WFCB PureSourcePlus Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter

Part #: WFCB

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This WFCB PureSourcePlus Frigidaire Water Filter removes impurities and chemicals such as bacteria and chlorine from the water. Water filters should be replaced every six months or if your water has a bad taste or order.

  • Additional Information:
  • Replacement filter for Frigidaire refrigerators equipped with the PureSource(TM) water filtration system
  • Used on all units prior to April 2001 production
  • This is also the replacement water filter for the RC-200
  • Replaces 530917752, RF-200, RC200, RC-101 and 46-9906.Kit includes cartridge only (O -ring PN: 218720100)
  • Tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI / NSF Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of: 97.80% of Chlorine, 99.80% of Particulates (Class I), 99.30% of Lead, 99.99% of Cysts, 94.90% of Atrazine, 87.50% of Toxaphene, 94.20% of 2,4-D, 99.70% of Turbidity.
  • The WFCB does not remove fluoride
  • Filter Life: 6 months or 200 gallons (whichever comes first)
  • Size: 4 1/8 inches (length) x 1 7/8 inches (diameter)
  • This is a GENUINE Frigidaire water filter. This Frigidaire part is a DIRECT replacement part for your original Frigidaire filter.
  • This filter also works with many Electrolux refrigerators, Kenmore refrigerators as well as many other brands.
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    Supco WF284 Aqua Fresh Replacement Water Filter (Frigidaire WFCB, WF1CB Compatible)
    This is an alternative to Frigidaire part WFCB
    Supco WF284 $17.90
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    This part is compatible with the following 528 models:

    Frigidaire 25350682000
    Frigidaire 25350682001
    Frigidaire 25350682002
    Frigidaire 25350683000
    Frigidaire 25350683001
    Frigidaire 25350683002
    Frigidaire 25350684000
    Frigidaire 25350684001
    Frigidaire 25350684002
    Frigidaire 25350689000
    Frigidaire 25350689001
    Frigidaire 25350689002
    Frigidaire 25357672790
    Frigidaire 25357672791
    Frigidaire 25357677790
    Frigidaire 25357677791
    Frigidaire 25357682790
    Frigidaire 25357682791
    Frigidaire 25357685790
    Frigidaire 25357685791
    Frigidaire 25357687790
    Frigidaire 25357687791
    Frigidaire 25358082890
    Frigidaire 25358082891
    Frigidaire 25358082892
    Frigidaire 25358082893
    Frigidaire 25358082894
    Frigidaire 25358082895
    Frigidaire 25358082897
    Frigidaire 25358082898
    Frigidaire 25358082899
    Frigidaire 2535808289A
    Frigidaire 2535808289B
    Frigidaire 25358085890
    Frigidaire 25358085891
    Frigidaire 25358085892
    Frigidaire 25358085893
    Frigidaire 25358085894
    Frigidaire 25358085895
    Frigidaire 25358085897
    Frigidaire 25358085898
    Frigidaire 25358085899
    Frigidaire 2535808589A
    Frigidaire 2535808589B
    Frigidaire 25358087890
    Frigidaire 25358087891
    Frigidaire 25358087892
    Frigidaire 25358087893
    Frigidaire 25358087894
    Frigidaire 25358087895
    Frigidaire 25358087897
    Frigidaire 25358087898
    Frigidaire 25358087899
    Frigidaire 2535808789A
    Frigidaire 2535808789B
    Frigidaire 25358672890
    Frigidaire 25358672891
    Frigidaire 25358672892
    Frigidaire 25358672893
    Frigidaire 25358672894
    Frigidaire 25358672895
    Frigidaire 25358672896
    Frigidaire 25358677891
    Frigidaire 25358677892
    Frigidaire 25358677893
    Frigidaire 25358677894
    Frigidaire 25358677895
    Frigidaire 25358677896
    Frigidaire 25358682890
    Frigidaire 25358682891
    Frigidaire 25358682892
    Frigidaire 25358682893
    Frigidaire 25359482990
    Frigidaire 25359482991
    Frigidaire 25359482993
    Frigidaire 25359487990
    Frigidaire 25359487991
    Frigidaire 25359487993
    Frigidaire 25359489990
    Frigidaire 25359489991
    Frigidaire 25359489993
    Frigidaire 25359682990
    Frigidaire 25359682991
    Frigidaire 25359682992
    Frigidaire 25359682993
    Frigidaire 25359682994
    Frigidaire 25359682995
    Frigidaire 25359683990
    Frigidaire 25359683991
    Frigidaire 25359683992
    Frigidaire 25359687990
    Frigidaire 25359687991
    Frigidaire 25359687992
    Frigidaire 25359687993
    Frigidaire 25359687994
    Frigidaire 25359687995
    Frigidaire 25359689990
    Frigidaire 25359689991
    Frigidaire 25359689992
    Frigidaire 25359689993
    Frigidaire 25359689994
    Frigidaire 25359689995
    Frigidaire FRS20ZGJB1
    Frigidaire FRS20ZGJB2
    Frigidaire FRS20ZGJD1
    Frigidaire FRS20ZGJD2
    Frigidaire FRS20ZGJW1
    Frigidaire FRS20ZGJW2
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGB4
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGB5
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGB6
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGBA
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGD4
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGD5
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGD6
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGDA
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGW
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGW4
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGW5
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGW6
    Frigidaire FRS20ZRGWA
    Frigidaire FRS20ZSHB0
    Frigidaire FRS20ZSHB1
    Frigidaire FRS20ZSHB4
    Frigidaire FRS20ZSHB5
    Frigidaire FRS22ZGHB6
    Frigidaire FRS22ZGHD6
    Frigidaire FRS22ZGHW6
    Frigidaire FRS23X3AQ0
    Frigidaire FRS23X3AW0
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJB0
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJB1
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJB2
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJQ0
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJQ1
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJQ2
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJW0
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJW1
    Frigidaire FRS23ZTJW2
    Frigidaire FRS24MWGW3
    Frigidaire FRS24MWGW4
    Frigidaire FRS24ZRGD1
    Frigidaire FRS24ZRGW1
    Frigidaire FRS24ZRHB5
    Frigidaire FRS24ZRHD5
    Frigidaire FRS24ZRHW5
    Frigidaire FRS24ZSFB1
    Frigidaire FRS26R4CW5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEB2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGED0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGED1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGED2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGED3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGED4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGEW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGB2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGB5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGB6
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGD0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGD1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGD2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGD3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGD4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGD5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGD6
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGW5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGGW6
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHB2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHB5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHD0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHD1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHD2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHD3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHD4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHD5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZGHW5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNH
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHB
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHB2
    Frigidaire frs26znhb3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHB5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHBO
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHD
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHD0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHD1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHD2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHD3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHD4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHD5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHQ2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHQ3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHQ4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHQ5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHW
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNHW5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNJSB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNJSB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZNJSB2
    Frigidaire FRS26zph
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHB2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHD0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHD1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHD2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHD3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHD4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHQ2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHQ3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHQ4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHW
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZPHW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRFB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRFD0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRFD1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRFD2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRFD3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRFW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRFW1
    Frigidaire frs26zrfw2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRFW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB6
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB7
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB8
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGB9
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGBA
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGBB
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGBC
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD6
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD7
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD8
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGD9
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGDA
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGDB
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGDC
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW6
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW7
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW8
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGW9
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGWA
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGWB
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGWC
    Frigidaire FRS26ZRGWO
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSEB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSEB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSEB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSEB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSEW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSEW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSEW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSEW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGB
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGB2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSGW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHB0
    Frigidaire frs26zshb1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHB2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHB5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZSHW5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHB0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHB1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHB2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHB3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHB4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHB5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHD0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHD1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHD2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHD3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHD4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHD5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHQ3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHQ4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHQ5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHW2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHW3
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHW4
    Frigidaire FRS26ZTHW5
    Frigidaire FRS26ZXHD
    Frigidaire FRS26ZXHD0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZXHD1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZXHD2
    Frigidaire FRS26ZXHW0
    Frigidaire FRS26ZXHW1
    Frigidaire FRS26ZXHW2
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGEB
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGEB0
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGEB1
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGEB3
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGED0
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGED1
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGED3
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGEW0
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGEW1
    Frigidaire FRS28ZGEW3
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRFD0
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRFW0
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRGD0
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRGD1
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRGD2
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRGD3
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRGW0
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRGW1
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRGW2
    Frigidaire FRS28ZRGW3
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JB0
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JB1
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JB2
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JD0
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JD1
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JD2
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JW0
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JW1
    Frigidaire GLRSF236JW2
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JB0
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JB1
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JB2
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JD0
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JD1
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JD2
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JW0
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JW1
    Frigidaire GLRSF266JW2
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD0
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD1
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD2
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD3
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD4
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD5
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD6
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD7
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHD8
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW0
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW1
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW2
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW3
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW4
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW5
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW6
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW7
    Frigidaire GRS20ZRHW8
    Frigidaire GRS26ZRHD6
    Frigidaire GRS26ZRHW6
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJB2
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJB3
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJC0
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJC1
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJC2
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJQ2
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJQ3
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJW2
    Frigidaire MRS26LGJW3
    Frigidaire WRS26MZRHD0
    Frigidaire WRS26MZRHD1
    Frigidaire WRS26MZRHW0
    Frigidaire WRS26MZRHW1
    General Electric FRS20ZRGW0
    Kenmore 25350682000
    Kenmore 25350682001
    Kenmore 25350682002
    Kenmore 25350683000
    Kenmore 25350683001
    Kenmore 25350683002
    Kenmore 25350684000
    Kenmore 25350684001
    Kenmore 25350684002
    Kenmore 25350689000
    Kenmore 25350689001
    Kenmore 25350689002
    Kenmore 25357682790
    Kenmore 25357682791
    Kenmore 25357685790
    Kenmore 25357685791
    Kenmore 25357687790
    Kenmore 25357687791
    Kenmore 25358082890
    Kenmore 25358082891
    Kenmore 25358082892
    Kenmore 25358082893
    Kenmore 25358082894
    Kenmore 25358082895
    Kenmore 25358082897
    Kenmore 25358082898
    Kenmore 25358082899
    Kenmore 2535808289A
    Kenmore 2535808289B
    Kenmore 25358085890
    Kenmore 25358085891
    Kenmore 25358085892
    Kenmore 25358085893
    Kenmore 25358085894
    Kenmore 25358085895
    Kenmore 25358085897
    Kenmore 25358085898
    Kenmore 25358085899
    Kenmore 2535808589A
    Kenmore 2535808589B
    Kenmore 25358087890
    Kenmore 25358087891
    Kenmore 25358087892
    Kenmore 25358087893
    Kenmore 25358087894
    Kenmore 25358087895
    Kenmore 25358087897
    Kenmore 25358087898
    Kenmore 25358087899
    Kenmore 2535808789A
    Kenmore 2535808789B
    Kenmore 25358672890
    Kenmore 25358672891
    Kenmore 25358672892
    Kenmore 25358672893
    Kenmore 25358672894
    Kenmore 25358672895
    Kenmore 25358672896
    Kenmore 25358677891
    Kenmore 25358677892
    Kenmore 25358677893
    Kenmore 25358677894
    Kenmore 25358677895
    Kenmore 25358677896
    Kenmore 25358682890
    Kenmore 25358682891
    Kenmore 25358682892
    Kenmore 25358682893
    Kenmore 25359482990
    Kenmore 25359482991
    Kenmore 25359482993
    Kenmore 25359487990
    Kenmore 25359487991
    Kenmore 25359487993
    Kenmore 25359489990
    Kenmore 25359489991
    Kenmore 25359489993
    Kenmore 25359682990
    Kenmore 25359682991
    Kenmore 25359682992
    Kenmore 25359682993
    Kenmore 25359682994
    Kenmore 25359682995
    Kenmore 25359683990
    Kenmore 25359683991
    Kenmore 25359683992
    Kenmore 25359687990
    Kenmore 25359687991
    Kenmore 25359687992
    Kenmore 25359687993
    Kenmore 25359687994
    Kenmore 25359687995
    Kenmore 25359689990
    Kenmore 25359689991
    Kenmore 25359689992
    Kenmore 25359689993
    Kenmore 25359689994
    Kenmore 25359689995