6P6040W
Philips 6P6040W102
Philips 6P6041C
Philips 6P6041C102
Philips 6P6050W101
Philips 6P6051C
Philips 6P6051C101
Philips 7P4830
Philips 7p4830w
Philips 7P4830W101
Philips 7P4830W102
Philips 7P4830W198
Philips 7P4830W199
Philips 7P4834
Philips 7P4834C
Philips 7P4834C101
Philips 7P4840
Philips 7P4840C
Philips 7P4840W
Philips 7P4841
Philips 7P4841C
Philips 7P4841C101
Philips 7P4841C102
Philips 7P4841C198
Philips 7P5411C
Philips 7P5430
Philips 7P5430W
Philips 7P5430W10
Philips 7P5430W101
Philips 7P5430W102
Philips 7P5431
Philips 7P5431C
Philips 7P5431C101
Philips 7P5431C102
Philips 7P5433
Philips 7P5433W
Philips 7P5433W101
Philips 7P5433W102
Philips 7P5435
Philips 7P5435C
Philips 7P5435C101
Philips 7P5435W
Philips 7P5435W1
Philips 7P5435W101
Philips 7P5435W102
Philips 7P5441
Philips 7P5441C
Philips 7P5441C1
Philips 7P5441C101
Philips 7P5441C102
Philips 7P5441C103
Philips 7P5441C199
Philips 7P5451
Philips 7P5451C
Philips 7P5451C101
Philips 7P5451C102
Philips 7P5451C198
Philips 7P5631C101
Philips 7P6030
Philips 7P6030W
Philips 7P6030W1
Philips 7P6030W101
Philips 7P6030W102
Philips 7P6031
Philips 7P6031C
Philips 7P6031C101
Philips 7P6031C102
Philips 7P6033
Philips 7P6033W
Philips 7P6033W1
Philips 7P6033W101
Philips 7P6033W102
Philips 7P6033W199
Philips 7P6035
Philips 7P6035C
Philips 7P6035C101
Philips 7P6035W
Philips 7P6035W101
Philips 7P6035W102
Philips 7P6041
Philips 7P6041C
Philips 7P6041C101
Philips 7P6041C102
Philips 7P6051
Philips 7P6051C
Philips 7P6051C101
Philips 7P6051C102
Philips 7P6051C198
Philips 7P6051C199
Philips 7P6051W
Philips 7S4600
Philips 7S4600W
Philips 7S4600W101
Philips 7S4600W102
Philips 7S4600W103
Philips 7S4600W104
Philips 7T5430W101
Philips 8CM700
Philips 8CM701
Philips 8P4831
Philips 8P4831C
Philips 8P4831C101
Philips 8P4831C102
Philips 8P4831C199
Philips 8P4834
Philips 8P4834C
Philips 8P4834C101
Philips 8P4834C102
Philips 8P4834C198
Philips 8P4834C199
Philips 8P4841C
Philips 8P4844C
Philips 8P5424C
Philips 8P5431
Philips 8P5431C
Philips 8P5431C101
Philips 8P5431C198
Philips 8P5431C199
Philips 8P5434
Philips 8P5434C
Philips 8P5434C101
Philips 8P5434C199
Philips 8P5441C
Philips 8P5444C
Philips 8P5444C101
Philips 8P544C101
Philips 8P6031
Philips 8P6031C
Philips 8P6031C101
Philips 8P6031C102
Philips 8P6031C199
Philips 8P6033C
Philips 8P6034
Philips 8P6034C
Philips 8P6034C1
Philips 8P6034C101
Philips 8P6034C102
Philips 8P6034C198
Philips 8P6034C199
Philips 8P6034W
Philips 8P6041C
Philips 8P6044C
Philips 8P6044C101
Philips 8P6044C102
Philips 8P6051C
Philips 8P6054C
Philips 9P5031
Philips 9P5031C
Philips 9P5031C1
Philips 9P5031C101
Philips 9P5031C102
Philips 9P5031C103
Philips 9P5034
Philips 9P5034C
Philips 9P5034C101
Philips 9P5034C102
Philips 9P5034C103
Philips 9P5044C
Philips 9P5044C101
Philips 9P5044C102
Philips 9P5044C103
Philips 9P5044C104
Philips 9P5434C
Philips 9P5511C101
Philips 9P5511C102
Philips 9P5514C
Philips 9P5514C101
Philips 9P5514C102
Philips 9P5531C
Philips 9P5531C101
Philips 9P5531C102
Philips 9P5531C103
Philips 9P5534
Philips 9P5534C
Philips 9P5534C101
Philips 9P5534C102
Philips 9P5534C103
Philips 9P5544
Philips 9P5544C
Philips 9P5544C101
Philips 9P5544C102
Philips 9P5544C103
Philips 9P5544C104
Philips 9P6031
Philips 9P60310C102
Philips 9P60316102
Philips 9P6031C
Philips 9P6031C101
Philips 9P6031C102
Philips 9P6031C103
Philips 9P6034
Philips 9P60344C101
Philips 9P60349
Philips 9P60349101
Philips 9P60349102
Philips 9P60349103
Philips 9P6034C
Philips 9P6034C101
Philips 9P6034C102
Philips 9P6034C103
Philips 9P6040C104
Philips 9P6044C
Philips 9P6044C101
Philips 9P6044C102
Philips 9P6044C103
Philips 9P6044C104
Philips 9P6440C
Philips 9P6444
Philips 9P6444C
Philips 9P6444C101
Philips 9P6444C102
Philips 9P6444C103
Philips 9P6444C104
Philips 9P6444C105
Philips 9T5034
Philips AK01
Philips AV1900
Philips AV1924
Philips AV1924A101
Philips AV1926
Philips AV1926A101
Philips AV1926A102
Philips AV1926A198
Philips AV1926A199
Philips AV1977A1
Philips AV1977A102
Philips AV1977A2
Philips AV1977A201
Philips AV1977A299
Philips AV2500
Philips AV2500B1
Philips AV2500B101
Philips AV2500B102
Philips AV2500BK
Philips AV2510
Philips AV2724
Philips AV2724A
Philips AV2724A1
Philips AV2724A101
Philips AV2724A102
Philips AV2724AV01
Philips AV2726
Philips AV27268102
Philips AV2726B
Philips AV2726B1
Philips AV2726B101
Philips AV2726B198
Philips AV2726B199
Philips AV2767A1
Philips AV2777
Philips AV27777A1
Philips AV2777A
Philips AV2777A1
Philips AV2777A101
Philips AV2777A2
Philips AV2777A203
Philips AV2777A298
Philips AV2777A299
Philips AV2778
Philips AV2778A
Philips AV2778A1
Philips AV2778A101
Philips AV2778A204
Philips AV2778B
Philips AV2778B102
Philips AV2778B104
Philips AV2778B198
Philips AV3178
Philips AV3178A
Philips AV3178A1
Philips AV3277
Philips AV3277A1
Philips AV3277A101
Philips AV3277A2
Philips AV3277A202
Philips AV3278
Philips AV3278A
Philips AV3278A1
Philips AV3278A101
Philips AZ7583/17
Philips AZ9225
Philips AZ9430GY01
Philips BK4345
Philips C54535A205
Philips C5831CPN01
Philips CC2530
Philips CC2530AK
Philips CC2530AK04
Philips CC2531
Philips CC2531PE
Philips CC2531PE01
Philips CC2531-PE02
Philips CC2531PE04
Philips CC2532
Philips CC2545
Philips CC2546P102
Philips CC2547
Philips CC2547A101
Philips CC2555
Philips CC2556
Philips CC2556PE02
Philips CC2731
Philips CC2732
Philips CC2741P
Philips CC2743A101
Philips CC2750
Philips CC2750A201
Philips CC2750A202
Philips CC2760A101
Philips CC2772
Philips CC2774B103
Philips CC2775
Philips CC2775AK01
Philips CC2776
Philips CC2776PE01
Philips CCS356
Philips CCX193AT32
Philips CD492P
Philips CD680X
Philips CDB260
Philips CDB266
Philips CDB484
Philips CDB486BK
Philips CDB582
Philips CDV484
Philips CE9186WR
Philips CF4151WA02
Philips CF4535A1
Philips CJ4130WA01
Philips CJ4712
Philips CJ4712AK01
Philips CJ4714
Philips CJ4714HP01
Philips CJ4716
Philips CJ4716PE01
Philips CJ9712
Philips CJ9716
Philips CJ9910
Philips CL9996PR01
Philips CLB378AR03
Philips CLJ242AK01
Philips CP4170
Philips CP4570
Philips CP4570A101
Philips CP4570A103
Philips CP4571
Philips CP4571P101
Philips CP4572A101
Philips CP4580
Philips CP4580A101
Philips CP4581
Philips CP4610
Philips CP4620
Philips CP4670
Philips CP4680
Philips CP4680A101
Philips CP4680A102
Philips CP4760
Philips CP4760A104
Philips CP4761
Philips CP4762
Philips CP4762A101
Philips CP4763
Philips CP4763P1
Philips CP4764A602
Philips CP4770
Philips CP4770A104
Philips CP4771
Philips CP4772
Philips CP4778
Philips CP4778A1
Philips CP4778A103
Philips CP4778A104
Philips CP4778A109
Philips CP4779
Philips CP4779A1
Philips CP4798
Philips CP4798A101
Philips CP4798A102
Philips CP4830
Philips CP4830W1
Philips CP4830W102
Philips CP5180A1
Philips CP5210
Philips CP5220
Philips CP5440
Philips CP5440W101
Philips CP5440W102
Philips CP5440W103
Philips CP5440W198
Philips CP5440W199
Philips CR4520
Philips CR4520A
Philips CR4520A101
Philips CR4520A102
Philips CR4520A104
Philips CR4521
Philips CR4521P
Philips CR4521P104
Philips CR4523
Philips CR4523A
Philips CR4523A4
Philips CR4523A401
Philips CR4524
Philips CR4524P
Philips CR4524P4
Philips CR4524P401
Philips CR6693AT
Philips CR9815AT01
Philips CRK113
Philips CRK120
Philips CRK120AT01
Philips CS4535
Philips CS4535A1
Philips CS4535A101
Philips CS4535A102
Philips CS4535A205
Philips CS4536
Philips CS4536P1
Philips CS4536P101
Philips CS4740
Philips CS4740A
Philips CS4740A101
Philips CS4740A104
Philips CS4741
Philips CS4742A4
Philips CS4750
Philips CS4750A101
Philips CS4750A102
Philips CS4750AK01
Philips CS4751
Philips CS4752
Philips CS4752A102
Philips CS4753
Philips CS4754
Philips CS4756
Philips CS4756PE01
Philips CS5160
Philips CS5160A
Philips CS5160A1
Philips CS5160A101
Philips CS5160A102
Philips CS5160A103
Philips CS5161
Philips CT1310
Philips CT1910
Philips CT1910WA01
Philips CT1922
Philips CT1922C101
Philips CT1922C121
Philips CT1922C124
Philips CT1922C125
Philips CT2030
Philips CT2030WA03
Philips CT2050
Philips CT2510
Philips CT2516C10
Philips CT2525
Philips CT2525C202
Philips CT2550
Philips CT2741
Philips CT2746
Philips CT2770
Philips CT2770WA01
Philips CT3000
Philips CT3130
Philips CT3210
Philips CT3210B101
Philips CT3573
Philips CT3573C
Philips CT3573C1
Philips CT3573C101
Philips CVK300AV01
Philips CVR315
Philips CVS621
Philips CX4010
Philips CX9512
Philips CX9526P103
Philips CX9712
Philips CX9712AK02
Philips CX9712AK04
Philips CX9714
Philips CX9714HP04
Philips CX9716
Philips CX9716PE01
Philips CX9716PE02
Philips CX9716PE03
Philips CX9716PE04
Philips CXB168WRQ4
Philips CXB178WR03
Philips D2512C
Philips D2512CPE02
Philips DS1962C
Philips EC3907
Philips EC9305
Philips EC9310
Philips EC9403
Philips EC9410
Philips EMK172
Philips EMK172C102
Philips EMK782
Philips EMK782PS
Philips EMK872
Philips EMK882
Philips EMK882PS
Philips EMK972
Philips EMK973
Philips EMK974
Philips EML192C102
Philips EMN692
Philips EMN792
Philips EMN792PS
Philips EMX762
Philips EMX862
Philips EMX862PE21
Philips EMX962
Philips FP240W
Philips FP2772
Philips FP2772A1
Philips FP2772A101
Philips FP2772A102
Philips FP2772A103
Philips FP2772A2
Philips FP2772A204
Philips FP2774
Philips FP2774B1
Philips FP2774B101
Philips FP2774B102
Philips FP2774B103
Philips FP2774B2
Philips FP2774B204
Philips FP2784
Philips FP2784A101
Philips FP2784A102
Philips FP2784A103
Philips FP2785
Philips FP2785A1
Philips FP2786
Philips FP2786B
Philips FP2786B101
Philips FP2786B102
Philips FP2787
Philips FP2787B101
Philips FP2790
Philips FP2790A
Philips FP2790A1
Philips FP2790A101
Philips FP3272
Philips FP3272A
Philips FP3272A1
Philips FP3272A101
Philips FP3272A102
Philips FP3272A2
Philips FP3272A203
Philips FP3272A204
Philips FP3274
Philips FP3284
Philips FP3284A
Philips FP3284A101
Philips FP3285
Philips FP3285A
Philips FP3285A101
Philips FP3285A103