482205110102 Part

R CHP 1K00

Part #: 482205110102

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R CHP 1K00
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Oversize Shipping Surcharges
This item is over 30 lbs/5,820 Cu. In. $39.95
This item is over 80 lbs/15,520 Cu. In. $69.95
This item is over 150 lbs/29,100 Cu. In. $99.95
This item is over 175 lbs/33,950 Cu. In. $149.95
This item is over 200 lbs/38,800 Cu. In. $299.95

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Please note that we ship to US destinations only. Oversized items and Non-Mainland US destinations will incur additional shipping costs.

These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 743 models:

Magnavox 20MS233S
Magnavox 27MS4504/17
Magnavox 30MF200V/17
Magnavox 32MT3305/17
Philips 114697
Philips 115297
Philips 1152980001
Philips 13MT143S
Philips 13MT143S99
Philips 13PR15C1
Philips 13PR18C1
Philips 13PR19C121
Philips 13PR20C121
Philips 13PT30L121
Philips 14LL17
Philips 14LL190121
Philips 14LL191121
Philips 14LW17
Philips 14LW192221
Philips 14LW193221
Philips 14LX17
Philips 14LX190321
Philips 14RF50S141
Philips 14RF50S3
Philips 14RF50S399
Philips 15PV1022
Philips 19PR15C1
Philips 19PR19C121
Philips 19PR19C122
Philips 19PR19C125
Philips 19PR21C121
Philips 19PR21C122
Philips 19PR21C125
Philips 19PR21C222
Philips 19PS55C1C
Philips 19PS56C121
Philips 19PS56C122
Philips 19PS56C125
Philips 19PS57C121
Philips 19PS57C125
Philips 19PT10C125
Philips 20LL27
Philips 20LL290122
Philips 20LL290125
Philips 20LL291125
Philips 20LW27
Philips 20LW292222
Philips 20LW292225
Philips 20LW293225
Philips 20LX27
Philips 20LX290322
Philips 20LX290325
Philips 20MS233S
Philips 20MS233S99
Philips 20MT133S
Philips 20MT133S99
Philips 20PS35S1
Philips 20PS35S301
Philips 20PS35S399
Philips 20PS40S301
Philips 20PS40S302
Philips 20PS40S399
Philips 20PS47S325
Philips 20PS47S399
Philips 20PT30B1
Philips 20PT643F35R
Philips 20PT643R
Philips 21LL37
Philips 21LW37
Philips 21LW392221
Philips 21LW393221
Philips 24RF50S1
Philips 24RF50S199
Philips 25PT10C121
Philips 25PT15C121
Philips 25PV5022
Philips 25TR15C1
Philips 25TR19C121
Philips 25TR19C125
Philips 25TS54C1
Philips 25TS56C121
Philips 26LL57
Philips 26LL590121
Philips 26LW57
Philips 26LW592221
Philips 27PS60S321
Philips 27PT40B101
Philips 27PT8419
Philips 27PT841999
Philips 27TS54C1
Philips 27TS57C101
Philips 27TS57C121
Philips 29LL67
Philips 29LL690121
Philips 29LP682
Philips 29LP683
Philips 29LP692201
Philips 29LP693201
Philips 30FW522037
Philips 30FW9955/35
Philips 30FW9975/35
Philips 30PD692137R
Philips 30PD692199
Philips 30PF9946/37
Philips 30PF9946D/37
Philips 30PF997517
Philips 30PW633R
Philips 30PW8520
Philips 30PW852099
Philips 30PW8859
Philips 30PW885999
Philips 30PW8869
Philips 30PW886999
Philips 30PW8879
Philips 30PW887999
Philips 30PW9815
Philips 30PW9817
Philips 30PW981799
Philips 30PW9818
Philips 30PW9818/99
Philips 30PW9819/17
Philips 319802151020
Philips 319802151021
Philips 319802161020
Philips 319802161021
Philips 32FD9954
Philips 32FD995417S
Philips 32FD995499
Philips 32FW9915/35
Philips 32FW9975/35
Philips 32PS55S321
Philips 32PT70B101
Philips 32PT8419
Philips 32PT841999
Philips 33LL891101
Philips 33LL891102
Philips 33LP883
Philips 33LP893201
Philips 33LP893202
Philips 34PW8520
Philips 34PW852099
Philips 34PW9815
Philips 34PW9817
Philips 34PW981799
Philips 34PW9818
Philips 34PW9818/99
Philips 34PW9819/17
Philips 34PW9846/17
Philips 34PW9847
Philips 34PW984799
Philips 37FD9954/17
Philips 37LP982
Philips 37LP992201
Philips 37LP992202
Philips 37PF9631D/37
Philips 42FD9932
Philips 42FD9934
Philips 42FD993417S
Philips 42FD993499
Philips 42FD9954
Philips 42FD995417S
Philips 42FD995499
Philips 42FW991535
Philips 42FW997535
Philips 42PF9631D
Philips 42PF9631D/37
Philips 42PF9731D
Philips 42PF9731D37
Philips 42PF9831D
Philips 42PF9831D/37
Philips 42PF9956/37
Philips 42PF9966 (37)
Philips 43P8341
Philips 46CP10W
Philips 48PP70A
Philips 48PP70A (LAT
Philips 48PP72A
Philips 48WP43C
Philips 48XP43C
Philips 48XP44
Philips 50PF9731D
Philips 50PF9956/37
Philips 54CP40W
Philips 54PP70A
Philips 54PP70A (LAT
Philips 54PP72
Philips 54WP43C
Philips 54WP52C
Philips 54XP43
Philips 54XP44
Philips 54XV71C
Philips 554538
Philips 55PP9701
Philips 55PP970101
Philips 55PP970102
Philips 60PP9601
Philips 60PP960101
Philips 60PP960102
Philips 60PP960103
Philips 60PP9701
Philips 60PP970101
Philips 60PP970102
Philips 60PP970103
Philips 60XP43
Philips 62654528790
Philips 62654528791
Philips 64PH990501
Philips 64PH990502
Philips 64PP9751
Philips 64PP975101
Philips 64PP990103
Philips 64PP990104
Philips 64PP990105
Philips 7p4830w
Philips 7P4834C
Philips 7P4840C
Philips 7P4840W
Philips 7P4841C
Philips 7P5430W
Philips 7P5431C
Philips 7P5433W
Philips 7P5435C
Philips 7P5435W
Philips 7P5441C
Philips 7P5451C
Philips 7P6030W
Philips 7P6031C
Philips 7P6033W
Philips 7P6035C
Philips 7P6035W
Philips 7P6041C
Philips 7P6051C
Philips 7S4600W
Philips 8P4831C
Philips 8P4834C
Philips 8P4841C
Philips 8P4844C
Philips 8P5431C
Philips 8P5434C
Philips 8P5441C
Philips 8P5444C
Philips 8P6031C
Philips 8P6034C
Philips 8P6041C
Philips 8P6044C
Philips 8P6051C
Philips 8P6054
Philips CDR600BK
Philips CDR600BK99
Philips CDR700BK
Philips CDR700BK99
Philips CDR775
Philips CDR778BK
Philips CDR785BK
Philips CDR795 (00)
Philips CDR79517
Philips CDR7951799
Philips CDR796 (00S)
Philips CDR800 (00)
Philips CDR80017
Philips CDR8001799
Philips CDR802 (00S)
Philips CDR802 (01S)
Philips CDR820 (00)
Philips CDR82017
Philips CDR8201799
Philips CDR822 (00S)
Philips CDR822 (01S)
Philips CH1719C1
Philips CH1919C125
Philips CH1927C101
Philips CH1927C121
Philips DVD170
Philips DVD711
Philips DVD751
Philips DVD825
Philips DVD941171
Philips DVD951171
Philips FR960PBK
Philips FR963DHT
Philips FR963DHT99
Philips FR965DHT
Philips FR968/17
Philips FR9681799
Philips FR970
Philips FR975DHT
Philips FR99417
Philips FR9941799
Philips FR99617
Philips FR9961799
Philips FR999/99
Philips FR99917
Philips FTR9952
Philips FTR995517
Philips FTR996417S
Philips FTR996499
Philips FTR9965/17
Philips FTR9965199
Philips FW320C
Philips FW358C37
Philips FW380C
Philips FW386C
Philips FW390
Philips FW45C
Philips FW540C
Philips FW545
Philips FW555C37
Philips FW55C37
Philips FW55R37
Philips FW55R3799
Philips FW585C
Philips FW585C/37
Philips FW65C
Philips FW72C
Philips FW748C
Philips FW768P
Philips FW798P
Philips FW830C
Philips FW890P
Philips FW930
Philips FWC100C37
Philips FWC10C37
Philips FWC150C37
Philips FWC155/99
Philips FWC15537
Philips FWC1C37
Philips FWC250C37
Philips FW-C255 (21)
Philips FW-C255 (30)
Philips FWC255/99
Philips FWC25537
Philips FWC30C37
Philips FWC35C37
Philips FWC380C37
Philips FWC380C99
Philips FWC38C37
Philips FWC399/99
Philips FWC39901
Philips FW-C39917
Philips FWC39937
Philips FWC3C37
Philips FWC500C37
Philips FWC500C399
Philips FWC50C37
Philips FWC527/99
Philips FWC52737
Philips FW-C550 (37)
Philips FWC550C37
Philips FWC550C99
Philips FWC555/99
Philips FW-C55517
Philips FWC55537
Philips FW-C577 (21)
Philips FW-C577 (30)
Philips FWC57737
Philips FWC579/99
Philips FWC57937
Philips FWC700C37
Philips FWC700C99
Philips FWC70C37
Philips FWC71C37
Philips FWC72C37
Philips FWC777/99
Philips FWC77737
Philips FWC78037
Philips FWC7803799
Philips FWC788/17
Philips FWC788/99
Philips FWC78837
Philips FWC798/99
Philips FWC79817
Philips FWC79837
Philips FWC80C37
Philips FWC85C37
Philips FWC870C37
Philips FWC870C99
Philips FWC99C37
Philips FWC99C99
Philips FWD5D37
Philips FWI1000
Philips FWI100099
Philips FWM355/99
Philips FWM35537
Philips FWM55M37
Philips FWM569/37
Philips FWM587/37
Philips FWM779/37
Philips FWP73P37
Philips FWP750P37
Philips FWP750P99
Philips FWP78P37
Philips FWP880P37
Philips FWP880P99
Philips FWP88C37
Philips FWP88P37
Philips FWP900C37
Philips FWR3337
Philips FWR333799
Philips FWR33R37
Philips FWR33R3799
Philips FWR55R37
Philips FWR55R99
Philips FWR7R37
Philips FWR88R37
Philips FWR8R37
Philips HC9713
Philips HC9719
Philips HC9913C121
Philips HC9919C1
Philips HD1918C1
Philips HD2518C1
Philips HD2528
Philips HD2530C121
Philips HD2717C1
Philips HD2720C101
Philips HD64000501
Philips LL9125C121
Philips LL9125C221
Philips LX8000SA/37
Philips LX8000SA37S
Philips LX8000SA99
Philips MC100/99
Philips MC10037
Philips MC103701
Philips MC10370199
Philips MC105/99
Philips MC10537
Philips MC10C37
Philips MC10C3799
Philips MC11037
Philips MC118C37
Philips MC120/99
Philips MC12037
Philips MC128
Philips MC-128/37
Philips MC129
Philips MC-129/37
Philips MC145C37
Philips MC148C37
Philips MC165C37
Philips MC175
Philips MC220/99
Philips MC22037
Philips MC-30 (22)
Philips MC30/99
Philips MC3037
Philips MC30C37
Philips MC45/37
Philips MC453799
Philips MC-50 (22)
Philips MC-500 (22)
Philips MC-500 (25)
Philips MC-500 (30)
Philips MC500/99
Philips MC50037
Philips MC5037
Philips MC503701
Philips MC50C37
Philips MC50C3799
Philips MC7037C
Philips MC70C37
Philips MC-77 (21)
Philips MC-77 (21M)
Philips MC-77 (22)
Philips MC77/99
Philips MC7737
Philips MC90/99
Philips MC9037
Philips MC903799
Philips MCB311/99
Philips MCB31137P
Philips MCB31137V
Philips MCI200/99
Philips MCI20037
Philips MCI2003799
Philips MC-I250/37
Philips MC-I250/99
Philips MCM250/99
Philips MCM25037
Philips MCM530 (21)
Philips MCM530 (22)
Philips MCM530 (30)
Philips MCM530/37
Philips MCM570/99
Philips MCM57037
Philips MCM590 (21)
Philips MCM590/37
Philips MCM7/37
Philips MCM8/37
Philips MCW770/37
Philips MS3250C321
Philips MS3652S327
Philips MX2791B1
Philips MX3291B1
Philips MX3691B1
Philips MX3900D/37S
Philips MX3900D/99
Philips MX3900D37
Philips MX3910D/17
Philips MX3950D/37S
Philips MX3950D/99
Philips MX3950D37
Philips MX3960D/17
Philips MX5471C
Philips MX5472C
Philips MX5500D/37S
Philips MX5500D37
Philips MX5500D99
Philips MX5600D/37
Philips MX5600D/99
Philips MX5900SA/37
Philips MX5900SA/37B
Philips MX5900SA/99
Philips MX6071C
Philips MX6072C
Philips MX6472C
Philips MX95537
Philips MX9553799
Philips MX960DHT
Philips MX96537
Philips MX9653799
Philips MX96637S
Philips MX96637S99
Philips MX970D37
Philips MX970D99
Philips MX975D
Philips MX977/99
Philips MX97737
Philips MX980DHT
Philips MX99037
Philips MX990DHT
Philips MX995D
Philips MX995D99
Philips MX999D37
Philips MX999D99
Philips MZ1000/99
Philips MZ100037
Philips MZ1100/99
Philips MZ110037
Philips MZ1200/99
Philips MZ120037
Philips MZ33C37L
Philips MZ3C37L
Philips MZ5/99
Philips MZ537
Philips MZ7C37
Philips OCV720C1
Philips OCV725C1
Philips PA9019C121
Philips PA9027C101
Philips PA9027C121
Philips PA9032C101
Philips PA9032C121
Philips PA9036C121
Philips PB7013C
Philips PB7019C
Philips PC7220
Philips PC7220C
Philips PC7220C1
Philips PC7225
Philips PC7225C
Philips PC7225C1
Philips PC7227
Philips PC7227C
Philips PC7227C1
Philips PC9219C1
Philips PC9219PKIT
Philips PC9225C121
Philips PC9225C221
Philips PC9227C101
Philips PC9227C121
Philips PCW027C121
Philips PL7119
Philips PL7120C1
Philips PL7125C1
Philips PL7127C1
Philips PL9119C125
Philips PL9125C121
Philips PL9125C221
Philips PL9127C101
Philips PPC927C101
Philips PPC927C121
Philips PPC927C201
Philips PPC932C101
Philips PPC932C121
Philips PPC932C221
Philips PR1302C1
Philips PR1303C1
Philips PR1305C121
Philips PR1306C121
Philips PR1317C1
Philips PR1319C121
Philips PR1320C121
Philips PR1388
Philips PR1388C1
Philips PR1389X1
Philips PR1390C121
Philips PR1391X121
Philips PR1392X121
Philips PR1902C1
Philips PR1903C121
Philips PR1903C122
Philips PR1903C125
Philips PR1906C121
Philips PR1906C122
Philips PR1906C125
Philips PR1917C1
Philips PR1920C121
Philips PR1920C122
Philips PR1920C125
Philips PR1920C601
Philips PR1920C699
Philips PR1921C121
Philips PR1921C125
Philips PR1928C1
Philips PS1944C1
Philips PS1946C121
Philips PS1946C122
Philips PS1946C125
Philips PS1947C121
Philips PS1947C125
Philips PS1955
Philips PS1956C121
Philips PS1956C122
Philips PS1956C125
Philips PS1964C1
Philips PS1966C121
Philips PS1966C122
Philips PS1966C125
Philips PV5470
Philips PV5470C
Philips PV558001
Philips PV55800101
Philips PV55800102
Philips PV55800103
Philips PV6070
Philips PV6070C
Philips PV608001
Philips PV60800101
Philips PV60800102
Philips PV60800103
Philips PV648001
Philips PV64800101
Philips SACD1000
Philips SACD100099
Philips SC2927C121
Philips SC2932C121
Philips SC2932C221
Philips SC3925C121
Philips SC3925N121
Philips SC3927C121
Philips SC3932C121
Philips SCN725C
Philips SCN725C1
Philips SCN727C
Philips SCN825C1
Philips SCN827C
Philips SEC919C125
Philips TC7220C
Philips TC7225C1
Philips TC7227C1
Philips TC9225C121
Philips TC9225C221
Philips TL7119C2
Philips TL7120
Philips TL7125C1
Philips TL7127C1
Philips TL9119C125
Philips TL9125C121
Philips TL9125C221
Philips TL9127C101
Philips TL9127C121
Philips TL9127C221
Philips TP2781C1
Philips TP2784C101
Philips TP2797B101
Philips TP3281C1
Philips TP3284C101
Philips TP3284C102
Philips TP3297B101
Philips TP3297B102
Philips TP3680C1
Philips TP3681C1
Philips TP3684C101
Philips TP3684C102
Philips TP3697B101
Philips TP3697B102
Philips TR2502C1
Philips TR2503C101
Philips TR2503C121
Philips TR2503C125
Philips TR2517C1
Philips TR2519C121
Philips TS2544C1
Philips TS2546C121
Philips TS2554C1
Philips TS2556C121
Philips TS2574C1
Philips TS2575C121
Philips TS2575C221
Philips TS2744C1
Philips TS2745C1
Philips TS2746C101
Philips TS2746C121
Philips TS2754C1
Philips TS2757C101
Philips TS2768C1
Philips TS2774C101
Philips TS2774C121
Philips TS3256C101
Philips TS3256C121
Philips TS3258C1
Philips TS3259C101
Philips TS3259C102
Philips TS3658C1
Philips TS3659C101
Philips TS3659C102
Philips XP2784C101
Philips XR1302C1
Philips XR1305C121
Philips XR1388
Philips XR1388B1
Philips XR1388C1
Philips XR1391C121
Philips XR1902C1
Philips XR1903C121
Philips XR1903C122
Philips XR1903C125
Philips XR2503C121
Philips XS1955C1
Philips XS1956C121
Philips XS1956C122
Philips XS1956C125
Philips XS2554C1
Philips XS2556C121
Philips XS2754C1
Philips XS2757C101
Philips XS3259C101
Philips XS3659C101
Philips XS3659C102
Philips XV5262B
Philips XV5270
Philips XV5270B