AC-C10 Part

Laptop AC Adapter for Acer Averatec Compaq Dell Gateway HP Toshiba

Part #: AC-C10

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Laptop AC Adapter for Acer Averatec Compaq Dell Gateway HP Toshiba
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These shipping costs are estimates. Some items may have handling fees applied. Additional fees may be charged for phone orders: Please ask your call center representative for details.

Expedited Shipping Reminder: You will need to add warehouse processing time to estimate the actual arrival date of your order. Add one business day for in-stock items. Out of stock items may take longer.

This part is compatible with the following 1000 models:

Acer AcerNote 367D
Acer AcerNote 367T
Acer AcerNote 390
Acer AcerNote 390A
Acer AcerNote 391
Acer AcerNote 392
Acer AcerNote 393
Acer AcerNote 394
Acer AcerNote 395
Acer Anywhere 1100LX
Acer Anywhere 1120LX
Acer AS5750Z
Acer AS5750Z-4566
Acer AS5750Z-4835
Acer AS5750Z4877
Acer AS5750Z4882
Acer AS5750Z-4885
Acer AS5750Z-B944G50Mnkk
Acer Aspire 1300
Acer ASPIRE 5750Z
Acer Aspire 5750Z-4835
Acer Aspire 5750Z-4877
Acer Aspire 5750Z-4882
Acer Aspire 5750Z-4885
Acer Aspire AS5750Z
Acer Aspire AS5750Z-4835
Acer Aspire AS5750Z-4835 (Black)
Acer Aspire AS5750Z-4882
AJP 7512T
Alcam D400
Alcam DESIGNER 400
Arm 1100
Arm ArmNote 340S2
Arm ArmNote N30W
Aspen 6200D
Asus (9050117 F6A-X2)
Asus 1257145
Asus 1257181
Asus 1257685
Asus 1304487689 (U36SG-DS51)
Asus 1304487962 (U47VC-DS51)
Asus 1304723763 (U31SD-DH31)
Asus 1304920797 (S56CA-XH710)
Asus 1304920803 (X55C-XH31)
Asus 1304920810 (K55A-XH71)
Asus 1304920827 (X75A-XH51)
Asus 1304938808 (R500A-RH52)
Asus 1305041699 (S400CA-DH51T)
Asus 1305087635 (R503C-RH31)
Asus 1305087642 (X501A-RH31)
Asus 1305122572 (R704A-RH51)
Asus 1305372489 (X401U-EBL4)
Asus 1305391664 (R500A-RH51-WT)
Asus 1305555769 (P43E-XH51)
Asus 1305962888 (X75A-DH31)
Asus 1305962895 (K55A-DH71)
Asus 1305962918 (S56CA-DH51)
Asus 1305962932 (X55C-DH31)
Asus 1305962987 (B400A-XH52)
Asus 1769288
Asus 1775024
Asus 2042036
Asus 2043044
Asus 3862011 (U31SD-DH31)
Asus 3869087
Asus 4005394
Asus 4550661
Asus 4566195
Asus 4601974
Asus 4694132 (X54C-BBK7)
Asus 4732424
Asus 4732424 (K53E-BBR14)
Asus 4809765 (K53E-DS52)
Asus 4843155 (K53E-DS51)
Asus 4845471 (K53E-DS31)
Asus 4854846 (X54C-BBK9)
Asus 4854891 (K53E-BBR15)
Asus 4863413 (K53SD-DS71)
Asus 4909782 (X53E-RS51)
Asus 4920039 (K73SD-DS51)
Asus 4920093 (U36SG-DS51)
Asus 4939277 (U24E-XS71)
Asus 5036973 (K53E-BBR17)
Asus 5043627 (K53Z-BBR3)
Asus 5218223 (K53E-BBR19)
Asus 5218417 (K53E-BBR23)
Asus 5218541 (X54C-BBK17)
Asus 5218639 (X54C-BBK19)
Asus 5587561 (U47A-BGR4)
Asus 5732079 (U47VC-DS51)
Asus 6087193 (K55A-BI5093B)
Asus 6769421 (Q500A-BHI5N01)
Asus 6775213 (Q400A-BHI7N03)
Asus 6890562 (K55A-HI5121E)
Asus 6904557 (S56CA-DH51)
Asus 6904584 (X55C-XH31)
Asus 6904618 (K55A-XH51)
Asus 6904636 (K55A-XH71)
Asus 6904645 (B400A-XH52)
Asus 6904654 (K55A-DH71)
Asus 6904663 (S46CA-XH51)
Asus 6904809 (X75A-XH51)
Asus 6904827 (F75A-WH31)
Asus 6904845 (X55C-DH31)
Asus 6904872 (K55A-DH51)
Asus 6906088 (Q500A-BHI7T05)
Asus 6999323 (X401A-HCL122I)
Asus 7525157 (K55N-RHA8N29)
Asus 7658047 (Q500A-BSI5N04)
Asus 7687045 (K55A-SI50301P)
Asus 7906079 (X501A-SI30302Q)
Asus 8617847 (U6S-X1)
Asus 90NEDA4F13BE4CQL559Y
Asus 90NLCA5311
Asus 9172851
Asus 9366679
Asus 9413878 (UX50V-A1)
Asus 9555992
Asus 9556036
Asus 9568112 (G60VX-RBBX09)
Asus 9700714
Asus 9700741
Asus 9701922
Asus 9963747
Asus 9964479
Asus A3000N
Asus A43 Series 
Asus A43B
Asus A43BY
Asus A43C
Asus A43E
Asus A43E-VX038D
Asus A43E-VX067
Asus A43E-VX086
Asus A43E-VX323D
Asus A43E-VX325D
Asus A43E-VX326D
Asus A43E-VX332D
Asus A43E-VX337D
Asus A43E-VX382D
Asus A43E-VX559D
Asus A43E-VX597D
Asus A43F
Asus A43J
Asus A43JA
Asus A43JB
Asus A43JC
Asus A43JE
Asus A43JF
Asus A43JG
Asus A43JH
Asus A43JN
Asus A43JP
Asus A43JQ
Asus A43JR
Asus A43JU
Asus A43JV
Asus A43S
Asus A43SA
Asus A43SA-VX0230
Asus A43SA-VX071D
Asus A43SJ
Asus A43SJ-VX068
Asus A43SJ-VX068D
Asus A43SJ-VX068V
Asus A43SJ-VX129
Asus A43SJ-VX138R
Asus A43SJ-VX138V
Asus A43SJ-VX192
Asus A43SJ-VX216
Asus A43SJ-VX223D
Asus A43SJ-VX240
Asus A43SJ-VX240V
Asus A43SJ-VX259
Asus A43SJ-VX259V
Asus A43SJ-VX313
Asus A43SJ-VX314V
Asus A43SJ-VX335
Asus A43SJ-VX339D
Asus A43SJ-VX349D
Asus A43SJ-VX392V
Asus A43SJ-VX395D
Asus A43SJ-VX396D
Asus A43SJ-VX400D
Asus A43SJ-VX400V
Asus A43SJ-VX401
Asus A43SJ-VX401V
Asus A43SJ-VX403D
Asus A43SJ-VX490D
Asus A43SJ-VX498V
Asus A43SJ-VX499D
Asus A43SJ-VX501D
Asus A43SJ-VX502D
Asus A43SJ-VX510D
Asus A43SJ-VX510V
Asus A43SJ-VX511V
Asus A43SJ-VX590
Asus A43SJ-VX590V
Asus A43SJ-VX594D
Asus A43SJ-VX712V
Asus A43SJ-VX713
Asus A43SJ-VX713V
Asus A43SJ-VX714V
Asus A43SJ-VX715V
Asus A43SJ-VX716
Asus A43SJ-VX718V
Asus A43SJ-VX792D
Asus A43SJ-VX857D
Asus A43SV
Asus A43SV-VS264V
Asus A43SV-VX028V
Asus A43SV-VX044V
Asus A43SV-VX053D
Asus A43SV-VX053V
Asus A43SV-VX072D
Asus A43SV-VX073D
Asus A43SV-VX073V
Asus A43SV-VX090D
Asus A43SV-VX096D
Asus A43SV-VX157D
Asus A43SV-VX172D
Asus A43SV-VX194D
Asus A43SV-VX203V
Asus A43SV-VX204R
Asus A43SV-VX213V
Asus A43SV-VX233D
Asus A43SV-VX243D
Asus A43SV-VX264V
Asus A43SV-VX270D
Asus A43SV-VX270R
Asus A43SV-VX690D
Asus A43SV-VX718V
Asus A43TA
Asus A43TA-VX034D
Asus A43TA-VX047V
Asus A43TA-VX049D
Asus A43U
Asus A45 Series
Asus A45A
Asus A45DE
Asus A45DR
Asus A45N
Asus A45V
Asus A45VD
Asus A45VD-VX026R
Asus A45VD-VX027D
Asus A45VG
Asus A45VM
Asus A45VM-VX029V
Asus A45VM-VX055V
Asus A45VS
Asus A53
Asus A53 Series
Asus A53B
Asus A53BR
Asus A53BR-SX005V
Asus A53BR-SX042V
Asus A53BR-SX045V
Asus A53BY
Asus A53BY-SX089V
Asus A53BY-SX145V
Asus A53BY-SX188V
Asus A53BY-SX189V
Asus A53C-SX137V
Asus A53C-SX138V
Asus A53C-SX146S
Asus A53C-SX159S
Asus A53C-SX241V
Asus A53C-SX327V
Asus A53C-SX359V
Asus A53E
Asus A53E-A1B
Asus A53E-AH51
Asus A53E-AS31
Asus A53E-AS31 (Black)
Asus A53E-AS31 (Red)
Asus A53E-AS31 (White)
Asus A53E-AS31-RD (Red)
Asus A53E-AS31-WT
Asus A53E-AS31-WT (White)
Asus A53E-AS51
Asus A53E-AS52
Asus A53E-AS52 (Black)
Asus A53E-AS52 (Red)
Asus A53E-CCT2
Asus A53E-CCT3
Asus A53E-EH31
Asus A53E-EH71
Asus A53E-EH91
Asus A53E-ES21
Asus A53E-ES31
Asus A53E-ES71
Asus A53E-ES92
Asus A53E-ES92 (Black)
Asus A53E-NH51
Asus A53E-NH71
Asus A53E-NS51
Asus A53E-SX1339S
Asus A53E-SX1538V
Asus A53E-SX230S
Asus A53E-SX230V
Asus A53E-SX637V
Asus A53E-TH31
Asus A53E-TH52
Asus A53E-TS51
Asus A53ETS52
Asus A53E-XA2
Asus A53E-XE1
Asus A53E-XE2
Asus A53E-XE3
Asus A53E-XN1
Asus A53E-XT3
Asus A53F
Asus A53J
Asus A53JA
Asus A53JB
Asus A53JC
Asus A53JE
Asus A53JH
Asus A53JQ
Asus A53JR
Asus A53JT
Asus A53JU
Asus A53S
Asus A53SD
Asus A53SD-ES71
Asus A53SD-NS51
Asus A53SD-SX117
Asus A53SD-SX117V
Asus A53SD-SX199V
Asus A53SD-SX203
Asus A53SD-SX203V
Asus A53SD-SX208V
Asus A53SD-SX279V
Asus A53SD-SX373V
Asus A53SD-SX375V
Asus A53SD-SX453V
Asus A53SD-SX490D
Asus A53SD-SX550V
Asus A53SD-SX609
Asus A53SD-SX609V
Asus A53SD-TS71
Asus A53SD-TS72
Asus A53SJ
Asus A53SJ-SX349V
Asus A53SJ-SX395
Asus A53SJ-SX479V
Asus A53SJ-SX480
Asus A53SJ-SX480V
Asus A53SJ-SX791V
Asus A53SJ-SX792V
Asus A53SV
Asus A53SV-EH71
Asus A53SV-HN5
Asus A53SVNH51
Asus A53SV-NH71
Asus A53SV-SX041V
Asus A53SV-SX046V
Asus A53SV-SX053V
Asus A53SV-SX059X
Asus A53SV-SX106V
Asus A53SV-SX117V
Asus A53SV-SX456D
Asus A53SV-SX480V
Asus A53SV-SX482D
Asus A53SV-SX487V
Asus A53SV-SX498V
Asus A53SV-SX515V
Asus A53SV-SX537V
Asus A53SV-SX538V
Asus A53SV-SX618D
Asus A53SV-SX640
Asus A53SV-SX642
Asus A53SV-SX643V
Asus A53SV-SX710D
Asus A53SV-SX710V
Asus A53SV-SX791V
Asus A53SV-SX792
Asus A53SV-SX792V
Asus A53SV-SX825D
Asus A53SV-SX958
Asus A53SV-SX959
Asus A53SV-TH71
Asus A53SV-TH72
Asus A53SV-V1G
Asus A53SV-VX792
Asus A53SV-XC1
Asus A53SVXE1
Asus A53SV-XE2
Asus A53SVXN1
Asus A53SV-XT1B
Asus A53SV-XT2
Asus A53T
Asus A53TA
Asus A53TA-EH61
Asus A53TA-SX080
Asus A53TA-SX080V
Asus A53TA-SX080X
Asus A53TA-SX090
Asus A53TA-SX111
Asus A53TA-SX112
Asus A53TA-SX128
Asus A53TA-SX137
Asus A53TA-XE2
Asus A53TA-XN1
Asus A53U
Asus A53U-AS21
Asus A53U-AS21 (Mocha)
Asus A53U-AS22
Asus A53U-AS22 (Mocha)
Asus A53U-EB11 (Mocha)
Asus A53U-EH11
Asus A53U-EH11 (Mocha)
Asus A53U-EH21
Asus A53UEH22
Asus A53U-ES01
Asus A53U-ES21
Asus A53U-ES21 (Mocha)
Asus A53U-SX126V
Asus A53U-XE1
Asus A53U-XE2
Asus A53U-XT2
Asus A53XXX
Asus A53Z
Asus A53Z-AS61
Asus A53Z-AS61 (Mocha)
Asus A54
Asus A54C
Asus A54C-AB31
Asus A54C-AB31 (Black)
Asus A54C-AB91
Asus A54C-AB91 (Black)
Asus A54H
Asus A54HO
Asus A54HR
Asus A54HR-SX140V
Asus A54H-SX080V
Asus A54H-SX081V
Asus A54H-SX140V
Asus A54H-SX147V
Asus A54H-SX204
Asus A54H-SX204V
Asus A54HY
Asus A54L
Asus A54L-SX088V
Asus A54LY
Asus A55 Series
Asus A55A
Asus A55A-AB31
Asus A55A-AB31 (Charcoal)
Asus A55A-AB51
Asus A55A-AH31
Asus A55A-AH31 (Black)
Asus A55A-AH31 (White)
Asus A55A-AH31 Red
Asus A55A-AH31-RD
Asus A55A-AH31-RD (Red)
Asus A55A-AH31-WT
Asus A55A-AH31-WT (White)
Asus A55A-AH51
Asus A55D
Asus A55DE
Asus A55DR
Asus A55N
Asus A55V
Asus A55VD
Asus A55VM
Asus A55VS
Asus A6G
Asus A6GA
Asus A6K
Asus A6L
Asus A6N
Asus A6NE
Asus a6series
Asus A6U
Asus A6V
Asus A6VA
Asus A6VC
Asus A72F
Asus A83
Asus A83B
Asus A83BY
Asus A83E
Asus A83S
Asus A83SA
Asus A83SD
Asus A83SD-VX344V
Asus A83SJ
Asus A83SM
Asus A83SV
Asus A83T
Asus A83TA
Asus A83U
Asus A83XXX
Asus A9
Asus A9C
Asus A9R
Asus A9Rp
Asus A9Rt
Asus A9T
Asus A9W
Asus B400A-XH52
Asus B43A
Asus B43J
Asus B43S
Asus B43S-XH51
Asus B43S-XH71
Asus B53A
Asus B53S
Asus B53S-XB71
Asus B53S-XS71
Asus B80A
Atasi 1100
Atasi 1200
Atasi 900
Averatec 1000 series
Averatec 2260
Averatec 3150H
Averatec 3150HD
Averatec 3150HS
Averatec 3150HW
Averatec 3150P
Averatec 3260 Series
Averatec 3270 Series
Averatec 3280 Series
Averatec 3700 Series
Averatec 3715EDI
Averatec 3800 Series
Averatec 4100 Series
Averatec 4200 Series
Averatec 5110 Series
Averatec 5110H
Averatec 5110HX
Averatec 5110P
Averatec 6100A series
Averatec 6200 Series
Averatec AV1020-ED1
Averatec AV3100 series
Averatec AV3120V
Averatec AV3150H
Averatec AV3150HS
Averatec AV3150P
Averatec AV3200 series
Averatec AV3220H1
Averatec AV3225HS
Averatec av3250h1
Averatec AV3250HS
Averatec AV3250HX
Averatec AV3250PX
Averatec AV3255P1
Averatec AV3270EH1
Averatec AV3300 series
Averatec AV3360EG1
Averatec AV3360EH1
Averatec AV5500
Averatec AV6110
Averatec AV6200H60
Averatec AV6210X60
Averatec AV6235
Averatec AV6240
Averatec AV6240EH1
Averatec C3500
BSI 6200D
Chaplet 1100
Chem USA ChemBook 1100
Chem USA ChemBook 6200D
Chem USA ChemBook N30W
Chicony 6200
Clevo 86CE
Clevo 98
Commax 6200D
Compaq 470020430
Compaq Armada 2940
ComputerBook 6200T
CTX 893-T-FK
Epson ActionNote 800
Epson ActionNote 866C
Epson ActionNote 880C
Epson ActionNote 880CX
Epson ActionNote 890C
Epson ActionNote 895C
Epson ActionNote 895CX
Epson ActionNote 910C
Eurocom 2700-S
Eurocom 6100T
Eurocom 7200-T4
FIC A420
FIC A430
FIC A440
FIC A450
Fosa 340S2
Fosa 6200D
Fujitsu 1304937986 (U772)
Fujitsu 1305555790 (U772)
Fujitsu 1305806571 (U772)
Fujitsu Amilo A1640
Fujitsu Amilo D7830
Fujitsu Amilo M4100
Fujitsu Amilo M6100
Fujitsu Amilo M6300
Fujitsu Amilo M6500
Fujitsu Amilo M6800
Fujitsu Amilo M7800
Fujitsu Amilo M8800
FutureTech 6200D
Gateway 3040GZ
Gateway 3525GB
Gateway 3545GZ
Gateway 3550GH
Gateway 3550GZ
Gateway 3610GZ
Gateway 36324BBR
Gateway 4012GZ
Gateway 4025GZ
Gateway 4028GZ
Gateway 4028JP
Gateway 4030GZ
Gateway 40313BU
Gateway 4520GZ
Gateway 4525GZ
Gateway 4530GH
Gateway 4530GZ
Gateway 4535GX
Gateway 4536GZ
Gateway 4538GZ
Gateway 4541BZ
Gateway 4542GP
Gateway 4543BZ
Gateway 6018GH
Gateway 6018GZ
Gateway 6020GZ
Gateway 6021GH
Gateway 6021GZ
Gateway 6022GZ
Gateway 6023GP
Gateway 6518GZ
Gateway 6520GZ
Gateway 6525GP
Gateway 6531GZ
Gateway 6834MX
Gateway 7110GX
Gateway 8224762 (MX8711)
Gateway 8309984 (MX8734)
Gateway 8390154 (C-5815)
Gateway 8398726 (MT6840)
Gateway 8510GH
Gateway 8654002 (T-1625)
Gateway 8892861 (T-6836)
Gateway 9057058 (EMD620-5777)
Gateway 9183581 (M-7844U)
Gateway 9415019 (M-6888U)
Gateway 9548661
Gateway 9719749 (EME525-2200)
Gateway 9972848
Gateway C120X
Gateway C-5815
Gateway CX210
Gateway CX2608
Gateway CX2615
Gateway CX2726
Gateway CX2728
Hewlett Packard D1E78UA#AB
Hewlett Packard Deskjet 450
Hyperdata 900X
IDP 87
IDP 910T
Intergraph 6200AT
Iona 1100
Kapok 6100
Kapok 6300
Kapok 7800
Lap-Note 98
Lenovo 08622KU
Lenovo 08623TU
Lenovo 086262U
Lenovo 08626KU
Lenovo 099328U
Lenovo 10243WU
Lenovo 102495U
Lenovo 1024A6U
Lenovo 1024A6U (1024A6U)
Lenovo 1024DCU
Lenovo 10252DU
Lenovo 10372UU
Lenovo 10375WU
Lenovo 1066A9U
Lenovo 10685LU
Lenovo 1068AFU
Lenovo 1068AGU
Lenovo 1068AQU
Lenovo 129922U
Lenovo 12992KU
Lenovo 1450A5U
Lenovo 1450CEU
Lenovo 2731265
Lenovo 2762943
Lenovo 2817149 (08622KU)
Lenovo 2817185 (102495U)
Lenovo 2817194 (10243WU)
Lenovo 2817228 (129922U)
Lenovo 29583RU
Lenovo 29589PU
Lenovo 3504409
Lenovo 3600624 (099328U)
Lenovo 3600633 (086262U)
Lenovo 3600688 (10372UU)
Lenovo 3600733 (10252DU)
Lenovo 3604126 (1068AFU)
Lenovo 3646998 (1068AGU)
Lenovo 3647005 (1068AQU)
Lenovo 3756321
Lenovo 4592602 (1450AHU)
Lenovo 4592611
Lenovo 4676403 (V570-1066AWU)
Lenovo 4769312 (08626KU)
Lenovo 4769367 (08623TU)
Lenovo 4960855 (IdeaPad B570-1068B9U)
Lenovo 5272499 (1450ALU)
Lenovo 59351627 (IdeaPad U410)
Lenovo 59351791
Lenovo 7729124 (P400-59360580)
Lenovo 9717814 (29583RU)
Lenovo B470
Lenovo B470A
Lenovo B470G
Lenovo B570
Lenovo B570 - 10
Lenovo B570 - 1068AFU
Lenovo B570 - 1068AGU
Lenovo B570 - 1068AQU
Lenovo B570 �- 1068B9U
Lenovo B570-1068
Lenovo B570-1068A
Lenovo B570-1068A8U
Lenovo B570-1068AHU
Lenovo B570-1068AJU
Lenovo B570-1068APU
Lenovo B570-1068B
Lenovo B570-1068B7U
Lenovo B570-1068BAU
Lenovo B570A
Lenovo B570G
Lenovo B575 - 145
Lenovo B575 - 1450AB
Lenovo B575 - 1450AHU
Lenovo B575 - 1450ALU
Lenovo B575 Series
Lenovo B575-1450
Lenovo B575-1450A5U
Lenovo B575-1450A7U
Lenovo B575-1450ABU
Lenovo B575-1450CHU
Leo DESIGNote 5200 GT
Leo DESIGNote 5600
LightSPEED Technology 6200D
Magitronic 550
Magitronic 800
Magitronic 820T
Magitronic 862
MiTAC 7521
MiTAC 8089
MSI A6000
MSI A6005
MSI A6200
MSI A7200
MTC 7521
M-Tech 30W
Natcomp 7521
Nimantics 6200T
Olympia 386SX
Outbound 2000
Outbound 2030
Outbound 2030A
Patriot 2410
Patriot 800
Patriot 8000
Patriot 860C
Patriot 8890
Patriot 9000 C86
Pico Consol 98
ProScan 862
Prostar 2200T
Prostar 7200
Prostar 86
Quantex 1511-I
Sager 2200C
Sager 2200S
Sager 6200
Sager 6200D
Sager 7200
Sager 8549 D20
Sager 86
Sager 862
Sager 87
Sager 8700
Sager 98
Sager 9820
Toshiba 1023071 (Satellite M645-S4049)
Toshiba 1260752
Toshiba 1260852
Toshiba 1261624
Toshiba 1261751
Toshiba 1269043
Toshiba 1269529
Toshiba 1271351
Toshiba 1272996
Toshiba 1284849
Toshiba 1520282
Toshiba 1520282 (Satellite C655-S5060)
Toshiba 1830082
Toshiba 1830125
Toshiba 1846161
Toshiba 1859059
Toshiba 1880037
Toshiba 1974715
Toshiba 2805056
Toshiba 2805092
Toshiba 2809404
Toshiba 2809477
Toshiba 2809538
Toshiba 2833077
Toshiba 2833778
Toshiba 2833814
Toshiba 2834868
Toshiba 2845099
Toshiba 2969477
Toshiba 2970255
Toshiba 2971032
Toshiba 305-S49052
Toshiba 3421792
Toshiba 3438577
Toshiba 3438674
Toshiba 3438801
Toshiba 3438847
Toshiba 4003077
Toshiba 4034101
Toshiba 4055334
Toshiba 4056379
Toshiba 4602027
Toshiba 4602673
Toshiba 4602746
Toshiba 4602819
Toshiba 4677263
Toshiba 4677448 (Satellite P745-S4102)
Toshiba 4693106 (Satellite P755-S5120)
Toshiba 4693133
Toshiba 4790269 (C675-S7106)
Toshiba 4790278 (C655-S5503)
Toshiba 4790287 (Satellite C675-S7104)
Toshiba 4792267 (L775D-S7108)
Toshiba 5041874 (Satellite L775-S7114)
Toshiba 505-ES5036
Toshiba 5071341 (Satellite C655-S5507)
Toshiba 5559896 (Satellite P855-S5200)
Toshiba 5559923 (Satellite P875-S7200)
Toshiba 5560019 (Satellite P845-S4200)
Toshiba 5768046 (Satellite C855-S5206)
Toshiba 6672447 (Satellite P855-S5312)
Toshiba 6672456 (Satellite P875-S7310)
Toshiba 6978466 (Satellite C875-S7304)
Toshiba 7030215 (Satellite C855-S5308)
Toshiba 7542366 (Satellite P855-S5102)
Toshiba 7543046 (Satellite P875-S7102)
Toshiba 8043111 (Satellite C855-S5107)
Toshiba 8043148 (Satellite L855-S5113)
Toshiba 8063045 (Satellite L875-S7108)
Toshiba 8297014 (Satellite A135-S4527)
Toshiba 8297121 (Satellite A205-S4577)
Toshiba 8297158 (Satellite P205-S6267)
Toshiba 8397745 (Satellite A215-S4747)
Toshiba 8547833 (Satellite P205-S7469)
Toshiba 8770555 (Satellite A305-S6825)
Toshiba 8770582 (Satellite A305-S6843)
Toshiba 9022979
Toshiba 9163772
Toshiba 9163861
Toshiba 9164012
Toshiba 9164101
Toshiba 9191849
Toshiba 9192786 (Satellite L305-S5920)
Toshiba 9192857 (Satellite L305-S5931)
Toshiba 9263496
Toshiba 9368169
Toshiba 9368169 (Satellite L305-S5955)
Toshiba 9371477
Toshiba 9371538
Toshiba 9371547
Toshiba 9371556
Toshiba 9371574
Toshiba 9396762
Toshiba 9548983
Toshiba 9549045
Toshiba 9549081 (Satellite T135-S1309)
Toshiba 9553896
Toshiba 9553949
Toshiba 9577077
Toshiba 9700987
Toshiba 9701191
Toshiba 9703393
Toshiba 9705221
Toshiba 9705346
Toshiba 9716078
Toshiba 9784839
Toshiba 9988402
Toshiba 9988697
Toshiba 9992957
Toshiba 9995257
Toshiba A135-S7404
Toshiba A205-S5800
Toshiba A205-S5804
Toshiba A205-S5825
Toshiba A205-S6808
Toshiba A205-S6812
Toshiba A215S5822
Toshiba A215-S5824
Toshiba A215S7422
Toshiba A305-S6829
Toshiba A505-S6005
Toshiba A665-S6050
Toshiba A665-S6086
Toshiba A665-S6100
Toshiba C55-A5204
Toshiba C55-A5308
Toshiba C55-A5310
Toshiba C55A5311
Toshiba C55D-A5206
Toshiba C55D-A5208
Toshiba C55D-A5304
Toshiba C55DT-A5305
Toshiba C55DT-A5306
Toshiba C55DT-A5307
Toshiba C55T-A5218
Toshiba C655/S5129
Toshiba C655/S5139
Toshiba C655DS5139
Toshiba C655D-S5209
Toshiba C655D-S5210
Toshiba C655D-S523
Toshiba C655D-S530
Toshiba C655D-S5300
Toshiba C655D-S5302
Toshiba C655D-S5303
Toshiba C655D-S5304
Toshiba C655D-S533
Toshiba C655D-S5508
Toshiba C655D-S5509
Toshiba C655D-S5511
Toshiba C655D-S553
Toshiba C655-S5049
Toshiba C655S50521
Toshiba C655S5141
Toshiba C655-S5211
Toshiba C655-S5212
Toshiba C655-S5225
Toshiba C655-S5301
Toshiba C655-S5305
Toshiba C655-S5307
Toshiba C655-S5312
Toshiba C655-S5314
Toshiba C655-S5501
Toshiba C655-S5503
Toshiba C655-S5504
Toshiba C655-S5505
Toshiba C655S5542
Toshiba C675D-S710
Toshiba C675D-S7101
Toshiba C675D-S7109
Toshiba C675-S7103
Toshiba C675-S7104
Toshiba C675-S7106
Toshiba C75D-A7310
Toshiba C850-05G
Toshiba C850-08C
Toshiba C850-08G
Toshiba C850-08P
Toshiba C850D-ST3N01
Toshiba C850-ST3NX5
Toshiba C850-ST4NX6
Toshiba C850-ST4NX7
Toshiba C855D-S523
Toshiba C870-00G
Toshiba C870-ST4NX4
Toshiba C870-ST4NX5
Twinhead 340S2
Twinhead A5000
Twinhead A5010
Twinhead A9110
Twinhead A9110A
Twinhead D15RP
Twinhead D15TS
Ultra A440-T14
Umax ActionBook 300C
Umax ActionBook 530T
Uniwill 340G
Uniwill 340P
Uniwill 340S2
Uniwill 346C6
Wedge Technologies 6200D